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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha – Fated by Uranus, Venus and a Full Moon

vichai pic

I have always wanted to show you the stunning effects of Astrology over the years and the tragic death of Thai businessman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in a fiery helicopter crash last night is testament to the power of the subject I study.

You may not have heard of Vichai, but in his native Thailand and in the UK in the city of Leicester, he was totally revered. A self made businessman, Vichai was the 5th richest man in Thailand, making his fortune through the Duty Free company King Power. If you have ever been travelling, no doubt you will have noticed duty free bags emblazoned with the logo of his company. He bought out a football team in the United Kingdom, Leicester City, and Leicester started an incredible run of success that lead to a fairy-tale victory in the English Premier League. Little Leicester stunned the world in winning the most revered league title in world soccer. Their success captured global attention, and the team paraded the trophy in front of a million people in Bangkok. This man was a philanthropist, a family man and universally loved.

Last night after a match at Leicester's King Power Stadium, the private helicopter of the club owner landed on the pitch as it always did. As it took off with Vichai and his daughter on board, something went catastrophically wrong, the helicopter stalled in the air and came crashing down in a fireball in the club car park behind the stadium. There was no chance for anyone on board.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Oprah Winfrey, the Golden Globes and a run for the Presidency of the United States in 2020?

Oprah Winfrey, the Golden Globes and a run for the Presidency of the United States
Oprah Winfrey
Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Oprah for the White House? Am I crazy? Not as an Astrologer I’m not. Back in 2011 I wrote a post about Donald Trump and his ambitions for the White House, and 5 years later it came true. At the time I said he would be very tempted to go for it, and he finally pulled out at the last minute for the 2012 race, but I caught the moment and felt the temptation in his natal chart. We all know what happened in 2015 and 2016.  Now, these are interesting times for sure, and last night at the Golden Globes Awards, Oprah Winfrey became the first African American woman ever to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award for outstanding service to the entertainment world. Not only did she accept the award with grace and humility, but she also sounded a rallying cry for every woman who has suffered at the hands of powerful men, and ever so subtly indicated a desire that she personally wants to do something about it. On an astrological note, this just could be her time.

Oprah - Birth Chart

Oprah was born on 29th January 1954 at 04.30 in Kosciusco, Mississippi in the United States, the time I quote is from memory, “A” rated by She has a humanitarian Aquarius Sun, backed up by a free and easy Sagittarius Moon and Ascendant. Her Sun and Venus are virtually exactly conjunct, just nine minutes of a degree apart in the 2nd house of money and values. Aquarius conveys a star quality, and Oprah shines with it, kind, fun loving, sociable, sympathetic, popular yet independent and a bit detached, as all the great interviewers (and she was a great one) have to be.

This merged Sun Venus is quindecile Pluto in the 8th house, square Saturn in the 10th house of her work and widely sextile to her Moon in the 11th. These three planets tell the story of Oprah’s upbringing. Her Sun/Venus is very afflicted by Saturn and Pluto; in astrology the Sun represents the father. Here Pluto is retrograde in the 8th house, hidden away in the house of sex secrets and brutality and Saturn square the Sun shows a difficult, cruel upbringing. Oprah was the product of a short relationship, and she was brought up in poverty by a single teenage mother, she never knew her father. Oprah suffered sexual abuse as a child from members of her family, again Pluto in the hidden 8th house square to Mars in Pluto’s own sign of Scorpio represents abusive actions of a sexual nature affecting her. With Mars ruling her 4th house of the home, we know that the abuse came from those close to her in her family.

The one thing when she was young that everyone noted about Oprah was her confidence in speaking and performing. Obviously when we look for communication, we look to Mercury. Oprah’s Mercury really is the centre of her chart in the wide conjunction to Sun/Venus, every other planet on the chart in some way feeds into this conjunction sitting in the house of earning money. There is a trine to Jupiter in chatty Gemini – here is curiosity in the purist form, needing to know everything, asking questions and a general interest all kind of media. Jupiter is in the 6th house of every day work and service so there is an easy going and optimistic style to the way that she communicates through her work that has had wide appeal, and that has influenced hundreds of copycat shows all around the world.

The Moon in Sagittarius is widely conjunct to Mars ruling that fourth house I mentioned earlier, so she will be proud of her Afro American roots and protective of her own family, her nation and heritage. With the Moon in her 11th house Oprah will have many female friends, is always out for a good time, and with that Mars in her 11th house she will be seen as a team leader or someone who paves a way for the collective. There is a sharp side to her emotions, and when she is emotionally hurt, she will go on the attack.

Pluto makes an opposition with Mercury giving Oprah a forensic mind, delving into the depths to find out the truth in any situation; she is a natural investigator and a powerful speaker able to influence people with the force of her own convictions, however she will rarely if ever reveal her own motives or weaknesses. Neptune is also trine to Mercury in the second house, it is in a imaginative mood, and often people with this placing will make money through creative pursuits and here is an idealism about the use of money to help through caring and compassion. With the Sun/Venus/Mercury in social, humanitarian Aquarius and Uranus in the Cancerian ruled 7th house, there is huge interest in other people, in family and community – she is a giver and not a taker. Oprah has probably been the most generous black American woman ever, her charity foundations contributing $80 million and counting to various causes.

Oprah vs US Chart

If you look to her Nodal axis there is one other very interesting connection. Her North Node is very closely conjunct to Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing and a maverick influence affecting her. This axis is connected to one's mother, and in the speech Oprah made, she indicated that her mother had been subject to abuse, totally vindicating this position of her being “wounded” by the treatment she faced. Oprah's role is as a healer, and also as someone who can act as a vehicle for change. One other point to note too. Oprah’s Mercury Pluto opposition mirrors the US Ascendant/Descendant axis, there is a direct link between the way she communicates and calls for transformation, and the American psyche. Her Aquarian Sun squares this axis and it is conjunct to the US natal Mars – she was born to communicate with the US people and for them to respond favourably to her in a positive manner – this is the position of a commander in chief. Her Saturn is conjunct to the US natal Saturn/Mercury conjunction – this lady commands authority!!

Oprah golden globes

Now if someone who connects with the US natal chart so readily indicates that they want to step up to the plate and take on the establishment, we should sit up and take notice. The speech last night was mesmerising and incredibly powerful, and for Oprah it was the beginning of a brand new cycle in her life. You see Oprah has a late Sagittarian Ascendant on the 29th degree of knowing, she is wise beyond her years, and Saturn over Christmas time passed over this point, entering into her Ascendant house, and a new beginning for her, and giving her added authority. Last night, Mercury the planet of communication was conjunct to her Ascendant too as well as her Saturn. She spoke with gravitas, and as the unofficial leader of the “#metoo” women's movement that is growing in stature, lead by the women of Hollywood who have the influence and the voice to stand up for the millions of oppressed women who can never defend themselves. It was a bold and electrifying speech that Oprah gave, unafraid, a rallying cry of immense significance and one that rang out loud and clear. Transiting Jupiter and Mars in her 11th house of friends, (she was in the company of colleagues and friends) made a square to her 2nd house Mercury in the house of values, and a trine to the rebel planet Uranus which rules that house. That message has spread around the world, and lit a fire with speculation starting to build that she might be harbouring a run in 2020 for the Presidency. If this was the moment for her to throw her hat “unofficially” in the ring then it was an auspicious one, as remember, her natal Mercury connects to the US Ascendant. Her thoughts and values are America's values.

Even more significantly Mars and Jupiter yesterday made sextiles to the Sun, Venus and Pluto, and they in turn are making a powerful square to her Midheaven at 17 degrees Libra. Pluto in the past weeks has been activating a change in her professional and public outlook. Pluto is power, control and inevitable change and there is a shift now as Pluto activates her point of career. More power might be coming her way. Pluto is starting to and will be opposing her natal Uranus in the coming year, the planet linked directly to her as an Aquarian, sitting in her house of relationships and open enemies. He message to take on and radically change values, will certainly gain opposition, but it is one that will gather support of the collective too. Pluto and Uranus are very powerful agents of change, and if she mobilises people behind her then she can move mountains linked to this message. Look back at her natal chart, and to that Sun Venus conjunction in the house of values closely square to Saturn, the planet of administration sitting in the 10th house of career. Isn't that an interesting aspect now in the light of her Golden Globes speech?


As she made this speech, it is worth looking at her Progressed chart, at it is stunning in it's significance. Her progressed Ascendant has now reached 16.01 degrees Pisces, and her Progressed Mercury had reached 16.01 degrees Pisces. A perfect and exact fit for the moment in a setting surrounded by the great and the good of the film and TV world (ruled by Pisces and Neptune). On this progressed chart, Mercury rules the 4th house of the nation, and the 7th house of open enemies – we all know who it was aimed at. Her progressed Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism is at her Progressed IC, activating all four angles of this progressed chart – this is the moment that she starts to open out on her personal ambitions for herself (Ascendant), her nation and roots (IC), her work and career (MC) and to those who oppose her (Descendant). Her progressed Moon is now also closing on a conjunction with her progressed Sun in her first house, starting to square her progressed Uranus and Nodal axis. I see this as an emotional pull to start acting in a more rebellious manner. She wants to see change, she realises she is the one individual who can fulfil it, and this picture only confirms this.

Oprahprog vs eclipse

Later on this year, there is a Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer that will hit this progressed Uranus and South Node on 13th July 2018. Transiting Pluto at that moment, the planet of power will be 0.01 degrees from a direct hit to her progressed North Node, her point of destiny. This eclipse also makes a square to her  her progressed Moon, indicating a shift in her personally (1st house) that is coming as well as her individual talents (5th house). Neptune will be on her progressed Ascendant and Mercury at this moment too, highlighting her as a person, and what she says. Neptune is compassionate and self sacrificing and I wonder if she will make a sacrifice now in service to her nation (Mercury ruling progressed 4th house)? This is the first of a series of Cancerian eclipses for the US Cancerian nation born on 4th July (even though I use the Stolte rising chart which highlights the Articles of the Confederation signed when the Sun was in Scorpio).

Oprah solar eclipse 13 july 18

So do the transits of this eclipse back things up? Yes they do. The eclipse lands in Oprah's 7th house conjunct to her natal Uranus ruling that 2nd house of values and money and square to her Midheaven. This eclipse is going to propel her career in a new direction. I think this will be a very significant moment for Oprah, as transiting Mars will be on her Sun. She will go on the attack, the eclipse will be trine to her natal Mars, giving her impetus and drive for the future and remember Mars rules her home life her nation, and women's issues too. Natal Mercury will be at the midpoint between her natal Jupiter (her chart ruler in her house of work) and her Midheaven, the point of career. Whatever she says now will be important for her future goals and expansion. Transiting Uranus is for the next year going to be trine to her Sagittarian Ascendant from that 4th house of the nation. Trust me, this is a lady who is not going to let this moment lie, there will be a fierce desire in her for radical change in women's issues and how America deals with them. If there is a moment when she starts to seriously running for office, keep an eye on and around this date, and what she does.

Oprah vs Trump

If I was her advisor, I'd tell her right now – run for the Presidency!!! Why? I'll tell you. She can get under the skin of President Trump, just like Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff has done. Her Pluto at 24 degrees Leo like theirs sits square to the President's Midheaven at 24 degrees Taurus, a perfect square. She can undermine him, brutally cut him to ribbons and remember that incisive and surgical Mercury Pluto opposition in her chart – well it squares his Midheaven. She could have the ability if so used to tear him, and his administration to bits. Her Mars in Scorpio sits at 23 Scorpio directly on his IC, opposing his Midheaven, that Mars that so passionately cares about her country and women's issues. If used correctly could be used as a dagger to skewer Trump and his public attitudes. Her Sun/Venus conjunction opposes Trump's natal Pluto in Leo, so here we have power verses kindness and compassion, a battle of wills of complete opposite agendas. Also in regards to her ambitions, her Saturn at 9 Scorpio square his natal Pluto at 10 degrees Leo, therefore in effect if they come up against each other, they would have to battle for power and control. In effect Trump can change her ambitions, and she will be critical of his power base.

Also Oprah's North Node Chiron conjunction opposes Trump's Saturn Venus conjunction, her South Node sits closely conjunct to his planet of administration and the planet ruling his MC (Taurus Midheaven). Through this combination she can seriously wound him and expose the way he runs his administration. She can also undermine his tentative hold on the Republican party (his Saturn sits in his 11th house of groups) and how he communicates (Venus rules his 3rd house of communication). Talking of communication, Oprah is the darling of the press, her Jupiter trines her natal Mercury, and she could use this to her advantage to use the oppressed media to support her in her ventures. All this is of course speculative unless she throws her hat into the ring, which I think is something that will she will seriously consider.

Oprah solar eclipse 21 june 2020

Now let's put a scenario in the air. Oprah, runs for the Presidency, there is no viable Democratic candidate out there at the moment and she takes the nomination. Speculation I know but hear me out on this. The Solar Eclipse before the election on 21st June 2020 is going to be at 0 degrees Cancer, on the cusp of the sign that defines the United States, the nation's state, the family and women's issues. It also lands on Oprah's Descendant, opposite to her natal Ascendant. It's almost a perfect hit, within a degree of exact. This is going to be another hugely significant moment, just before the time of the party conventions of 2020.


This eclipse over Washington D.C. is utterly fascinating. It sees Uranus, the rebel planet conjunct to the Ascendant and Saturn, the planet of administration is on the cusp of Aquarius, the sign that Uranus rules and Saturn used to rule. The eclipse sees Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house of administration, and the eclipse is inconjunct to Saturn. We are sensing a revolt, and a change with Uranus so close to the Ascendant. Closest to the Midheaven is Pluto conjunct Jupiter. Pluto is power and Jupiter represents diversity, perhaps ethnic diversity? Everything here tells me that a change is coming to Washington, a woman perhaps (0 degrees Cancer) eclipsing the Administration, is an ethnically diverse female Aquarian is coming to the party? Think about this picture for a minute. Does it make sense to you??

Ok, let's take things a bit further on. It's election day 2020, the 3rd November. It's Oprah vs Trump for the White House. Hypothetically, who wins?

Oprah vs election

Well at 07.00am when the polls open in Washington DC, the Midheaven will be exactly and I mean exactly on Oprah's natal Pluto, the planet of power. Where's that influential Uranus, the planet she rules? It's square to her natal Sun/Venus ruling her Libran Midheaven, her Taurean 5th house of doing things by herself and the Leo ruled 8th of power and inevitable change. Mercury the planet of decisions will be in her elevated 10th house conjunct to her 10th house Neptune. This links her work and career, to votes cast and decisions made perhaps (Pisces rules 3rd)? Mars will be about to enter her 4th house of the home, so things connected to her family and where she lives will be important to her. Most significantly of all though, that Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction will be on her North Node Chiron conjunction. Whatever she is doing at this minute, destiny will be calling her. Power will be coming her way, an expansion in her life, responsibilities on her shoulders to heal, as she has always healed others.

Trump vs election

The same for President Trump. What happens to him? Uranus is going to be square to his natal Pluto. Ouch, this planet rules the place he lives, the White House. A sudden change is on the cards? Mercury ruling votes will be square to his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in his 11th house of parties, ruling his Midheaven (career) and individual style (Saturn rules Capricorn intercepted in his 5th house), therefore the vote doesn't seem to be going in his direction, it's at a counter point to his administration. Donald will be going through a Nodal return at this minute, and this brings to light an interesting point. Nodal returns are crossroads points one's life, as if you come to a decision point as to how your future will go. The North Node is on his Sun and Uranus, but the detrimental South Node will be on his natal Moon, thus a woman, women's issues or his own family will be dragging him down. There is a sense of a dramatic change going on here, a shift affecting him and a sudden about turn in his fortunes. This Nodal return will be acting across his 4th house/10th house axis, highlighting a division between his work and his home life, his public life and his family.

The Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction of 2020 is the standout aspect of many a long year and how is affecting President Trump. Well it will be opposing his natal Saturn Venus conjunction and holding judgement on what he has done in running the US for the previous 4 years. Saturn oppositions can be depressing and rather nasty, and Pluto opposed to Saturn Venus is transformational, affecting his hold on a group, the Republicans, his job (Taurus ruled MC) and his individual persona (5th house). Jupiter brings more freedom into his life and these planets also make a trine to his Midheaven. From all I can see from these aspects, they are forcing a career change on him, allowing him to release himself from the burden of administration. I'll make a prediction now based on this that President Trump even if he wants to will not serve a second term.

Now whoever goes on to take him on in November 2020 will oppose the President facing the same picture, and of course to unseat a sitting President isn't easy, and you have to have a credible and powerful candidate. The year 2016 proved that anything can happen in the world of politics, and you don't have to be a veteran politician to win the White House any more. Donald Trump ripped up the rule book and destroyed the reputation of many an Astrologer in the process. So what will 2020 bring with it? Well in the year of the great Pluto Jupiter Saturn conjunction, all the Astrologers have been predicting a power shift of incredible proportions, and any power shift begins at the top so here goes. As unlikely as it may seem right now, wouldn't it be appropriate if a black (Pluto) ethnically diverse (Jupiter) Aquarian (old ruler of Saturn) woman (0 degrees Cancer eclipse) loved universally by Americans young and old backed and to the hilt by the former first Black male President Barak Obama completely changes the rules, releases the media from the disgraceful impositions and slurs placed upon them, gives all women in the country hope, and enters the White House?

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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Iran Protests – Illustrating the effects of Uranus preparing to turn direct.

The city of Yadz in Iran

On my summary of the upcoming New Moon on 1st/2nd January I mentioned that the planet of disruption, protest and revolution Uranus was getting ready to turn direct on the same day that the Full Moon hit, and to expect changes in direction over value systems. Well, right on cue there are protests starting to gather in Iran and yes, Uranus is directly involved.

Friday, 29 December 2017

The Full Moon in Cancer on 2nd January 2018 – Flying high, but affected by the winds of change.


The first major astrological event of the New Year comes up soon as we encounter a Full Moon in Cancer. Anyone who has followed my work over the past few years will know that the Full Moon is a release point, the culmination of all our experiences as the Moon fully reflects the light of the opposing Sun. We have energy opposed to emotion, ying versus yang, light versus dark, man vs female. If you ever wonder why at a Full Moon our emotions are heightened, then you'll realise that in the main, all living organisms need male relationships with females of the species to survive, and when one is pitted against the other, tensions rise. More things happen over a Full Moon because there is a peak amount of opposed energy, causing division between the sexes who naturally see things on a completely different level. This is a Super Moon, the second of three in a row, and therefore potentially the most significant of them all. You'll remember the chaos that surrounded the 3rd December 2017 Super Moon in Gemini square to Neptune and the fall out in your lives from it in the following two weeks? Let me tell you, this Full Moon is no less dramatic.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Peru – Public protests at controversial Presidential pardon.

Peru Protests

Hi everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas. Astrology never stops and I like to think that on my page I cover things that other Astrologers don't because I think they are worthy of comment. This is one of those occasions where the event highlights an important link to the past in Astrology.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

The movements of the outer planets and how are they affecting you in 2018?

Ok, I've had a quick look at the movements of the outer planets and the degree zones that they are moving in during 2018, and these equates to birth dates in regards to your Sun. They might be helping you or hindering you and this will affect if you will have a positive year or one where it will be more challenging. I hope this quick handy list will help you prepare for 2018…

Pluto - 19 to 21 degrees Capricorn - The transformer

This equates to 2018 being a year of fundamental change for those with birthdays between 11-13 January, 9-11 April, 12-14 July and 12-14 October.

A year of adjustment and adaptation for those born with birthdays between 10 - 12th June and 12 to 14th August

Year of opportunities and possibilities for those born 12 – 14 November and 10 -12 March

Those with birthdays 10-12 May or 12-14 September will see positive transformations empowering them in 2018

Neptune - 13 to 16 degrees Pisces - The disintegrator

A disorientating year and one of potential struggle awaits those with birthdays  between 4-7th March, 4-7th June, 6-9th September and 5-8th December

A year of sacrifice and disillusionment for those with birthdays between 6 – 9th August and 6 - 9th October

A year of creative opportunities for those with birthdays between 5 – 8th January and 4 – 7th May

A year of imagination and fulfilling dreams awaits those with birthdays 5-8th July and 6-9th November

Uranus - Uranus the disruptor is active in 2018 moving between 24 Aries and 2 degrees Taurus.

A year of sudden change and upsets is the pipeline for those with birthdays between 16 – 23rd January, 14-22nd April, 17 – 25th July and 18-26th October

A year of unexpected adjustments and separations for those born between 16th and 25th September

A year of unforeseen opportunities for those born between 14th and 22nd February and 16th - 24th June

A year of positive unforeseen change and moving ahead quickly is waiting for those with birthdays between 17-25th Leo and 16-24th December

Saturn the great teacher is moving between 0 and 9 degrees Capricorn in 2018

A year of hardship and difficult lessons learned await those with birthdays  from 22 December to 1st January, 21st - 30th March, 21st June to 1st July and 23rd September to 2nd October

A year of difficult adjustments and learning the hard way for those born between 22 – 31th May and 23rd July and 1st August

A year of opportunities to make your life stronger and more stable for those born between 24th October and 2nd November

A year of constructive change and rising reputations is predicted for those with birthdays from 20th -30th April and for 23rd August to 2nd September.

Jupiter is helping all Sun sign Scorpios all year promising a year of growth, optimism and positivity.

If your birthday isn’t mentioned that’s potentially a good thing as you aren’t being impacted by the important outer planets and you can consolidate in 2018, although there are so many other factors that could be affecting you such as eclipses, transits and the like. If you would like to know more, go to my 100% totally free Ascendant horoscopes for 2018, follow the link below…

The Ultimate Ascendant Sign Horoscopes for 2018

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Zimbabwe in crisis – Political theatre, tanks, vested interests and China.


There is a very interesting power play going on in Zimbabwe at the moment, but what is really going on? Is there an official coup in progress against 93 year old President Robert Mugabe? Then again, he has been seen on the national TV service that the military now control, at home and seemingly in control. It appears that he is confined to home, but free to speak. What’s going on? Let’s take a closer look…

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Saturn square Chiron – Finding a solution to deep seated problems

We are approaching the final connection in a series of three as Saturn in Sagittarius moves forward to form a square aspect with Chiron in Pisces, the planet of restriction, loss and hard lessons learned making a tension riddled and difficult square to Chiron,the planet of wounds and subsequent healing. Just from those two descriptions you can probably see the effects of this square coming into being on November 2nd 2017. The previous exact hits were over the Christmas holidays last year on 28th December and there was a second link up on 30th April at 27.19 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. This one is exact at 24.27 degrees of the same signs.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A Slow Gradual Change Of Order

I think that it's safe to say that since from around 18th October when the new Moon was forming in the sign of Libra, this has been a very disruptive time for many people. The New Moon opposite to Uranus has really upset the apple cart this time around. In my life for certain and maybe in yours too.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Uranus conjunct Al Kurhah - The need to be noticed


horse 2

Uranus, the planet of shocks and unpredictability is moving ahead now and is conjunct to the fixed star Al Kurhah at 24.26 degrees Aries, a star in the constellation of Cephus, the king. Now this star is obviously named in Arabic and translated it means the white spot or blaze on the face of a horse or a stallion. The star sits in the chest of the king, the place where one would puff out your chest with pride, and this star exudes some bravado and the need to "put on a show".

Friday, 7 November 2014

Mars conjunct Pluto - Never take no for an answer...


stickofdynamite wide

Anyone who has this conjunction or maybe the trine, opposition or square in their own chart will understand the above statement as absolutely true. Anyone who has these planets linking up will have a very strong will, will have tremendous energy and determination at their disposal and you will be driven sometimes by an invisible force to achieve your desires at literally any cost. These people can throw common sense out of the window in the pursuit of a goal. There is a quiet and subtle desire for power as Pluto will drive the need for power below the surface, thus the potential for secret actions and manipulation is high. Here are actions fuelled by jealous rage and a need for ultimate control. These are a couple of really intense days that we are embarking on.

This combination of Mars and Pluto this time around are squared by Uranus, so there is an unpredictable and potentially shocking side to the energy affecting us all. Mars square to Uranus is very accident prone as the planet of energy and action challenged by the planet of disruption. This is a cardinal square too, so the desire to act positively is strong. I can see hugely unexpected occurrences that change the ground rules now, things that will make you sit up and really take notice. Will your desire to control a situation or to take things into your own hands encourage you to take highly unusual steps to achieve what you want? There is so many potential changes and so much tension that can occur under this double square. There could be anger, violence, sexual tension, subtlety, manipulation, jealousy, accidents, revolution and rebellion, brutality, perversity, innovation, invention, the use of power for good and for ill. You can use the energy here to propel yourself into a new dimension, or you can use it to be hugely destructive.

What I will say is that if you have planets in the middle degrees of any of the signs, then you are likely to see or experience some incidents this weekend that could be rather unexpected. It's your choice how you react to the situations that face you and it will be very easy to overreact, to be obstinate or inflexible and this may cost you, so use the energy wisely...

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Grand Fire Trine of October 2014 – Jump in the rocket and reach for the stars


rocket to the stars

Just starting to form above us is one of the most enthusing and exciting planetary formations in 2014, a grand fire trine of rather epic proportions. Grand trines see three or more planets spaced 120 or so degrees apart in the sky and the angles that they make allow the planetary energies to flow more than any other formation that is possible. This grand trine is occurring in the three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius so we should look out for dramatic and dynamic action in the next 2 to 3 weeks to come.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn on 12th July begins a week of change for us all.

Moon 4

This has been a very active year and the next week sees several shifts in direction and signs of the major planets.  These movements involve Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all in the next week and a half preceded by a Capricorn Full Moon so in Astrological terms is going to be a a very, very busy one.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Uranus conjunct Alpheratz - Striving for something new.


This conjunction occurs at 14.30 degrees Aries and is active now and until 31st May.

This is an interesting star connection that we haven't seen for the best part of 80 years as Uranus makes contact with the star Alpheratz in the beautiful constellation of Andromeda, which includes the fabulous Andromeda spiral galaxy. Gorgeous, isn't it? You can see the movement and speed of this lovely formation, and this star is very similar. The Greeks saw Andromeda as the beautiful princess and virgin who was chained to the rocks and required a hero to save her. In those legends this was the warrior Perseus, with sword in hand and these two constellations sit side by side in our night's sky. Andromeda is a symbol of female fertility waiting for her lover to come to her side. This star is connected to freedom, to speed and the love of movement. It is a star of independence and it is connected to decisive action.

As you will know, Uranus is the planet of revolution, or overturning the status quo, of challenging authority and looking for a fresh way of doing things, and all of us as this Cardinal Cross is hitting will be motivated to take a look at ourselves in the mirror and to work out where we can start to move ahead. Times have been tough recently and the opportunity to unchain ourselves from the rocks that we have been tied to will be hard to resist. Whether it is getting a new job, making an important decision about a relationship, moving house, sorting your finances out or even changing your personal attitudes, this connection wherever it is is in your chart can see some fresh new air blowing into your life.

I mentioned independence and decisive action, and looking at the world's hot spot in Eastern Ukraine this connection does give a clue to the prevailing mood that will be more and more prevalent in the coming weeks. I think that Eastern Ukraine will fall and eventually separate away, leading in the end to Russian rule. One other prediction that I will make as well. The United Kingdom's North Node is at 14 degrees Aries, and with European elections coming along in May, look for a big anti EU vote to come out on the back of this conjunction. Furthermore, the UK has it's own independence situation to deal with soon, the future of the Union of Scotland with the rest of the UK. This connection will be active as the vote for Scottish independence occurs on 18th September as Uranus returns retrograde to this star. At that point, I see the UK splitting and Scotland voting to go their own separate way. You heard it here first...

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Grand Cardinal Cross of April 2014 - Fireworks are coming…

CAtherine wheel

The year 2014 has already been a very interesting one with three consecutive periods of retrograde planets coming along to dominate the early months. First up was Venus throughout January, then Mercury in February and now Mars that turned retrograde at the start of March and it will remain moving backwards for the next two and a half months. Also in the past month, Pluto Jupiter and Uranus have been in a tight t-square formation and whilst this was forming the Ukraine revolution took place and Russia sensing a power vacuum in her smaller neighbour dived in to take effective control of the region of Crimea. In the next month this t-square with the aid of Mars will turn into a grand cardinal cross. This formation will dominate the spring of 2014 and will drive the agendas of the world. How is it going to affect us. I give some thoughts on the matter…

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Uranus Pluto Square November 2013 – Major changes are on the way.


A critical few days are awaiting many of us now, especially if you have any planets at 9 degrees of any sign (or generally between 8-10 degrees for a slightly less potent effect). If you do have any at these degree on your chart, then it is highly likely that your life is going to be turned upside down, in either a good way or a bad way in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Venus square Uranus - Feeling the electricity

rainbow heart

Did you feel the intensity and deep desire of Venus opposing Pluto yesterday? I was writing about so many other things, that was an aspect I sort of missed. Maybe you felt powerful oppositions in your relationships, maybe emotions were at their height either in a good or bad way, or maybe you felt restricted and blocked in your financial position or over things that you owned?

Today, Venus moves on to exactly square Uranus and now excitement and unexpected events can enter those same spheres of your life. Yes there may still be tension in the air but circumstances may occur today for you to break free especially in regards to love, money or possessions. Venus in emotional Cancer square to Uranus in assertive Aries could bring new exciting opportunities to make money, experience a spark of wild passion or create new beautiful designs. This is an aspect of love fuelled by revolution, by a need for independence and for breaking new ground.

Remember, Uranus' influence is exciting yet fleeting and does not last, so if that is what you want go for it and feel the electricity...

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Uranus conjunct Alderamin – A sudden change of at the top of society

chess kings

This aspect will be valid from now until 23rd August 2013

Uranus has been out of range of any fixed star for at least a year, but now as it moves onto 12 degrees Aries, it start to make a conjunction with the star Alderamin, the star in the constellation of Cepheus, the King. This is a lovely constellation and star that promotes a balance of male and female and seeing harmony on earth and in nature. This is a gentle and yet strong star, determined on one's goals but not aggressively so. Ptolemy said of this star that it had the influence of Saturn and Jupiter, strong and wise but also sober and those under it’s influence would be able wield authority in the manner of a judge or arbitrator.

Now with Uranus making a square to Pluto while making this connection, I think we will see transformation under this influence. Over the year or so that I have been looking at these fixed star aspects, there seems to be a lot of symbolism which occurs, especially when an outer planet connects with a fixed star. Here the symbolism is of male kings and rulers.

I think this transformation will see the sudden removal of people, quite possibly men in power who have been making rules and laying down the law in the form of a king. It is also a possibility that we may see the passing of notable people and those who did act in a harmonious, strong and gentle manner. I can think of four people who fit the bill at the moment. President Assad in Syria still holds on in his position faced by civil unrest and revolution and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey now has serious opposition to his authoritarian way of ruling in his own country. Also two more gentle and notable men in the world are faced by health problems and this conjunction could have an effect on them. The Duke of Edinburgh has been having health problems and so has South African legendary leader Nelson Mandela.

Uranus is also a social aspect and so under this conjunction and this square we may see a rise in people coming out onto the streets in either peaceful or more violent ways to push for change in common values and social causes, again I think of the situation in Turkey which has arisen recently and the way the people have remained generally joyous and peaceful in protest rather than being openly violent.

In your life, it change needs to be made, then you can use this conjunction to make it in the most acceptable manner you can, using strength and force of argument rather than having to resort to using more shocking and unacceptable means.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

South Korea suffers cyber hacking attack

Geek Hacking

Interesting story out of South Korea over night as authorities are investigating a cyber attack on several broadcasters KBS, MBC and YTN as well as two banks, the Shinhan Bank and Nonghyup Bank. Representatives of the banks said that their computer systems went down and their operations were severely affected and spokespeople at the three TV companies said that their computers crashed and were not able to be restarted, with screens simply displaying error messages. The local authorities are looking into the matter, however the obvious thought is that this might be an attack by their North Korean neighbours.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Mars conjunct Uranus - Playing with fire

Match on fire

This aspect is now applying and exact on 22nd March 2013 – exact conjunction at 8:08 degrees Aries..

We are now on the approach to one of the most exciting and yet dangerous aspects that the planets can make, a conjunction between Mars the planet of action and force and Uranus now in Aries, the planet of revolution and of instability. Uranus does not conform. When you think it is going to be bad, it behaves itself and shows a compassionate and kind side and when you think nothing will happen you get the shock of your life.

I see this aspect as if you are playing with fire (Mars rules fire and heat). You want the fire to burn well so you decide to pour a can of gasoline (Uranus) onto it to give it an extra kick. That fire can do a wonderful job by keeping you safe and warm but it can get out of hand, and then you have a big, big problem. In short now you can go the extra mile and take matters into your own hands, however if you do so be prepared to run the gauntlet. Success can be yours, but by risking everything failure is a genuine possibility. Go into any venture now with eyes wide open.

In the world and in your life now one should take care and precautions, this is an accident zone that we are all entering. Unexpected twists and turns of fate lie around every corner, anger and arguments will seldom be far away as this aspect heightens one's senses and one's impatience, making you inconsiderate and selfish. This is a conjunction of extreme ecstasy and of potential disaster, of triumph and failure, of love and of loss.

This aspect will be especially dangerous this time around as the conjunction will be sextile to Jupiter bringing a sense of complacency at the potential dangers that lurk around the corner and square to Pluto which brings a hugely destructive influence into the mix. I cannot discount the potential of a major disaster(s) happening in the world on the back of this conjunction.

Stay safe and be aware...

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