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Monday, 21 January 2019

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – A young woman who will not be held back...

The youngest and most controversial member of the House of Representatives in Washington DC has a fascinating astrology chart for sure, and in a post last week I mentioned that I would look at her. She is a Sun Libran (born 13th Oct 1989 at 11.50am in the Bronx), her birth time confirmed in the last week by herself through Astrologer Arthur Lipp-Bonewits.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Jair Bolsonaro - The new President elect of Brazil


Hi everyone. Overnight Jair Bolsonaro was elected President of Brazil with a convincing victory in the elections held yesterday. Jair is (just) a Sun sign Aries with his Sun on the cusp of the first sign of the zodiac, therefore it sits on the Aries Point, a place where individuals with personal planets often receive acclaim or notoriety. That Sun sits square to his Nodal Axis, indicating to me that his father wasn't always the one to back and support Jair when he was young.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Oprah Winfrey, the Golden Globes and a run for the Presidency of the United States in 2020?

Oprah Winfrey, the Golden Globes and a run for the Presidency of the United States
Oprah Winfrey
Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Oprah for the White House? Am I crazy? Not as an Astrologer I’m not. Back in 2011 I wrote a post about Donald Trump and his ambitions for the White House, and 5 years later it came true. At the time I said he would be very tempted to go for it, and he finally pulled out at the last minute for the 2012 race, but I caught the moment and felt the temptation in his natal chart. We all know what happened in 2015 and 2016.  Now, these are interesting times for sure, and last night at the Golden Globes Awards, Oprah Winfrey became the first African American woman ever to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award for outstanding service to the entertainment world. Not only did she accept the award with grace and humility, but she also sounded a rallying cry for every woman who has suffered at the hands of powerful men, and ever so subtly indicated a desire that she personally wants to do something about it. On an astrological note, this just could be her time.

Oprah - Birth Chart

Oprah was born on 29th January 1954 at 04.30 in Kosciusco, Mississippi in the United States, the time I quote is from memory, “A” rated by She has a humanitarian Aquarius Sun, backed up by a free and easy Sagittarius Moon and Ascendant. Her Sun and Venus are virtually exactly conjunct, just nine minutes of a degree apart in the 2nd house of money and values. Aquarius conveys a star quality, and Oprah shines with it, kind, fun loving, sociable, sympathetic, popular yet independent and a bit detached, as all the great interviewers (and she was a great one) have to be.

This merged Sun Venus is quindecile Pluto in the 8th house, square Saturn in the 10th house of her work and widely sextile to her Moon in the 11th. These three planets tell the story of Oprah’s upbringing. Her Sun/Venus is very afflicted by Saturn and Pluto; in astrology the Sun represents the father. Here Pluto is retrograde in the 8th house, hidden away in the house of sex secrets and brutality and Saturn square the Sun shows a difficult, cruel upbringing. Oprah was the product of a short relationship, and she was brought up in poverty by a single teenage mother, she never knew her father. Oprah suffered sexual abuse as a child from members of her family, again Pluto in the hidden 8th house square to Mars in Pluto’s own sign of Scorpio represents abusive actions of a sexual nature affecting her. With Mars ruling her 4th house of the home, we know that the abuse came from those close to her in her family.

The one thing when she was young that everyone noted about Oprah was her confidence in speaking and performing. Obviously when we look for communication, we look to Mercury. Oprah’s Mercury really is the centre of her chart in the wide conjunction to Sun/Venus, every other planet on the chart in some way feeds into this conjunction sitting in the house of earning money. There is a trine to Jupiter in chatty Gemini – here is curiosity in the purist form, needing to know everything, asking questions and a general interest all kind of media. Jupiter is in the 6th house of every day work and service so there is an easy going and optimistic style to the way that she communicates through her work that has had wide appeal, and that has influenced hundreds of copycat shows all around the world.

The Moon in Sagittarius is widely conjunct to Mars ruling that fourth house I mentioned earlier, so she will be proud of her Afro American roots and protective of her own family, her nation and heritage. With the Moon in her 11th house Oprah will have many female friends, is always out for a good time, and with that Mars in her 11th house she will be seen as a team leader or someone who paves a way for the collective. There is a sharp side to her emotions, and when she is emotionally hurt, she will go on the attack.

Pluto makes an opposition with Mercury giving Oprah a forensic mind, delving into the depths to find out the truth in any situation; she is a natural investigator and a powerful speaker able to influence people with the force of her own convictions, however she will rarely if ever reveal her own motives or weaknesses. Neptune is also trine to Mercury in the second house, it is in a imaginative mood, and often people with this placing will make money through creative pursuits and here is an idealism about the use of money to help through caring and compassion. With the Sun/Venus/Mercury in social, humanitarian Aquarius and Uranus in the Cancerian ruled 7th house, there is huge interest in other people, in family and community – she is a giver and not a taker. Oprah has probably been the most generous black American woman ever, her charity foundations contributing $80 million and counting to various causes.

Oprah vs US Chart

If you look to her Nodal axis there is one other very interesting connection. Her North Node is very closely conjunct to Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing and a maverick influence affecting her. This axis is connected to one's mother, and in the speech Oprah made, she indicated that her mother had been subject to abuse, totally vindicating this position of her being “wounded” by the treatment she faced. Oprah's role is as a healer, and also as someone who can act as a vehicle for change. One other point to note too. Oprah’s Mercury Pluto opposition mirrors the US Ascendant/Descendant axis, there is a direct link between the way she communicates and calls for transformation, and the American psyche. Her Aquarian Sun squares this axis and it is conjunct to the US natal Mars – she was born to communicate with the US people and for them to respond favourably to her in a positive manner – this is the position of a commander in chief. Her Saturn is conjunct to the US natal Saturn/Mercury conjunction – this lady commands authority!!

Oprah golden globes

Now if someone who connects with the US natal chart so readily indicates that they want to step up to the plate and take on the establishment, we should sit up and take notice. The speech last night was mesmerising and incredibly powerful, and for Oprah it was the beginning of a brand new cycle in her life. You see Oprah has a late Sagittarian Ascendant on the 29th degree of knowing, she is wise beyond her years, and Saturn over Christmas time passed over this point, entering into her Ascendant house, and a new beginning for her, and giving her added authority. Last night, Mercury the planet of communication was conjunct to her Ascendant too as well as her Saturn. She spoke with gravitas, and as the unofficial leader of the “#metoo” women's movement that is growing in stature, lead by the women of Hollywood who have the influence and the voice to stand up for the millions of oppressed women who can never defend themselves. It was a bold and electrifying speech that Oprah gave, unafraid, a rallying cry of immense significance and one that rang out loud and clear. Transiting Jupiter and Mars in her 11th house of friends, (she was in the company of colleagues and friends) made a square to her 2nd house Mercury in the house of values, and a trine to the rebel planet Uranus which rules that house. That message has spread around the world, and lit a fire with speculation starting to build that she might be harbouring a run in 2020 for the Presidency. If this was the moment for her to throw her hat “unofficially” in the ring then it was an auspicious one, as remember, her natal Mercury connects to the US Ascendant. Her thoughts and values are America's values.

Even more significantly Mars and Jupiter yesterday made sextiles to the Sun, Venus and Pluto, and they in turn are making a powerful square to her Midheaven at 17 degrees Libra. Pluto in the past weeks has been activating a change in her professional and public outlook. Pluto is power, control and inevitable change and there is a shift now as Pluto activates her point of career. More power might be coming her way. Pluto is starting to and will be opposing her natal Uranus in the coming year, the planet linked directly to her as an Aquarian, sitting in her house of relationships and open enemies. He message to take on and radically change values, will certainly gain opposition, but it is one that will gather support of the collective too. Pluto and Uranus are very powerful agents of change, and if she mobilises people behind her then she can move mountains linked to this message. Look back at her natal chart, and to that Sun Venus conjunction in the house of values closely square to Saturn, the planet of administration sitting in the 10th house of career. Isn't that an interesting aspect now in the light of her Golden Globes speech?


As she made this speech, it is worth looking at her Progressed chart, at it is stunning in it's significance. Her progressed Ascendant has now reached 16.01 degrees Pisces, and her Progressed Mercury had reached 16.01 degrees Pisces. A perfect and exact fit for the moment in a setting surrounded by the great and the good of the film and TV world (ruled by Pisces and Neptune). On this progressed chart, Mercury rules the 4th house of the nation, and the 7th house of open enemies – we all know who it was aimed at. Her progressed Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism is at her Progressed IC, activating all four angles of this progressed chart – this is the moment that she starts to open out on her personal ambitions for herself (Ascendant), her nation and roots (IC), her work and career (MC) and to those who oppose her (Descendant). Her progressed Moon is now also closing on a conjunction with her progressed Sun in her first house, starting to square her progressed Uranus and Nodal axis. I see this as an emotional pull to start acting in a more rebellious manner. She wants to see change, she realises she is the one individual who can fulfil it, and this picture only confirms this.

Oprahprog vs eclipse

Later on this year, there is a Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer that will hit this progressed Uranus and South Node on 13th July 2018. Transiting Pluto at that moment, the planet of power will be 0.01 degrees from a direct hit to her progressed North Node, her point of destiny. This eclipse also makes a square to her  her progressed Moon, indicating a shift in her personally (1st house) that is coming as well as her individual talents (5th house). Neptune will be on her progressed Ascendant and Mercury at this moment too, highlighting her as a person, and what she says. Neptune is compassionate and self sacrificing and I wonder if she will make a sacrifice now in service to her nation (Mercury ruling progressed 4th house)? This is the first of a series of Cancerian eclipses for the US Cancerian nation born on 4th July (even though I use the Stolte rising chart which highlights the Articles of the Confederation signed when the Sun was in Scorpio).

Oprah solar eclipse 13 july 18

So do the transits of this eclipse back things up? Yes they do. The eclipse lands in Oprah's 7th house conjunct to her natal Uranus ruling that 2nd house of values and money and square to her Midheaven. This eclipse is going to propel her career in a new direction. I think this will be a very significant moment for Oprah, as transiting Mars will be on her Sun. She will go on the attack, the eclipse will be trine to her natal Mars, giving her impetus and drive for the future and remember Mars rules her home life her nation, and women's issues too. Natal Mercury will be at the midpoint between her natal Jupiter (her chart ruler in her house of work) and her Midheaven, the point of career. Whatever she says now will be important for her future goals and expansion. Transiting Uranus is for the next year going to be trine to her Sagittarian Ascendant from that 4th house of the nation. Trust me, this is a lady who is not going to let this moment lie, there will be a fierce desire in her for radical change in women's issues and how America deals with them. If there is a moment when she starts to seriously running for office, keep an eye on and around this date, and what she does.

Oprah vs Trump

If I was her advisor, I'd tell her right now – run for the Presidency!!! Why? I'll tell you. She can get under the skin of President Trump, just like Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff has done. Her Pluto at 24 degrees Leo like theirs sits square to the President's Midheaven at 24 degrees Taurus, a perfect square. She can undermine him, brutally cut him to ribbons and remember that incisive and surgical Mercury Pluto opposition in her chart – well it squares his Midheaven. She could have the ability if so used to tear him, and his administration to bits. Her Mars in Scorpio sits at 23 Scorpio directly on his IC, opposing his Midheaven, that Mars that so passionately cares about her country and women's issues. If used correctly could be used as a dagger to skewer Trump and his public attitudes. Her Sun/Venus conjunction opposes Trump's natal Pluto in Leo, so here we have power verses kindness and compassion, a battle of wills of complete opposite agendas. Also in regards to her ambitions, her Saturn at 9 Scorpio square his natal Pluto at 10 degrees Leo, therefore in effect if they come up against each other, they would have to battle for power and control. In effect Trump can change her ambitions, and she will be critical of his power base.

Also Oprah's North Node Chiron conjunction opposes Trump's Saturn Venus conjunction, her South Node sits closely conjunct to his planet of administration and the planet ruling his MC (Taurus Midheaven). Through this combination she can seriously wound him and expose the way he runs his administration. She can also undermine his tentative hold on the Republican party (his Saturn sits in his 11th house of groups) and how he communicates (Venus rules his 3rd house of communication). Talking of communication, Oprah is the darling of the press, her Jupiter trines her natal Mercury, and she could use this to her advantage to use the oppressed media to support her in her ventures. All this is of course speculative unless she throws her hat into the ring, which I think is something that will she will seriously consider.

Oprah solar eclipse 21 june 2020

Now let's put a scenario in the air. Oprah, runs for the Presidency, there is no viable Democratic candidate out there at the moment and she takes the nomination. Speculation I know but hear me out on this. The Solar Eclipse before the election on 21st June 2020 is going to be at 0 degrees Cancer, on the cusp of the sign that defines the United States, the nation's state, the family and women's issues. It also lands on Oprah's Descendant, opposite to her natal Ascendant. It's almost a perfect hit, within a degree of exact. This is going to be another hugely significant moment, just before the time of the party conventions of 2020.


This eclipse over Washington D.C. is utterly fascinating. It sees Uranus, the rebel planet conjunct to the Ascendant and Saturn, the planet of administration is on the cusp of Aquarius, the sign that Uranus rules and Saturn used to rule. The eclipse sees Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house of administration, and the eclipse is inconjunct to Saturn. We are sensing a revolt, and a change with Uranus so close to the Ascendant. Closest to the Midheaven is Pluto conjunct Jupiter. Pluto is power and Jupiter represents diversity, perhaps ethnic diversity? Everything here tells me that a change is coming to Washington, a woman perhaps (0 degrees Cancer) eclipsing the Administration, is an ethnically diverse female Aquarian is coming to the party? Think about this picture for a minute. Does it make sense to you??

Ok, let's take things a bit further on. It's election day 2020, the 3rd November. It's Oprah vs Trump for the White House. Hypothetically, who wins?

Oprah vs election

Well at 07.00am when the polls open in Washington DC, the Midheaven will be exactly and I mean exactly on Oprah's natal Pluto, the planet of power. Where's that influential Uranus, the planet she rules? It's square to her natal Sun/Venus ruling her Libran Midheaven, her Taurean 5th house of doing things by herself and the Leo ruled 8th of power and inevitable change. Mercury the planet of decisions will be in her elevated 10th house conjunct to her 10th house Neptune. This links her work and career, to votes cast and decisions made perhaps (Pisces rules 3rd)? Mars will be about to enter her 4th house of the home, so things connected to her family and where she lives will be important to her. Most significantly of all though, that Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction will be on her North Node Chiron conjunction. Whatever she is doing at this minute, destiny will be calling her. Power will be coming her way, an expansion in her life, responsibilities on her shoulders to heal, as she has always healed others.

Trump vs election

The same for President Trump. What happens to him? Uranus is going to be square to his natal Pluto. Ouch, this planet rules the place he lives, the White House. A sudden change is on the cards? Mercury ruling votes will be square to his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in his 11th house of parties, ruling his Midheaven (career) and individual style (Saturn rules Capricorn intercepted in his 5th house), therefore the vote doesn't seem to be going in his direction, it's at a counter point to his administration. Donald will be going through a Nodal return at this minute, and this brings to light an interesting point. Nodal returns are crossroads points one's life, as if you come to a decision point as to how your future will go. The North Node is on his Sun and Uranus, but the detrimental South Node will be on his natal Moon, thus a woman, women's issues or his own family will be dragging him down. There is a sense of a dramatic change going on here, a shift affecting him and a sudden about turn in his fortunes. This Nodal return will be acting across his 4th house/10th house axis, highlighting a division between his work and his home life, his public life and his family.

The Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction of 2020 is the standout aspect of many a long year and how is affecting President Trump. Well it will be opposing his natal Saturn Venus conjunction and holding judgement on what he has done in running the US for the previous 4 years. Saturn oppositions can be depressing and rather nasty, and Pluto opposed to Saturn Venus is transformational, affecting his hold on a group, the Republicans, his job (Taurus ruled MC) and his individual persona (5th house). Jupiter brings more freedom into his life and these planets also make a trine to his Midheaven. From all I can see from these aspects, they are forcing a career change on him, allowing him to release himself from the burden of administration. I'll make a prediction now based on this that President Trump even if he wants to will not serve a second term.

Now whoever goes on to take him on in November 2020 will oppose the President facing the same picture, and of course to unseat a sitting President isn't easy, and you have to have a credible and powerful candidate. The year 2016 proved that anything can happen in the world of politics, and you don't have to be a veteran politician to win the White House any more. Donald Trump ripped up the rule book and destroyed the reputation of many an Astrologer in the process. So what will 2020 bring with it? Well in the year of the great Pluto Jupiter Saturn conjunction, all the Astrologers have been predicting a power shift of incredible proportions, and any power shift begins at the top so here goes. As unlikely as it may seem right now, wouldn't it be appropriate if a black (Pluto) ethnically diverse (Jupiter) Aquarian (old ruler of Saturn) woman (0 degrees Cancer eclipse) loved universally by Americans young and old backed and to the hilt by the former first Black male President Barak Obama completely changes the rules, releases the media from the disgraceful impositions and slurs placed upon them, gives all women in the country hope, and enters the White House?

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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Michael Wolff – Writing words of fire and fury

Michael Wolff – Writing words of fire and fury
Michael Wolff - The writer of "Fire and Fury"

The current storm around Donald Trump has been caused by the release of the book “Fire and Fury” penned by author and journalist Michael Wolff, who shadowed the President Trump and his team in the first few months of the administration's term of office. Wolff rushed out the book after lawyers tried to restrict it's release, due to the criticisms aimed at the Administration and President Trump. Excerpts from the book call Trump “like a child”, the running of the administration “chaotic” and it mentions a meeting at Trump Tower between the President's son Donald Jnr and some Russians as potentially “treasonous”.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Trump Watch – What's up next for 45?


It's been a long while since I looked at the 45th President of the United States and for us Astrologers he is fascinating simply because so much happens while he's around. As someone born with a Sun Uranus conjunction, he courts controversy and disruption, and that's how he will always operate. Uranus in Gemini is almost schizophrenic in nature – I mean the planet of disruption in the sign of the trickster??!? My wife is a Gemini and she blows hot and cold and you will see all 4 seasons in one day from her, so heavens alone what it must be like to work alongside the erstwhile President? Anyway, back to matters in hand and I will (if I have time) have a look at his chart periodically to see what is on the horizon for him.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The UK General Election of 8th June 2017 from an astrological perspective


house of parliament

Hi everybody. It's time to look at the United Kingdom General Election happening in two and a half weeks and if the polls are to be believed the Conservative party under Prime Minister Theresa May seem to be on course for a big win come 8th June 2017.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Vladimir Putin – Sitting pretty as the rest of the world is in panic mode


Hi everyone. With all the shenanigans going on in Washington D.C. I decided to look across the globe and examine one leader on earth who has complete mastery of his situation, Vladimir Putin. Right now he must be sitting in his office at the Kremlin with a large vodka in one hand, feet up on the desk with a big smile on his face. Why? Transiting lucky, fortunate Jupiter is sitting right on his Sun for the next 2 and a half months!!!

Putin is a Sun Libran, born on 7th October 1952 in Saint Petersburg, Russia (we think 09.30 am) and his Sun at 13.55 Libra has retrograde Jupiter slowing to a stop on his Sun in June and then turning direct, so it will be staying a long time on the 13-14 degree point. That's like winning the lottery several times over, and it tends to shield you from all the other more nasty aspects swirling around, as you have fortune on your side.


By this I mean that transiting Saturn is conjunct to his natal Mars and he should be frustrated, irritated and blocked in his actions now, but do we see that? Nope, the plan to destabilise the US is going swimmingly. Indeed transiting Neptune is inconjunct to his Sun and ordinarily that is a nasty aspect that weakens you and forces you to accept situations that are not initially in your best interest personally, or it makes you lethargic and/or gullible. Do we see that either? Nope, indeed the cards seem to be falling on the table beautifully for him. Anyone domestically who does potentially gets in the way, such as Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny recently, gets arrested, trumped up charges are put against them, they are then convicted and packed off to sunny Siberia for a few months. Simples!! Note - only those readers in the UK will get that joke.

Putin's natal chart although in doubt as it's only A rated seems reasonable to me, with Pluto conjunct to his kingly Leo Midheaven and Scorpio on his Ascendant, perfect for an ex KBG boss come President dabbling in diplomatic games, secrets and espionage, and when he wants to be he can be brutally efficient in wielding the power at his disposal.

His natal Sun born within the stars of Corvus the crow is now conjunct to the main star in that constellation, Algorab, the terrorist star. As such there is a cunning, sneaky and very manipulative side to him. His natal Mercury is exactly on the stars Spica in Virgo and also conjunct Arcturus in Bootes, so he has an exceptional mind, he's clever, inventive, sharp and never behind the eight ball. He's one smart cookie, and he's always one step ahead too. Dealing and playing with Trump and the fledgling US administration must be a piece of cake, especially when they are so open to divulge pretty much anything to them. As the old saying goes, keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Even I know that one.

Putin transits_thumb[1]

Elsewhere on his chart, Sun conjunct Saturn, Neptune and Mercury shows him to be serious and he will have an element of the preacher about him, it suggests the kind of person who runs things with an iron fist and yet is able to drift in and out remaining illusive and untouchable, like the powerful religious leader who has all the answers. All these planets are in Libra, the ultimate socialist sign, the sign of equality. The problem with Libra is that the motivation is that everything has to be fair for me, and not always for everyone else. That's always been the problem with this sign and with the communist system in general, human selfishness gets in the way of true egalitarianism.

These planets square to Uranus indicate someone who takes a different approach but his fixed in his ways, the radical who seems to play like the insider. He'll be cold, calculating and rather unemotional with his Moon in information rich Gemini, always in the know and keeping abreast of every situation. I have Moon in Gemini too, and I know that your moods do fluctuate with this position, friendly one minute and difficult the next. That will keep those around him off guard as to what he really needs.

Venus in his 1st house in controlling Scorpio shows vanity and a need to show off a bit, and we've seen that with him swimming across lakes, posing bare chested on horses and playing ice hockey in which allegedly a few weeks ago he scored a very impressive 9 goals according to the Russian media. Mars in Sagittarius is very sporting, adventurous and loves the outdoor life, and Jupiter in Taurus wants all the trappings of a comfortable existence, and with the hand on the tiller of the Russian super tanker, Putin has that side of things nicely sorted.

I hate to say it, but the poker player in the Kremlin holds all the aces at the moment...

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A political bombshell explodes as President Trump fires FBI director James Comey


comey trump

Overnight one of the most brutal acts of political cover-up that I have ever witnessed occurred, and it wasn’t even subtle. FBi director was in Los Angeles addressing his staff when he was handed a note telling him that he had just been fired, with immediate effect. The official line that it was due to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal (which Trump had previously praised Comey for), but we all know the real reason, don’t we??

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Emmanuel Macron – The President the French will not really love?


Macron pic

As I sometimes do I have taken a step back from the French election since the result on Sunday evening to let the dust settle, to fully take in what happened and to gather my thoughts. What Emmanuel Macron achieved at the tender age of 39 years in setting up his own party just one year ago and then to take on and beat the Socialists, the Republicans, the Nationalists and the whole French establishment was truly remarkable. He becomes the country's youngest ever leader, and I'd bet the enormity of what he has achieved hasn't quite sunk in yet. When he takes the oath of office next Monday, then I am sure it will do. And yet as an Astrologer I am fascinated with his natal chart against that of the country he leads, because very unusually there doesn't seem to be any link or even love between his chart, and the French people.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

George W Bush - From President to compassionate artist.


George Bush apinting

Hi everyone. My Astrological topic this morning is a very warming and heartfelt one, the budding artist that is former President of the United States, George W Bush. He has issued through a book several paintings of war veterans who lost limbs and suffered life threatening injuries, ones who went into battle under his leadership.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Jeff Sessions - Truth, lies and Russian officials...



Good morning everyone. My topic for discussion today is Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General in the US. He is the chief lawmaker for the US and it sounds like before he took office he spoke with a certain Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US. Yes, this is the same Sergey Kislyak who General Michael Flynn spoke with before he took office, the former National Security Advisor to Trump who was forced to fall on his sword just 26 days after assuming office.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Netherlands - Beware the Ides of March


Geert Wilders

On 15th March, the people of the Netherlands go to the polls to elect a new leader. This is the first of several critical general elections in Europe this year that will determine the political direction that the continent is moving in.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

American Election Watch 2016 – The current Astrology for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


As we start to get into the "nitty gritty" as us Brits say of the US election campaign, I'm gonna start to focus now and then on the charts of the main protagonists of which there are just three, Donald, Hillary and Bernie and update you as to how they are doing. With Bernie, there is a problem as no-one seems to have an accurate or confirmed birth time, so much harder to see what's going on in his world.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The 2016 American Presidential Election – Who will compete for the Presidency and who will win?


First and foremost, it’s good to be back. Ok, as ever before a big election I have a look at the runners and riders and try to see who is likely to come out on top. The US Presidential election will be held on 8th November this year and at the time of writing, unless there is a complete meltdown for the leading candidates before we get the the Summer national conventions we are going to be looking at a Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump battle for the most powerful job in the world. Hillary currently needs just over 250 of the final 1300 Democratic delegates to win her nomination, so she is almost guaranteed to be victorious. The Democratic convention in Philadelphia in late July is likely to be a coronation for her.

Trump convention

The Republican race is closer with Trump having a 290 delegate lead over his nearest rival, Ted Cruz and by the time of the Cleveland convention ending on 21st July, he may not have passed the winning line, but I expect him to have gained the most votes, giving him a mandate of sorts to take on the Republican nomination. The transits for Trump at that time see transiting Mars opposing his Midheaven, so I can imagine him facing some very public opposition then, however simultaneously transiting Jupiter squares both his natal Sun, Moon and Uranus and this may just give him the boost he needs to secure the nomination. His need for social justice and fairness at that time will be strong, his ego will know no bounds and I can see a tremendous sense of pride welling up inside him. Jupiter square Uranus may also provide the spark of luck and fortune that gets him through, although he is likely to be quite restless and impatient as well. His progressed Sun hits his natal Ascendant exactly at this time too, often an indication of a personal boost, especially as his Sun natally resides in his 10th house of career and public appreciation. Finally at this moment, transiting Saturn trines his natal Pluto, and this trine is always one connected with the acquisition of personal power and influence.

Hillary natal

So, assuming we have a Clinton vs Trump race, who is likely to win? Both candidates have not had the easiest of rides recently. Hillary has faced the "email scandal" connected to her setting up a collective email system at her New York home for when she was Secretary of State between 2008 and 2012. She did this to have control over her work and for "convenience" and so that she wouldn't have to deal with more than official one blackberry at any one time. Seeing that she is a Sun Scorpio with Scorpio rising and Mercury, the planet of communication in that sign too with both planets stationed in the behind the scenes 12th house, one would not be in the least bit surprised at her need to absolute control over the messages and information that she received. Don't be wrong about this, Hillary is the archetypal back seat driver and she will have an iron grip on all that she has responsibility for. Convenience in her words really meant "I'm in charge".

Very interestingly both her progressed Sun and progressed Mercury have been square to her natal Neptune in the past few months. Neptune is an influence of deception, illusion and it clouds the issues over things, and right on cue doubt was raised over her personal dealings and her communications. Her natal Mars has also been squared by her progressed Midheaven, and investigative action by the FBI has been digging into Hillary's time as Secretary of State. The timing of these progressed aspects are interesting. The progressed MC/Mars aspect started to affect her in the spring of last year as the investigation began and it reached a peak at the end of November, this aspect is now tailing off in it's effect over her. The progressed Sun square to Hillary's Neptune was strongest in January and the progressed Mercury square Neptune aspect hits a peak in this month of April. By the time we hit the Presidential vote, they will no longer be strong influences over her. I suspect that this drama will die down as the hands on fight of the real race gets underway. Her reputation may have been tarnished, but I don't think it will be fatal for her chances.

Hillary Donald

As for Trump, his campaign has not been plain sailing either. Natally, he has Mars sitting directly on his Ascendant, so he is aggressive, forward looking but controversial too and he naturally will inspire some people but alienate others as well; as many people will love him as hate him. He has a natal Sun Moon opposition with the Sun conjunct Uranus and the North Node and thus the Moon sits with the South Node. I have constantly mentioned that his relationship with women would be a problem for him. He will not be able to understand them well, plus his unpredictable nature will tend to alienate them. I have a similar problem, with my natal Moon square to Uranus instead of in opposition, and I have never really understood the fairer sex. The South Node influence on his Moon is crucial to all this as well. It is an unfortunate influence, and suggests that women (Moon) will tend to get the better of him over time. His Moon is in the the sign of Sagittarius in the 4th house, suggesting that Donald's mother was quite private, religious, generous and potentially from overseas, and indeed she came from Scotland from a religious family, and became a noted philanthropist in New York. It's interesting that all Donald's wives have come from overseas too, and maybe this leads me to ask the question if Donald gets on better with women from abroad much better than he does from home in his native USA? It's an interesting thought to ponder over.

Since declaring his candidacy for President, Trump's campaign has been dogged by controversy. Back in August last year, his progressed Moon was approaching a square to natal Neptune, just as the Megyn Kelly spat took place, a time when Donald was extremely disparaging about the Fox News correspondent. This is a time when one can fall foul of women through deception, gossip and scandal, and of course Neptune rules the world of TV where the dispute was played out to a worldwide audience. He also had a public TV dispute with fellow candidate Carly Fiorina on 16th September still under the influence of this square (progressed Moon aspects last about 2 months). Since January February, a new progressed aspect has been influencing Donald, a square between his progressed Mercury and his natal Mars. This will make him wilful, even more impulsive than he normally is, rash, argumentative, insensitive and it may land him into controversial situations. This is the aspect of opening your mouth without thinking of the consequences and it can land you in hot water. His strident views and off the cuff comments about immigration and abortion have prompted mass protests and anger, especially from non whites and from women.

He has been at the tip of the arrow of a protest movement in the US concerned with the drift in influence and apparent lack of strength that America has been showing. What Trump fails to see and appreciate is that the world is now a much more even playing field than it once was, simply because of the amount of wealth that has flowed out from the US to the poorer nations on earth, as it was cheaper to manufacture overseas than it was at home, and that has built up those nations and made them stronger. The world no longer needs to rely on America as being the manufacturing and financial powerhouse that it once was, there are other places taking up the slack. The financial crash of 2008/9 also contributed to the decline in world influence of the US, and other countries such as China and India have started to fill the void that appeared as the Western nations lead by the US struggled to cope. In a way Trump is making a case for the old American way, but Pluto is now opposing the US Sun and the country is radically changing. Is this another weakness of Trump? His natal Moon/South Node conjunction in the 4th house in Sagittarius shows him to have old fashioned views about his nation (4th house) and diversity (Sagittarius).

Hillary Donald

Now, at this point it is worth looking at how their charts relate to each other to see who might just come out on top. When studying their charts you can almost imagine that a square off between these two individuals was bound to happen. The first thing I notice is that Donald's Midheaven, point of career is conjunct to Hillary's North Node, her point of destiny. This is not an easy connection and it indicates that Donald's potential career path has to run through Hillary. The Midheaven person (Donald) in this link up often suffers disruption in their own career goals because of the intervention of the North Node person.

Secondly, Hillary's Pisces Moon sits square to Donald's Sun, Uranus, North Node/ Moon South Node opposition. The Pisces Moon is emotionally evasive at the best of times and square to the main opposition in Donald's chart, including his main personal planets and his nodal axis, therefore I don't think Donald will understand Hillary at all in an emotional sense as their needs will be very different. She won't appreciate his points of view either, and this will cause them to clash and be irritated by each other. Donald's Gemini Sun sits inconjunct to Hillary's Scorpio Ascendant and so he will have to adjust his personal tactics to have any effect on her, in essence these two are poles apart in their personal understanding. It's a known fact that in a debate, a strong woman will tend to run rings round any man, and I can see the impending battle will be quite dirty and filled with memorable moments, more in Hillary's favour than in Donald's. Add this into the mix as well. Donald's Midheaven is square to Hillary's Saturn and opposes her Mercury and Ascendant. In this I feel that Hillary has the upper hand, Saturn will put down Donald's career ambitions and they will tend to clash verbally in public. Finally, Donald's Mercury squares her Neptune, so he think that she is dishonest and his Mars squares he Ascendant, a volatile connection indicating arguments and clashes between them. Safe to say the sparks should fly as they vie for the public vote.

election chart

The election is held this year on the 8th November and as always I turn to Venus to give me indications of who will win. Why Venus? Well because the election is held on a 4 year cycle and Venus works on a eight-year pentagonal cycle, therefore Venus returns to the same spot in the sky every 2 US elections; she can be in either Libra or Sagittarius. The Venus in Libra election is when she rises in the morning before the Sun in Scorpio, she is the morning star and the Venus in Sagittarius election (as this one is) she sets as the evening star just after the Sun in Scorpio sets. Even from ancient times Venus, the only planet associated with a female deity has always been seen as a fortunate omen, the one who brought prosperity and growth but also who when angered could wage war too, after all, "hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn". Whoever Venus was radiating at the time or wherever she was in the sky was generally given good fortune. Now the sign of Libra has Saturn, the administrator or the ruler exalted in it, and it is notable that all but two of the American elections (since this 4 year electional cycle held in the first week of November was agreed upon in 1848) when Venus has been in Libra has been won by the administrating party and their candidate at the time of the vote. The two exceptions to this were in 1932 when Franklin D Roosevelt won and in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was victorious, that's an 89% success rate for the administering party !!! The last election in 2012 was won by Barack Obama, the incumbent president, and that election was a Venus in Libra election, so running true to form.

Sunset over Washington

Now the next one on 8th November is a Venus in Sagittarius election and these tend to be more keenly contested. To work out who will win you have to look at Venus more closely and discover which planet or planets are being affected by the light of Venus, effectively those in conjunction to her or closest in the sky to the evening star as she sets. This time in November, the closest planet is Saturn, representing the one with experience in administration and government and the establishment candidate from the current ruling party or family. This directly points to the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Had Mars or Uranus for example been highlighted by Venus representing the entrepreneur (Mars) or the non establishment rebel (Uranus) then I would have veered towards Donald Trump winning the White House, but this time it is not the case according to the Venus cycle.

Donald election

Ok, do the other transiting aspects on their own natal charts back this up? For Donald, his chart on 8th November is severely lacking in aspects telling me that he in unlikely to be attaining new found power and status, this is the ultimate job interview after all. On the positive side transiting Saturn sextiles Jupiter so this promises slow and cautious growth, but it also helps to temper your ambitions too. Transiting Pluto squares his natal Jupiter and Chiron which suggests an almost over inflated ego, confidence or belief (Jupiter) that will be smashed to pieces by Pluto, bringing hurt and pain initially before the healing process begins (Chiron). That's not a good omen for him.

Transiting Saturn moving in his 4th opposes his natal Uranus sitting in his 10th house of career and work with Uranus ruling his 6th house of routine and health. This is another tough aspect for Trump, as Saturn will put the breaks on any work ambitions here, it's a stop and think moment for him, the radical pioneering side of him will be harshly judged. At the crucial moment at the time of the election, his strength until now will be exposed as a weakness. Transiting Mars is inconjunct to his natal Mars and his Leo Ascendant as well as being opposed to his natal Venus indicating him in a very feisty mood, and also suggesting that he has to adjust his actions or his personal attitudes. This is important as Venus rules his point of career, his Midheaven. There is potential conflict here with a group or party (Venus in 11th house) over opposition to career advancement.

Neptune is in a long term inconjunct aspect to his natal Pluto, thus diminishing his power and control. This is a spiritual connection, divesting you of your wealth and influence and promoting a less materialistic outlook on life. This aspect again is not one of advancement unless it is in a spiritual direction, and with Pluto ruling his 4th house of domestic affairs and endings, there may be some dissolving of his power base now, including his property portfolio.

Transiting Venus is at the point of a transiting yod connecting to his Venus/Saturn conjunction and his Midheaven. Again, this aspect indicates a vital turning point and moment of truth for Donald in his career ambitions. Venus making the two inconjunct aspects indicate a separation or change in the way he is seen publicly (10th house ruled by Venus), individually (5th house ruled by Saturn) and in communication or a vote (3rd house ruled by Venus). Here is social commentary on Donald and often a yod with Venus at the apex will make you feel out of touch with society; this is an aspect formation of alienation.

Mercury sits directly on his IC at the bottom of his chart, so he will prefer to be at home with loved ones as the vote results roll in. Mercury here opposes his Midheaven here, and work issues and communications are not favoured now. Uranus squares his natal Saturn, an aspect of accepting that you can't keep on going along at a cavalier pace, things have to slow down and eventually you have to accept your limitations. Uranus also makes a trine to his Moon and a sextile to his Sun. These generally positive aspects suggest unexpected events in his life that he may not have been counting on. There is a sense of freedom here from the burdens of life and a sense that you want to get away from it all and do something new.

Jupiter makes no aspects of note, but there is one more and this is hugely important; transiting Chiron squares the most important aspect on Donald's chart, his Sun/Uranus/North Node opposition to his Moon. As I write now, I am going through a Chiron square to my own Moon and this brings hurt, disappointment, feelings of inadequacies to the fore, especially in regards to dealing with women. Chiron hitting this so important axis will bring bitter disappointment to his life, this is an aspect of defeat and hurt and only after you have experienced it can the healing process begin. Chiron will be moving in his 7th house of open enemies; this hurt will come from a rival.

Now all this is not a good prognosis for Donald and yet there is a natal conjunction between his late Leo ascendant and the star Regulus, the star of Kings that still sticks in the back of my mind. Will this connection shape his destiny and confound the rest of the Astrology I see? Well Regulus brings wealth, riches, power and success but, and here's the kicker, only if you avoid matter of vengeance in your life. With Mars stationed conjunct his Ascendant too, Donald has been truly outspoken, vindictive and aggressive to anyone who has stood in his way in the past causing a lot of hurt and anger against him, and that alone suggests to me pride coming before a big fall and a downfall in his fortunes at some point in his life; a time when all your ambitions turn to dust. Now may be the time for that to happen.

Hillary election

Now to Hillary. In the same way I will go through the transiting planets one by one against her natal chart. To start with transiting Mercury sits on her Ascendant on 8th November just into her 1st house indicating a busy day of phone calls and communications. Mercury sits also on her South Node, so a time of wrapping up business, dotting the i's and crossing the t's. There is a sense here of the past being important, and a return to meeting old friends and with people she crossed paths with before. Her nerves may take a pounding and her transport schedules may have to be adjusted. Mercury trines her Moon, (settled emotions) and conjuncts her natal Mercury (sharp mind and good communications) but it also squares Saturn ruling in her 9th house ruling her 3rd house. This will bring nervous tension, a critical attitude and she may have to justify her position. Connections to contacts abroad will be made and there may be some disappointments along the way. All in all a mixed bag here.

Transiting Venus opposes her 8th house Uranus, bringing her into contact with new, possibly talented individuals, causing unexpected social events, there will be a whirr of social activity here to deal with. Venus squares her Moon, not a difficult aspect to deal with and it may stimulated love and good feelings between herself and her family. Mars makes a square to her natal Sun, so Hillary will be in a competitive mood on this day making her irritable and feisty and willing to take up battle to anyone who annoys her. Mars sextile to Jupiter is fun and wanting to take up a challenge, opportunities may present themselves now, especially financial ones (Jupiter rules 2nd house).

Transiting Jupiter is in a good mood, making a conjunction with her natal Neptune ruling her 4th house of home and family. Anything to do with property and home is favoured now and a house move or improvement often accompanies a Jupiter aspect to a 4th house ruler. Jupiter at the same time sextiles her natal Pluto/Mars conjunction. Again we have a chance to advance and take up a new challenges, there is fortune in dealing with powerful people especially from abroad (both in 9th house) and with Hillary being a double Scorpio (Sun and Ascendant) this is a very fortunate time for her in personal growth and expansion. This may be a time of learning for her too.

Transiting Saturn is currently moving in Hillary's 1st house so she is rebuilding her life after a period of two years following her leaving the Secretary of States job in 2012; a time when she would have gone into virtual hibernation. Saturn makes just two aspects but my these are important ones, two trines to her Mars/Pluto conjunction, the Pluto one is exact on 5th November too. Saturn is the planet of worldly progress when it's in a good mood, and here it is. Here is the potential for an increase in power and status, a step up the ladder of life. Mars rules the 5th house of doing things by yourself and of course for a double Scorpio, this trine from Saturn to Pluto is huge for her. The job of president is the loneliest job in the world they say, and this aspect focuses directly on Hillary, her own talents, her ego and own motivations plus her ability to control things. Again sitting in her 9th house matters to do with learning and international affairs will be responsibilities that she will have to take on.

Uranus moving in her 5th house makes two inconjunct aspects to her Mercury and Ascendant and a trine to her natal Saturn. The trine in contrast to Donald's tense square between the same two planets, this time the trine allows her to update her life a little and to bring in new aspects to complement the ones that she already has. This is an aspect of renovation and development from one state into a better more up to date one. On her chart, Saturn rules her 3rd house of communication and local affairs. There will be contracts to sign, lots of unexpected journeys to make and she will have to change and update the way that she talks and communicates to people. The inconjunct aspects are again ones of adjustment and difficult change. Mercury rules Hillary's Midheaven and so a change of public role or work is on the cards, this is not going to be an easy transition whatever the change is. There is something permanent about the change though as Mercury also rules the secretive and powerful 8th house. Here is her being exposed to a new underground world, or power, corruption and back street deals. It is hard to see if these changes are positive or not, although I am sure that they will initially unsettle her.

Transiting Neptune makes a weak inconjunct to her natal Neptune making her lean more on her belief systems and faith in making the right decisions rather on ones connected to the material world. This is more of a generational aspect that we all go through when we get to around 60 years of age. It also makes a trine to her 12th house Chiron, a healing transit allowing her plenty of meditative time, solitude and sacrifice in what she has to face up to now.

Transiting Pluto forms a sextile to her natal Venus, ruling her 6th and 7th houses and here there will be a positive and easy transformation in her everyday routine as well as her marriage to Bill. It will almost be like she is now taking control over him!! Pluto makes two inconjuncts to Pluto/Mars, indicating a difficult personal transformation will have to be made and she may have to give up some of her outside work interests. Finally, transiting Chiron makes a conjunction to her natal Moon, a difficult emotional aspect and there may be hurt with family members or with women at this minute. Happening as it does in her natal 4th house, there will be upset of upheaval in the family home or domestic life. Chiron also makes trines to her Ascendant and Mercury, and these are aspects of personal healing, through communications, through work (10th house) and through back room dealings and inevitable change and the use of power (8th house).

Having gone through these aspects with a fine tooth comb, I think from my analysis you can see which way the wind is blowing, and over Washington on the 8th November there is one more planet/star paran aspect that gives me the feeling that a historic day will be made. Between 19.02 and 19.06 hours, Regulus, the star of Kings in the royal constellation of Leo hits it's nadir, the Moon culminates in the sky and Venus sets. This is a connection of female power and indication to me that a woman or women will have much influence now. With Donald Trump already suffering badly in the way he treats women and with his rival likely to be a woman in Hillary, there is in my mind just one possible outcome on that day in the American General Election.

It is without hesitation therefore that I have come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton will become the 45th President of the United States and become the first woman to assume the position of commander in chief.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Mars inconjunct Chiron - Acting to heal or to hurt.


Mars is starting to make an inconjunct aspect to Chiron in the skies above us and this aspect see the planet of force and action connecting with the planet of wounding and learning life lessons. This aspect may see quite spiteful actions taken that are intentionally intended to wound, but actually end up hurting yourself instead. In a way this is quite an accident prone and a more self-destructive aspect than some others that we encounter.

David Cameron the British PM is a perfect example of this. He has transiting Mars sitting bang on his Sun at this moment and he has had a terrible couple of days. He fought an aggressive but an ultimately losing battle over the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker being appointed as EU president hurting his own reputation and that of Britain in the eyes of his European partners, and as you will know he also was criticised this week for commenting on the phone hacking trial outcome before it had formally ended. Not a good week for him.

Look out for important sports injuries that may come into the news and spiteful words and actions that hit the headlines. You may be just too hasty or clumsy, and then something unfortunate may happen? This is an aspect also of adapting your actions to suit the situation you find yourself in, to try to alleviate the hurt inside you for example. Chiron is a healing planet and a maverick influence too, thus you may act irrationally to shake things up or change your luck, or you may do something from the bottom of your heart to aid and help someone who is in great pain.

With Mars in Libra, I suspect much of what goes on may be connected to relationship issues and these may be strongly affected, so rifts between partners or those in love may be healed, or more negatively painful separations may occur...

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

British PM David Cameron given a severe telling off by senior judge.

David Cameron 3

Our Prime Minister has been given a proper dressing down by senior High Court judge Justice Saunders (no relation) after Cameron commented on the conviction on his former senior aide and former editor of the "News of the World" Andy Coulson for phone hacking before all the charges had been decided upon. The jury in the trial were unable to come to a conclusion over two of the charges, and thus the trial is still live. The Prime minister was roundly criticized by the judge for making his views known about the verdict before all the proceedings had finished. This is a big "no no" in this country and Cameron could have been sanctioned for interference in a criminal trial.

Monday, 26 May 2014

UK voters send out a stark warning to the establishment.

UK an Eurp flag

Overnight a seismic shift in British politics occurred and I for one saw it coming. For the first time in over 100 years a party other than the big two, Conservative and Labour, won a national election. The anti European Union party and it's charismatic and straight talking leader Nigel Farage swept to a victory in the European elections. Not only did they pick up seats in England and Wales but they picked up one seat in Scotland too. I said a couple of months ago that Nigel Farage's image was on the rise when I looked at his natal chart, and I got this prediction spot on correct.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nigel Farage and UKIP – Facing up to a moment of truth.

nigelfarage 2

A new force in British politics and in British life is on the rise. Nigel Farage and his UK Independence Party (UKIP) is gaining in strength and in it’s influence. Formed at the London School of Economics 19 years ago, UKIP has very slowly but steadily built up a sizeable following in the United Kingdom, and it’s current leader, Nigel Farage speaks with a brutal honesty and conviction about the policies that he believes in. UKIP’s stated aim is to to break the UK away from the European Union and to keep the future of the UK in the UK’s hands. This is a message that, in the more and more vanilla world of British politics, is proving increasingly refreshing and popular to many people. Yesterday Farage and UKIP stepped into the spotlight as he and Liberal Democrat leader and British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg went head to head in a live TV debate. In polls taken after it finished, the verdict was that Nigel Farage had won, he got a resounding 57% of the vote. In this article I will look at the Astrology of Nigel Farage and of UKIP.

Friday, 17 January 2014

France rocked by Presidential sex scandal

Hollande Gayet

Everyone loves a juicy sex scandal now and then, and there is a huge one brewing across the channel from us in the UK. Francois Hollande the French President is in the news as you will know after being exposed as having an illicit affair with actress Julie Gayet. He has been spotted on a scooter speeding across Paris to the home of the actress and "Closer" magazine scooped the pictures. Oooh la la !!! The latest reports indicate that their liaison has been lasting since before the time that Hollande was elected.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nelson Mandela passes away aged 95


I have been following the health of Nelson Mandela for many months now and today it was announced in Johannesburg that he passed away today. He had been suffering with a lung infection for quite a while and had returned home to receive medical care close to his loved ones. Back on 30th March I mentioned that there would be serious concerns for his health in the autumn. So it has come to pass.