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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Michael Wolff – Writing words of fire and fury

Michael Wolff – Writing words of fire and fury
Michael Wolff - The writer of "Fire and Fury"

The current storm around Donald Trump has been caused by the release of the book “Fire and Fury” penned by author and journalist Michael Wolff, who shadowed the President Trump and his team in the first few months of the administration's term of office. Wolff rushed out the book after lawyers tried to restrict it's release, due to the criticisms aimed at the Administration and President Trump. Excerpts from the book call Trump “like a child”, the running of the administration “chaotic” and it mentions a meeting at Trump Tower between the President's son Donald Jnr and some Russians as potentially “treasonous”.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Prince Harry - Opening out to his own problems with mental issues



Hi everyone. I was very struck yesterday by the interview in the British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph" with Prince Harry. In it he expressed his inability to deal with the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales over the last 20 years and his locking away of his emotions over that part of his life. Eventually Harry sought counselling and it has helped him overcome the hurt and the pain that he has suffered because of the loss and his inability to grieve.

Monday, 3 April 2017

The battle over the Supreme Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch



There seems to be a fight looming in the Senate over the appointment of judge Neil Gorsuch, the nominee of President Donald Trump to fill the ninth and last place on the Supreme Court bench in the United States. There has been a vacancy in the highest law court in the US since judge Antonin Scalia passed away in February 2016. He was conservative in nature, and Gorsuch's pending appointment would bring back the 5-4 majority in favour of more conservatively leaning justices. Now there is a hitch in the appointment process, as the Democrats could potentially scupper the appointment process.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Beyoncé Knowles – Clarity coming out of confusion


Beyoncé is back in the news in a big way after the release of her critically acclaimed video album “Lemonade”, the 6th album of her glittering solo career. This album was a product of her marriage breakdown with Jay Z and many have commented on the the line “Becky with the good hair” which seems to be a reference to the woman her husband cheated on her with. This has no doubt been a tough time for her and the Astrology against her natal chart proves it.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Happy Birthday Raquel Welch - 74 years old!

Raquel Welch

How is it possible to look this good at 74 years of age? Well Astrology does not only affect your past present and future but it also can affect the way you look too. With the assistance of the planets (and maybe the odd high quality plastic surgeon) it is possible to look 30 years younger. Let me explain using Raquel as an example.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lauren Bacall – A lady not to be messed with.


Lauren Bacall

It’s been a tough week in tinsel town and another one of their leading lights has departed the stage. Lauren Bacall was a formidable lady. I saw her only once when I was working at Heathrow Airport, maybe 7 years ago or so. Even then at 82 years of age there was a presence to her, still very glamorous and you could just tell that she had a no nonsense attitude. This was one tough lady who played it straight. She passed away from a massive stroke after living a fulfilling and exciting life. She reached the grand old age of 89, and now she passes through the pearly gates to once again star alongside her partner in crime, Humphrey Bogart.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Prince Harry reaches the bottom of the world.

PrinceHarry 2

Well done Prince Harry and the Walking with the Wounded team!! Today at 12.30 GMT accompanied by his 20 strong group of the bravest of the brave in the British forces, he reached the bottom of the world, the South Pole. The team of servicemen and women, all of whom had suffered serious injuries and the young Prince have been trekking across Antarctica for 3 weeks now in a gruelling and very cold test of endurance.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Anthony Weiner – Another day, another scandal.

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is a really interesting individual. A former US congressman and a current Democratic party member, he is currently running in the race to become the Mayor of New York. Now Weiner has more than a chequered past, having resigned from the US Congress in 2011 because of an online sex scandal. This is a guy who can’t seem to get away from controversy and now he has been implicated in another “faux pas” after he admitted having another lewd online relationship with a 48 year old woman, including sending her explicit photos. Mr Weiner is married and obviously has a very, very understanding wife, yet what is it about this man which draws him into such a mess, time and time again? The astrology shows a clear picture.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Sean Connery – A man of steel and seduction.

sean connery

Just a day or so ago, I wrote a post on this blog and on Facebook about Neptune hitting the fixed Star Fomalhaut and I put up an old picture of Sir Sean Connery dressed as James Bond holding a revolver. That particular post was the most popular I have ever done on Facebook, and it prompted me to have a proper more in depth look at the astrology of a man who despite being in his 70’s shows no signs of slowing down.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Andrea Bocelli – Overcoming the odds and with the world at his feet.


Last night I was privileged to go to the London O2 Arena to see a man at the height of his powers. Andrea Bocelli has one of the most soothing and flawless voices in the world of music, and I would say that he is the foremost tenor on planet earth at this present time. His rendition of “Nessun Dorma” at the end of his set was one of those moments in my life that I will never forget. I remember watching Pavarotti sing this song on TV, but I reckon that Bocelli has more warmth to his voice. It was perfection, totally spellbinding stuff and it nearly brought me to tears. Yes, he was that good.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Lance Armstrong – Are his past actions catching up with him?

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is back in the news as he surprisingly dropped his opposition to drug charges aimed at him through the US anti doping agency, the USADA. I say surprisingly, but it was not a surprise to me. If the charges are upheld, he may be banned from the sport of cycling and his 7 Tour de France titles may be stripped away from him, however this decision by Armstrong is a “clever” move as he will no longer be publically questioned over his actions, yet  his continued protestations of innocence will throw doubt over any ban imposed. Seven years after his last victory, a rich man who is thankful for even being alive after suffering testicular cancer, Lance I think is prepared to leave the memories of those 7 yellow jersey wins in the world’s toughest race as a testament to his sporting greatness.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Prince Harry – The playboy Prince living up to his reputation in Las Vegas.

Prince Harry

Oh my, when will he learn?? Prince Harry while he was obviously having a good time in Las Vegas has been caught in what you might call a “rather embarrassing” set of photos showing him naked; photos which have gone viral across the web. Not that scandal is new to young Harry. From wearing a Nazi outfit to a party which caused a storm of protest, to a string of boozy nights out with him staggering out of nightclubs, Prince Harry enjoys his social life to the full, but this time I can imagine he is going to get a proper dressing down from his family and especially one would expect from Prince Charles and his grandmother when he gets back home to the UK.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Pippa Middleton – Enjoying life without all the pressure of her sister.

pippa middleton

She was at the royal wedding last year as the maid of honour, but arguably Pippa Middleton stole the show ahead of her more illustrious sister. She has created an image since the wedding as a bit of a socialite and someone who likes to have a good time. To all reports, she is currently going out with George Dominic Percy, the heir to the Dukedom of Northumberland. Her astrology says that changes are going to affect her life as 2012 moves on.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Laura Dekker – Born to sail across the oceans

laura dekker

Laura Dekker is a amazing and courageous young lady. Two days ago on 21st Jan 12 at 15.00, she returned home to Saint Martin in the Netherlands Antilles after an epic trip creating in the process a world record. On the record attempt, she set off from Gibraltar on August 10th 2010 on her 38ft boat, “Guppy” crossing the Atlantic Ocean to St Martin. She left on the circumnavigation on 5th Jan 2011 covering a total distance of 5600 nautical miles (10,400 km). At just the age of 16, she had become the youngest person ever to sail around the globe singlehandedly. To sail the oceans is a tough ask for most people and is a truly dangerous undertaking. For someone so young to endure such a feat of endurance is truly unbelievable, showing an indomitable spirit and highlighting her incredible talent for sailing.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Stephen Lawrence – Justice at last.


The case of Stephen Lawrence who was tragically murdered on a London street by a gang of youths in a seemingly unprovoked racial attack shocked the whole of the UK. For years, the murder remained unsolved until new scientific techniques finally found enough new evidence to convict  two men, Gary Dobson and David Norris, for his murder. The astrology is fascinating and explains why it was only now that the men were caught.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Stephen King – A look at the horoscope of the greatest writer of horror stories of all time.

Stephen King

Sixty four years ago in Portland, Maine a legendary writer was born. After studying English and gaining a Bachelor of Arts in the subject and then working as a labourer, Stephen King started to write. He still does today, quite brilliantly. I have no doubt that by the time he decides to call it a day, he will be acclaimed as the the foremost horror story teller the world has yet seen.

Stephen was born on 21st September 1947 in Portland, Maine at 01.30am. He, like so many writers is a Sun sign Virgo with his Moon in wise Sagittarius, and he has a very late Cancerian Ascendant. The Sun and Moon combined give an expansive and adventurous edge, to a more detailed & orderly character. Stephen will need to explore & to be knowledgeable, and he does this by forever refining & perfecting his craft. We find the Virgo Sun quite naturally for a novelist in the 3rd house of communication. The Sun is part of a wider stellium, with Venus and Neptune also in the 3rd house in Libra and Mercury just into the 4th also in the sign of the scales.

StephenKing natal

The Virgo Sun is always a bit nervous, a worrier, someone who is obsessed by details and correctness. Virgo, love to organize to categorize and are sticklers for the facts. Along with these Virgo traits, this is a kind gentle man with a wonderful imagination. The influence of Venus and Neptune to the Sun gives colour and beauty to the mind. As a child Stephen would have been a dreamer, someone who loved harmony and hated discord and disagreement. He will go to any length to sort out a problem and bring things back to equilibrium. He will be someone who values his friends & friendships highly, and will thoroughly enjoy their company. Bringing all this together and we have someone who can see a story in his mind, he is interested in the minute details, he is socially orientated and concentrates on the structure of his creations. These he needs to communicate because of the third house influence. Stephen early on found a way of doing this, through writing novels.

Mercury, connected to the other three planets is in the 4th house, gives him a love of books, history, psychology and research. This location for Mercury is quite insular and reserved and he will love nothing better than curling up on the sofa and reading a book, indeed he will read as much as he writes. Mercury in Libra can see both sides of any issue, has tact and considerable business acumen, this is the placement of the negotiator and is one of the main reasons for his longevity in the cutthroat world of writing, along of course with the quality of his work. This stellium is one of the bases for a very creative kite formation in Stephen’s chart. It forms an opposition with his Midheaven. Through this set of aspects you can see the link of creative writing and the love of books to his career. His need to communicate through his is work is obsessive, shown by the tight quindecile between his Sun and the Midheaven. At the corners of the kite formation, we find Saturn and Pluto in conjunction in the 1st house and the Moon on the 5th.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Leo in the first house, is the other reason why Stephen has been so successful. Saturn in the first contributes a serious ambition to the personality and to his work. Stephen will naturally be a bit shy and reserved, and will present a stern face to the world. Shy he may be, but a man determined to make his mark on the world. Pluto in the first is hugely determined and intense, often those with Pluto here are rather difficult to get on with, you either love them or you hate them. Together Saturn and Pluto can reach any height, achieve any goal if you use the energy properly, and this he has done. Stephen is a prolific writer and always will be until he has no more energy to lift a pen (or type into a keyboard). On the other side of the kite lies the Moon in Sagittarius the 5th house of creativity. Here is big, wide expansive store of emotion. This an very expressive position combined with child like enthusiasm, where the feelings are shown for all to see. Stephen will use this expression and expansive reach to paint the pictures in his mind and translate them onto the page. With the Moon in the fifth, we go on long adventures and journeys, seek out challenges and new experiences and travel to far away places.

There is another formation on this chart, a mini grand trine based around a Jupiter and Mars conjunct the Ascendant trine with Sun and Venus at the point. This is a very self-confident formation with belief in ones ability, but is also very private too. Mars conjunct the Ascendant in Cancer from the 12th is very non-aggressive and a bit insular, except if Stephen’s family or loved ones were threatened. Then suddenly you would see Stephen react. He will be very protective of his wife and kids, and his house will very much be his castle.

Jupiter in Scorpio is very matter of fact and will not settle for any superficiality in life. Here one can plumb the depths of the psyche, going deep, exploring mysteries and the unknown. Here is the drive to understand everything and be master of it. Indeed the location of Scorpio on the cusp of the 5th house along with Pluto it’s ruler sitting in the first explains exactly why this mild mannered, polite and gentle man writes so wonderfully about horror. The Pluto and Scorpio angle is macabre, evil, fascinated by the occult, death and all underground and taboo subjects, and Jupiter encourages him to read and to learn as much as he can about this so that he can reach the level of detail that his Virgo Sun requires. Jupiter makes a wide square to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which allows Stephen to exploit to the full the business potential of his creations. He has turned his hand to screenwriting, television producing, anything where his energy can be used behind the scenes, reflecting the position of Mars, the prime energy source on the chart hidden away in the 12th house. You often find people with a 12th house Mars working away out of the general public’s gaze. Jupiter in the 5th in Scorpio will give him a keen sense of competition and a love of sport. He loves baseball, and is a keen follower and fan of his beloved Boston Red Sox.

Finally, I move to Uranus in the 11th house which sits square to the Sun and Venus. This is the impulsive restless side to Stephen, the connection which add a bit of sparkle and genius to his writing. Uranus sits in Gemini, the sign of communication and this connection maybe explains why he has risen to the top. Maybe it is an inventive turn of phrase or the sense of spontaneity, adventure and surprise, being able to transport you into the world that he has created that sets his novels apart from other writers in his genre. The square also describes the impetuosity of his father, who left his wife when Stephen was but 2 years old. With Jupiter closely conjunct to the Nodal Axis via a close conjunction with the South Node, Stephen’s Mother would have showered him with love and generosity. Often out of adversity a true star is born, determined to make up and prove the doubters wrong. I suspect the horror and instability that Stephen faced as a youngster stayed with him and propelled him on to become a worldwide name, and a truly great author.

Happy Birthday, Stephen King…  

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Winehouse – Supremely talented, sadly flawed, dead at just 27. An astrological analysis of the iconic London born singer.


Amy Winehouse was been found dead in her London flat on 23rd July as a result of a suspected drugs overdose. I did just a few weeks ago I did a post about her and her horoscope and I suggested she was facing a real battle into the next year and so it proved. On doing the original post, I felt that there was a danger that Amy might not get through a very difficult period, however I took a more positive note at the time hoping that she would work her way through her drink and drugs problems. Unfortunately it was not to be. I have today found out a corrected accurate birth time and I have amended a few parts of the original post to give improved accuracy to my assumptions at the time. The main thrust of the article still holds together correctly and this the final version now with the corrected time of birth I hope shows a true astrological picture of the life of a most talented girl.


Initially posted 21st June 2011

Amy was born on 14th September 1983 in Enfield in North London; her birth-time finally being confirmed at 22.25, I have been informed of the birth time through some correspondence of one of my readers, the time is a recollection according to her mother. This gave Amy a creative 5th house Sun in conjunction to Mercury in precise careful Virgo. Her Moon was just into Capricorn and she had a chatty Gemini Ascendant.

AmyWinehouse natal

Ok, to the chart itself. Very interestingly and unusually, all the planets sit in pairs dotted around the chart. Amy was a perfectionist Sun in Virgo in close conjunction to Mercury in the creative 5th house. The Sun Mercury conjunction points to a creative influence she took from her father (the Sun represents the father in the natal chart), he was a jazz singer and obviously Amy took good note of her father’s abilities. Mercury is retrograde and inward looking, and she would have been self-critical and would have worried endlessly with regard to personal problems, which would constantly mull over and over in her mind. The Sun here in the 5th was creative and combined with the Gemini ascendant and the Mercury alongside, she needed to communicate. With a square to Neptune that communication came through in the form of her songs. Looking back it is even more poignant how the titles like “Rehab”, Love Is A Losing Game” and “Tears Dry On Their Own” are so autobiographical. The Moon in Capricorn is quite serious and responsible and if Amy did have her problems, she would refuse to ask for help and assistance. The Moon shows need. The need here was to work and create, to fulfil her ambitions but there was another need, the need to escape. The Moon is in close conjunction to Neptune the planet of music, but also of dreams and escapism. Neptune bestowed Amy with an emotional need to be creative, but also an emotional need to get completely lost and to get away from it all when she felt under pressure or down. The cocktail of the doubting Sun/Mercury conjunction and Capricorn Moon which refuses to ask for help with the escapist tendencies of the Moon/Neptune (they are in square aspect) was potent. She was technically (Virgo) a brilliant musician and singer (Neptune), but she doubted her ability and this doubt dragged her down.

The square between the Sun and Moon accurately describes the break up of her parents which happened when she was around 10 years old, and this I believe this added to the hurtful emotional baggage and doubt that she still carried around with her every day of her life. That retrograde Mercury conjunct to the Sun (representing her father) never lets one forget and turns the doubts over and over again in her mind.  When she felt troubled, she turned to drink, drugs and any other substances to deaden the pain she felt. The Moon/Neptune conjunction sat in the 7th house of relationships. Amy would need to be around people. She would have been gullible to meeting the wrong type of people and trusting them completely. I personally think her management and advisors were very much to blame to letting this impressionable sensitive soul go off the rails and exposing her to pressure when in truth she needed help.  If that wasn’t bad enough Jupiter and Uranus sat in conjunction in Sagittarius, unconnected to any other planets. This is excess, taken to excess!! When she started something, she didn’t know when to stop!! Maybe this explains why she had such problems, she couldn’t stop herself.  By the same token, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction sat in her 6th house and gave her a constructive attitude to her daily work & she would have been inspirational to her fellow musicians in the recording studio. This would have been one of the few places she really would have felt at home. It is a very avant-garde aspect, ahead of her time, experimenting with new styles and fashions. Maybe this aspect went a long way to explaining why she seemed so cutting edge and able to experiment.

Moving to the Venus/Mars conjunction sitting in the 4th house. Both are in Leo and here is the show-woman who craved attention and liked to be centre stage. Mars/Venus is trine the Moon and Neptune. Performing on stage was her other escape from the pain of her day to day life. Neptune trine Mars is ultra glamorous and exudes charisma. Neptune/Moon trine Venus is kind and sympathetic and a very soft, kind heart lay inside Amy, however the type of men she was attracted to were likely to be the wrong type – so it proved to be. The Mars/Venus combination did give her a pushy air in love, she was the one who would have made the first move and I suspect made her quite difficult to live with. At home she would have craved a warm loving environment (Venus), but the reality would have been quite different as with Mars here, arguments and disputes would have often punctured the air. This rather chaotic home life would have upset her greatly and affected her upbringing. So problems at home and problems at school too. With erratic and revolutionary Aquarius on the cusp of the 9th house of education Amy was eventually expelled for failing in her studies and also for piercing her nose against school rules, transforming her looks. Her rebel  (Uranus/Aquarius) tendencies were too much for the school authorities.

This Venus/Mars and Moon/Neptune trine formed a grand mini trine with sextiles to Saturn/Pluto at the point of the formation. Here was the really troubling part of her chart. Saturn/Pluto will affect all that connects with it and wherever it is located in the chart, it brings disappointment failure and then transformation. In her love life (Venus /Mars), her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil failed and he was sent to prison. I have not looked at his chart, but from the outside he seemed to be a very disruptive influence who introduced her to the drink and drug culture, although once she had found it through him or otherwise, the problems she experienced would have still caused her major problems. Later in her career, she had been blighted by disappointing live performances and drink/drug use affecting her so much that she was been forced into rehabilitation several times. Even her appearance was very Saturn/Pluto she often wore black, she had tattoos on her arms with strong long dark hair and striking features. She obviously took her music very seriously, and her jazz tinged style, the most complex of musical forms which is very dark and moody was a perfect for a mix of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn and Pluto most pertinently sat in the 6th house. This is the house of health. This combination would have weakened her constitution and made her especially vulnerable to any kind of ailment or substance affecting her wellbeing. The drink and drugs she became dependent on would not have helped the situation at all.

Now looking at the present, transiting Pluto had been transiting trough her 7th house for a little while and back in 2008 when her problems really started, it was conjunct to her natal Moon. This affected and was transforming her relationships, and crucially also affected her personal self worth (2nd house) which Cancer ruled by the Moon completely encircles. This transit would have dragged her down emotionally and at the same time weakened her already afflicted health – Scorpio ruled by Pluto is intercepted in the 6th house. It is quite sad that in the last few months, that debilitating Pluto influence was slowly moving out of range and both her transits chart and solar arc charts were looking quite optimistic. She had just finished an alcohol rehabilitation course after the Belgrade fiasco and was starting to work again. On the day of her death however, her Sun was square to Saturn and Pluto which is depressing and downtrodden, and her transiting Moon for that moment was opposite Saturn and Mars was making a square to her Sun and Mercury conjunction, so this was a brief window when she would have felt depressed. There was one other striking factor too. Transiting Pluto was almost exactly quindecile to her North Node and also on the cusp of the 8th house of transformation and death. This was destiny at work, when her death (Pluto/8th) would put her firmly into the public eye (North Node).

AmyWinehouse transit

I am convinced that astrologically Amy was on the mend, and that one brief down moment when her personal planets (Sun & Moon) were badly aspected contributed to her being depressed enough to take her over the edge. It is a crying shame that one so talented and shone so brightly is no longer with us. She was the voice of a generation and whilst her passing robs us of a uniquely talented singer and musician, her legacy and music will live on for generations to come.

My condolences to all her family, friends and fans. May she now rest in peace…

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Monday, 28 March 2011

Geraldine Ferraro – The woman who broke male domination in US politics


Over the weekend another lady with a huge reputation passed away. Geraldine Ferraro broke the mould by being the first ever woman to run for Vice President of the United States . A fighter for women’s rights, a teacher, a lawyer & politician she blazed a trail for more female involvement in US government and society.

Geraldine was born into an Italian American family in Newburgh, New York on 26th August 1935. She was a careful Sun sign Virgo with a proud Moon in Leo and a go ahead Aries ascendant. An interesting combination, although humble and conscientious, Geraldine would like the limelight and that Aries ascendant gave her the impetus to lead and push the barriers forward, Aries never takes no for an answer.


Geraldine’s 6th house was full with 4 planets, the Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Venus all in Virgo. in her work she would be meticulous, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and always analysing everything. She would have been very organized, however she would have detested a regular routine and she required a social element to all her work. Neptune, Venus and Mercury are sextile to a very tight Mars/Jupiter in Scorpio conjunction in the 7th house. Mars is energy and enthusiasm, Jupiter rules beliefs and education and the 7th house rules legal affairs; Scorpio is investigative wanting to get to the bottom of any issue. Put it all together and you can see all the motivations for being a teacher and a top lawyer.

The wide conjunction of these planets are opposite administrative Saturn in the 12th house. Saturn is retrograde indicating that her relationship with her father was cut short; he died when she was only 8 years old. Her father ran two restaurants and in his image Geraldine always would have been attracted to running things too. Government would have caught her in general as the 10th house of work and career has Capricorn ruled by Saturn on the cusp and totally encompasses the house, as well as being on the cusp of the 11th house of groups, associations and political parties. Mercury/Venus suggests she had an idealism she was working to, being quindecile Saturn, this became an obsession. Not only the political ideal but  a notion that women (Venus) should be more involved in the process of Government (Saturn). Geraldine also was the founder of the National Organization of Italian American Women and supported numerous other women’s groups and associations, another link to Capricorn sitting on the 11th house cusp. Political life and serving people was a goal she must have been working to throughout her whole life. Please note that most of her planets are placed in the Western hemisphere of the chart – Geraldine thought of others before thinking of herself.

There is a lot in this 6th house as the 6th is the house of health. Geraldine would have been very conscious of her health with her Sun Saturn opposition across the 6th 12th health axis on her chart, and she suffered for the last 13 years of her life with cancer. To her eternal credit, she pushed for cancer awareness and it was a cause she championed until the end of her life, never once complaining; typically humble in a Virgo way.

Geraldine was a maverick and had an independent attitude shown by Uranus in the first, she would go out on a limb where others feared to go, backed up by that pioneering Aries ascendant spirit. She also had a burning desire to control things, Pluto in the 4th house is Peregrine (unconnected by aspect to any other planet) so this planet would tend to dominate the chart. With Pluto in Cancer she would have been very proud of her nation and of women in general and the achievements they could contribute. Even though she would have hid the problems in her home-life and in her suffering late in life, her message would have been compassionate especially towards those disaffected and the needy. In the Democratic party, she found a spiritual home and in Geraldine, America found a lady of substance in whom in the future they will forever be proud.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Delroy Grant – Astrology profile of the South East London “Night Stalker”

Delroy Grant

Delroy Grant, was today given four life sentences for a 17 reign of terror preying on defenceless elderly women and men, most of them in their 70’s and 80’s. The depraved sex attacker who terrorised South East London, Kent and Surrey in the UK was one of the most notorious serial offenders of the past two decades and will most likely spent the rest of his life behind bars.

Grant was born on 3rd September 1952 in Jamaica (I have no birth-time but process of looking at a couple of significant known events in his life especially his move to the UK at age 15, I estimate he was born at 13.27 or very close to that time). He is a careful, precise Sun sign Virgo in the 9th house with a cool Capricorn Moon in the first and a Sagittarius ascendant. He has a full 9th house with Mars Mercury and Pluto joining the Sun there. With Delroy there was a big accent on faith and foreign shores, and true enough as I indicated earlier he moved to the UK to live permanently. Solar Arc Saturn would have progressed to conjunct his Ascendant at that point. He moved only with his father as his mother passed away at age 2, again Solar Arc Saturn would have exactly squared his Sun at age 2 and with the Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) in his first house. It indicated a difficult experience (Saturn) associated with his mother (Moon) that hit him personally (1st house). Back to that 9th house, we know that his father was deeply religious shown by the Saturn square Sun (serious about 9th house beliefs). Delroy took this instruction on and became a Jehovah's Witness – he actively followed his faith Mars conjunct Sun, was passionately devoted (Pluto in 9th) and needed to communicate this (Mercury in 9th).


Venus, Neptune and Jupiter sit in the 10th house of work and career. Again with Neptune and Jupiter here is another accent of faith and spirituality and Venus in Libra is sociable and would have made him kind and popular. Jupiter at the midheaven as well as Sagittarius on the ascendant indicate a need for travel and freedom in his work and so no surprise that he also worked as a minicab driver.

Reading all this, how on earth could this spiritual, kind man be such a monster? Well there one or two clues on the natal chart. He had a nasty, critical temper with Mars conjunct Mercury, I understand he was obsessive of cleanliness which fits this conjunction in Virgo and lost his temper if something was out of place, Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th house shows he had the potential for dishonesty and trickery over a dark side to his personality. Uranus hidden away in the 8th house of sex and the unknown shows that his life would be punctuated by sudden changes in his circumstances and his moods, it also shows a perverse attitude to sexuality, which could become cruel with a trine to Saturn also hidden in the 12th house of the unconscious and of institutions. He kept his urges and vile desires well behind the scenes in the dead of the night. This trine made a mini grand trine with Jupiter at the Midheaven – this formation indicated that Delroy would want to make a BIG impression with his life. It also indicated he could take these cruel sexual urges to excess.  Interesting that Saturn in this mini grand trine sitting in the 12th house representing prisons almost unerringly predicted his eventual fate.

DelroyGrant9th har

Still not enough in my mind to make Grant a sexual predator on such a grand and nasty scale. Looking deeper into the Harmonic charts we start to see a clearer picture. The 9th Harmonic shows the capacity for a person to show enjoyment and pleasure. Grant’s 9th harmonic chart is enlightening. Here we see the Sun and Moon together, a merging of the emotions and the personality at the point of a t-square with Pluto and Neptune in opposition completing it. Here is the enjoyment of the sexual act combined with an element of deception. Venus (representing women) is squared by Saturn and Mars, again a sign that he enjoyed being forceful and cruel to females. Neptune also trines Venus indicating that the nasty acts he perpetrated were against weak defenceless women. Finally there is a tight quindecile between Mars and Jupiter, he was obsessed about excessive force and also in attacking as many victims as possible. It is alleged that Grant made over 200 attacks in the 17 years that he cruised the South London streets. I hope he stays locked up for good.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Syria Protests – Trouble brewing in Damascus

Oh my here we go again. Over the past few weeks the temperature has been rising in Syria. Yet another Arab country with this time the ruling Assad dynasty under pressure. President Bashar Al-Assad has been in power since 2000, when he succeeded his father who had been in charge for the previous 30 years. Seeing what has been going on in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, it seems the people are in a mood for change, however they have a huge obstacle to overcome in the name of President Assad and the Ba’ath party.

The Syrian chart based around the country’s accession from France shows a very dominant and brutal mini grand trine with Pluto being at the point of the formation completed by Neptune in trine to a very disruptive Mars/Uranus conjunction. Often easy going aspects (trines and sextiles) with malefic planets can precipitate violence easier than stressful aspects. The quindecile between Mercury and the 10th house Pluto which is secretive and controlling shows that much of this brutal control goes under the radar than most people see.


The transit charts for Syria are looking quite fraught. Transiting Pluto is approaching the Syrian Sun and is quindecile to natal Saturn, so change of the Assad regime does look a potential on the horizon. Transiting Saturn which has just crossed into the Syrian first house is now square to the Midheaven so pressure will now be brought to bare on President Assad. transiting Uranus is trine to the second house Venus, so there is potential social unrest in the air and it is also opposing the 12th house Neptune, so mobs of groups may now be forming in response to the unrest, however this also may precipitate some suffering too. I suspect the Syrian leader may be readying his forces and the police in response as transiting Mars is now trine to the Moon representing the general public.


President Assad has a brutal chart. Born on 11 Sept 1965 in Damascus (no birth-time), he has a Sun, Pluto and Uranus conjunction in nervous critical Virgo opposite harsh Saturn in deceptive Pisces and maybe Moon forming a wedge pattern with Mars and Neptune in deep dark Scorpio at the point. Here is a man who is sly, sneaky, able to adapt to situations as he has 7 planets in mutable signs, and has no scruples in using brute force (Mars), torture (Pluto), unusual underhand (Neptune) or shock tactics (Uranus) to keep his hand on the levers of power (Saturn). By the astrology, this is someone not to be messed with, and a man who will cling onto power by his fingernails if possible. The transits on his personal chart favour him for the minute. He has a constructive sextile between transiting Saturn and natal Jupiter and a trine between that Saturn and natal Jupiter. It would be nice to see how his Ascendant and Midheaven is affected but unfortunately with no birth-time it isn’t possible. I have to rely on the national chart and it’s aspects to see how the head of State may be affected.


In my view, Assad will see out this wave of protests, however his power and standing will be weakened, and when Uranus comes round at the end of the year to complete it’s retrograde cycle finally stationing on Syria’s Midheaven in December, then it will be crunch time. It is going a lot of force and sacrifices by the people to get the change in power that they so desire.