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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Trump Watch – What's up next for 45?


It's been a long while since I looked at the 45th President of the United States and for us Astrologers he is fascinating simply because so much happens while he's around. As someone born with a Sun Uranus conjunction, he courts controversy and disruption, and that's how he will always operate. Uranus in Gemini is almost schizophrenic in nature – I mean the planet of disruption in the sign of the trickster??!? My wife is a Gemini and she blows hot and cold and you will see all 4 seasons in one day from her, so heavens alone what it must be like to work alongside the erstwhile President? Anyway, back to matters in hand and I will (if I have time) have a look at his chart periodically to see what is on the horizon for him.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Donald Trump - Being born under a Lunar Eclipse.

Donald trump

Ok so there has been a bit of a spat between myself and Astrologer Peter Novak over Donald Trump on my Facebook page – Solaris Astrology. Now I was questioned in a reply on my page about Trump (or anyone for that matter) being born under a Lunar eclipse and I thought, Ok, good subject for a discussion.

A lunar eclipse is the same as a full Moon (Sun opposition Moon) only that the earth intervenes and gets in the way of the light of the Sun for a short period as it crosses in between the two, thus blanking out the visibility of the Moon in the Earth's shadow.


Now what in my view are the effects of being born under one of these? Well it very much depends on the first point if this is a North Node Lunar eclipse or a South Node one. There is a significant difference between the two. Both connections I think will indicate increased intuition on the issues of the Nodes in the natal chart, affected by the sign that they are in and the house placement too, after all at every eclipse they are in close attendance. The North Node is linked to your future goals and the lessons that you have to learn in this life to fulfil your soul's mission, so I think you will instinctively and emotionally know what to do to achieve these and how to effectively work on them.

The South Node indicates the place where we entered this life, the talents we know we have and it's the place in the chart that in times of trouble we fall back on. It's our default position and we feel very happy there but it doesn't do us any favours for our future direction. I feel as if this is a position where those people will get stuck into ingrained habits, and that will not help them in moving forward. Anyone with a South or North Node eclipse tunes into these emotions and will feel very them very acutely, but there will always be a divide between their emotional responses and the way that they integrate them into their lives.

Trump natal

Now in Donald Trumps case, he was born under a South Node Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius in his 4th house and this is a place where he is very intuitive, but it is also a place where he is likely to get into trouble at the same time as his emotions are stuck into the lessons from the past, rather than being able to appreciate those of the future. The Sagittarian element is incredibly forthright and blunt, go getting and expansionist but in the wrong way for goals that he needs to achieve for his soul to complete it's journey. This comes out in issues of race and ethnicity (Sagittarius) his real estate and property business, (4th house), his attitude to his family, women and possibly his mother (Moon), to his country, his nation and to the past, again all lunar and 4th house themes.

His instincts are very tuned in to all of these things but I believe his attitudes to them are stuck in the dark ages and the Sagittarian side of things makes him yes very expansionist and a risk taker too, but also very blunt and unapologetic with it. The 4th house Eclipsed Moon and South Node conjunction on his chart being opposed to Uranus indicates him to have a very reactionary and very unpredictable temperament. He is very clever and talented, but also too emotionally fixed in his own ways for his own good, even with his Sun and Uranus in Gemini. Once these individuals make up their minds on something, they tend to stick with it no matter what the circumstances. Individuals with Uranus or Aquarius affecting their chart can be so stubborn in some parts of their lives, attitudes get ingrained and their dedication to what they think is right is in their mind seems never in doubt. Unfortunately with Trump and his attitude to women, his nation and international affairs, the world moves on as he stands still, and these I feel are big flaws in his character.

I do think that Donald does appeal to a section of the US population who hark for America's past, for the time when the US was the policeman of the world, when it was a great manufacturing and financial powerhouse, but those days are ending as Pluto opposes the US natal Sun. The US's place in the wold is changing as China, India and other former 3rd world nations rise in influence and the demographic of the population is changing too. It's no longer dominated by the white male middle and working class, the section of the nation that fervently supports Trump and his vision for America returning to it's former glory. The Hispanic and African American communities are rising in size and in influence and are having a much bigger say on the voting patterns of the country as their own values become increasingly more important. I don't think he appreciates them and his views seem very insular and out of touch with wider society.

You know, it's not his fault that he intuitively tunes into matters of the past, however I don't believe he can't see the wood from the trees for America's future direction. Remember at an eclipse, the light of that Moon is extinguished and in the same way anyone born under a lunar eclipse will have trouble in seeing and viewing issues and failings connected to the part of the chart that the Moon sits in...

If you were interested in this article why not read…

The 2016 American Presidential Election – Who will compete for the Presidency and who will win?

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Joan Rivers – American comedienne passes away aged 81


Joan Rivers 1

The acerbic New York comedienne Joan Rivers has died after an operation on her throat went wrong. She was having an operation on her vocal chords, but something must have gone drastically wrong and she suffered a cardiac arrest and went into a coma. Despite the best efforts of the medical staff at Mount Sinai hospital in New York, they were unable to save her and she finally passed away today.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Astrology of Edward Snowden and the CIA leak scandal.

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is a former CIA technical employee who is as you will probably now know is on the run in Hong Kong after leaking to the UK newspaper the Guardian that US agencies were secretly tapping billions of emails, mobile phone calls and internet histories. It appears that this has caused great embarrassment in the US, especially in making common knowledge the existence of the  secret scheme, codenamed “Prism”. Snowden has currently disappeared, and has become US enemy suspect number one as the US authorities scour Hong Kong for some semblance of his whereabouts.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Prince Philip goes into hospital for exploratory surgery

Prince Philip

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh has had a bit of a tough year so far with regard to health problems although it is not really surprising that a 91 year old man, soon to be 92 is starting to feel the pace of a hectic life. Yesterday  he entered hospital in preparation for some exploratory surgery on his abdomen and this shows up very clearly on his natal chart.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Liam Neeson – From the backstreets of Ballymena to the bling of Hollywood.

Liam Neeson

It’s a long while since I did one of my celebrity profiles and thanks to a suggestion a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to look at the astrology of Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson, star of films like Taken and Schindler’s List. Liam was in the news in the past couple of months as he was awarded the freedom of his home town of Ballymena, an honour he finally agreed to after rejecting it back in the year 2000. I believe returning home and being accepted as Ballymena’s favourite son now in a peaceful and more religiously tolerant Northern Ireland gave him great joy.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Clint Eastwood – Accepting the effects of old father time.

clint eastwood

Before I go any further into the astrology, I will make this clear. I so admire Clint Eastwood. I grew up adoring his films, from the Man With No Name spaghetti westerns, through the Dirty Harry series, Play Misty for Me, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven and more recently the films he directed with grace and sensitivity like Changling and the wonderful Gran Torino. He is a huge man, someone who dominates Hollywood, a true “legend” and I use that word advisedly. Clint has caught the attention after an appearance at the Republican Conference in Tampa speaking to an empty chair. I didn’t see it live, but watching it back after the event it saddened me a little. Time waits for no man, not even a great man like Clint.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Senator John Edwards - Falling from grace

John Edwards pic

I first posted this article on 4th March 2011

On hearing this story (we here in the UK don’t get much US politics unless there is a big election on) I had to have a look at the astrology. Very interesting as you will shortly find out. Astrology has a funny way of delving behind the scenes and uncovering motivations and the truth that you wouldn’t normally know. The story for those out there in the world who don’t know is pretty shocking. John Edwards was a previous US Vice-Presidential candidate, Senator for South Carolina and a Presidential candidate in 2008. His wife until she passed away in December 2010 was suffering for the last 7 years of her life with breast cancer. During the 2006 Edwards met up with Rielle Hunter to arrange some promotional films of life on the election campaign trail and from that liaison, it was alleged that Edwards and Hunter had an affair, finally culminating with the birth of a daughter in February 2008. If this wasn’t bad enough, the current stories running seem to suggest that Edwards syphoned off several thousand dollars of his pledged campaign money to Hunter to keep her quiet about the relationship and the baby.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hugh Laurie – All good things must come to an end.

hugh laurie

As you will gather from the title on this article, “House” the oh so successful TV series is finally winding to a close this year, and Dr Gregory House will be hanging up his white coat and will only be seen on our TV screens in the future in repeat showings. Hugh Laurie during his stint in the show was nominated for several awards, and the series end will create a hole in the TV schedules that will be tough to fill.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Aung San Suu Kyi – Tied to Burma’s past and Burma’s future.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Today, Aung San Suu Kyi made the claim that democracy in Burma was not too far away. When the day does come, and democratic power is restored, the whole world will celebrate. This lady, in the peaceful dignified way she has opposed the military regime which took power in her country back in 1988, deserves a chance to bring Burma back into the international fold. She is a truly remarkable woman, and her links to Burma through the astrology shows why she caught the imagination of the people, and why the military rulers so feared her.


Aung San Suu Kyi was born on 19th June 1945 in Rangoon, Burma (no birth time known). She is communicative Gemini and has a Libran Moon. The combination of Sun and Moon in air signs shows a person who is sociable and clever and who enjoys debate, discussion, ideas and principles. Her Gemini Sun is conjunct to Mercury in Cancer, so she is someone who speaks and writes with emotion, and is proud of her history her roots and her country. Her Moon is in wide conjunction to Neptune also in Libra, which brings gentle emotions and this Moon is trine to Uranus in Gemini. Here is a link between the gentle spiritual Moon/Neptune conjunction and social revolution and freedom. The Gemini influence on Uranus indicates that she would be vocal in this rebellion against restrictions. Uranus in Gemini is always curious and eager to learn and people with this position  normally are progressive thinkers.

This is a lady with great fortitude and strength. Mars and Venus together in Taurus is a very gentle and peaceful combination. Venus in Taurus is steadfast and loyal Mars is dedicated and determined. Daw Suu “Auntie Suu” as the Burmese nickname her, is like the tortoise in the children’s story “The Hare and the Tortoise”. She will keep plodding along until the day is won.  When someone with Mars in Taurus gets on a mission, it is very difficult if nigh on impossible to stop them. This Mars/Venus conjunction is trine to Pluto which brings limitless compassionate energy to her.

Her mission is to lead and to run her country. Her father was head of the Burmese army who helped gain independence for Burma, however he was assassinated when Aung San Suu Kyi was just one. Her mother later gained prominence within the Burmese Government and became an overseas Ambassador to India, allowing Aung San Suu Kyi to travel and get a foreign education. Her relationship with her mother would not have been easy with Saturn in Cancer conjunct the Nodal (maternal) axis square to the Moon, I don’t think they would have seen eye to eye, but Saturn’s proximity to the North Node not only showed Aung San Suu Kyi’s dependence on her mother as well as pointing out her mother’s responsible position, but also predicted the future. It showed that it was in her destiny to eventually rise to political leadership (Saturn in 10th house) in her home nation (Cancer).

Burma assk

The relationship between her chart and Burma is inescapable. I have put her chart on the outside as we know Burma’s time of formation, 4th Jan 1948 in Rangoon. Aung San Suu Kyi’s North Node and Saturn opposes the Burmese Sun, a karmic connection between her and the nation and her Sun is in a quindecile aspect (150 degrees) to the Burmese Sun and Mercury, a very focused link between her and the leadership of her country. Her Sun sits in the 7th house of open enemies, so she would attract as much opposition as support. Her Moon and Neptune conjunction conjuncts the Burmese Moon and Neptune conjunction in democratic, social and fair Libra in the 10th house of government. The Moon in a country chart represents the people, and leaders of countries often have connections between their Moon and the country’s Moon, showing acceptance and being on the same wavelength as the people. Her Jupiter in also in the 10th house conjunct to the Burmese Midheaven. If she ever came to power, her influence would bring liberty, luck and fortune to the country. Her Uranus sits on the Burmese descendant just into the 7th house, showing her revolutionary stance as someone who would oppose, then overturn the status quo.

Myanmar assk

Moving on to her relationship with the military regime. In 1988, the Military staged a coup d’état (known as the 8888 uprising) due to their view that the country was being mismanaged. One can understand the profligacy of the Burmese government at the time with the national chart having a Sagittarian Ascendant and Jupiter in the 1st house!! Over expansive or what?? Apparently the day and time of formation of Burma in 1948 was due to the astrologers of the time thinking that having such a Jupiter and Sagittarian influence was lucky. You can have too much of a good thing… Astrology and spirituality has always been a major part of Burmese life.

Immediately you can see Aung San Suu Kyi’s Sun Uranus Mercury North Node and Saturn opposing the military’s Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Moon, squared by the military’s Mars, like two armies facing each other. You can see the opposition to her authority (Saturn quindecile Saturn) with the military having the upper hand through the square to her Nodal axis and Saturn by their aggressive Mars in Aries. Her compassionate gentle Venus opposed the regime’s Pluto and squared their own Venus is in regal Leo. Did this astrological position predict the future at the time of the coup? The imprisonment (Pluto) of the regime’s most prominent opponent (opposing), who was a peaceful woman (Venus in Taurus), however this woman would capture the attention of the world and her star would rise putting her in the spotlight (Venus in Leo) ready to take control herself once the regime ended (ASSK’s Pluto in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo).

Burma 8888

That time is now approaching and looking back over Burma’s history you can see that the country responds to the Nodal Axis, especially when it hits an angle. At the time of the coup, the transiting South Node (a time of detriment) was conjunct the Burmese Midheaven. look at the position of the natal Burmese South Node, in secretive controlling Scorpio hidden away in the 12th house. That is exactly the type of regime that Burma became after the coup.

Burma 2007

In 2007 as the South Node returned to connect with the Midheaven and Uranus opposed joining the North Node at the nadir of the chart, the eyes of the world were on Burma again, as the people rose up against Military rule. While under house arrest, Aung San Suu Kyi appeared at the gate of her house briefly to support the monks who were demonstrating against human rights however, as the South Node connected with the natal Mars (the Nodes move clockwise around the chart) in September 07, the military quelled the revolt, killing many of the peaceful protesters in the process, and shocking the world with their brutal response. The message however had I think got through, and slowly but surely the military grip has been weakening on Burma ever since.

In the past week, the British Foreign secretary has been visiting Rangoon, meeting Aung San Suu Kyi, something seen as impossible just a few years ago. This meeting comes as the transiting North Node makes contact with the Burmese Ascendant, and full change is not so far away. Transiting Pluto is approaching a conjunction with the Burmese Sun at 12 Capricorn. Actual contact will not be complete until March 2014, but I expect the controls on the country will be loosened more and more as Burma prepares for free and fair elections. At that point the transiting South Node will be sitting bang on Burma’s progressed Venus. How more appropriate a time for the accession of their beloved female freedom fighter. I expect the transformation of the country then to be complete, and for Aung San Suu Kyi to fulfil her destiny and lead her nation.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Prince Philip – Duke of Edinburgh heart scare signals time to slow down.


prince philip

Prince Philip was this evening flown to Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire where he underwent a medical procedure to avert a heart attack after he suffered chest pains during the traditional Christmas Royal family gathering at Sandringham. The 90 year old Duke according to reports had a artery blockage cleared and should make a recovery in the next few days. Looking at the Astrology of the situation, it is easy to see how this came about, however the wider picture shows that the Duke’s role and life in general will change very soon.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Newt Gingrich – Having his moment in the limelight but troubles lie in wait.

newt gingrich

Looking at the race for the US Presidency from the other side of the pond, I think you get to look at the potential candidates with very much an even handed way. For one thing, I have no preference who eventually runs the most powerful country on planet earth. I have no “party bias”, indeed I think it should be down to who is the best man or woman for the job. There are caveats in my opinions though. When somebody runs for office who as part of a Republican lead House of Representatives years earlier shuts down Government and then tries unsuccessfully to remove a serving President from office (through him having an alleged affair) when his own marital record is none too successful, it does rather smack of hypocrisy, doesn’t it? I don’t know about your views, however that type of action in a potential President doesn’t hold quite right with me. The fact that Newt Gingrich now leads the GOP race to be the official challenger to Barack Obama does indeed surprise me. On looking at the astrology, Newt Gingrich is being favoured by the stars right now, but trap doors lay in his path to glory.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Damien Hirst – The rebellious artist who has amassed a fortune though challenging society.

damien hirst

Damien Hirst is a fascinating man with a fascinating astrological chart. He is in the news as a new exhibition of his work including his celebrated work “For The Love of God”, the skull of an 18th century man covered in 8,601 flawless diamonds (below) is being opened in conjunction with the 2012 Olympics in London. Expect also to see several of his works of art showing animals suspended in formaldehyde. Damien has always shall we say “pushed the boundaries a bit”, following in the tradition of edgy British art and culture.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Paul McCartney – Finding love once again and forever working hard.

Sir Paul McCartney has married for the third time. He tied the knot yesterday with American Nancy Shevell at a registry office in London yesterday. Paul was potentially the most creative of all the Beatles and known as the most difficult to deal with. Today I take a look at the horoscope of the Liverpudlian musical maestro to find out what makes him tick.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Angelina Jolie - Finding strength and success out of a difficult upbringing.

Angelina Jolie

Today I will look at Angelina Jolie thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers – thank you Veritas. If ever you are interested in me delving into the motivations and the life of anyone famous of currently in the news, if I have the time I will do an article. Please email me at my address on the left hand side of the page.

Angelina Jolie Voight to give her full name was born on 4th June 1975 in Los Angeles, California at 09.09 in the morning. She is a Sun Gemini with a very active Aries Moon and a very protective Cancer Ascendant. Sun Gemini’s tend to have a scattergun approach to life, bouncing around from one thing to the next, they are the type that never sit still for a minute. Versatile but not always reliable, Geminis always need to know what is going on. Chatty and fun, they are the true communicators of the zodiac.

AngelinaJolie natal

Angelina’s chart is notable for two things. Firstly there are no planets in Earth signs. Gemini’s need grounding at the best of times so this will prove a problem to Angelina. Secondly her chart contains a mystic rectangle. is formation does not appear very often in Astrology.

Now, the Sun in Gemini in the 11th house forms one corner to the rectangle. Moving out by sextile we find a conjunction of Jupiter Moon and Mars on the Midheaven, all of which are in Aries in the 9th. There is a trine from Sun to Pluto in the 3rd house and an opposition from Sun to Neptune in the 5th. Finally from the triple conjunction we find an opposition back to Pluto. Mystic rectangles are often quite creative formations, the energy flows easily around the outside (these show the talents), almost as a barrier to the two stressful oppositions from within. The trick in handling them is to learn to use the oppositions as motivational tools, so that these talents can be fully expressed. I think that Mystic Rectangles can also be rather Scorpionic in nature, all the tensions can get bottled up inside and without an outlet, the tensions of the oppositions can almost destroy you from within. This one does have a outlet through a square from the triple conjunction out to Saturn.

The Sun in the 11th house is one where you feel far happier doing group projects, especially helping others (this is the Aquarius house). The Sun in Gemini makes one speak out and with Mercury also here in the 11th  in Gemini conjunct to the Sun, Angelina has been very vocal and active in supporting refugees in troubled states around the globe, from Cambodia to Darfur; she has visited over 50 countries in her work for the United Nations. Angelina has a quick versatile mind, always on the go and curious about life. Mercury in Gemini can tend to know a little about a lot of subjects, but rarely delves too deeply to uncover the minute details – Mercury in Gemini tends to gloss over the surface. She will have a flair for languages, a love of speaking, writing and conversing with the public and especially with friends. Moving around the outside of the rectangle, the trine from Sun to Pluto in the 3rd intensifies the passion and conviction of her voice. She is an impassioned speaker for peace and reconciliation in troubled areas. She also will be interested in group projects and associations, politics and social movements, within which she will want to be someone who stands out and takes the alternative view (Mercury trine Uranus). Pluto is in Libra, which shows a really strong need for harmonious relationships, and this pushes her to travel to war torn areas of the world as an ambassador to try to make a difference. Angelina will need to know exactly what is going on globally, and will having a deep interest in getting to the bottom of any problem and sorting it out.

Moving the other way from the Sun in the 11th house we see a sextile to a Jupiter Moon Mars and Midheaven. This is a very aspirational set of sextiles, self confident and ambitious (Sun sextile Jupiter), someone who wants to win and be first, a go getter (Sun sextile Mars) and very supportive of her family (Sun sextile Moon).  I say supportive despite the indication that at home life will be a bit of a battle; when young, she would have fought with her mother for sure. The Moon conjunct to Mars in fiery Aries sees to this as well, as the fact that Uranus sits in the 4th house of home and family. Angelina’s home life would have been disruptive and we know that she came out of a broken family, her parents separating when she was just one. Just to reinforce the point, both ends of her parental axis, the cusps of the 4th house/10th house are under stress. Mars ruling Aries on the 10th cusp suffers a square to Saturn and Venus ruling Libra on the cusp of the 4th house is squared by disruptive Uranus. As a rule, whenever either or both of these cusps are under stress, the Astrologer knows that life with the parents was difficult.  

The combination of Jupiter, Mars and Moon give emphasis to the Midheaven, Angelina will have been very determined and optimistic that she could reach the top, to fulfil her considerable ambitions. Acting wise, she tends to go for big budget physical action roles like Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs Smith, Wanted & Salt; a result of the Mars/Jupiter influence on the Midheaven as well as the whole conjunction being in Aries. This Aries Midheaven will make her very publically vocal and impassioned; wanting to make a big impression on the world stage (all 3 planets are in the international 9th house) as someone who takes the initiative.

This quadruple conjunction completes the mystic rectangle by making a trine to Neptune. Here is the film and acting link. All that optimism, the grand ideas the need to be first and pre-eminent, the public appreciation she needs is translated through the Aries Midheaven into her acting. Neptune is in the creative 5th house in optimistic Sagittarius. Angelina has a definite charisma about her (Neptune trine Mars) and the Neptune Moon trine gives her a delicate edge, despite all the Aries and aggressiveness in the rest of the chart.

Finding Neptune in the 5th explains Angelina’s absolute love of children. She has adopted three and had three more naturally. Interestingly the adopted children all came from foreign shores, from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia once again confirming the Sagittarian link. Neptune in the 5th house does look for the perfect love and in Brad Pitt she finally has found someone who comes up to her rigorous standards. This is her 3rd high profile relationship, 2 marriages to Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton ending up in the divorce courts. Angelina has Capricorn on the cusp of her 7th house, permanent relationships will often cause her disappointments. Brad is a good match for her as he has 6 planets in Earth signs (remember Angelina has none). With Capricorn (an earth sign) ruling her 7th, it is no wonder that she was drawn to him immediately? We all unconsciously seek to fill the gaps in our lives, and he provides the stability (earth) that she requires.

Right. I’ve explored the outside of the mystic rectangle, the part of Angelina that we actually see, the motivations that act as a buffer or shield for the frailties of the two oppositions that lie within. Those oppositions are not easy. We have a Sun Neptune opposition and Pluto opposed to Mars and the Moon. The Sun Neptune again reinforces the Neptune Moon and Neptune Midheaven trines, bringing sensitivity, artistic ability and a love of beauty and colour. This opposition softens the persona but opens up the possibility of escapism, drug and alcohol abuse; problems which coloured her early life. We also find the possibility of being deceived or deceiving others in the giving and receiving of love. The other opposition Pluto opposite Moon/Mars is very stormy. Angelina will always fight for control within her relationships and this will often lead to a dominant partner / submissive partner situation . She will be subject to instant, magnetic obsessions about people she encounters, her personal desires are intense and her personal relationships difficult as a result. The relationship with her mother as I touched on earlier would have been very close yet tumultuous, and a lot of her behaviour I believe stems from her influence, indeed it was her mother who inspired her to turn to acting.

Like grand trines, I think mystic rectangles need an outlet otherwise the whirling energies of the rectangle can encompass you completely. The outlet on this one  as I mentioned earlier is through a square from the quadruple conjunction to Saturn in the 12th. Saturn is in family based Cancer, so the energies resulting from the rectangle are used in a serious and constructive way to caring after her family (Cancer) especially her children who she will like to keep out of the spotlight (12th), and through her work (Saturn). Saturn through the square to the Moon amplifies the difficult emotional problems and clashes with her mother but at the same time it contributes a good work ethic (Saturn square Mars). Her moods will veer between the optimistic and the pessimistic (Saturn square Jupiter) and because of the 12th house, placing she will appear rather cool and distant. Saturn in the 12th tends to be a bit defensive, fearing dependence on others (this maybe a result of her early life experiences) and as such she will often appear on the defensive. Angelina will need to get away to the seclusion of her family life and the joy of her children every so often; it will be the one thing that keeps her life on a balance.

There is one more aspect that I have yet to explore, from Venus in Cancer just inside the 12th house conjunct to the ascendant square to Uranus in the 4th. Venus in a prominent position on an angle (especially Ascendant and Midheaven) always gives good looks and Angelina has head turning beauty which she has utilised to further her career. In the 12th it shows that with relationships of all sorts, she will suffer in some way. Those relationships will start at a moment’s notice, electric and impulsively but as with any connection to Uranus, the excitement often wears off soon and then reality hits home.

Angelina is a fascinating character, as I am sure you will agree. A little mysterious and definitely wary of the world, she sometimes can’t help herself in throwing herself into situations where she will make news. She is an achiever, has belief in her own abilities, has suffered her full share of problems in her life (many self-inflicted), yet her love of children and her passion about fixing humanity and making the world a better and safer place does come from the heart. I think she truly cares about those in trouble and to those whom she loves, and always will.

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Friday, 3 June 2011

John Edwards – Charged over campaign funding abuse

John Edwards

This is a story that I have been following from here in the UK for a while now (to see my previous post please click at the bottom of the article). Today a court in South Carolina formally charged the former Presidential candidate with using funded money to cover up an affair with Rielle Hunter who worked with Edwards on his Presidential campaign. Edwards allegedly paid her off to cover up the fact that he fathered her child.

Having a glimpse at Edward’s progressed chart, something I had not done previously the events of today are very much highlighted.

   JohnEdwards progressed

Edward’s progressed moon is passing through his first house exactly square to his Neptune/Saturn conjunction, the one I mentioned in my previous post that I believe deluded him into believing that he could get away with the alleged fraud that he has been charged with. The Moon rules his chart and so any aspect it makes or transiting planets make to it will affect him acutely. Saturn square Moon means of hard emotional lessons learned and those lessons include deception (Neptune). Widening out the picture, Saturn with Capricorn on the cusp of the 7th house rules his personal relationships and legal affairs (remember the 7th is Libra’s house -  the scales of justice) and Neptune through Pisces on the cusp of the 10th house rules his public image and career prospects now tainted with the allegations of the deception and cover-up. One other aspect of note on this chart is that progressed Mars is exactly to the minute conjunct his South Node and thus opposite his North Node. Edwards is firmly in the public eye (North Node) for all the wrong reasons. Mars natally sits in the 12th hidden house and Aries is totally encompassed in the 10th house; there was something hidden about his personal ambitions. Now Progressed Mars has entered the 2nd house of self worth, and in order to protect his personal standing Edwards used the money his followers had invested in him (8th house of investment and other people’s finance). Unfortunately for Edwards, Mars’ conjunction with the South Node which is normally a tough connection has brought these dealings into the public domain.

Looking at the Solar Arcs chart for Edwards, one aspect screams out. Edward’s Solar Arc Midheaven is now just 3 seconds of a degree form an exact square to transformational Pluto. In Astrologer Noel Tyl’s own words on this Solar Arc square, this is a time when “past mistakes can be opened to view and threaten ruin”.

John Edward’s life from here on in will never be the same ever again…

Please see my previous post - John Edwards - Falling from Grace

Monday, 25 April 2011

Russell Brand – From drug addict to worldwide star

Russell Brand

In the past week, you haven’t been able to avoid Russell Brand on British TV as he has been on a publicity blitz for his new film “Arthur”. Through his distinctive style and his outrageous antics, Russell has been able to forge an international career from humble beginnings and has recently married to singer Katy Perry.

Russell was born on 4th June 1975 in Grays, Essex in the United Kingdom. I do not have an official birth-time but through rectification by looking at events in his life including his recent marriage, I estimate he was born close to 14.40 hrs. If anyone reading this article does know an official time of birth for Russell, please contact me and I will update the article accordingly.

A Sun sign Gemini, communication is everything to Russell, especially as Mercury also sits in the same sign; both occupy the 9th house of belief and knowledge. Russell has a socially aware Libran ascendant (if the birth time is correct) and a go ahead Aries Moon in the 7th house of partnerships. The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini means that Russell has a restless, inquisitive mind, a thirst for knowledge and philosophy, for reading and writing. He will be very jovial, quick witted and sharp in reply, will always want to know what is going on in the world, and will have a fascination with foreign people, culture and language.

RussellBrand natal

The Sun is one corner of a very stressful mystic rectangle formation on Russell’s chart. on the other corners we find Pluto on the Ascendant, Neptune in the third house and Mars/Moon conjunct the descendant in the 7th house. Rectangles show great creative potential, and the energy will flow nicely around the edge of the rectangle however, the oppositions through the centre can cause all amount of trouble if the individual has not got everything in proportion. The oppositions in this particular rectangle are a Sun/Neptune opposition; a mutable Gemini/Sagittarius one and Pluto opposite Moon/Mars in cardinal Libra/Aries. Sun Neptune is extremely creative, dreamy and escapist. Sagittarius/Gemini is the Peter Pan of oppositions, child like extremely talkative, restless and wanting to know everything. A significant Neptune is almost always found in the charts of those in the arts, in film and in TV and Sun/Neptune is associated with alcohol and drugs. We all know the trouble that Russell has got into when he overstepped the boundaries of decency in his BBC radio show (he got fired) and hosting the MTV awards he insulted George Bush when he was President. He also went completely off the rails on drugs early in his media career becoming a heroin addict. The problem is that Sun/Neptune knows no boundaries and Russell doesn’t know when to stop.

The other opposition sees Pluto conjunct to the Ascendant opposite Moon/Mars in the 7th house. Pluto/Ascendant is very intense, Russell will provoke strong feelings in people about himself and he will often have to reinvent himself several times in his life. You can see the Scorpionic (Pluto rules Scorpio) influence with his strong features, wild hair and his preference for dressing almost always in black. Moon/Mars is the need to be first and he will wait for absolutely no-one. It indicates that his partnerships (7th house) will be stormy, even though the women in his life will be hugely important to him. Russell will be lost without being in some kind of permanent relationship. Russell has had “a lot” of relationships too, shown by Jupiter (the planet of excess) also in the 7th house conjunct to Moon/Mars. The opposition hints at control issues with regards within them, as well as magnetic ties between himself and the one he cares about. If those ties were to be broken, Russell would be hugely hurt and it may transform (once again) his whole persona.

Looking at the other planets I haven’t yet focused on, we find individualistic, rebellious Uranus in the first house square to Venus and trine to Mercury. Russell will do and say as he pleases and will not worry how anybody thinks, perfect for being a stand up comedian. Uranus/Venus indicates that he is easily attracted to unusual and talented women, but those attractions may end abruptly; he also will need plenty of freedom within those relationships. Venus and Saturn are found in the 10th house. Russell will take his profession very seriously and he will want to build a big work reputation, being very hard on himself if that reputation is ignored or not recognized. Venus here means that he will want to be admired for his artistic gifts and he will be married to his professional life, maybe even more so than with his partner.

Right now, Russell’s Saturn has just passed over his ascendant in the past year and Pluto is hanging around the cusp of the 4th house. He is starting a new 28 year cycle of growth which began with his marriage last year. Pluto correctly indicates his change of residence from London to Los Angeles as he pursues a Hollywood film career. Solar Arc Sun has progressed to conjunct with his natal Saturn and square Jupiter so professionally Russell is lucky and is moving on well with his career aims, and with the Solar Arc Midheaven trine his natal Moon he is favourably in the spotlight. More long term, it may well be that moving to the US he will be going through a slightly quieter period in his life as he establishes himself in America. Mind you, quiet in Russell Brand’s life is quite unlike 99% of most people in the world. Just because he is like he is and the fact that the mystic rectangle includes both his Sun, Ascendant, Mars and Pluto, his life will be shaken up again in a new way before too long.

Donald Trump – Rich, brash and considering running for President

Donald Trump

Is there a more self confident, attention seeking executive in the United States than Donald Trump? Rumours abound that he may soon throw his hat into the ring to be a contender for the Republican party ticket and thus a contender in the 2012 race to be President.

Donald was born in Queens, New York on 14th June 1946 at 10.54 hrs. He has a Gemini Sun with a optimistic Sagittarius Sun and an attention seeking Leo Ascendant. Geminis often have a lot to say and with Donald it is difficult to keep him ever out of the news. This Gemini Sun is in the the 10th house of work and business conjunct to independent Uranus, so it is no surprise that he is a free thinking and talking businessman with radical, controversial views. He has a Taurus Midheaven, the sign of the constructor or builder, he has built his own empire and his own skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan!!. The Sagittarius Moon continuously encourages him to expand his horizons and the Leo Ascendant makes him pompous, confident in the belief that his rightful position is at the top. The orientation of the chart is to the Eastern hemisphere so there is an element of selfishness about him and there is complete lack of planets in earth signs which can be a big problem. Donald will find it difficult to keep his feet on the ground and he will be a hard man to please, expecting perfection from all those around him. He is the type of person will believe anything is possible with five cardinal planets in his chart, and the kind who will provoke strong reactions in people, both good and bad.

DonaldTrump natal

The main feature on the chart is a wedge pattern based around the Sun/Uranus in the 10th opposite to the Moon in the 4th house.The wedge is completed with respective trines and Sextile to Jupiter in the 2nd house forming the point of the formation. As I intimated earlier, Sun/Uranus is in the business 10th house and the opposition to the Moon in the property and home orientated 4th house shows that the work he does is linked to real-estate. Jupiter at the point of the wedge gives him plenty of luck (Jupiter trine Uranus), optimism (Jupiter trine Sun) and financial gain as this is the house of money making. The Moon in Sagittarius sextile to Jupiter in Libra gives him an almost lazy self confidence and generosity, he will want to make his friends and associates comfortable and he may be “over generous” to them. The Sun/Uranus and Moon opposition sits on the maternal Node axis. Donald would have had a very close relationship with his parents, especially his mother and they were very influential in guiding his path in this life. Donald took over his father’s business in real estate. The Moon opposite Uranus indicates that Donald’s emotions will fluctuate wildly and that his emotional life would be punctuated by sudden change. More of that later…

Alongside Jupiter in the financial 2nd house is Neptune. Neptune here often indicated that money will be made by creative pursuits and and while at school Donald considered attending film school. That urge to perform has never left him and he has been able to fulfil this desire through “The Apprentice” TV show, making a reputed $3 million an episode. Not bad work if you can get it? Neptune, as you will be aware if you have read other articles on this blog rules TV and film. Neptune is sextile to Pluto in Leo so here is the link to him being the boss (Leo) in the show, having control in hiring and firing (Pluto). Neptune is square to Mercury in the 11th, the house of groups and associations. Here again is a media and TV link (Neptune/Mercury) and the group of young executives (11th) being whittled down to one. Mercury in Cancer in the 11th house shows an interest in and dealing with groups, associations and politics. This is something he will feel emotionally (Cancer) drawn to, but he will be quite a reluctant speaker, he will prefer to communicate with small more personal groups rather than on the grand scale. What he does say may well resonate with the American nation however, as the US Sun is also in Cancer and conjuncts with Trump’s natal Mercury.

Mars sits in the underground 12th house in Leo conjunct the ascendant. Again this shows a great amount of ambition and drive, a love of sport, being the boss and giving decisions. This Mars is at the point of another wedge with the Sun and Moon, pushing forward his work ideas, however there is also the ultimate urge of working on behalf of other people too. Pluto also sits in this house and you can feel the energy of controlling, being at the top but in the process helping everyone around him. This is the house of sacrifice, will Trump sacrifice his all his business empire and all his work ambitions in the ultimate pursuit of being the top man in the nation? The temptation must be huge.

Finally I focus on Saturn and Venus which sit conjunct in Cancer also with Mercury in the 11th house. Here is a very emotional social man, loving people and his circle of friends, sentimental, caring and constantly needing of attention, both emotional (Venus), authoritarian (Saturn) and through the media (Mercury). In essence, he desperately need to be shown love. Venus Saturn shows that in personal relationships he can be cold and somewhat unfeeling and he will have many emotional breakdowns and disappointments in his life. Trump is onto his third marriage already and this need to be loved and the constant breakdowns in his relationships will always blight his life. Saturn in the 11th shows the potential to administrate in government or to lead a party. Here is yet another sign that he may harbour higher office. The combination of the the three planets here is a potent one, and will focus his everyday desires.

Do the transits of the day suggest that Trump will run for office? Right now Trumps natal chart is receiving a plethora of annoying transits, transiting Pluto opposite Mercury and square Neptune as well as transiting Neptune opposite his Ascendant and transiting Uranus opposite Neptune, with controversial (Uranus) quotes (Mercury) at a Republican rally (Mercury in 11th), plenty of confusion (Neptune) about his personal (Ascendant) voting record (Mercury in 11th) affecting his potential quest for power (Pluto). However transiting Jupiter is sextile his Sun trine his natal moon and opposite it’s natal position, so Trump will have the optimism to shake off any setbacks. As Jupiter moves into Taurus which is the sign on his Midheaven, and in June and July makes a trine to Mercury and a square to transformational Pluto, do not be surprised if he does make an announcement to enter the race. When and if he announces, I will look further ahead to his possible chances of being successful…

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

George Osborne – Struggling to keep control of the British economy.


Today George Osborne becomes the star of British politics, the one day of the year that the Chancellor of the Exchequer (or if you are reading this article outside the UK the finance minister) takes the lead role over and above of the Prime Minister, for today is budget day. This is the day when the UK finances for the next year are in focus, taxes adjusted and benefits and borrowing limits are set. The UK economy is in trouble and Osborne is under pressure to guide it in the right direction.

George is a rather reserved Sun sign Gemini in a restrictive conjunction to Saturn. He was born on 23rd May 1971 in Paddington, London (no birth-time) and at 39 years of age is the youngest man in recent history to hold such a high office of state. You would expect a Gemini to be quite confident and a bit of  a chatterbox, but that Saturn limits his communication making George not the greatest and most powerful of speakers. As well as that Gemini Sun, which is conservative in nature (with this aspect he could never have been a liberal !), George has 4 planets in steady as you go, rather stubborn Taurus. Taurus is associated with money, creating and building and it no surprise that this is where he was always destined to end up working with finance. As well as Saturn in Taurus, we also have the Moon with Mercury and Venus in close conjunction. The Moon here is very deliberate, he will not rush into any decisions, but once he has made his mind up, he will not budge. Mercury/Venus shows an ability to work with people, he will be very good in one to one dealings and it gives the art of a bit of a showman, able to create a bit of theatre. He will rather enjoy standing up in front of Parliament and delivering the budget speech.


Mars is sitting in humanitarian Aquarius square the Mercury/Venus conjunction and trine to Uranus. Again this confirms George as a team player able to discuss and work out the details together, but once all the decisions have collectively been made, he will want to spearhead the projects himself. He will be interested in new unconventional ideas and improving social conditions, new technology will also interest him greatly. George will have a very sharp mind especially with respect to finance and also a very sharp temper; he will not suffer fools gladly. In his more private moments, George will be the one who made the first move on any romantic meeting and his relationships will be very important to him, he will be very loyal and to him, his wife will seem like his own personal possession.

The charts main pattern is a wedge with Pluto at the point. Pluto connects outwardly to a Sun/Saturn opposite Jupiter/Neptune aspect. Neptune opposite the Sun weakens the personality and Neptune opposite Saturn often weakens the health. It also causes a conflict between your beliefs and spirituality and the actual needs of the real world. Does George follow his beliefs or adapt himself to what is happening in the markets? Often he will consider changing course causing himself confusion, however in the end I believe his emotions will win over logic, the stubbornness of  the Moon says he doesn’t adapt his strategy. This stubbornness may eventually cost him dear, as those in high finance have to have the ability to adapt and mould their ideas with the world markets and the changing circumstances of the day. One thing for sure is that George will believe in the dream (Neptune) of free (Jupiter) market finance (Saturn/Sun) so long as he can control the limits (Pluto). Pluto is in detail obsessed Pluto, so his control will be carefully planned and implemented.

Right now, George has transiting Neptune squaring his Sun/Saturn Jupiter/Neptune opposition. This is confusing, deflating and reducing his confidence. He may well try to hoodwink the British public into believing the economy is in better shape than it is, a dangerous ploy as the public often see through such deception. He may also have some radical ideas this time to adjust the UK budget, as transiting Uranus just into Aries is trine the same opposition and Solar Arc Uranus squares it too. With inflation and unemployment still rising and growth still stagnant, Mr Osborne needs to pull some financial rabbits out of the hat.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Colonel Gaddafi – Going out the same door he came in


Just a quick look at embattled Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al-Gaddafi who is after 42 years of absolute rule is staring the exit door in the face. We have no birth time for the Colonel, born in Sirte, Libya on 7th June 42, which is a shame.

Gaddafi is a Sun sign Gemini (it is a very Gemini & airy chart) with 5 planets in the twins sign. He has an Aires Moon, so a need to be first and at the top dominates his emotions. There is a  Pluto/Mars conjunction, Pluto in Leo and Mars in Cancer, he will defend his family, homeland and powerbase in a no nonsense manner by any means if need be. That controlling Pluto and fiery Aries moon make a mini grand trine with Saturn and Uranus (2 of the Gemini planets). Here is the need to be the top dog (Aries Moon) to create revolutionary (Uranus) government (Saturn) by forceful control (Pluto). It also makes him very dangerous and unpredictable. The other 3 Gemini planets Sun, Mercury and Jupiter form the point of a T-Square with that Aires moon opposite Neptune in conservative Virgo – here is the motivation for his huge rambling, religious speeches he is so noted for. Emotionally he will be direct, but evasive and deceptive.


Ok a look at the transits on his chart. Transiting Mars is as I write exactly square his natal Saturn/Uranus, so his revolutionary authority is being challenged by force. Transiting Uranus is exactly square his Jupiter, so his freedom is now cut off by rebel actions and Uranus is opposite his natal Neptune causing confusion. Poignantly, the transiting Sun is sitting on his South Node this evening, time to go back from whence you came; he was brought up from peasant roots. If we look to Gaddafi’s presidency chart (1st Sept 69), there is the same picture. Transiting Uranus is square natal Uranus, the revolutionary being overthrown by those who wish to overthrow him, and transiting Pluto is square Jupiter and Mercury, so freedom and communications are cut off. It look as if for Muammar Al-Gaddafi, the party’s over, and for Libya confusion and a battle for control will begin.

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Posted on 21st August 2011 - Libya – Gaddafi’s hold on power coming to an end.


Here is the transit chart for for Gaddafi on the day of his death.


Looking at the transits, it is easy to see the downfall of Gaddafi. The transiting South Node was exactly on Gaddafi’s Sun and the transiting North node was making a quindecile to his Saturn. This double connection showed the end of his power and Gaddafi meeting his fate at the hands of those now in charge. Transiting Pluto was trine his natal Moon, so emotionally he would have been at breakpoint. Transiting Uranus was trine to natal Pluto and transiting Mars sextile his Sun so danger and unexpected shock were coming their way to him. Finally transiting Neptune was square to his Saturn/Uranus conjunction. Neptune dissolves and disintegrates and his revolutionary power over the past few months that this square has been in operation has been slipping away. Today, the revolutionaries finally caught up with him and served their retribution.