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Friday, 16 November 2012

Andrea Bocelli – Overcoming the odds and with the world at his feet.


Last night I was privileged to go to the London O2 Arena to see a man at the height of his powers. Andrea Bocelli has one of the most soothing and flawless voices in the world of music, and I would say that he is the foremost tenor on planet earth at this present time. His rendition of “Nessun Dorma” at the end of his set was one of those moments in my life that I will never forget. I remember watching Pavarotti sing this song on TV, but I reckon that Bocelli has more warmth to his voice. It was perfection, totally spellbinding stuff and it nearly brought me to tears. Yes, he was that good.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

George Lucas – The “Star Wars” director who revolutionised the film industry.

George Lucas

It was announced yesterday that George Lucas was selling his company Lucasfilm to Disney, a multi billion dollar sale which includes the rights to the Star Wars films as well as Indiana Jones, projects that George has has sole rights to since his first Star Wars film in 1977. He is still going to be a “creative consultant” to Disney and a very rich one at that. He says that it felt right to move on right now, and looking at the astrology, he was correct with his decision.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Steven Spielberg – A lifetime making movies

steven spielberg

Another year, another Spielberg blockbuster. The film maestro was in London this week for the premiere of “War Horse” his latest epic set in the UK and Europe depicting a story of a boy and his horse (Joey) at the time of World War One. From Jaws, to ET, the spellbinding Schindler’s List to Saving Private Ryan, Steven has struck gold on the silver screen many, many times, and is now one of the most powerful men in the film industry.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ricky Gervais – Comedy genius courting trouble and taking on an Almighty challenge.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais has never held back from challenging people. That’s what comedians do, don’t they? They live on the edge, are incredibly brave using the power of humour to give the alternative view on society or of people, one which often could not be voiced without fear of criticism. Ricky courted major controversy at this year’s Golden Globe presentations when a string of jokes were aimed at the nominees. Now his latest venture is also going to test the resolve of many people, as his new comedy series “Afterlife” sees him, a confirmed non-believer, play the role of God.

Ricky was born on 25th June 1961 in Reading Berkshire, England (no birth time for Ricky is yet known) so is an emotional Sun sign Cancerian. Even without knowing his birth sign, I guessed Ricky was born under the sign of the Moon. Cancerians have a certain look about them, a slightly round face, often a jovial smile and an upbeat disposition. My brother is a Cancerian and he displays all of those qualities. Behind the sunny side is a far more emotional being, Cancerians worry, fret, are hugely protective and hide their insecurities behind the facade. Surely the idea of the circus clown was created initially by a Cancerian.

RickyGervais natal

Ricky’s Moon is also in a water sign, Scorpio (not affected by the lack of a birth time). Here is a really cutting edge to the personality, ready to delve deep into the psyche of those around him, wanting to know everything. Ricky will be a difficult person to deal with, and will emotionally explode with a volcanic temper when upset. The Moon makes a square aspect to a temperamental Uranus/Mars conjunction in forthright Leo. It also (potentially) forms a t-square opposite to Venus with the Mars/Uranus at the point. The Mars/Uranus in Leo is fiercely independent and reckless, and able to hurt people’s feelings without realising it. There is a wonderful experimental quality about this aspect though, and Ricky will venture into territory fearlessly that other people would not touch. Uranus square to the Moon show that Ricky’s emotions will vary from one day to the next, one day he will be motivated, the next day he couldn’t be bothered. This will be the same in his emotional life too and probably explains why he has been living with his girlfriend for 29 years without taking the plunge into married life. Ricky needs the freedom of a single life, as each day he does not know how he is going to feel. This is echoed in the Moon Venus opposition. Moon/Venus has problems in deciding what one actually wants out of a love relationship, however with Venus in possessive and stable Taurus, Ricky has remained true to his long term partner. One problem Ricky does face is that in certain areas of his life he can get stuck in his ways – 6 planets are in fixed signs, but he will be alright if he continues to work and to innovate. If he stops, then one would start to get get concerned about him getting caught in the proverbial rut, and all the stresses that that could produce. As you can guess by now, Ricky is someone who is full of extremes and contradictions.

Central to Ricky’s creative acumen is his Neptune in Scorpio. Neptune makes connections to Pluto in careful Virgo, trines to Mercury and his Sun together in Pisces and a square to expansive Jupiter in glamorous Aquarius. The Neptune, Sun/Mercury and Pluto mini grand trine is very revealing. Firstly Ricky will work and communicate his ideas his way, and will be very protective of his concepts. He has a fertile imagination and is attracted to all things creative, be it music, TV, theatre, film (Neptune trine Sun/Mercury). In that creative streak, he likes to get down to the motivations of the characters he is portraying in great, great detail. Neptune in Scorpio gets beneath the skin to the seedier side of life, the unethical things which we dream about but often don’t express. Pluto in Virgo is able to pick out the tiniest details, the nuances, the gestures and through the Sun/Neptune Ricky portrays this all with great emotion in a Cancerian bitter, sweet self-depreciative way.  Mercury is retrograde so all the communication is turned in on himself, the same goes for his own stand up show.

Jupiter in Aquarius link allows Gervais to think outside the box and have the ability to innovate on a large scale; here is also the draw to a glitzy international career rather than a more downbeat homespun one. Saturn in serious Capricorn makes sure that Ricky works hard for his success, and also will hold him to account when that over excitable Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus get him into trouble. It will make him feel constantly in self-denial and burdened with responsibility, you can see the up and down, push and pull nature of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction and the potential for rapid changes of mood - jovial and optimistic, then serious and pessimistic.

Back in 2001 when “The Office” was first aired, in my view still Ricky’s stand out work to date, progressed Venus was coming up to a conjunction with Ricky’s natal Sun. The transits at that launch did not show the success that was to come. That series was a slow burner and only picked up award after award in 2005, just as progressed Venus made an exact conjunction. Moving onto to today and there are an interesting set of transits for Ricky. Transiting Pluto is in opposition with his natal Sun showing that the 2-3 last years have very much been transitional ones for him with a few setbacks along the way. Transiting Pluto was exactly opposite natal Mercury at 6 degrees Capricorn when he did his now notorious Golden Globes presentation back in January. Right now Pluto is back at 6 Capricorn just as the announcement of Ricky playing God has come out. This is likely to upset quite a few people once again. Transiting Uranus is square natal Sun and Mercury, so this is Ricky going out on a limb taking a bit of a calculated risk, and Uranus is also sextile Saturn so here is the chance for him to overturn some conservative values in his own inimitable way. Backing this independent and revolutionary spirit, Solar Arc Mercury and Sun are currently conjunct natal Uranus. Finally (and this is really interesting) transiting Neptune, the planet of spirituality is exactly conjunct the natal South Node. Transits to the South Node are often less than successful. Gervais is known not to be a religious person, and has been reported as being an atheist, so taking on such a role just as Neptune has entered the spiritual sign of Pisces could be seen as a risky, especially if he does it in a condescending manner. Neptune has a way of sucking you in with optimism only to leave you in the mire, dismayed, confused and discredited. Transiting Neptune is still opposing natal Mars, so maybe this aspect was the motivating factor, taking on the challenge of tackling faith and pre-conceived spiritual notions of the Almighty one.

RickyGervais transit

With the planets in the position they are right now & with Pluto still in opposition with the Sun and Mercury until around the end of  2012, I would have advised him to hold back on this project, at least for a few years until the difficult transits melted away. Being Ricky Gervais, he might just get away with it, but then again, he might not…

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Michael Fassbender – Deep, ambitious and a true perfectionist at heart.

michael fassbender

Michael is one of the rising stars of the film world right now. Fresh from X-Men 2, he will be seen making a cameo role in a remake of the classic Charlotte Bronte novel, Jane Eyre in September and before the year is out he will star in 3 more films to be released this year and 3 more next year.

Born in Heidelberg, Germany on 2nd April 1977 (no birth time known as yet), Michael moved from Germany to Ireland with his German father and Irish mother at the age of two. A progressive Sun sign Aries, Michael has a critical Virgo Moon. Here is a fierce critic, not only of himself but of others. One would imagine he is very much a perfectionist. The overriding need of a Virgo Moon (the Moon shows need in a chart) is to be correct in all that one does. When someone does not come up to Michael’s exacting standards, he would not be shy to tell them so. Mercury is also in Aries so this criticism would be done in a forthright and combative style. I get the feeling that Michael would not be an easy person to work or live with.


There are three planets in Aries, the Sun, Mercury as just mentioned and also Venus and all of these are opposed by Pluto. The Sun opposite Pluto is deep and intense, this is a man who craves personal recognition and he will keep on going until he receives it. Mercury is quindecile Pluto, the quindecile is even more intense than the opposition and Michaels mind will always be probing under the surface, not trusting anyone fully – even being paranoid of other’s motives towards him. it shows a defensiveness in his character which will appear when he is challenged. This mind is perfect for getting under the skin of a character and getting to the root motivations of why someone acts as they do. For the film Hunger, Michael lost copious amounts of weight and literally went on hunger strike in “getting into character” to play Bobby Sands, just to feel what it was like before he played the role. Michael will seemingly go to any length to get the details of the part correct before he plays it.

The last opposition is Pluto opposite Venus which is retrograde. Venus in Aries is normally very straightforward and sociable especially in love and in relationships BUT Venus retrograde makes one insular. Yes, all the passion and deep emotion from the Pluto opposition is there, but it doesn’t come out on the surface in the normal way. Michael in a relationship will be very secretive, reticent even to talk about his affairs of the heart even to those he knows well. No “Hello” or “OK” magazine spreads for Michael for sure…

The Sun/Venus opposition are the driving planets in a creative kite formation, with Saturn and Neptune on the wings. Immediately you see the motivation of the man. A drive for recognition  (Sun/Pluto) and to make it to the top of his profession through hard work and ambition (Saturn in Leo) in the creation and film world (Neptune in expansive Sagittarius). Saturn is retrograde, so Michael would have missed the love of his father during his formative years. His father was a restaurant chef, so you can imagine that each evening after he had finished school, he would rarely have seen his father, as he would have been busy in the kitchen.

This is such a creative chart. The Moon squares Neptune so there is a dreamy imagination, although one that can be mislead emotionally. Mars in Pisces also squares Neptune – here is more evidence that Michael would never like to lead a drab boring existence. His imagination is colourful, sensitive, poetic and his energies would be directed into artistic pursuits of some sort. Mars trines Uranus so independent ventures will attract him as well as unusual pieces of work and those with difficult subject matters, as well as action roles like in X-Men. Michael will not be one of those actors ever to be type-cast, switching from one type of role to the next with versatility and ease.

Jupiter in steady Taurus shows that he will work to make sure that he will have a comfortable lifestyle and financially he has his head switched on, Jupiter in Taurus is not one to take risks. Jupiter is quindecile to Neptune (everything on this chart seems to feed into Neptune) so he may have intense faith and/or be vulnerable to excess drug and alcohol use. This is another indication that he will want his creative talents (Neptune) be seen on a world wide stage (Jupiter) – he has said unusually that he prefers film to theatre or live acting which is generally against the grain for most actors, but in this case reinforces the Jupiter angle and influence on his Neptune. 

Looking at the transits and progressions of the day for Michael, his Solar Arc North Node is opposing Michael’s natal Jupiter so he is favourably in the public eye and Solar Arc Mars has been conjunct to his Sun and opposing Pluto for the past year, so a period of intense work is now coming to an end. Solar Arc Neptune is trine his natal Moon so emotionally he is going to be very settled right now. There are changes coming for him though. On the transits chart, transiting Saturn will conjunct natal Pluto in around a month’s time. This will light up the natal kite and life will not be so easy, maybe with personal and work problems. Saturn will go on to oppose natal Venus in late September/early October so his relationships (work and personal) will come under deeper scrutiny and pressure. If his current ones are on rocky ground than this may be time for a split or break-up.    

Monday, 25 April 2011

Russell Brand – From drug addict to worldwide star

Russell Brand

In the past week, you haven’t been able to avoid Russell Brand on British TV as he has been on a publicity blitz for his new film “Arthur”. Through his distinctive style and his outrageous antics, Russell has been able to forge an international career from humble beginnings and has recently married to singer Katy Perry.

Russell was born on 4th June 1975 in Grays, Essex in the United Kingdom. I do not have an official birth-time but through rectification by looking at events in his life including his recent marriage, I estimate he was born close to 14.40 hrs. If anyone reading this article does know an official time of birth for Russell, please contact me and I will update the article accordingly.

A Sun sign Gemini, communication is everything to Russell, especially as Mercury also sits in the same sign; both occupy the 9th house of belief and knowledge. Russell has a socially aware Libran ascendant (if the birth time is correct) and a go ahead Aries Moon in the 7th house of partnerships. The Sun/Mercury conjunction in Gemini means that Russell has a restless, inquisitive mind, a thirst for knowledge and philosophy, for reading and writing. He will be very jovial, quick witted and sharp in reply, will always want to know what is going on in the world, and will have a fascination with foreign people, culture and language.

RussellBrand natal

The Sun is one corner of a very stressful mystic rectangle formation on Russell’s chart. on the other corners we find Pluto on the Ascendant, Neptune in the third house and Mars/Moon conjunct the descendant in the 7th house. Rectangles show great creative potential, and the energy will flow nicely around the edge of the rectangle however, the oppositions through the centre can cause all amount of trouble if the individual has not got everything in proportion. The oppositions in this particular rectangle are a Sun/Neptune opposition; a mutable Gemini/Sagittarius one and Pluto opposite Moon/Mars in cardinal Libra/Aries. Sun Neptune is extremely creative, dreamy and escapist. Sagittarius/Gemini is the Peter Pan of oppositions, child like extremely talkative, restless and wanting to know everything. A significant Neptune is almost always found in the charts of those in the arts, in film and in TV and Sun/Neptune is associated with alcohol and drugs. We all know the trouble that Russell has got into when he overstepped the boundaries of decency in his BBC radio show (he got fired) and hosting the MTV awards he insulted George Bush when he was President. He also went completely off the rails on drugs early in his media career becoming a heroin addict. The problem is that Sun/Neptune knows no boundaries and Russell doesn’t know when to stop.

The other opposition sees Pluto conjunct to the Ascendant opposite Moon/Mars in the 7th house. Pluto/Ascendant is very intense, Russell will provoke strong feelings in people about himself and he will often have to reinvent himself several times in his life. You can see the Scorpionic (Pluto rules Scorpio) influence with his strong features, wild hair and his preference for dressing almost always in black. Moon/Mars is the need to be first and he will wait for absolutely no-one. It indicates that his partnerships (7th house) will be stormy, even though the women in his life will be hugely important to him. Russell will be lost without being in some kind of permanent relationship. Russell has had “a lot” of relationships too, shown by Jupiter (the planet of excess) also in the 7th house conjunct to Moon/Mars. The opposition hints at control issues with regards within them, as well as magnetic ties between himself and the one he cares about. If those ties were to be broken, Russell would be hugely hurt and it may transform (once again) his whole persona.

Looking at the other planets I haven’t yet focused on, we find individualistic, rebellious Uranus in the first house square to Venus and trine to Mercury. Russell will do and say as he pleases and will not worry how anybody thinks, perfect for being a stand up comedian. Uranus/Venus indicates that he is easily attracted to unusual and talented women, but those attractions may end abruptly; he also will need plenty of freedom within those relationships. Venus and Saturn are found in the 10th house. Russell will take his profession very seriously and he will want to build a big work reputation, being very hard on himself if that reputation is ignored or not recognized. Venus here means that he will want to be admired for his artistic gifts and he will be married to his professional life, maybe even more so than with his partner.

Right now, Russell’s Saturn has just passed over his ascendant in the past year and Pluto is hanging around the cusp of the 4th house. He is starting a new 28 year cycle of growth which began with his marriage last year. Pluto correctly indicates his change of residence from London to Los Angeles as he pursues a Hollywood film career. Solar Arc Sun has progressed to conjunct with his natal Saturn and square Jupiter so professionally Russell is lucky and is moving on well with his career aims, and with the Solar Arc Midheaven trine his natal Moon he is favourably in the spotlight. More long term, it may well be that moving to the US he will be going through a slightly quieter period in his life as he establishes himself in America. Mind you, quiet in Russell Brand’s life is quite unlike 99% of most people in the world. Just because he is like he is and the fact that the mystic rectangle includes both his Sun, Ascendant, Mars and Pluto, his life will be shaken up again in a new way before too long.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Glenn Beck – A look at the horoscope of one of America’s most controversial TV hosts.


From a UK perspective, we don’t have anyone remotely like Glenn Beck on our TV screens. A broadcaster with very religious, conservative views, a historian, politician, a writer, a reformed alcoholic and drug addict and a man who openly uses emotion to get across his message. He is my eyes a unique character and in the news as he is ending his regular show on the FOX news channel. I look at his life, his character and his horoscope.

Glenn Beck was born in Everett, Washington in the US on 10th February 1964, one day before his Tea Party colleague Sarah Palin. I will look at Sarah in a future article. I have no official birth-time, and if anyone knows it please email me, however looking at a couple of major events in his life I have rectified his chart to have a time of 20.40.


Glenn is an Aquarian, his Sun in conjunction with Mars and Saturn in the 5th house of entertainment and creativity. His Moon is in serious Capricorn and he has according to my calculations a critical and nervous Virgo ascendant. With the Sun in the 5th house, he is a showman and will like to be the centre of attention. He fizzes with energy and will be hugely ambitious, yet at the same time he is very serious about his work and has a certain sombre demeanour about him. He knows that his talent alone will not keep himself at the summit of his profession so he will work like a demon to keep himself there. Saturn in the 5th house also means that he will harbour an ambition to administrate his own TV and radio empire, and recently I understand he has formed a multimedia production company. Broadcasting is certainly in his blood as Neptune sits in the 2nd house of finance, he will make money from creative pursuits and communicative Gemini rules his Midheaven, signifying his career path was always going to go down the media route.

What makes Beck unusual is that for a conservative he is prepared push back the boundaries to shock people (Uranus) to add weight to his mantra. The stellium in the 5th house is quindecile Uranus, he has an obsession to encourage (Mars) a radical (Uranus) conservative (Saturn) agenda and with emotional Cancer intercepted in the 10th house of profession he uses emotion and even tears to illustrate this. Uranus is conjunct Pluto which everyone in the mid-sixties has in their chart. This generation was one who would want to make their mark on the world by reform, and reform (Uranus/Pluto) of the political system (quindecile Saturn) through action (Mars) and creative means (Sun in the 5th) is one of his main aims.

Cancer of course is ruled by the Moon which is tenanted in conjunction with Mercury in the 4th house of home. The Moon in the 4th is very emotional, patriotic and security conscious. There is a love of his family and there would have been a strong bond between himself and his mother who passed away in an boat accident when Glenn was 15. At that point in 1979, Solar Arc Pluto on this rectified chart would have been conjunct his ascendant and opposite his natal Venus. His life (Ascendant) would have been completely changed (Pluto) over the loss (Pluto) of a female (Venus – his mother). Back to the Moon which is widely conjunct Mercury. Here is a love of history and the past plus a love of reading – his mind will be generally introspective, he will love to discuss his experiences and has a talent for getting people to talk about themselves, excellent for a radio or TV broadcaster.

Much has been made of Becks religious beliefs which he uses on his shows. Religion and belief is shown through Neptune and Jupiter. We find Neptune square to the 5th house Sun Mars Saturn conjunction. Neptune is spiritual and square Saturn so his beliefs are conservative. Neptune is in Scorpio the planet of transformation and rules alcohol and drugs. Glenn has openly admitted to being addicted to these, and the square to the Sun does suggest that he would be attracted to them. In 1994, the problem was particularly bad with Beck entering Alcoholics Anonymous and suffering with substance abuse; just as Solar Arc Jupiter, the planet of excess opposed his natal Neptune.

Jupiter feeds by sextile into the 5th house conjunction so it is natural for him to openly share his faith in his broadcasts. To add weight to this Sagittarius is on the cusp of the 4th house so we know that his home was a place where faith was encouraged and still will be. Jupiter sits in the 7th house along with Venus in Aries. Glenn is very sociable and will want to connect with a wide range of people and will actively (Aries) want to not only explain his beliefs and philosophies (Jupiter) but will also be receptive to other’s opinions. Venus here need a loving union and his wife will be very dear to him.

Right now transiting Jupiter is conjunct his natal Jupiter so he will be feeling to time to move on from what he has been doing and to expand his role. Transiting Uranus and Mars are opposing his ascendant so he will be taking affirmative action and transiting Neptune is trine his Midheaven so his work dreams are starting to become reality. Despite his disappearance from the daily TV schedules, you will be hearing more of Glenn Beck effect in the future.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Simon Cowell – Master of all that he controls, for now…


Who is the most powerful man on entertainment TV? Who seems to have the golden touch with whatever project he sets his mind to? In the UK over the past decade, there is only one candidate, Simon Cowell. Now, after wowing the US audiences for the past few years on Pop Idol, Cowell will finally bring his X-Factor show to the States.

Simon was born in Brighton on 7th October 1959 – I have no birth-time but looking at his chart I reckon that Simon was born around 21.45 in the evening. Certainly knowing that Simon followed his father into the music industry helps in a little in trying to tie down a birth-time for him. If anyone reading this article does know the exact time, please can you let me know.


Simon is a Sun sign Libra and I estimate his Sun to be in the 4th house which needs privacy. Simon seems to like it that way, happy to be in the spotlight at work, but it seems as if his home and private life he guards very carefully. The Moon is in the 6th house, which is the workaholic position; he is able to hold down 2 or 3 projects at the same time. Here we find a compassion for others, especially helping those in need. Cowell will have a love of children with a crowded 5th house, and his philanthropy to children’s causes and charities has been well documented. Simon takes his work very seriously with Saturn in the 6th too; he will also have a constructive attitude to his health and well-being. With Moon conjunct Saturn, Simon’s mother would have been very strict, maybe even cruel towards him. I have seen this aspect so often and it always checks out. Simon will also suffer more than his share of emotional disappointments. Saturn/Moon is trine Pluto/Venus, very intense and some people may find him too full on, his dedication to his everyday work too much, his criticism too harsh to bare.

The 5th house filled with Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Neptune just screams out entertainment. Neptune is also on the midheaven which confirms his father’s connection with the music industry (the Midheaven axis can represent the father and mother). Here is energy (Mars), music and TV itself (Neptune), big expansive shows (Jupiter) and his need to comment in them (Mercury) – the X Factor in one!! The Jupiter and Neptune are square and sextile controlling Pluto – Simon has ultimate control over how the show goes out and the music content too. Pluto square Jupiter is the money making aspect and with big business Scorpio (which Pluto rules) intercepted in the fifth house, Simon will think on a large financial scale about any show or project he puts out. Pluto is conjunct Venus in the 3rd house of communication. Venus in the 3rd house is smart and glamorous and he will definitely have a sense of what the public actually wants to see. Pluto in Virgo in the 3rd highlights critical comment and Cowell’s criticism is legendary, he is a powerful speaker and he will tend to bring others around to his point of view through his strong convictions.

Uranus is sitting in his 3rd house too, so he will have a good grasp of technology and innovation; he will be creative with his ideas. With Uranus trine his 5th house Mars, he will be ambitious, a bit of a risk taker and also often the man to get projects off the ground and to lead them forward.

Looking at the Solar Arcs, SA Sun is square Pluto which suggests a change in his working routine (he is quitting X-Factor in the UK and moving it to the US) however for once the boot will be on the other foot, and instead of him controlling UK TV schedules as he has tended to do, this time he himself will be under some measure of control by FOX. For someone who has been used to getting his own way, it ill be interesting to see how he takes to this. Down the line, in a year or two I can see this problem growing with SA Pluto conjunct Mercury next year, and SA Uranus conjunct his natal Sun in two years which suggests rebellious action or a break for freedom. Without a proper birth-time it is difficult to estimate how successful he will be in the US with his own creation, however if I am correct about the birth, Simon’s SA Saturn and Moon will be transiting through the 9th house of international affairs. I don’t think he will find it as easy as he has found it in the UK.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo – Freewheelin’ along in the 60’s

dylan and suze

Suze Rotolo, the former girlfriend of legend Bob Dylan, one the foremost inspirations behind his music has passed away, aged 67. Dylan said she lit up his life for the 3 years they were together and was the radical voice behind a lot of his work, she also inspired him to take up painting more seriously.

Suze was an intense, secretive Scorpio. The highlight behind Suze’s chart (20 Nov 43 – Queens, New York – no birth-time) was a T-square based around a Uranus/Mercury opposition. Uranus was in Gemini and Mercury in expansive Sagittarius. Here is the voice of the rebel, the dissenter, the one who wants to communicate change, and a supporter of freedom, especially abroad. Adding an aggressive and anti-establishment side to her nature was a Mars/Saturn conjunction also in communicative Gemini. From this conjunction,  Mars makes a intense quindecile to the Mercury – her voice was an angry one. The opposition energy was channelled by separate squares to a focus at a Moon/Jupiter conjunction (for this to be active she would have needed to be born probably before midday), the emotions again directed towards philosophy and an interests of an international nature.  This conjunction straddles Virgo and Leo, the moon in Virgo is a critical voice and Jupiter in Leo is fixed and stubborn. Suze travelled to Cuba when it was illegal to do so from the US in showing her opposition to the travel ban. This was a personal cause to her as well as emotional, the Jupiter representing her beliefs and travel squaring her Sun.


Suze was a woman who appreciated beauty and communicated it. She had a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Libra which formed that point of a wedge formation. That rebel energy from the Mercury/Uranus opposition was converted by trine and sextile into music and art. Later in her life, she taught art at a New York Art school, another manifestation of the Jupiter t-square.

This was a passionate lady, Venus sextile Pluto (intensified by the Scorpio Sun) would mean her relationships would be deep, but also combustible. There was another overseer in her relationships too. Pluto sits on her North Node, she had a controlling bond with her Mother. Whoever went out with Suze had the shadow of her mother over him. Maybe it was her influence that was the reason for Bob and Suze breaking up in 1964?


Lets look at the composite chart. We see shared beliefs communicated though emotion (Mercury sextile Jupiter/Moon). An anti-establishment, wanting to change Saturn/Uranus conjunction square the composite Sun, they spoke in opposition with one voice. There was determination, Mars trine Sun and creativity Uranus trine Neptune. There would have been an electric attraction between the two with Venus sextile Uranus, but with Venus conjunct Pluto which is also sextile back to Saturn, there were control issues and some authoritarian voice in the mix. Pluto conjunct Venus on a composite chart is difficult, often there is a intense union that will not last the course. It would have been memorable though, which Dylan has openly admitted.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Charlie Sheen – Constantly living on the edge

charlie sheen

What is it with famous people saying things out of turn right now? This week we had John Galliano the fashion designer, now it is Charlie Sheen who, in a very controversial radio interview made himself very unpopular with the creator of “Two & a Half Men” in which Sheen stars. The show was promptly cut following the outburst.

Charlie is a critical Sun sign Virgo in the creative 5th house, with his Moon in free and easy Sagittarius but hidden away in the complex 8th. That Moon in such an outgoing sign as Sagittarius here gives an element of putting your nose into other people’s business, the need to control other people’s affairs. It also lends a need for reform, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

His natal chart is very outgoing!! Sun in the 5th with Uranus and Pluto is an explosive mix. Very creative and self-destructive, the need to be crazy, wacky and different. He will have a riotous sense of humour. Opposite this combination is Saturn in the 11th, a huge need to be loved and appreciated, although that appreciation may not have extended to his father. With Saturn retrograde and opposite his Sun, Charlie would have craved love from him, something I suspect he never truly received. This opposition by sextile and trine feeds into the film and TV ruling Neptune in the 6th house. Here Neptune is not so well placed. Although visionary and very imaginative in a wide conjunction to Mars, it lends a disorganisation into the everyday life, and with a quindecile to the Ascendant, the need to escape from the everyday routine for Charlie is very necessary. Neptune rules drugs and alcohol and it is widely known that Sheen has entered rehab in the past, echoing the need of the Moon in the 8th. Charlie will be at the same time very concerned with his health and wellbeing, but simply may not be able to help himself. Any type of drugs will have a far reaching effect on him. Venus in sociable Libra also sits in the 6th in a creative sextile to Mercury. Here is the need to make people around him happy.


Charlie has a very generous 2nd house – 8th House opposition, Jupiter to Moon. Here is his giving side, he will be charitable and helpful to friends as well as those less well off; he will support groups and associations which support such causes. Personally, his attitude to money will be extravagant, if I got it I’ll spend it & flaunt it. Finally looking at the last of the major planets, we look at Mercury. It is in showy bossy Leo, Charlie will be outspoken and controversial especially at work with a quindecile to his Midheaven. In his quieter moments, he will also a bit of a bookworm and interested in history and the past.

The last solar eclipse of 4th Jan hinted that Charlie was due a reorganisation in his life, hitting in his 8th house of change. The transiting planets of the moment are clustered are around Charlie’s midheaven, his career. Sun Mars and Mercury all conjunct and are opposite his natal Sun, Pluto and Uranus and trine natal Mars – unwise, aggressive, critical words in a public setting have caused upset and the reorganisation I hinted of earlier. Transiting Uranus is also square his natal Jupiter, unpredictable over-the top behaviour and transiting Saturn is conjunct natal Saturn in the 6th house – a work relationship is being affected. I suspect that the best course for Charlie will be to go away, lick his wounds and find new creative challenges to get his teeth into.

**Update 8th March 11**

Just been announced that Charlie Sheen has been fired from his hit TV show Two and a Half Men. Quite frankly I am not surprised. The astrology said it was on the cards and there was always only ever going to be one outcome. The planets don’t lie…

Please also see my new Charlie Sheen post - Charlie Sheen - Sacked by CBS, time to move on - 8th Mar 11

Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Oscars – A look at the astrology of the ceremony


The Academy Awards or Oscars are the highlight of the film year. Millions of people around the globe tune in to watch the tiny gold statuettes given out to film making world. No other awards ceremony in the world comes close to the Oscars in terms of glamour or prestige.

As with “human” horoscopes, ceremonies have a birthday too and Astrologers can make charts out to follow their progress. The first Oscar ceremony took place in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in front of 270 invited guests. We know it was an evening ceremony, so I have tried to as much as possible guess approximately what time it started. From what we know of the history and the type of ceremony it is, I have estimated around 18.30 to be a possible start time and that is what the chart below is based on.


We know that the Oscars voting society is a very secretive group and of course film making is big business so I assumed a Scorpio ascendant would be most appropriate. That brings the Neptune (the planet of film) to the Midheaven in the international 9th house (this ceremony is a global event), the Moon also conjuncts the Midheaven, emotion always seems to be so prevalent when the winner accept their awards. We have a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus square Neptune, this is a celebration (Sun/Jupiter) of making film (Neptune). Venus sextiles Mercury bring a sense of style and beauty, Venus in Aries is very pushy and out in front – this is a big social occasion and Mercury in Gemini is communication at it’s height, the world’s press goes mad for the fashion and styles. Mars in Leo is all glitz and glamorous, exhibitionism at it’s most extreme. Pluto in the 8th house underlines that behind all the show there is big business at heart. There is a conservative edge too. Saturn sits in the second house. No financial awards for the winners, oh no. Just a simple gold statuette, all the publicity and prestige of this simple award is the reward.

jesse eisneberg

So who is going to win this Sunday? I looked at Natalie Portman last week and I am convinced she will walk away with the best actress award – her charts look so upbeat and her performance in Black Swan was astonishing. As for best actor, Colin Firth who has swept the board so far in all the awards ceremonies has not so many positive transits as he had last month. James Franco has Sun trine his North Node which is upbeat and in the limelight, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Jesse Eisenberg, the lead actor in the Social Network may just sneak the award as on the day of the ceremony he has a transiting Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter which is lucky and transiting Mars trine Saturn which is progressive (Jesse as a note has Sun and Moon is in social Libra plus technical Uranus in expansive Sagittarius as well as Jupiter and film ruling Neptune there too – he was born to star in this film!!)

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