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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Patrick Moore – The father of British astronomy


It was reported this afternoon that Patrick Moore, the TV Astronomer who brought the planets, stars and constellations to the masses on TV in the UK passed away aged 89. Patrick was a legend in the UK and a fine scientist too, appearing on his show “The Sky at Night” regularly since 1957, one of the longest running TV programmes on the BBC. I take a quick look at his astrology chart and at the man who brought Astronomy to a wider audience.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Stephen Hawking – Defying illness, age and medical expectations.


Professor Stephen Hawking was 70 years old today.  That is 49 years since he first suffered the symptoms of ALS, a variation of Motor Neurone disease. In this regard he is almost unique, as the normal life expectancy of such a condition is normally 10 years. Add to the fact that he is one of the most brilliant cosmologists and theoretical physicists in the world today, and this is a very remarkable man.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hwang Woo Suk – Controversial cloning scientist claims to have cloned eight coyotes.

Hwang Woo Suk

I love to look at people all over the world on this blog, and to keep my regular followers guessing to whom I am going to look at next. This time it is Korean scientist Hwang Woo Suk. Back in 2006 when Hwang was a national celebrity in his homeland, South Korea, he claimed falsely that he had perfected the cloning of human embryos. For his deception, he received a prison sentence, but the doctor having been released is now back in the news. This time he claims to have cloned eight coyotes, explaining that he had discovered a new cloning technique.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Albert Einstein – A true genius and visionary


Having a quick look back at some people who made the most of their talents and a mark on the world, here is a chart for the scientist Albert Einstein. A dreamy inspirational Pisces, he pushed forward the human understanding of the universe we live in revolutionising the study of Physics in the process. He took his work his pioneering work seriously, shown by Saturn in Aries in the 10th house of work and public status as well as his writing ( that Saturn conjunct Mercury) publishing over 300 scientific papers and over 150 non scientific ones.


The nature of his work can be seen by technically, scientifically minded Uranus in analytical Virgo positioned in the 3rd house of communication opposite philosophical Jupiter in scientific Aquarius in it’s home 9th house of beliefs and travel (he travelled extensively lecturing his discoveries across the globe). This opposition was square Pluto (the planet of the unknown and undiscovered) in Taurus (the planet of construction and the “physical” form). This T-Square configuration just screams out the explanation of the previously unknown secrets of the universe being finally made common knowledge to the world. With his Neptune in also in constructive Taurus sextile his Midheaven and trine his Uranus, he was able to dream the dreams that no man had dreamed before, and convert them into his life’s work.

With his Moon in the 6th house and his Sun at the focus of a mini trine with insatiable Pluto trine Mars in work based Capricorn,  Albert must have been a virtual workaholic, very disciplined in what he did, and not in anyway a gambler. With Mars in the 7th house his relationships would have been full of fireworks and conflict plus with Venus in Aries trine Moon in mutable Sagittarius he would have had an eye for women too. Not surprisingly, he had more than one lady in his life and he was married twice.