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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Rihanna – Standing strong in the face of a family tragedy


Can you believe that Rihanna is just having her first Saturn return. It feels like she's been around forever and yet she's only 29 years of age. Actually I’ve met Rihanna. It was a long time ago now at London Heathrow airport, and she was seeing off her mum who was travelling back to Barbados, before flying herself to New York with her “crew” of musicians and tour manager. This was just before her worldwide smash “Umbrella” and I remember asking her tour manager if her new album was any good. He was very confident at the time that there were a “few” hit songs on it. My word he was right!! That meeting stuck in my mind for quite a while, and now of course Robyn Rihanna Fenty is one of the most recognisable pop stars on the planet. I am pleased I met her, before fame came knocking on her door. Now tragedy has hit the Caribbean Queen of pop, as her cousin was gunned down in Barbados. She was pictured with her cousin Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne on Christmas Day. One day later he was tragically killed, and this must have been devastating for her and her family.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Zimbabwe in crisis – Political theatre, tanks, vested interests and China.


There is a very interesting power play going on in Zimbabwe at the moment, but what is really going on? Is there an official coup in progress against 93 year old President Robert Mugabe? Then again, he has been seen on the national TV service that the military now control, at home and seemingly in control. It appears that he is confined to home, but free to speak. What’s going on? Let’s take a closer look…

Monday, 16 October 2017

Harvey Weinstein - From Hollywood hero to zero

I have to say straight up that when I heard the news last week about Harvey Weinstein, I was naturally shocked, disgusted, and yet not that surprised. That's because in my time in working at London Heathrow Airport I actually had the dubious pleasure of encountering him. He was one of the, if not the most awkward, demanding and egotistical clients that I had ever dealt with. I was left with a sense of unease and utter relief after he had gone to his flight back to Los Angeles. My feeling was this was not a nice man, and when I have a feeling about someone, I'm often not so far from the truth.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bobby Womack - A true soul legend passes away...

bobby womack

Overnight it was announced that singer and songwriter Bobby Womack had passed away. This news touched my heart, as very briefly a couple of years ago I had the honour of meeting the great man himself - yes he was a true gentleman and a lovely man to talk to. Bobby as you may know grew up alongside such prominent artists as Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and Jimi Hendrix, and he wrote songs for many great artists including Janis Joplin and for the Rolling Stones.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Lou Reed – Forever taking a walk on the wild side

lou reed

You may or may not know that aside from being an Astrologer, music has always been a huge love and passion of mine. One of my abiding memories in my life was meeting one of my heroes Lou Reed at Heathrow Airport, and I didn’t even realise it at the time. I was suppose to collect and assist an unnamed band flying in from Switzerland who were coming in to do a few small gigs in the UK, and one of the party was this aging American guy in a dark scruffy leather jacket. He asked me to help him out to buy some bottles of water before I escorted him to his transportation. After a lovely chat and a warm handshake, he looked me in the eye and thanked me before getting on to his tour bus. When I talked to my colleague afterwards that I had sort of recognised him, he told me “Oh blimey, didn’t you know you were meeting Lou Reed !!”. Actually, I am glad I never knew, and I treasure the 5 mins that I oh so briefly got to chat with the great man. It is therefore with great sadness that I heard today that he passed away, aged 71.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Floyd Mayweather Jnr – A man of grace and brutality.


In the world of boxing at this moment in time, the pound of pound best fighter on the planet just has to be Floyd Mayweather Jnr. He is unbeaten, and at 36 is still almost impossible to hit. This weekend in Las Vegas he stands to earn an incredible $41.5 million dollars for his fight against Saul Alvarez. If it goes the full 12 rounds he will still be earning more than $1 million a minute. Floyd is an incredible character with some incredible habits but he knows the bottom line is winning and so despite some strange and outlandish behaviour, come fight night, the ultimate professional will step into the ring.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Facing the wrath of his own people.


The Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not been out of the news since he agreed for the demolition of Gezi Park, one of the few remaining green spaces in Istanbul to be bulldozed in making way for a shopping mall. Since the protest against the scheme began it has mushroomed from a simple environmental protest into a referendum of the leadership style of the Prime Minister who bluntly refuses to back down. After 10 years in power, Mr Erdogan is finding that the longer you sit in the top job, the lonelier it gets. Lets have a look at the Astrology of the embattled Turkish leader.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Patrick Moore – The father of British astronomy


It was reported this afternoon that Patrick Moore, the TV Astronomer who brought the planets, stars and constellations to the masses on TV in the UK passed away aged 89. Patrick was a legend in the UK and a fine scientist too, appearing on his show “The Sky at Night” regularly since 1957, one of the longest running TV programmes on the BBC. I take a quick look at his astrology chart and at the man who brought Astronomy to a wider audience.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Daniel Craig – The Bond actor with a warrior’s attitude.


Daniel Craig walks down the red carpet tonight at the Royal Albert Hall on the occasion of the official Premiere in London of Skyfall, the latest Bond film and Daniel’s third appearance in the iconic role of James Bond. Many think that Daniel is the best Bond since the original actor who took up the role of Ian Fleming’s character, Sean Connery and I for one would not disagree. Millions of people around the world are going to flock to the cinema to see Daniel star in his latest film, myself included, so I thought it was high time that I looked at his personal astrology chart and his similarity in character to Sir Sean.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

England cricket captain Andrew Strauss retires.

Andrew Strauss

Andrew Strauss is retiring from all forms of cricket relinquishing his position as England cricket captain. His reign has been hugely successful with two back to back wins in the Ashes series over Australia and his captaincy saw England rise to the number one team in the world. Lately however, England has been on a losing streak and internal battles with England’s star batsman Kevin Pietersen seem to have created serious discontent in the England camp.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Chris Martin - A glittering career with Coldplay blighted by hearing problems.

Chris Martin 2

Astrology can show up the most amazing things. In news reports today, the lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin admitted that he had been suffering for around 10 years with the condition tinnitus, a chronic ringing sound in the ears attributed he says to listening to loud music though headphones when he was young. The tinnitus as caused him severe headaches and he has resorted to using earplugs to protect his hearing and to prolong his music career. Will this condition affect him in the long term? Let look at his horoscope and to the stars to have a look.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Rihanna – The horoscope of the “Caribbean Queen of Pop”


I’ve met Rihanna. It was a few years ago now at London Heathrow airport, and she was seeing off her mum who was travelling back to Barbados, before flying herself to New York with her “crew” of musicians and tour manager. This was before her worldwide smash “Umbrella” and I remember asking her tour manager if her new album was any good. He was very confident at the time that there were a “few” hit songs on it. My word he was right!! That meeting stuck in my mind for quite a while, and now of course Robyn Rihanna Fenty is one of the most recognisable pop stars on the planet. I am pleased I met her, before fame came knocking on her door. Today she hits 24 years of age, and to celebrate her birthday, I take a look at the character of the Caribbean Queen of Pop.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Martin Johnson – Stepping away from England as he prepares for a new chapter in his life.

Martin Johnson

This morning, the England rugby coach and legendary player Martin Johnson formally resigned from his post after rather chaotic and unsuccessful World Cup campaign. Martin who had lead England to World Cup glory as a player in 2003 was unable to repeat the feat in a management role and the English RFU now will have to find a new man to take the helm.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mitt Romney - Christie endorsement a welcome boost to his chances to win the Republican nomination.

mitt romney
Mitt Romney is on a role, just as I thought he would be. He has just had a ringing endorsement from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who many in Republican circles thought might make a late dash into the Republican race himself. The backing not only gives Romney a real boost ahead of an important New England debate, but will swell his financial coffers too with the financial backers behind Christie, now turning around to lend their support to the former Massachusetts Governor.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs – The life of a true visionary. Apple’s inspirational chairman and former CEO dies at just 56.

steve jobs
This is a repost of the one I did back in February this year. Steve was one of the first people I looked at on my blog and from seeing his chart, I always thought that he would struggle to get through to 2012. Very unfortunately, my fears for him at the time have proved to be right, and cancer finally got the better of him. He passed away just as Saturn was starting to square his natal Venus opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. At the same time, transiting Uranus was square his nodal axis and transiting Pluto was approaching his North Node. Pluto signifies transformation, and in death I suspect that Steve will in time be put up there on a pedestal with some of the scientific and creative greats of the last 100 years. He is already being compared to Edison and Einstein, which is high, high praise indeed. Steve’s genius and vision of technological beauty will without doubt be sorely missed.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mitt Romney – Swimming with the tide. A look at the astrology of the Pisces Massachusetts governor running for President.

mitt romney

Mitt Romney is currently leading the polls in the race for the Republican nomination to take on Barack Obama in 2012. This time 4 years ago he failed in his attempt losing out to Senator John McCain. Are things any different this time around and does Mitt stand any chance of becoming president? I look astrologically at his chances.

Mitt was born on 12th March 1947 in Detroit, Michigan at 09.51hrs. There is a second potential birth time which is known to Astrologers of 10.00am but the difference is negligible, for the moment at least. Like his main rival Rick Perry, Mitt is a Sun Pisces and he has a Scorpio Moon and a Gemini Ascendant. Before I delve into the planetary details, it is interesting to note that Mitt has no planets in Earth signs like Hilary Clinton. Those without any planets in earth often lack grounding (an obvious but true statement) and common sense. Starting things off and leading from the front is not really in the nature of the Governor of Massachusetts too, as he only has one planet in a Cardinal sign, and this is spiritual Neptune. With 5 planets in water, Mitt is someone who feels his way through life. He has tremendous determination and staying power with 5 fixed planets, and he is flexible and can shift his position to suit the situation with 4 in mutable signs.

MittRomney natal
Mitt’s Sun sits in the 11th house in wide conjunction to Mercury and we also find Mars here as well. His strength is in being a team player. He will work best when as part of a group, association or in cooperation with friends. As such, if he does achieve the nomination, his potential running mate I think will prove crucial to his chances, as Mitt is the polar opposite to Barack Obama who is very much his own man and somebody who prefers to run things by himself. With Mercury and Mars in conjunction, Mitt has a sharp mind, his arguments will be clear and convincing and will snap back with a quick response if challenged; this man is a good debater and has a clever turn of phrase in his armoury. Mitt’s Mars is in Pisces so at heart he is naturally non-aggressive and will hold back if challenged to fight. Mercury retrograde is quite reflective, introspective and deep thinking especially when it comes to personal subjects, or things of an emotional nature. Mitt certainly will have a poetic way of communicating, but I suspect he lacks the real passion of emotion in his speeches to inspire the masses, like a Kennedy, Reagan or Clinton for example. The Gemini Ascendant will make him question every action and concept put to him, make him strongly independent and often seem on edge, he may suffer with nervous tension and anxiety.

The Sun and Mercury square to Uranus in the first house. This man likes to be original, to be an individual standing out in the crowd. He will thrive in a fast paced environment, but his energies and thoughts may become scattered once under pressure. Uranus is in Gemini, he may attempt to sort out too many things at the same time, with the risk of nothing ever getting completed. This is also compounded by the lack of earth in the chart. A Taurean emphasis would be so handy here, a steadying hand on the tiller and this is why I believe that above anything else, Romney will need to choose very carefully a running mate who is going to compensate for his lack of earth signs. Mitt will have a penchant and an interest for science, development and the latest technology.

The Sun makes a trine to the Moon and Jupiter closely conjunct in the 6th house of health and everyday work. Here is an optimistic link, someone who believes that luck and fortune is on his side, and generally it is. He has big visions and and will work and work and work to achieve them. Here is no lack of effort. He will be drawn to help people in whatever way he can, to fix what has gone wrong. The 6th house suggests that health will be one area that he will especially be compelled to sort out. This is a tolerant man who will forgive mistakes in others, a worthy aim but one in a politician which can signal weakness. He is emotionally generous, but also very secretive and he will want to know what is going on all around him. Scorpio Moons need to know everything. Scorpio Moon can cause one to be very controlling and even cruel in situations. The iron fist of a tyrant lurks beneath the gentle watery Piscean air that Mitt will portray. This all leads me to think that this could be a very difficult man to work for, sometimes helpful but also capable of being very ruthless.

The last formation on the chart is an extended wedge formation encompassing the 4 planets I have yet to look at. We see a heavy Saturn/Pluto conjunction across the nadir of the chart opposite to Venus conjunct to the Midheaven with Neptune sitting at the point of the wedge. The Saturn Pluto conjunction is capable of huge success in one’s life, it concentrates power, determination and ambition however, as with all the planets the fall side of these planets can be quite devastating. I have nicknames this formation the crash and burn connection, because I have seen so many people with these two planets in a stressful aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) abuse the power and status that it brings, only to suffer the consequences, Rupert Murdoch just recently comes to mind – he has an opposition. Mitt’s conjunction lies opposite to his Midheaven, so it doesn’t take much genius to imagine that a square aspect or opposition from a malefic transiting planet could cause his lasting harmful damage to his reputation. Saturn in the 3rd house makes Mitt rather staid and serious in his communication, he will like to be strictly accurate and light hearted exchanges of views are not really his thing. Saturn is retrograde, so we know that the love of his father was never very forthcoming. Pluto sits in the 4th house, indicating that the relationship with him was very close and controlling. His father would have had a huge influence over his upbringing, someone Mitt hugely admired and yet feared at the same time.

Venus sits in the 10th house in Aquarius. Mitt is married to his work and commitments as much as he is to his wife. Venus in this sign suggests that Ann his wife is very much his friend and that they got married in unusual circumstances, they married immediately after he returned from travelling abroad as a Mormon missionary in France. The trine from Neptune to his Midheaven shows the spiritual link to his early work, and Capricorn on the cusp of the 9th house shows Mitt’s serious attitude to religion. He will want to be known for contributing something positive to the world. If he does become President, watch out for a huge encouragement to the arts, to entertainment and to American creativity in general. This is something that Mitt will want to be associated with. Neptune trine to Venus shows a dreamy expressive quality that is quite lovely. There is a soft heart to this man, someone who will love movies and music, art, theatre and fantasy. Neptune in Libra can be “influenced” by those stronger or more persuasive around them, there is the potential for gullibility or maybe deception in this position and connected to this powerful opposition in the natal chart, this just could be an achillies heel in his personality that could be exposed in the future.

On first inspection of this chart, I would not really believe that Mitt has the confidence and go ahead authority to make it to the White House. No earth signs and just one cardinal planet is not exactly the driving force that America requires right now as the world financial crisis takes a grip. On the cusp of the 2nd and 8th houses, the financial axis on his chart, we find Gemini and Sagittarius which is very laissez fair in one’s attitude to spending and dealing with other people’s money. It is almost expansionist rather than restrictive!! None the less, the transits and progressions for Mitt Romney seem up to the 2012 election quite kind. He has very few oppositions or squares to deal with until the middle of next year, and in late Summer when the big decisions are being made to whom to chose as Obama’s opponent, Romney has some spectacular transits with Jupiter hitting his Ascendant in June, trine to his Midheaven in July as well as being conjunct his North Node. The fact that his main opponents in the race, Bachmann and Perry are so reactionary in their views may just count hugely in his favour. The tide seems to be flowing in his favour this time around.

In August, on 27th the day of the Republican Convention in Tampa, the transiting South Node will be exactly conjunct his Gemini Ascendant. This is a very uncomfortable place for the South Node to be for the subject. Everyone will be so pleased at the wonderful position he is in, but internally he will want to hide away, to be invisible, to disappear. If Romney does win the nomination, and with these planets in the year before this day it is very possible he will win, will the enormity of the position he will find himself in hit home? I think that they will. At that point, he will know that he faces a lion on the attack, the incumbent Leo President that is Barack Obama. Romney’s progressed Moon at that point will start to enter his large 12th house, a time of unravelling of the life, a time of enforced changes when one is kept in the dark while the world around him swirls with confusion and deception. Once you realise what is going on, often it is too late to react and so you have to accept what is really going on. Because of the size of Mitt’s 12th house, the progressed Moon will not exit into his first house until 2016. It does not fill one with a great amount of confidence looking ahead. At the end of August, Mitt will start to pick up a square from transiting Saturn to his Saturn/Pluto conjunction, just as Saturn enters Scorpio in late September. Maybe his beliefs will come under attack, Capricorn ruled by Saturn sit as I mentioned before on the cusp of the 9th.

MittRomney 27 aug 12

If you would like to read my updated assessment of who between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will win on 6th November 2012 please click on the following link below…

Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney – Who does astrology say will win the 2012 US Election?

****Update 1st February 2012 **** 

All abroad the Washington Express – A look at Romney and why he won the Florida Primary.

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Rick Perry – Reaching for the stars. The astrology of the Texas Governor turned Presidential hopeful.

The expected news came just before the weekend. Rick Perry has had ambitions to be President of the United States but until last week he had been keeping his gunpowder dry. Just before the Iowa straw poll, news came through that the Texas governor was entering the race to emulate his predecessor, one George W Bush. Is America keen for another gunslinger in the White House? I try to asses wether the Lone Star governor has got what it takes astrologically to make it all the way to the top.

Rick Perry was born on 4th March 1950 10 miles outside of Paint Creek, Texas at 10.40am. This time is not absolutely confirmed, but it comes from a Texas Astrologer, so the source seems like a good one

RickPerry natal

Ok What do we know about him?

Born in a rural cotton farm community where he lived and worked on the land with his family. Apparently it was a tough upbringing and on the cusp of the 4th house we find Virgo and also here is Pluto. Pluto infers the notion of being trapped or controlled. I can imagine that Rick’s home life would not have been a happy one.

As a boy we know he was an Eagle scout. In the 11th house we find the Piscean Sun, he will be a leader in groups and associations and social activities. Ricks friends will be a source of inspiration to him.

At school he studied animal science where he received a bachelors degree. On the Midheaven we find scientific Aquarius and in the house everyday routine and domesticated animals we find Neptune, conferring a real love for looking after them.

We know that Rick was trained to be a pilot and flew military jets while serving in the US Air Force in the Middle East and in Europe until 1977, he also very nearly became a commercial pilot. Mars is the planet signifying the military, and Mars in May 1950 was in social Libra, he was a military pilot turned social one. Mars sits in the 5th house of sports and physical activity and makes a trine to the Aquarian Midheaven conferring him with great technical skill in flying. Venus in the 9th brings fascination in travel and I am sure the chance to go abroad was one of the factors he used in choosing to go into the forces.

We know that Rick is an evangelical Christian. Jupiter is in Aquarius in the 10th house so Rick makes his faith an integral part of his public role. The Sun is in spiritual Pisces and his very conservative religious views are shown by stern Saturn sitting on the cusp of the 9th house.

We are now getting somewhere. Mr Perry’s appearance is always very clean cut, neat and sharp. Even at 61 years of age he looks like someone in their late 40’s which indicates someone who looks after themselves and their appearance, possibly a bit of vanity perhaps? Taurus ruled by Venus sits on the Midheaven showing that streak within him with Mars and Neptune now in the 9th. I understand Rick is a larger than life character and consistent with idea Jupiter is in square aspect to the Ascendant. This aspect reinforces the faith aspect tot his personality and gives him a bit of a lucky streak. 

Finally, here as they say in America “is the kicker”. Rick was encouraged to run for the presidency by his wife. Why did she have to persuade Rick to enter the race? It is because Rick lives under her thumb. Scorpio ruled by Pluto sits on the cusp of Rick’s 7th house. She controls (Pluto & Scorpio) him!! As I will show, her decision affected the race for the Republican nomination.

Right to the chart. Rick has a Sun in dreamy Pisces, the Moon in critical, conservative Virgo conjunct to Saturn, a Taurean Ascendant and a stubborn and erratic Aquarian Midheaven.

The Taurus Ascendant and Aquarius Midheaven give us a man who is a social organiser and a builder of his own little empire, it is in his nature. This is someone who has a very hard line and a severe public face. Rick is in favour of the death penalty, gun ownership, anti global warming and he wanted to go ahead with a $10 billion building programme of coal burning power stations, plans which were drastically reduced under the potential opposition of environmental litigation. All these issues, death, firearms, big business & heavy industry have been very controversial in nature, something that will follow him throughout his work life, he is a very divisive figure.

The basis of this chart are a couple of powerful oppositions. We have the Piscean Sun, dreamy and elusive in a tight opposition to the Moon and Saturn which is retrograde in the 5th house. A lot here to discuss. This opposition is across the 5th and 11th houses, the house of giving and receiving love. With Saturn in the 5th, this is a very reserved man emotionally. The Saturn/Moon combination tells me that Rick had a strict, hard working upbringing. Saturn and Moon together indicate a mother who was tough and critical on her son. Saturn retrograde shows that love was not forthcoming from his father either. Perhaps he was away a lot (unlikely as this was a family farm), or more likely he too was severe or maybe just cold on Rick as he was growing up. With the opposition to the 11th house Sun, I can assume that Rick’s self worth was severely dented as a child. The proof can be seen as Uranus in the 2nd house is exactly square to the Nodal Axis (otherwise known as the maternal axis). Here is a very cold and unpredictable relationship with his mother. The Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces is a very sensitive, even shy combination, prone to being hurt and very self critical. In his soul, Perry sometimes lacks motivation, sometimes he needs to be given a kick up the backside to force him into action. It also makes one over-react, to do too much to overcome one’s weaknesses. The Moon in the 5th shows such an over-reaction. Rick’s will dramatize all his reactions, they will be severely over the top.

Being belittled as a youngster I believe forced Rick into action to join the forces, just to prove to his parents that he was worthy. It is telling that he held back in putting himself forward to join the race, almost as if that self-doubt in his chart was holding him back. It took his wife to push him forward to join the race. I believe that his charismatic nature we know is a front, a smokescreen (a very Piscean analogy) hiding a much more timid and deceptive personality out of the public gaze. That charisma comes from the other opposition on this chart. Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius opposite to Pluto, forming a wedge with Neptune at the point. Jupiter and Mercury also make a trine to Uranus. This conjunction has great vision, big plans and Perry will be an electrifying, powerful speaker. Jupiter provides the scope, Pluto in opposition the depth, Neptune the grace and a poetic tone and Uranus in trine aspect allows sparks to fly. One thing to notice. This combination is great in rhetoric, but where is the detail behind it? Grand conservative social plans yes (Aquarius, Libra, Cancer) in a rather self-centred way (Pluto in regal Leo). There are no earth planets in this combination giving a grounding to the message. Uranus sitting in the 2nd house of finance rives Rick a rather reckless attitude to money in general. Is this exactly what The US needs in times of austerity? His record in Texas on the face of it does seem impressive, but drill below the surface and the picture is not so clear. The BBC says that Texas although the budget has been balanced still owes a lot of money in unpaid debts, the jobs that have been made are only low paid ones, probably taken up by immigrants and the standard of education has dropped through the floor in the state. Sounds remarkably like the situation in Britain, and see where that has lead us in the last couple of weeks!! Will all this be enough, and will the American system really focus in on what he actually has achieved?

The Sun and Moon opposition also contributes two more things to this chart. Firstly, Perry’s character and his emotions will work at cross purposes, so he will send out mixed messages, causing confusion in personal relationships. Secondly, the most obvious aspects often are overlooked on a chart as people are looking too deeply. We have Sun opposite Moon (conjunct to Saturn), a man versus a woman; a very powerful authoritarian (Saturn) one as well. One of Perry’s challenges will be to fight and defeat Michele Bachmann, who may take enough of the religious right and tea party support away from him, to let Mitt Romney who seems more moderate in his views take the centre ground. Finally before I move to look at current planetary movements, one last connection. Uranus sits square to the nodal axis. This indicates someone who generally is out of step with public opinion. When challenged why their views are so different, they tend to get irritated, insensitive or rebellious. Perry will have to hold his tongue in the Republican debates when his motives and especially his religious opinions are questioned.

I move to the transits and looking at what happened astrologically as Perry entered the race. Last week as Perry mulled over entering the fray, the transiting Sun and Venus were conjunct to Perry’s Pluto just before his announcement on Saturday 13th. A minor connection, but a significant one. With Scorpio on the cusp of the 7th as I suggest, the push from a female influence (Venus) on Perry’s Pluto persuaded him to enter the race. I think she fancies 4 years in the White House? As he spoke, the Sun was exactly quindecile to his natal Venus again highlighting the female influence on him. Transiting Jupiter was square the Aquarian Midheaven, Sun opposite his 10th house Jupiter and the transiting Moon conjunct it. Mars, highlighting communication in Perry’s chart (Aries on 3rd house cusp) was square to the nodal axis, putting his actions squarely in the public eye (sorry about the pun). The transiting Moon was also opposite to natal Pluto again highlighting his wife’s influence (Cancer on cusp of 7th) and his Scorpio Midheaven ambitions. 

How are things going to pan out. Well transiting Saturn is going to contact Rick’s natal Neptune in the middle of September which will be a debilitating influence. Natal Saturn sits in the 5th house and Neptune in the 6th, is this a risk he has taken that will suddenly go wrong, the 5th house is the house of affairs? The 9th & 11th houses are involved too, so does this situation have international connections with friends or groups? We shall see next month.  I believe this will be a critical time for him. In December 2011, Perry starts to pick up a transit that will last for him from that time through until the Presidential election itself. Transiting Pluto will square to Rick’s natal Mars and also square his Nodal Axis. Pluto is operating out of it’s own 8th house of change and transformation, Mars is in Rick’s 5th house of affairs, creativity and speculation and rules the 12th house of sacrifice and service. Pluto rules the 7th house of relationships, dealing with others and of open enemies. This square to the Nodes harks back to events in April 2011, when Pluto stationed exactly on Perry’s node before turning retrograde. This square is very destructive and accurately describes the wildfires which were affecting Texas at the time. Looking back, Perry was considered crazy by some at the time as he officially asked for spiritual help for Texas by declaring a 3 day period of prayer for rain as a cure for the disaster affecting his state. The divine intervention never came as the sun continued to beat down. Watch to see if Perry’s opponents jump on this weakness for using God as a panacea for all the ills and disappointments going on in America.

RickPerry speech

Looking at election day 6th November 2012 if Rick makes it that far, we have a mixed bag of transits for him. On the plus side, we have a nice sextile between transiting Jupiter and natal Pluto and a trine between Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter will also square the Sun, Moon and Saturn opposition. I feel the effect of over-confidence on this aspect, and in the process he will get a hit to the self-worth profile. Transiting Neptune will be square to his Taurus Ascendant on election day, not a very happy one and dissolving any dreams he will have. Neptune transiting the 10th house of work is also not an auspicious platform for launching a Presidential campaign. This will be a time when Rick will be unsure of his direction in life, and any deceit that he has been party to will come out, or then again may be deceived himself. Transiting Saturn also will be square natal Venus, this will be an emotionally depressing time.

RickPerry election

Having now got a definitive birth time, I am still not convinced by Rick Perry. As an outsider and somebody who is looking at this from a neutral perspective, I do feel that there does seem something false about his chart. A lot of bravado & charisma yes, but not so much substance. I also think he tends to hide behind his religious views too much. The other lingering doubt remaining with me is this. If he was so confident of winning, why didn’t he enter the race earlier, and why did his wife have to push him so much to get him to run? Something tells me he is hiding something. The less time you are under scrutiny, the less time there is to dig the dirt on him. As the competition heats up over the coming months, the planets will find out the truth.

**** Update 10th Nov 11 ****

I sort of knew it would happen somewhere along the line. During a live CBS debate, Rick Perry last night made a huge gaff when trying to remember all three government agencies he would cut if he became President. He remembered two, Commerce and Education but then he stumbled, and even asked his rivals if they could help. Fully 15 minutes later, he finally came up with the answer, the Energy agency. Fifteen minutes too late and his Presidential campaign seems to be falling apart. This happens as the transiting Nodes now are starting to square his Sun opposition to Moon/Saturn, Uranus was almost exactly square (0.04 degrees) to it’s own position and disorientating Neptune was approaching an exact square to his ascendant. I think we can now fully discount his chances (at least this time around) for him having any chance of becoming President in 2012.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

The Murdoch family, News Corporation and a father and son relationship under great strain.

Rupert and James Murdoch

Today I continue to look at the characters and events involved in the UK phone hacking scandal. This time on the hit list is James Murdoch the 4th son of billionaire and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, Rupert himself and his company News Corporation.

I have been through the outline of the scandal rocking the UK in previous posts, however the net goes out further than the cessation of the News of the World newspaper and the arrest of the aide of David Cameron. Central to the whole situation is the management of the UK arm of the worldwide media empire owned by Rupert Murdoch through his companies News International and News Corporation, the former of which is run by Rupert’s son, James.

Rupert Murdoch was himself the son of a wealthy Newspaper magnate in Melbourne, Australia. Born in Melbourne on 11th March 1931 at 23.55, Murdoch is an elusive Sun Sign Pisces with a pioneering Sagittarius Moon and a hard nosed Capricorn Ascendant. The Pisces Sun is tightly conjunct to Mercury at the point of a wedge formation with Saturn in Capricorn opposing a Pluto and Jupiter conjunction in Cancer. This is a hugely powerful wedge. Murdoch will see things his way (Sun/Mercury), has huge money making acumen (Pluto/Jupiter) and incredible drive and ambition to run things (Saturn opposite Pluto). He will be stern and uncompromising in his pursuit of success (Saturn in Capricorn in 1st house) and of course with Mercury and the Sun in Pisces, no surprise his business is based around creative media (TV ruled by Neptune) and the press (ruled by Mercury).  Murdoch is shrewd and a good strategist, and because Mercury is in Pisces he will “feel” what course of action to take to improve his position. He is private, hard to track down, studious (Sun/Mercury in 4th/ Mercury square Pluto) and very elusive, unless of course he has a desire to meet you. People work around Rupert’s schedule, not the other way around.

MurdochRupert natal

The Sun makes a quindecile to Neptune in the international 9th house, so this business is focused on having a wide reach all over the world. Pluto in the 7th will bring Murdoch to have powerful connections and contacts, however friends in high places can also turn into ruthless and nasty enemies if trust is breached. Remember in the stratospheric level that Murdoch networks in, his peers are and can be as ruthless and nasty as he can be. Saturn/Pluto oppositions can bring unimaginable success, but also catastrophic falls from grace when the opposition is activated. This one connects the first and seventh houses, dealings with powerful foes (Pluto in 7th in the house of open enemies) can bring hard lessons to be learned on a personal level (Saturn in 1st). Pluto conjuncts with Mars in the 8th house and this Mars also opposes to Saturn. When Rupert wants something, he will get it, no too ways about it. Through this opposition he will have incredible determination and willpower, but sometimes he will be too rash and impulsive and this will cause a setback. Not that it will deter Murdoch for long, he keeps on going, because he is unable to stop. The reason? He is obsessed by acquiring money and possessions. Venus sits peregrine in the 2nd house of finance. Not aspecting with any other planet, it’s effect will be very strong, especially emanating out of the 2nd. Murdoch’s attitude to women will be hot and cold with Venus in Aquarius, committed one minute then suddenly losing interest. Uranus in the 4th house suggest his home life would be disruptive and it is borne out in the fact that he is already onto his 3rd wife, 42 year old Wendi Deng who is 37 years his junior.

Now, Murdoch has bowed to British public and parliamentary pressure and cancelled his bid by News Corporation to fully buy out British Satellite Broadcaster BSkyB run by his son James who has ben embroiled in the middle of the scandal rocking the British media. How will he react with regard to his son and will he even consider pulling out of the UK media market completely? My feeling is that he will play for time, cutting out anybody who will damage the long term viability of his businesses in the UK rather than pulling out of the market completely. The 8th house of big business and change is not highlighted in the transits or Solar Arc charts, which is something I would expect to see if he was planning this course of action.

Putting the transits of the day against Murdoch’s chart is however interesting and accurately describes the situation Rupert finds himself in. Transiting Saturn is opposing natal Uranus and square to natal Jupiter. Saturn is operating out of the 10th house, so his work practices are being restricted because of family problems (Uranus in 4th house) and these restrictions are being brought about through open enemies, in this case the public and UK Parliament (7th house). Looking at how these restrictions will manifest themselves, Capricorn (Saturn) sits on the ascendant so Rupert the person or his personal actions will be affected. Sagittarius (Jupiter) is intercepted in the 12th house, so indicates that Rupert will have no control over what is going on leaving him isolated and suffering in some way. Finally Aquarius (Uranus) sits on the cusp of the 3rd house so this is a learning curve for Rupert, communication and media will be focused upon and changes will have to be made. I will look at a couple more aspects. Transiting Pluto conjuncts the ascendant and trines to natal Neptune. Here the self is affected (Ascendant) through actions from the 7th house (Pluto – powerful adversaries or those in control) and 9th house (deceptive practices in foreign media). Ultimately this will lead to a loss of power (Scorpio on cusp of 12th) and a finalisation of a situation (Pisces on 4th house cusp) possibly involving the family. Finally as this crisis ratcheted up, transiting Mars in the 6th was exactly square to natal Mercury in the 4th. Mars in the 6th indicated that his everyday work routine (6th) was being upset by the actions (Mars) of an employee (6th) in his media empire (Mercury) and this situation was impacting on someone in the family (4th).

MurdochRupert transit

That someone of course is his son James. He was born on 13th December 1972 in Wimbledon, London (I have no birth time for him). James has an adventurous Sagittarian Sun and a Piscean Moon, complementing his father’s Sun. More than likely his Moon would be in conjunction with his father’s Sun, so there is a natural affinity between them and no surprise to me that Rupert has seen James as his heir apparent. James’ Moon is difficultly aspected, squared by both Sun and Saturn (which is retrograde) forming a stressful t-square. This aspect suggests a problems between his mother and father (they divorced in 1999), the retrograde Saturn tells me that he never received the love that he needed from his father. As he needs to feel approval (Moon square Saturn), James will do anything to feel accepted by his father, and with a Sagittarian Sun, he has the instinct of a gambler. James is a bit of a risk taker and it is fine when you win, but it spells trouble in big business when you don’t. Saturn is quindecile Mercury, so James will not enjoy making speeches or speaking in public as a rule. He will have a serious demeanour and will appear as someone with the weight of the world on his shoulders. In someway, at only 38 and in such a high powered business position, it is.

JamesMurdoch natal

Also in Sagittarius is a Neptune and Mercury conjunction. Along with the Pisces Moon, there is a huge amount of creative talent on this chart, especially with regard to music which James will love. This will surely be his release away from work. In cutting his teeth in business, James ran record companies, which eventually were absorbed into the News Corp portfolio. James will like the creative side of the media business, however one thing he is not blessed with is huge common sense and logic, his mind will work in a non-linear fashion. The Neptune/Mercury conjunction is sextile to Pluto and as a result he will be interested in anything secret mysterious or unusual.

Uranus in Libra is at the point of a wedge formation fanning out to the Sun/Saturn opposition. James will like his independence and will not be afraid of using technology or non traditional techniques to forward his work ambitions. There is also a mini grand trine on this chart based around the Moon trine Mars/Venus conjunction sextile to Jupiter. Venus/Mars can be a little pushy and in Scorpio is very deep, emotional and jealous. There is a sting to his temper and huge determination to get the better of rivals. Mars in Scorpio sextile Jupiter in Capricorn is clever, very confident and hugely ambitious and associated with big achievers. One will be able to plan and follow a clear strategy and this aspect will give James a very professional attitude in his endeavours, however there is the risk of being over confident thinking that one can get away with almost anything.

Putting all these elements together, you can see a possible picture forming. James needing the approval of his father would be tempted to sanction his employees to risks to keep his newspapers at the top of the market. The allegations coming out of News International are truly shocking, and as more leak out, one does have to ask how far did these alleged practises go? Is it just contained within the UK, or does this contagion spread throughout the whole Murdoch empire, and just who has been victim to the same alleged illegal activity?   

James transit chart is very stressful. Transiting Neptune is exactly square natal Mercury so you can see deception (Neptune) and media (Mercury) causing him trouble. Transiting Uranus is trine natal Neptune – technology and bizarre practices (Uranus) used for these deceptive acts. Uranus is also square to natal Pluto and transiting Pluto is square it’s natal position too. This to me suggests a transformation in James’ life of some sort. Transiting Saturn is square natal Jupiter, so James over confidence will lead to difficult consequences, defeat and lessons for him to learn.

JamesMurdoch transit

Without James’ birth time, it is difficult to guess how this situation will pan out, however if the allegations do lead to his door, then father Rupert will have an agonising decision to make. To protect his own company, will he have to sack his own son? The transiting Pluto square Pluto aspect on James’ chart does not bode well for him. As much as he loves James as a father would, Rupert is a hard nosed businessman and I believe he would not shirk in his responsibilities. 

**** Update 29th Feb 2012 ****

James Murdoch today left News International in the UK being “moved” by his father to other duties in New York looking after pay TV expansion. Sounds like a bit of a demotion. He moves as transiting Uranus at 3 Aries is just one degree from exactly opposing James’ natal Pluto at 4 Libra. This will bring a great sudden change in his life and the power he wields. Transiting Neptune is also exactly square to his natal Mercury which is quite deflating. One wonders if he has a Virgo or Gemini Midheaven?

JamesMurdoch transits

This move is obviously designed to take him out of the line of fire in London, especially as the “Sun on Sunday” has now launched replacing the long departed News of the World. Does it show that James is more culpable than the Murdoch family have let on so far? I always thought there was a potential cover up between father and son, and the events of 29th Feb 12 only strengthen my views. I very much suspect he stayed just until the new newspaper was launched, and then by mutual agreement with his father he went to hide away in New York. The family business as such stays alive and well, for now at least…

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Justin Bieber – Discovered on YouTube, now being deleted from YouTube? A look at the horoscope of the teen pop idol.

justin bieber
The internet’s first mega worldwide pop star discovery, Justin Bieber is in danger of being banned by the very medium that discovered him in the first place. Bieber’s hit song, “Baby” has had so many “dislike” hits, (well over 1,000,000 at the last count) on YouTube, obviously by those either annoyed or envious by his success, that the video channel has been forced to consider pulling "Baby" off of the site, causing distress within Bieber’s army of female teenage admirers.

JustinBieber natal

Justin was born in Stratford, Ontario in Canada on 1st March 1994 at 00.56hrs. His Sun is in creative Pisces, he has a deep, hidden Scorpio Moon and an adventurous Sagittarius Ascendant. There are a couple of important things to note about the chart before I move on to look at the planets. Firstly this is a watery chary, six planets in emotional water signs and no planets in earth. As well as this, majority of the planets in this chart are either in fixed or mutable signs and there is only one in a cardinal sign. What do I make of this? Well a lack of earth is quite simple to explain. There is very little grounding to this lad, he will tend to lack practicality, resourcefulness and general common sense. Often those with a lack of earth planets tend to overcompensate by seeking that grounding in other people, expecting perfection and stability from them. Thus, he may be hard to live with, and he will tend to worry greatly. With a lack of cardinality in his chart, he will tend to follow trends and things that he knows, rather than pushing back the boundaries and trailblazing new forms of music. He will be reactive rather than visionary. In my view, a star for the moment, rather than one who will stay at the top lasting  the test of time. That’s not to say he will give up on music when his star wanes, this chart screams out creativity and he will continue to write and to play. Finally as an overview, almost all of the planets sit in the Eastern hemisphere, suggesting that Justin is interested in his self rather that considering the needs of others. Such an imbalance can lead to a certain level of selfishness.

Right looking at the planets and aspects within the chart, we have a loaded 3rd house including the Sun. Here we find Saturn, Mars and Mercury joining the Sun in Pisces which is intercepted in the 3rd. Venus also conjuncts this stellium from the 4th house sitting in Aries. Communication and the local environment will be important to Justin, however despite his worldwide fame, Justin will remain quite a reserved, even quiet character. The Saturn conjunct to the Sun sees to this, despite the more outgoing Sagittarius ascendant which suggests the temptation to live a party lifestyle. Justin’s father left his wife and remarried and this conjunction clearly illustrates a lack of love received from his dad. Pluto’s close connection with the Nodal axis shows a deeply close bond between Justin and his mother who brought him up as a single parent.

Justin will be attentive and keen for knowledge (Mars/Mercury) and  he will have a mental ability to be creatively constructive – by this I mean that his mind will work in poetic sort of way, song writing and creating lyrics will come naturally to him.  This creative urge will remain very high in his list of personal importance throughout his life. The Sun (along with Venus) trines to Jupiter bringing him plenty of optimism and making a wedge formation with the Midheaven a fair slice of luck in his public, home and work environment. The Mercury/Mars conjunction will also contribute to him a sharp temper which square to Pluto and trine to the Moon can come out in an emotional rage. He will have a sympathy and understanding to the needs of women and will always probing beneath the surface of any issue to get to the truth. Justin will be suspicious of other people’s motives, and this can lead to worry and irrational fears.

I get the feeling of the threat of paranoia over this chart. This is probably compounded by the Moon sitting in Scorpio in the 11th house. The Scorpio moon needs to know everything going on around you, and if it doesn’t panic may set in. This is a controlling, emotional Moon, bubbling under the surface. On the outside is calmness personified, on the inside is a cauldron of emotion. If Justin isn’t in control of his life, then trouble may brew for him. The other problem aspect on the chart is a square between Saturn and Pluto which conjuncts his ascendant. This can bring enormous success, but also personal breakdown and transformation.

He will have three places of solace as far as I can see. At home, on stage and with close friends. Venus in the 4th house brings a love of home-life and of family – he will feel settled here. With the Moon in the 11th house, close friends and groups he will be associated with, maybe charity based especially as Jupiter sits in the 12th house of serving and sacrifice. he will be very charitable to those less fortunate or people in need & this will bring him great joy and comfort. The last place of course is performing. Neptune sits with unpredictable Uranus in the 2nd house of money and finance. This conjunction explains exactly how Justin was discovered. Neptune in the 2nd often shows a career in creativity and Uranus rules technology. Where was Justin discovered? On the internet via YouTube.

Back in 2008 when he was found on YouTube by his future manager Scooter Braun, Justin’s Solar Arc chart showed up Justin’s fortunate discovery perfectly. Solar Arc Jupiter was bang on his Ascendant heralding a brand new international direction for him, as well as conjunct Pluto bringing him huge slices of success. Solar Arc Mars (ruling Justin’s 5th house of creativity with Aries on the cusp) was conjunct his natal Sun so moving forward in his creative pursuits and Solar Arc Sun was sextile natal Uranus highlighting the connection through the internet (Uranus through Aquarius) rules the 3rd house of communication. The luckiest of lucky breaks.

JustinBieber 2008
Right now the dream is well and truly alive with Neptune quindecile his Midheaven so his music and creation is being focused across the globe. However problems may lie ahead in the road. Transiting Neptune will soon connect with natal Saturn at 3 degrees Pisces which as I mentioned before squares Pluto and the Ascendant. This aspect will begin to show itself at the start of next year and will continue through until that start of 2014 when Neptune finally moves out of range. This is a slow transformation of the teenage Justin, which will move him on into a far more mature person. However with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto involved I fear this change will be a disorientating and quite difficult one for him. Moving from teenage pop sensation to a more mature adult star is an idea of the journey that awaits Justin with all the temptations of money, drink and maybe drugs (all ruled by Neptune here on this chart). I hope he keeps that serious head (which he does have) firmly on his shoulders.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rachael Weisz and Daniel Craig – A newlywed couple swimming in the same direction

weisz craig

Over the weekend James Bond actor Daniel Craig was married to Oscar winning actress Rachael Weisz. To all accounts, they had been dating since Christmas, so this is quite a swift decision by the two of them to get married.

Both Daniel and Rachael are Sun sign Pisces, Daniel was born on 3rd March 1968 in Chester, England and Rachael on 7th March 1970 in London. For them to have tied the knot so quickly, there must have been an instant connection between them and looking at the astrology it bears out very well.

Craig Weisz synastry

Rachael has a Sun Moon conjunction in Pisces which conjuncts also with Daniel’s Sun. A Sun/Moon conjunction is the archetypal marriage aspect, one partner’s personality merging with the other’s emotions, they complement each other very well. The other really powerful tie between the two is that Rachael’s Sun conjuncts exactly with Daniel’s North Node. There will be a very powerful tie between them, almost like that they have met before somewhere. Some believe that the Nodal axis shows our past lives and our future direction, and a Sun and North Node connection is the indication that indeed these two were together in a previous existence and are continuing to settle issues that were left over from their previous lives.

Elsewhere on the synastry chart, there is a dynamic connection between Rachael’s Venus being opposite to Daniel’s Uranus. There will be an electric attraction between the two. Both Daniel and Rachael’s Mars sit in go ahead Aries so there will be plenty of fiery passion, and Rachael’s Uranus sits opposite Daniel’s heavy Mars Saturn conjunction. She will challenge Daniel to break free from old routines and push him to do new exciting ventures. Will her influence pull him away from the Bond franchise where Daniel has become a household name? One thing for sure is that Rachael’s Mercury sits opposite Daniel’s Jupiter and her Mars trines it too so communication will be free and open and there will be a lovely optimistic feeling to this union. They will need a fair amount of freedom to make this marriage truly work which being actors they will surely get. 

On the composite chart which is a more long term view of the relationship. There is a wide yet nice Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction which is loving and good for communication. Also we see a Pluto, Uranus & Jupiter conjunction opposite to the Moon. This opposition shows plenty of heavy emotion, possibly jealousy if problems arise and a need for freedom and space within the relationship however Jupiter adds a lightness of touch and a willingness to do things together which is very helpful. The opposition forms a wedge with Neptune at the point, very much a sign that this is a creative union (Neptune rules the film industry) and there is a dreamy, fantasy edge to it. Neptune squares both Venus and Mercury so they should try to avoid deceiving one another, less there may be great disappointment however there is plenty of love, kindness  and sympathy between the two. The only other possible down point is a conjunction between composite Mars and Saturn. This can be difficult to live with, when one says go, the other will stay stop, one will be hot while the other is cold. They may be constantly getting in the way of each other, which may need to cutting remarks or sarcasm. Work commitments should allow each other plenty of space and hopefully ease any tensions between them.

Craig Weisz composite

No union is perfect, but these two fish seem very happy in the same pond and I think there is plenty of good aspects to outweigh any difficult ones. Having both been through broken marriages before, I think they will try hard to make this one work and I believe that they have a decent chance of having a long happy life together.