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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tony Abbott sweeps to victory in Australia


Tony Abbott is the new Prime Minister of Australia. In reports coming out of that country he seems to have won a large victory with his Liberal National coalition ousting the Labor party that had been in power under Juila Gillard and latterly Kevin Rudd in the past 6 years. I mentioned many months back that he might be the beneficiary of political infighting between Rudd and Gillard and that is exactly what happened. Is this a ringing endorsement of his own policies, or a backlash against the weakness and division in Labor. Let’s have a look at what the Astrology says.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Oscar Pistorius – Arrested for shooting his girlfriend and charged with murder.

Oscar Pistorius

This morning in a suburb of Johannesburg, Oscar Pistorius, known in sport as the “Bladerunner” because of his iconic prosthetic metal running blades allegedly shot his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. As I understand it, the shooting could have been a tragic accident with Oscar possibly mistaking her for an intruder entering his home in the middle of the night, although the South African police admitted that there had been some “violent domestic incidents” at his home before. The astrology that I am about to explain suggests there may be more to this incident than meets the eye. South Africans do have a rather paranoid attitude when it comes to protecting their properties, and it may be that worry and insecurity played a part in this dreadful incident too. Oscar is currently being held on murder charges by South African police and will attend a court hearing at 14.00 hrs today.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Michael Winner – Larger than life and full of fun

Michael Winner

Michael Winner passed away today, the director of the Death Wish films featuring Charles Bronson. In his film directing career, he worked with such actors as Marlon Brando, Oliver Reed (can you imagine these two together!!), Anthony Hopkins and Michael Caine. He also wrote, was a newspaper columnist in the UK and food critic too. He was born on 30th Oct 1935, and was a larger than life individual.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Hillary Clinton – Blood clot drama predicted by November’s Solar Eclipse

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the current secretary of state has been struck down with a blood clot on her brain and is being monitored in hospital. As I understand it, early in December Hillary fell ill with a stomach bug in Europe on a trip to meet European Union leaders, after which a few days later she collapsed from exhaustion hitting her head later causing a concussion. Now a blood clot has formed and affected her a couple of weeks later. Looking at the astrology, there is a definite link between her natal chart, this incident and the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ellie Simmonds – The astrology of the golden girl of Paralympics London 2012

Ellie Simmonds

I don’t whether the same joie de vivre is being felt around the rest of the world in reaction to the Paralympic Games, but here in the UK, the feeling I get is just as exciting and maybe more so at the incredible athletic achievements which all these wonderful athletes attain. Talking in British terms, by far the most high profile of these competitors at the Games is the swimmer, Ellie Simmonds. Tonight she is going for a 3rd gold medal at these wonderful games, and when I looked at her amazing chart I just had to do a post on her.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chen Guangcheng – A thorn in the side of the Chinese leadership

Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng has recently become a focal point for those who complain about the authoritarian line taken by the Chinese rulership. Developing almost total blindness after birth, he still was able to study law and represented the poor in his home province, especially fighting against the one child per couple rule. As a result of going against party policy, he was arrested and put in jail for 4 years and after being released in 2010 was confined to house arrest in Dongshigu Village where he grew up. After a video last year of his wife and himself being beaten up was received by Amnesty International, his case was taken up by the British Foreign office and US State department. Somehow he escaped from custody and fled to the US Embassy in Beijing, however he was injured in the attempt and a deal seems to have been reached for him to receive medical attention. Latest news states that the Chinese have threatened his beat his wife and child prompting him to come out into the open, and in the process raising the diplomatic tensions between the US and China.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Prince Johan Friso – Dutch Prince fights for his life after avalanche.

Prince Johan Friso

A nasty accident in the Austrian Alps in the past few days. Dutch Prince Johan Friso, second Son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was caught in a sudden avalanche in the ski resort of Lech. He was rescued after being covered by snow for around 15-20 minutes and now is fighting for his life in hospital.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Demi Moore – Having problems dealing with separation


It is sad seeing any relationship breaking down and some people deal with the heartbreak better than others. Demi Moore is visibly having a tough time after her marriage to Ashton Kutcher who is 16 years her junior started to fail. She has noticeably lost weight recently and the worry and stress of the whole situation can be seen over her face. Looking at the her astrology chart, it is very noticeable why she is taking things so badly.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Jimmy Savile – Eccentric and charitable, the DJ who was loved, but never properly understood.

jimmy saville

Sir Jimmy Savile was an enigma. One of the pioneering DJ’s of British pop culture, an iconic figure who was huge figure on radio in the 60‘s and 70’s and during the 80’s was instrumental in charity events and fun runs, raising thousands of pounds for people in need and appearing on Jim’ll Fix It, a programme which granted the dreams of countless children who wrote to Jimmy from across the length and breadth of the UK.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Marg Helgenberger – CSI actress bowing out at the top. A look at her horoscope and her character


Marg Helgenberger in the past few days announced that she had decided to leave the hit TV series CSI “Crime Scene Investigation”. I for one will be sorry to see her go, as it is one show that I have been hooked on since I discovered it – must be my Mars in Scorpio that draws me in. She leaves at the end of series 12 after an incredible 11 year run playing the character of Catherine Willows.

Marg befitting of someone who is in the programme a forensic detective, is a Sun Sign Scorpio, born on 16th November 1952 at 09.38am in Fremont, Nebraska. She has a cool yet very glamorous Aquarius Moon and a free and fun loving Sagittarius ascendant.  The Sun sits in the 11th house of friends groups and receiving love in conjunction with both Venus and Jupiter. This is a very fun loving combination full of optimism, love and generosity, yet also deep, emotional and secretive with it. Marg will be very popular with all her friends and colleagues and will be very generous to causes that she finds worthy. Marg’s mother did suffer with breast cancer, indicated by the Moon (which represents the mother) receiving a close square to Neptune which does weaken the health and a nasty inconjunct (150 degree) aspect from destructive Pluto. As such, this is a charity that Marg has taken to her heart.

MargHelgenberger natal

That Moon is in Aquarius in the 2nd house. This is a very caring place for the Moon to be placed and often you find this is the place of the social servant, somebody who needs to put themselves out to the public to be judged. In acting you put yourself out to be criticised every time she makes an episode. With the Moon in Aquarius, Marg will shine in the limelight and glare of the TV and film cameras, she will love the attention, but as with all Aquarius placements there will be a cool air to her, hard to get close to. This is echoed by Saturn sitting in her first house. The motivation behind her acting career will be monetary and the ability to build security and a comfortable life for herself. These she will closely guard and add to; often the houses of people with second house Moon are a veritable treasure trove, they never throw anything away and are great hoarders. Antiques and collectibles will definitely catch her eye.

Gathered around the Sagittarian ascendant we find Saturn and Mercury, Saturn in the 1st house and Mercury in the 12th. Marg will have a serious side to her personality. She will tend to be careful in any project she takes and will approach it in a mature and disciplined manner. She will appear as the strong and silent type, only offering up an opinion when she absolutely has to give one. Saying that, she will have a very methodical mind, excellent powers of concentration and no little intelligence; this is one smart lady. With Saturn and Mercury in trine to Uranus, she will embrace any technology and scientific forms of progress, so long as it can be proven useful to her; she will have a healthy scepticism of life in general. One thing that Marg will be very conservative in will be her beliefs. She will take her politics and faith very seriously, so much so that her she may prevent herself from appreciating other peoples point of views just through her own rather dogmatic ways. Marg is very stubborn having no less than 7 planets in fixed houses. When she digs her heels in, not even heaven and earth will move her.

We find Neptune in the 10th house of work and career. Neptune here often conveys a confusion especially when young in the direction one wants to go career wise. Neptune does have medical connotations and the desire to serve, and Marg growing up had a desire to be a nurse like her mother was. Notice the link back to the Moon in the social serving 2nd house, her mother (the Moon) cared for people. Of course, Marg found acting and Neptune here is a lovely fit as it rules creation films and TV. Neptune makes three connections to other planets, one to the Moon, the second to Jupiter in conjunction and third to Pluto in the 8th house. Both Pluto and Uranus are found here. Pluto in the 8th is strong sitting in it’s own house. It gives Marg an interest in death and the darker side of life. Before she took on her role as Catherine Willows, she visited autopsies in progress to research her role. Typical of a Sun sign Scorpio to go to exceptional lengths to get it right. Combine the 3 aspects to Neptune, Jupiter and it’s traditional connections to the law, the Moon and the need to be in the spotlight with Pluto and the dark side and you have the synopsis for CSI and the reason for her success. Indeed, had she not been an actress, her chart would have lead me to think that a career in investigation would have been very suited to her.

Uranus also is in the 8th and so Marg’s life at times will be subject to dramatic change, Uranus makes a trine to her ascendant, so all of a sudden she will cut her ties and go off in a new direction. True enough, when Marg announced her divorce to her husband Alan Rosenberg in Dec 08, transiting Uranus was square to her ascendant and quindecile to Pluto signifying a significant change in her life. Previous to December 2008, Uranus would have made a square connection to Mercury, ruling her 7th house of permanent relationships through Gemini on the cusp of the 7th. The problems with her husband would have started at least a couple of years earlier. 

In love and in relationships, Marg will be passionate and very emotionally involved. This shown by Venus sitting in deep Scorpio opposite to Mars in the 5th house in Taurus. Mars opposite Venus is very amorous and very determined in getting the object of one’s desires. She will be very forward and determined, so when she falls for someone, she will make sure she gets her man. Mars in the 5th loves sport, competition and games of any description, there is a huge desire to be number one.  Marg will have huge reserves of energy, able to work and work until she drops. It takes a hell of a lot of commitment to do 12 series back to back of any TV series, let alone one as complicated and involved as CSI. She certainly had the commitment and desire, but now she has decided that it was time to move on. Looking at the transits it is easy to see why.

MargHelgenberger transit

Everything on Marg’s transit chart has been saying to her change. Uranus which I spoke of earlier has been sextile to her natal Moon, Cancer ruled by the Moon is on the cusp of the 8th house of change. Transiting Pluto is sextile to her natal Neptune, encouraging her to find a new TV role and is trine to it’s own position in the 8th house of change. the transiting North Node is exactly conjunct her ascendant, a shift in her life path is now due, and transiting Saturn is exactly conjunct her Midheaven, representing her public role. Saturn is reinforcing the message to be ambitious and to move on while she is at the top. Astrologically, for her it was exactly the right thing to do – maybe with Pluto & Uranus in the 8th house and an interest to unusual subjects like astrology, an astrologer advised her. Not myself I might add. With a great and successful TV career behind her now, I am sure it will not be long before she will find a suitable role to get her teeth into.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio – Looking at the horoscope of Hollywood’s highest earning actor.

Leo DiCaprio

Riding high on the back of the success of the wonderful film Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio has been the highest grossing film star of the past year, increasing his bank balance by a cool $77 million. I delve into the horoscope to find out the hidden motivations of the somewhat reclusive star to see what make Leonardo tick.

Leo is a Sun sign Scorpio, born on 11th November 1974 at 02.47am in Los Angeles and his Moon and Ascendant are in socially savvy Libra, the Moon sitting in the first house. You notice straight away that all of the planets are based in the eastern hemisphere of the chart except one, Jupiter. This suggests someone who is concerned about the self, with a me first attitude. There is one big exception to this which I will expand on a bit later.

LeonardoDiCaprio natal

The Sun sits in Scorpio the 2nd house of personal possessions and self worth closely conjunct to Venus. This conjunction continues into a wide stellium connecting Mars also in the 2nd house through to Uranus and Mercury just into the first. The Sun in Scorpio is quiet, private and deeply emotional in the 2nd. Leo will have great faith in his own abilities and very tied to wealth and his personal possessions. He will have a very unassuming nature, being kind and thoughtful and will want to lead a comfortable life of luxury. With an interest in economics and finance, one would assume had you not known this chart of an actor, that this would be the chart of a businessman. I suspect Leo sees his acting career as a vehicle for financing a luxury life for himself. The Sun and Venus make trines up to Saturn in the 10th showing that Leo has controlled ambition & will set himself achievable goals. In relationships, Leo will attracted to loyal stable women. I suspect that superficiality will be something he will not seek in a partner, he would rather be with somebody who stays true and has nothing, rather than someone who owns the world, yet plays around. Difficult to find in the Hollywood bubble, and as such he remains a very rich and eligible single guy.

Mars in the 2nd in Scorpio shows he will have a rather reckless attitude to spending (although he can afford it) and a very passionate nature, yet extremely private. Here is someone who once he wants something will go to all extremes to get it. Leo will also be a person who will from time to time suffer with jealousy. Mars in Scorpio is very vengeful (I know as I have this position too) and he will want to get even with anyone who wrongs him. All this will boil underneath the surface, only noticeable to those closest to him.

Moving around the stellium, we reach Mercury and Uranus in the 1st house in Libra. Leo has a very independent air about him. Sharp, intelligent, wanting to do his own thing he will take his own time in choosing what projects he wants to support. Sure he will have a social side to his choices (Libra is a very social sign) in knowing what his public wants, however he will always be drawn to doing something a little different, more against the grain, challenging the normal perceptions people have of him. Uranus conjunct Mars likes to test oneself and push one’s abilities to the maximum. Those on the set will know a temperamental man, edgy, restless, straight to the point and very frank and honest in his views. 

Also in the the first house we find Pluto conjunct to the Ascendant and conjunct to the Moon. Moon/Pluto people are very deep, intense, driven to do their own thing and wanting to control their own lives. They feel to the very core of their being and when they are passionate about a cause, they will move heaven and high water to achieve their aims. I think this is the key to Leo, the passion and dedication he throws into his work. He quite literally lives the parts. Note all the aspects from the Sun, Moon, Uranus, Mercury and Pluto up to the Midheaven – here is a flood of energy being directed at his career. It is interesting that Moon Pluto is very subtly manipulative as a combination. Leo will have the ability to bring others around to his way of thinking, just through the power of his convictions. Mind control was the main subject of his latest film Inception, it fits doesn’t it?

Pluto conjunct to the Moon always hints at a controlling and rather strict mother. Leo’s parents split when he was just one year old and so he had to grow up in a broken family. Looking to two of the two planets I haven’t yet looked at we see the proof. Saturn sits retrograde in Cancer square to the Moon. Saturn retrograde always indicates a lack of love received from the father in the growing up process and the square aspect shows that he had a difficult relationship with her. A difficult one, but a close one.

Looking to the North Node, the maternal axis, we find it closely conjunct to Neptune. It was his mother who pushed young Leo into the creative world of acting and TV (ruled by Neptune) at just 5, confirmed by the fact that Pluto lies 5 degrees from the ascendant. Those first baby steps in front of a camera were to change his life path. Neptune lies in the 3rd house of the local environment and in Los Angeles, TV and Hollywood was his local environment. The 3rd house is the house of communication, and through the medium of film was the intensely private Leo’s preferred way of getting his message out. Neptune sits in Sagittarius square to Jupiter in Pisces. Here are planets in mutual reception, they work together beautifully. The film industry helps Leo to travel and experience new cultures (Jupiter) and his notoriety and success helps him in his other passion, eco conservatism. This is the one side of Leo that goes against the more self-centred side of his personality. Jupiter sits in the 6th house, traditionally ruled by Virgo; an earth sign. People with powerful placements here are often fond of the countryside and of nature. This Jupiter is part of a grand trine, with Mars in the 2nd and the Midheaven in Cancer. Leo will use the money he earns from his films (Mars in 2nd) to give generously (Jupiter) to conserve and protect (Cancer) plants and animal species.

LeonardoDiCaprio transits

Just recently, Leo has been starting a new 28 year cycle of growth. His Saturn is now starting to progress through his first house so the success of Inception which happened as Saturn transited his ascendant has now passed. This probably means that we will not see so much of him in the coming years, maybe making fleeting appearances in films he feels worthy to do. Saturn as it transits through the first to 3rd houses always means one takes a lower profile in things. It doesn’t mean that we won’t see much of him this year and into next, as a lot of work is already in the can. Transiting Jupiter will oppose Sun and Venus in March 2012 around Oscar time, so it is quite possible Leo will be only adding to his list of filmic achievements. I suspect afterwards, in a couple of years time as Saturn hits the second house of finance and making things, he will start to take an even more active role in his conservation interests, maybe spending time abroad and building on the work that he has already done. Also, watch out for some type of news with him involving women in the next month or two which will affect his public standing as transiting Saturn conjuncts his natal Moon affecting in turn his Cancerian Midheaven. The exact hit will be in early September 2011.

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pablo Picasso – The astrology of a uniquely talented artist


For the first time in 60 years, Picasso’s "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust", currently the world’s most expensive painting sold at Christie’s in New York for $106 million, has gone on display at London’s Tate Modern gallery on the South Bank. It gives me a good reason to look at the horoscope of one of the most unique artists ever born.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on 25th October, 1881 at 23.15 hrs. He was a Sun Sign Scorpio with a Sagittarius Moon and a showy Leo Ascendant. The Scorpio Sun sits in the 4th house which is very secretive and private, the home where he would work would be an emotional place for him. The Moon sits in the 5th house of creativity and art in conjunction with the North Node. This suggests three things. Firstly a very close association with his mother, secondly an appreciation of all things female, especially the female form and thirdly this application of art and females in general was Pablo’s destiny and calling in life, the North Node always highlights the direction or achievements one should aim to fulfil in one’s life.


Sitting with the Sun in the 4th House is Mercury in Scorpio. The brain here is introspective and it encourages you to make a record of you life and experiences, this he did in physical form. Mercury in Scorpio makes the brain want to learn through emotions & experiences and bestows great manual creative ability, especially in building things like sculpture and pottery. Venus in the 3rd house in Libra is very sensitive, gives a love of colour, beauty and a love of style. There is a need to communicate about relationships and be with creative people. Paris in the early 1900’s where Picasso lived was the art capital of the world at the time and he became good friends with Matisse and other artists. Venus sextiles the Moon which reinforced the importance of style and colour in Pablo’s creations. In the 2nd house we find Uranus, the rebel planet in Virgo. Here is a need to experiment but in a very precise way, creativity combined with a carefully planned structure and a self critical attitude. Picasso would have had a reckless way with money and possessions, I dare say that he really didn’t understand the value of the work he was creating. Uranus suggests that money would be earned in an unusual or unconventional way. Mars sits in Cancer in the 12th house. The Martian energy here is directed to putting your energies to the benefit of others rather than of yourself, there is also a direct need to protect those you love or care about. Pablo would probably be irritable and difficult to live with, and would have been secretly angry if his work did not come out as he wished, sacrificing or destroying it in a fit of rage. Mars is square Venus, Pablo’s would have had many female admirers and relationships; love, romance and sex would be a subject that Picasso would be forever fascinated with. These relationships would have been stormy and beset with problems, especially as we see that Mars is also sextile Uranus; here was a restless, rebellious anger inside Picasso, full of invention and creativity but also unpredictable and individualistic.

All the planets I mentioned so far showed all the attributes Picasso had as an artist, an appreciation of women, ability as a sculptor and creator of things, a technical and critical ability, his love of colour and beauty and the creative and romantic influences around him.  All these planets made aspects make to a stellium of planets in Taurus. Taurus is associated with beauty , luxury, practical form , sensual pleasure and above all making things. In Taurus in the 10th house of work, we find Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn; making art was his work. Neptune as I have said before represents art, dreams and creativity, Jupiter brings an expansive attitude and a joy and belief in his own ability, Saturn, provided a serious attitude to the work done and Pluto an intensity and a sexual and darker edge to the paintings and sculptures he created and made. The sextiles from Mars contributes an energy and verve from his work, the trines from here to Uranus in technical Virgo explain the cubist and extraordinary abstract paintings he painted, the trine to Venus his colour periods, the oppositions and quindeciles from Mercury and from the Moon showing an obsession with women and creating things with his hands. To have all these aspects in the signs they were was a very unusual occurrence, almost unique and he was for many the standout artist of the last century; we may never see a talent like Picasso for a very long time, if ever we actually do again.

Why has his painting hit the news now and is highlighted? Well looking at the Transits to his chart (Transits and Solar Arcs continue on after death), Transiting Pluto in the 1st house is trine Pablo’s Midheaven and square Mercury, one of his own (1st) hidden masterpieces (locked away for the past 60 years – Pluto) is now highlighted in public view (Midheaven) and the news is being communicated (Mercury). On the Solar Arcs, SA Jupiter is exactly to the minute conjunct Venus, there is a big (Jupiter) show of his creations (Venus) now out there for the public (Venus) to view. SA Venus is exactly square Neptune reinforcing this public interest in his art again. Amazing how these transits and progressions are still valid, relevant and illuminating well after someone passes on, isn’t it?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Necmettin Erbakan – The man who engineered Islamic politics in Turkey and divided the population.


On Sunday, Turkey’s first “religious” prime minister, Necmettin Erbakan passed away. Today in Istanbul, his funeral was attended by thousands of mourners. Even though he was Prime Minister for just one year, Erbakan is being hailed by the current crop of Turkish leaders as the father of Islamic politics, the man who broke the Republican political mould in his homeland and ushered in a new way of governing. Born in (Sinop 29/10/1926), he trained to be an engineer, later becoming a teacher and eventually a politician. His views, initially clamped down upon by the secular military, now underpin the philosophies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul, the present Prime Minister and President of Turkey.

Necmettin had a remarkable chart, which I shall look at now. He was a Sun sign Scorpio conjunct Venus just into Libra. This made him ambitious, yet popular, he would have had a wide circle of friends and admirers. His Moon was in glitzy, pompous Leo, he loved the limelight and his emotions would have been out there for all to see. Hugely determined and stubborn with no less than seven planets in fixed signs, this man would not stop until he achieved his dreams.


There are two points of focus to his chart, and in effect he had two careers, one as an engineer and one as a politician. If you look you can see them clearly. Mars sits in Taurus at the point of a t-square. Taurus is the sign of construction,  and also at the point of an unusual Yod shaped configuration – that’s a lot of energy being concentrated and he had a constant flow of it pushing him forward. This man was always going to be a builder, a engineer (so appropriate with Sun in heavy Scorpio and Mars sextile Pluto – he designed German Leopard tanks), a constructor or things, of new ideas and philosophies (especially as one of the squares to Mars is from religious Jupiter in social, humanitarian, radical Aquarius). This would be emotionally important to him with the Moon opposite Jupiter square Mars. Feeding off that Mars by sextile quietly sitting by the side-lines was Pluto in Cancer. For all that Martian energy, there was a by-product of this construction; power and control (Pluto) of his homeland (Cancer).

At the other end of the chart, the base of the “Yod” I spoke of earlier (a Yod is normally made of a 60 degree sextile as a base with two 150 degree quincunx aspects feeding off into a point, but this one is 30 degree Semi-Sextile with two 165 degree Quindeciles – even more focused energy) is a Saturn/Mercury conjunction, also in Scorpio. Here is an administratively minded man with a deep, deep intellect and a searching mind. Trine this conjunction was radical Uranus in spiritual Pisces and square it was Neptune in Leo, another spiritual signature. Neptune was sextile that social Venus one of the bases of the Yod. Erbakan’s vision was a  new radical, religious way of governing that would be socially acceptable in a previously secular society. That dream he fulfilled on 28th June 1996 when he became Prime Minister. At that time, Jupiter, representing his philosophies and beliefs was transiting through administrative Capricorn, was opposite his natal Pluto in Cancer and trine the Mars which glues the rest of his chart together. Transiting Sun was trine it’s own position and transiting Uranus going through it’s own sign of Aquarius was square natal Sun and sextile the Mercury/Saturn conjunction. The radical ideas and ethos and the chance to build a new way of governing in Turkey all came together in one glorious moment for him.

This is a steam roller of a chart, and it took the might of the military to knock this formidable man off his perch. His ideas still live on, and the lessons have been learnt by the students he taught. He mentored Gul and Erdogan and when they won power with the newly reformed AKP in 2002 and latterly in 2003, their strategy has been to weaken the military machine that derailed the founder of their philosophies. He was a man that divided opinions; adored by religious conservatives & despised by the Republicans and liberal minded.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo – Freewheelin’ along in the 60’s

dylan and suze

Suze Rotolo, the former girlfriend of legend Bob Dylan, one the foremost inspirations behind his music has passed away, aged 67. Dylan said she lit up his life for the 3 years they were together and was the radical voice behind a lot of his work, she also inspired him to take up painting more seriously.

Suze was an intense, secretive Scorpio. The highlight behind Suze’s chart (20 Nov 43 – Queens, New York – no birth-time) was a T-square based around a Uranus/Mercury opposition. Uranus was in Gemini and Mercury in expansive Sagittarius. Here is the voice of the rebel, the dissenter, the one who wants to communicate change, and a supporter of freedom, especially abroad. Adding an aggressive and anti-establishment side to her nature was a Mars/Saturn conjunction also in communicative Gemini. From this conjunction,  Mars makes a intense quindecile to the Mercury – her voice was an angry one. The opposition energy was channelled by separate squares to a focus at a Moon/Jupiter conjunction (for this to be active she would have needed to be born probably before midday), the emotions again directed towards philosophy and an interests of an international nature.  This conjunction straddles Virgo and Leo, the moon in Virgo is a critical voice and Jupiter in Leo is fixed and stubborn. Suze travelled to Cuba when it was illegal to do so from the US in showing her opposition to the travel ban. This was a personal cause to her as well as emotional, the Jupiter representing her beliefs and travel squaring her Sun.


Suze was a woman who appreciated beauty and communicated it. She had a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Libra which formed that point of a wedge formation. That rebel energy from the Mercury/Uranus opposition was converted by trine and sextile into music and art. Later in her life, she taught art at a New York Art school, another manifestation of the Jupiter t-square.

This was a passionate lady, Venus sextile Pluto (intensified by the Scorpio Sun) would mean her relationships would be deep, but also combustible. There was another overseer in her relationships too. Pluto sits on her North Node, she had a controlling bond with her Mother. Whoever went out with Suze had the shadow of her mother over him. Maybe it was her influence that was the reason for Bob and Suze breaking up in 1964?


Lets look at the composite chart. We see shared beliefs communicated though emotion (Mercury sextile Jupiter/Moon). An anti-establishment, wanting to change Saturn/Uranus conjunction square the composite Sun, they spoke in opposition with one voice. There was determination, Mars trine Sun and creativity Uranus trine Neptune. There would have been an electric attraction between the two with Venus sextile Uranus, but with Venus conjunct Pluto which is also sextile back to Saturn, there were control issues and some authoritarian voice in the mix. Pluto conjunct Venus on a composite chart is difficult, often there is a intense union that will not last the course. It would have been memorable though, which Dylan has openly admitted.