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Monday, 8 January 2018

Oprah Winfrey, the Golden Globes and a run for the Presidency of the United States in 2020?

Oprah Winfrey, the Golden Globes and a run for the Presidency of the United States
Oprah Winfrey
Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. Oprah for the White House? Am I crazy? Not as an Astrologer I’m not. Back in 2011 I wrote a post about Donald Trump and his ambitions for the White House, and 5 years later it came true. At the time I said he would be very tempted to go for it, and he finally pulled out at the last minute for the 2012 race, but I caught the moment and felt the temptation in his natal chart. We all know what happened in 2015 and 2016.  Now, these are interesting times for sure, and last night at the Golden Globes Awards, Oprah Winfrey became the first African American woman ever to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award for outstanding service to the entertainment world. Not only did she accept the award with grace and humility, but she also sounded a rallying cry for every woman who has suffered at the hands of powerful men, and ever so subtly indicated a desire that she personally wants to do something about it. On an astrological note, this just could be her time.

Oprah - Birth Chart

Oprah was born on 29th January 1954 at 04.30 in Kosciusco, Mississippi in the United States, the time I quote is from memory, “A” rated by She has a humanitarian Aquarius Sun, backed up by a free and easy Sagittarius Moon and Ascendant. Her Sun and Venus are virtually exactly conjunct, just nine minutes of a degree apart in the 2nd house of money and values. Aquarius conveys a star quality, and Oprah shines with it, kind, fun loving, sociable, sympathetic, popular yet independent and a bit detached, as all the great interviewers (and she was a great one) have to be.

This merged Sun Venus is quindecile Pluto in the 8th house, square Saturn in the 10th house of her work and widely sextile to her Moon in the 11th. These three planets tell the story of Oprah’s upbringing. Her Sun/Venus is very afflicted by Saturn and Pluto; in astrology the Sun represents the father. Here Pluto is retrograde in the 8th house, hidden away in the house of sex secrets and brutality and Saturn square the Sun shows a difficult, cruel upbringing. Oprah was the product of a short relationship, and she was brought up in poverty by a single teenage mother, she never knew her father. Oprah suffered sexual abuse as a child from members of her family, again Pluto in the hidden 8th house square to Mars in Pluto’s own sign of Scorpio represents abusive actions of a sexual nature affecting her. With Mars ruling her 4th house of the home, we know that the abuse came from those close to her in her family.

The one thing when she was young that everyone noted about Oprah was her confidence in speaking and performing. Obviously when we look for communication, we look to Mercury. Oprah’s Mercury really is the centre of her chart in the wide conjunction to Sun/Venus, every other planet on the chart in some way feeds into this conjunction sitting in the house of earning money. There is a trine to Jupiter in chatty Gemini – here is curiosity in the purist form, needing to know everything, asking questions and a general interest all kind of media. Jupiter is in the 6th house of every day work and service so there is an easy going and optimistic style to the way that she communicates through her work that has had wide appeal, and that has influenced hundreds of copycat shows all around the world.

The Moon in Sagittarius is widely conjunct to Mars ruling that fourth house I mentioned earlier, so she will be proud of her Afro American roots and protective of her own family, her nation and heritage. With the Moon in her 11th house Oprah will have many female friends, is always out for a good time, and with that Mars in her 11th house she will be seen as a team leader or someone who paves a way for the collective. There is a sharp side to her emotions, and when she is emotionally hurt, she will go on the attack.

Pluto makes an opposition with Mercury giving Oprah a forensic mind, delving into the depths to find out the truth in any situation; she is a natural investigator and a powerful speaker able to influence people with the force of her own convictions, however she will rarely if ever reveal her own motives or weaknesses. Neptune is also trine to Mercury in the second house, it is in a imaginative mood, and often people with this placing will make money through creative pursuits and here is an idealism about the use of money to help through caring and compassion. With the Sun/Venus/Mercury in social, humanitarian Aquarius and Uranus in the Cancerian ruled 7th house, there is huge interest in other people, in family and community – she is a giver and not a taker. Oprah has probably been the most generous black American woman ever, her charity foundations contributing $80 million and counting to various causes.

Oprah vs US Chart

If you look to her Nodal axis there is one other very interesting connection. Her North Node is very closely conjunct to Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing and a maverick influence affecting her. This axis is connected to one's mother, and in the speech Oprah made, she indicated that her mother had been subject to abuse, totally vindicating this position of her being “wounded” by the treatment she faced. Oprah's role is as a healer, and also as someone who can act as a vehicle for change. One other point to note too. Oprah’s Mercury Pluto opposition mirrors the US Ascendant/Descendant axis, there is a direct link between the way she communicates and calls for transformation, and the American psyche. Her Aquarian Sun squares this axis and it is conjunct to the US natal Mars – she was born to communicate with the US people and for them to respond favourably to her in a positive manner – this is the position of a commander in chief. Her Saturn is conjunct to the US natal Saturn/Mercury conjunction – this lady commands authority!!

Oprah golden globes

Now if someone who connects with the US natal chart so readily indicates that they want to step up to the plate and take on the establishment, we should sit up and take notice. The speech last night was mesmerising and incredibly powerful, and for Oprah it was the beginning of a brand new cycle in her life. You see Oprah has a late Sagittarian Ascendant on the 29th degree of knowing, she is wise beyond her years, and Saturn over Christmas time passed over this point, entering into her Ascendant house, and a new beginning for her, and giving her added authority. Last night, Mercury the planet of communication was conjunct to her Ascendant too as well as her Saturn. She spoke with gravitas, and as the unofficial leader of the “#metoo” women's movement that is growing in stature, lead by the women of Hollywood who have the influence and the voice to stand up for the millions of oppressed women who can never defend themselves. It was a bold and electrifying speech that Oprah gave, unafraid, a rallying cry of immense significance and one that rang out loud and clear. Transiting Jupiter and Mars in her 11th house of friends, (she was in the company of colleagues and friends) made a square to her 2nd house Mercury in the house of values, and a trine to the rebel planet Uranus which rules that house. That message has spread around the world, and lit a fire with speculation starting to build that she might be harbouring a run in 2020 for the Presidency. If this was the moment for her to throw her hat “unofficially” in the ring then it was an auspicious one, as remember, her natal Mercury connects to the US Ascendant. Her thoughts and values are America's values.

Even more significantly Mars and Jupiter yesterday made sextiles to the Sun, Venus and Pluto, and they in turn are making a powerful square to her Midheaven at 17 degrees Libra. Pluto in the past weeks has been activating a change in her professional and public outlook. Pluto is power, control and inevitable change and there is a shift now as Pluto activates her point of career. More power might be coming her way. Pluto is starting to and will be opposing her natal Uranus in the coming year, the planet linked directly to her as an Aquarian, sitting in her house of relationships and open enemies. He message to take on and radically change values, will certainly gain opposition, but it is one that will gather support of the collective too. Pluto and Uranus are very powerful agents of change, and if she mobilises people behind her then she can move mountains linked to this message. Look back at her natal chart, and to that Sun Venus conjunction in the house of values closely square to Saturn, the planet of administration sitting in the 10th house of career. Isn't that an interesting aspect now in the light of her Golden Globes speech?


As she made this speech, it is worth looking at her Progressed chart, at it is stunning in it's significance. Her progressed Ascendant has now reached 16.01 degrees Pisces, and her Progressed Mercury had reached 16.01 degrees Pisces. A perfect and exact fit for the moment in a setting surrounded by the great and the good of the film and TV world (ruled by Pisces and Neptune). On this progressed chart, Mercury rules the 4th house of the nation, and the 7th house of open enemies – we all know who it was aimed at. Her progressed Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism is at her Progressed IC, activating all four angles of this progressed chart – this is the moment that she starts to open out on her personal ambitions for herself (Ascendant), her nation and roots (IC), her work and career (MC) and to those who oppose her (Descendant). Her progressed Moon is now also closing on a conjunction with her progressed Sun in her first house, starting to square her progressed Uranus and Nodal axis. I see this as an emotional pull to start acting in a more rebellious manner. She wants to see change, she realises she is the one individual who can fulfil it, and this picture only confirms this.

Oprahprog vs eclipse

Later on this year, there is a Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer that will hit this progressed Uranus and South Node on 13th July 2018. Transiting Pluto at that moment, the planet of power will be 0.01 degrees from a direct hit to her progressed North Node, her point of destiny. This eclipse also makes a square to her  her progressed Moon, indicating a shift in her personally (1st house) that is coming as well as her individual talents (5th house). Neptune will be on her progressed Ascendant and Mercury at this moment too, highlighting her as a person, and what she says. Neptune is compassionate and self sacrificing and I wonder if she will make a sacrifice now in service to her nation (Mercury ruling progressed 4th house)? This is the first of a series of Cancerian eclipses for the US Cancerian nation born on 4th July (even though I use the Stolte rising chart which highlights the Articles of the Confederation signed when the Sun was in Scorpio).

Oprah solar eclipse 13 july 18

So do the transits of this eclipse back things up? Yes they do. The eclipse lands in Oprah's 7th house conjunct to her natal Uranus ruling that 2nd house of values and money and square to her Midheaven. This eclipse is going to propel her career in a new direction. I think this will be a very significant moment for Oprah, as transiting Mars will be on her Sun. She will go on the attack, the eclipse will be trine to her natal Mars, giving her impetus and drive for the future and remember Mars rules her home life her nation, and women's issues too. Natal Mercury will be at the midpoint between her natal Jupiter (her chart ruler in her house of work) and her Midheaven, the point of career. Whatever she says now will be important for her future goals and expansion. Transiting Uranus is for the next year going to be trine to her Sagittarian Ascendant from that 4th house of the nation. Trust me, this is a lady who is not going to let this moment lie, there will be a fierce desire in her for radical change in women's issues and how America deals with them. If there is a moment when she starts to seriously running for office, keep an eye on and around this date, and what she does.

Oprah vs Trump

If I was her advisor, I'd tell her right now – run for the Presidency!!! Why? I'll tell you. She can get under the skin of President Trump, just like Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff has done. Her Pluto at 24 degrees Leo like theirs sits square to the President's Midheaven at 24 degrees Taurus, a perfect square. She can undermine him, brutally cut him to ribbons and remember that incisive and surgical Mercury Pluto opposition in her chart – well it squares his Midheaven. She could have the ability if so used to tear him, and his administration to bits. Her Mars in Scorpio sits at 23 Scorpio directly on his IC, opposing his Midheaven, that Mars that so passionately cares about her country and women's issues. If used correctly could be used as a dagger to skewer Trump and his public attitudes. Her Sun/Venus conjunction opposes Trump's natal Pluto in Leo, so here we have power verses kindness and compassion, a battle of wills of complete opposite agendas. Also in regards to her ambitions, her Saturn at 9 Scorpio square his natal Pluto at 10 degrees Leo, therefore in effect if they come up against each other, they would have to battle for power and control. In effect Trump can change her ambitions, and she will be critical of his power base.

Also Oprah's North Node Chiron conjunction opposes Trump's Saturn Venus conjunction, her South Node sits closely conjunct to his planet of administration and the planet ruling his MC (Taurus Midheaven). Through this combination she can seriously wound him and expose the way he runs his administration. She can also undermine his tentative hold on the Republican party (his Saturn sits in his 11th house of groups) and how he communicates (Venus rules his 3rd house of communication). Talking of communication, Oprah is the darling of the press, her Jupiter trines her natal Mercury, and she could use this to her advantage to use the oppressed media to support her in her ventures. All this is of course speculative unless she throws her hat into the ring, which I think is something that will she will seriously consider.

Oprah solar eclipse 21 june 2020

Now let's put a scenario in the air. Oprah, runs for the Presidency, there is no viable Democratic candidate out there at the moment and she takes the nomination. Speculation I know but hear me out on this. The Solar Eclipse before the election on 21st June 2020 is going to be at 0 degrees Cancer, on the cusp of the sign that defines the United States, the nation's state, the family and women's issues. It also lands on Oprah's Descendant, opposite to her natal Ascendant. It's almost a perfect hit, within a degree of exact. This is going to be another hugely significant moment, just before the time of the party conventions of 2020.


This eclipse over Washington D.C. is utterly fascinating. It sees Uranus, the rebel planet conjunct to the Ascendant and Saturn, the planet of administration is on the cusp of Aquarius, the sign that Uranus rules and Saturn used to rule. The eclipse sees Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house of administration, and the eclipse is inconjunct to Saturn. We are sensing a revolt, and a change with Uranus so close to the Ascendant. Closest to the Midheaven is Pluto conjunct Jupiter. Pluto is power and Jupiter represents diversity, perhaps ethnic diversity? Everything here tells me that a change is coming to Washington, a woman perhaps (0 degrees Cancer) eclipsing the Administration, is an ethnically diverse female Aquarian is coming to the party? Think about this picture for a minute. Does it make sense to you??

Ok, let's take things a bit further on. It's election day 2020, the 3rd November. It's Oprah vs Trump for the White House. Hypothetically, who wins?

Oprah vs election

Well at 07.00am when the polls open in Washington DC, the Midheaven will be exactly and I mean exactly on Oprah's natal Pluto, the planet of power. Where's that influential Uranus, the planet she rules? It's square to her natal Sun/Venus ruling her Libran Midheaven, her Taurean 5th house of doing things by herself and the Leo ruled 8th of power and inevitable change. Mercury the planet of decisions will be in her elevated 10th house conjunct to her 10th house Neptune. This links her work and career, to votes cast and decisions made perhaps (Pisces rules 3rd)? Mars will be about to enter her 4th house of the home, so things connected to her family and where she lives will be important to her. Most significantly of all though, that Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction will be on her North Node Chiron conjunction. Whatever she is doing at this minute, destiny will be calling her. Power will be coming her way, an expansion in her life, responsibilities on her shoulders to heal, as she has always healed others.

Trump vs election

The same for President Trump. What happens to him? Uranus is going to be square to his natal Pluto. Ouch, this planet rules the place he lives, the White House. A sudden change is on the cards? Mercury ruling votes will be square to his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction in his 11th house of parties, ruling his Midheaven (career) and individual style (Saturn rules Capricorn intercepted in his 5th house), therefore the vote doesn't seem to be going in his direction, it's at a counter point to his administration. Donald will be going through a Nodal return at this minute, and this brings to light an interesting point. Nodal returns are crossroads points one's life, as if you come to a decision point as to how your future will go. The North Node is on his Sun and Uranus, but the detrimental South Node will be on his natal Moon, thus a woman, women's issues or his own family will be dragging him down. There is a sense of a dramatic change going on here, a shift affecting him and a sudden about turn in his fortunes. This Nodal return will be acting across his 4th house/10th house axis, highlighting a division between his work and his home life, his public life and his family.

The Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction of 2020 is the standout aspect of many a long year and how is affecting President Trump. Well it will be opposing his natal Saturn Venus conjunction and holding judgement on what he has done in running the US for the previous 4 years. Saturn oppositions can be depressing and rather nasty, and Pluto opposed to Saturn Venus is transformational, affecting his hold on a group, the Republicans, his job (Taurus ruled MC) and his individual persona (5th house). Jupiter brings more freedom into his life and these planets also make a trine to his Midheaven. From all I can see from these aspects, they are forcing a career change on him, allowing him to release himself from the burden of administration. I'll make a prediction now based on this that President Trump even if he wants to will not serve a second term.

Now whoever goes on to take him on in November 2020 will oppose the President facing the same picture, and of course to unseat a sitting President isn't easy, and you have to have a credible and powerful candidate. The year 2016 proved that anything can happen in the world of politics, and you don't have to be a veteran politician to win the White House any more. Donald Trump ripped up the rule book and destroyed the reputation of many an Astrologer in the process. So what will 2020 bring with it? Well in the year of the great Pluto Jupiter Saturn conjunction, all the Astrologers have been predicting a power shift of incredible proportions, and any power shift begins at the top so here goes. As unlikely as it may seem right now, wouldn't it be appropriate if a black (Pluto) ethnically diverse (Jupiter) Aquarian (old ruler of Saturn) woman (0 degrees Cancer eclipse) loved universally by Americans young and old backed and to the hilt by the former first Black male President Barak Obama completely changes the rules, releases the media from the disgraceful impositions and slurs placed upon them, gives all women in the country hope, and enters the White House?

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

World Cup Astrology - Luis Suarez - A time bomb waiting to go off...

luis suarez

Yesterday saw an appalling incident as brilliant but unpredictable Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit one of his Italian opponents. He has form doing this kind of behaviour as he has twice before been banned from football for biting, first when he played for Dutch club Ajax and more recently for his current employers Liverpool FC.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are having a baby.

mila ashton 1

Hearty congratulations I think are in order to Ukrainian born actress Mila and to her fiancé Ashton Kutcher as well, who announced late yesterday that they are going to become parents. This is an exciting time for both of them as they recently announced their engagement and now a baby is on the way.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala - Controversial French comedian banned for anti-semitism.

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala

Dieudonné, the French comic and social commentator who has been in the news much in the past month is back causing headlines again. He has been vilified for his reverse Nazi "Quenelle" salute which has been labelled as anti-semitic, although he claims it is anti-establishment. He is currently being questioned by French police, after bailiffs approaching his house to collect a series of unpaid fines were allegedly fired upon with rubber bullets. Dieudonné latest one man stand-up show "The Wall" has been banned because of the hateful nature of the language involved.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ray Manzarek, keyboard player of the Doors passes away aged 74

ray manzarek

When people thing of the pop group The Doors they always think of Jim Morrison, the charismatic lead singer but just as integral to the unique sound of the 60’s group was the keyboard playing of group member Ray Manzarek who passed away yesterday.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Is Anders Behring Breivik a psychopath?


Back in July 2011 I looked at Anders Behring Breivik and his horoscope and showed his link to the Norway twin terror attack? Since then, the debate has raged on to whether he is a psychotic, a bit of a lunatic or just very focused and dangerous with it. Today in light of the debate raging in Norway over his conviction as being totally sane in carrying out his atrocious acts, I once again I attempt to take a slightly more detailed look into the mind of a mass murderer.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Frankel – Wonder horse setting record after record.


A horoscope for a horse?? Well why not, as they have birthdays, have their own character and live on the same earth as the human population. Frankel is a very very special horse. Unbeaten in 12 top class races and one of the highest rated horses of all time, he has one of his stiffest tests yet today as he enters the 15.40 Juddmonte Stakes at York, taking on a new challenge as he will be running over 10 furlongs, 2 furlongs further than he normally runs. Will he have the stamina to post himself down in some eyes as one of the best racehorses ever to have lived?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Paul Ryan – Bold, deeply conservative and with time on his side.


Over the weekend, Mitt Romney picked his running mate and to many it was a surprise. He chose a brave option in the bold and brash but rather inexperienced Paul Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin. Seeing as the race is tight, I thought that he might chose quite a heavyweight candidate maybe to tip the balance in his favour, but I was mistaken. Let’s look at Paul Ryan and his own prospects to become vice President, and what light it shines on the impending presidential race.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Jennifer Aniston – Happier now than for many years.

jennifer aniston

In looking for people to write about on this blog, I do read a lot of celebrity articles and quotes simply because I like to mix things up a bit. A bit of politics here, some breaking stories and some interesting character profiles. One quote from Jennifer Aniston after the completion of her new film “Wanderlust” caught my attention. She said going into the Georgia countryside far away from city life to shoot the film had enriched her and had given her some peace and happiness. I immediately put up her chart on my pc and I could see why. Today I look at one of Hollywood’s “A” list celebrities and explore new priorities for the former “Friends” actress.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Charles Dickens – Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the great author’s birth.


Today we in the UK and readers around the world are celebrating the life and the extraordinary writing talent that was Charles Dickens, as he was born exactly 200 years ago. As the Victorian era’s greatest author, Charles penned great novel after great novel hewn out of the adversity of his childhood years. The gritty realism of Victorian life was portrayed in great detail and his work not only entertains, but is a historical record of the era.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Hwang Woo Suk – Controversial cloning scientist claims to have cloned eight coyotes.

Hwang Woo Suk

I love to look at people all over the world on this blog, and to keep my regular followers guessing to whom I am going to look at next. This time it is Korean scientist Hwang Woo Suk. Back in 2006 when Hwang was a national celebrity in his homeland, South Korea, he claimed falsely that he had perfected the cloning of human embryos. For his deception, he received a prison sentence, but the doctor having been released is now back in the news. This time he claims to have cloned eight coyotes, explaining that he had discovered a new cloning technique.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marry in California. Will it be happy ever after?


As celebrity weddings go, this was rather a big one. Kim Kardashian at the weekend married basketball star Kris Humphries in a ceremony held in Montecito, California. How do these two get on? Will their married last the test of time? Lets have a look at the astrology to find out…

Kim was born on 21st October 1980 in Los Angeles at 10.46am. She is a very sociable Sun Libra with a very sensitive Pisces Moon and a party loving Sagittarian Ascendant. Her Sun and Moon combination make her want to please others, she will be very gentle, will love romance and sincerity but she will be very impressionable. Kim’s mind is very intuitive, and she will detect very quickly when someone is being insincere to her. She will be a very self sufficient girl with most of the planets on the Eastern hemisphere (left) of the chart.

KimKardashian natal

Her Sun is conjunction with Pluto so she has huge plans and a need to be recognised or be someone special; she also likes to be in control of her life. Being a Sun Libra, harmony and equality will be most important to Kim, she will fight if she feels any type of injustice. She will have a quick flexible brain, and she will become impatient with those slower than her; she may be a bit of a whizz with technical things like gadgets and computers and she may be interested in astrology. She will love animals of all sorts and may be quite talented in making things with her hands, from art to pottery or sculpture. This is a girl who needs constant excitement and mental stimulation in a relationship otherwise she will go off to find it elsewhere. The Uranus Mercury conjunction in Scorpio makes a trine to the sensitive Pisces Moon, making her excitable, unpredictable and a little wild with a spontaneous sense of fun and an outrageous sense of humour.

This Moon anchors the chart; her emotions and imagination will be extremely important to her well-being. The Moon is opposite Venus Saturn and Jupiter. This is a very powerful set of oppositions. It does suggest that she will suffer emotionally in her life, her emotions are at odds with her need for love and companionship, she will be uncertain exactly what she wants from a personal relationship. The Saturn Moon opposition says of a difficult mother/daughter relationship. They were obviously at odds with each other, and Kim would have felt the criticism and hurt from her intensely. She will be constantly battling the demons from her past and she will strive to prove her doubting mother wrong. Luckily for Kim, Jupiter sits conjunct to Saturn in the 10th house on her Midheaven conjunct to Venus in the 9th house. Venus conjunct the Midheaven often bestows model looks and Kim has used them to project her public image around the globe, her career has been carved around her image.

She is a hard working girl (Mars sextile Saturn), loves beauty and and may be creative in this field (Mercury sextile Venus) and will look endlessly for that perfect dream love (Neptune square Venus). Neptune in the first house close to the ascendant does encourage escapism – would she marry to escape all the insecurities she has felt in her life? Has she found the right guy? Lets look at Kris Humphries, her new husband.

Kris was born on 6th February 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. Unfortunately I have not found a birth time for him. Does anyone know it? Please email me if you do. So he is a Sun Sign Aquarius with either a Leo or Virgo Moon. If Kris was born before 07.00 then he has a Leo Moon, otherwise the Moon is in Virgo. Emotionally it makes a huge difference. The Leo Moon loves the limelight, wants to be special and is just a little proud, stubborn and overbearing. The Virgo Moon is self-critical, a rather shy, perfectionist and a bit of a worrier. Those with Virgo Moons do have quick reactions and have good common sense. If I were to hazard a guess, it needs a big personality to accompany the showbiz caravan which surrounds Kim, so I would lean towards a Leo Moon, although a Virgo one would suit her gentle Pisces emotions far better.


Kris’ Moon potentially squares his Saturn, so like Kim, he may have had a difficult relationship with his mother. We find Saturn also in rather a wide conjunction to the  North Node if anything increasing the effect. Maybe this common factor was one that brought them together? The Moon is trine to Neptune, so Kris will have a soft impressionable heart, and he will sacrifice everything to make sure that harmony is kept in his emotional life. He will not like upsets and turmoil. Both Mars and Venus are in go ahead Aries, so in love Kris will be a no nonsense type of guy. He will be have been looking for his dream girl (Venus square Neptune) and he will want to live out his dreams and fantasies (Mars square Neptune). In Kim, he seems to have found all of these things. He would have been the one to make the first move; Venus  conjunct Mars is always pushy in love, but if there are problems, he will be the one to move on first. He will not want to fight and battle as I explained earlier.

Kris will value loyalty highly (Venus trine Saturn) and he will work hard to make this relationship work (Mars trine Saturn). He will be rather self protective and a bit secretive with his Saturn in Scorpio. Letting others into his private world is difficult for him, he may rather fear deep emotional intimacy.

Kris is a bit of an perpetual student, always wanting to know and learn more; he will have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He may as he gets older have a desire to teach or instruct those younger than himself; a potential basketball coach of the future perhaps? Jupiter and Mercury are both in Aquarius like the Sun so he will without doubt be a progressive thinker and planner as well as fiercely independent. Pluto makes a square to this conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury. His mind will always be looking for the motives under the surface, the mind of the detective. He needs to be careful of this, as one can start suspecting things that are not true, jealousy and paranoia are possible with Mercury square Pluto. Pluto square Jupiter is very lucky, quite often people with this aspect literally attract money and prestige without trying too hard. Kris will be an opportunistic type of guy, ready to seize upon any good ideas that come his way. He certainly was opportunistic when Kim came along, wasn’t he?

Now, let’s look at the synastry chart. The synopsis is not too bad. The one stand out aspect for me is that Kris’ Aquarian Sun conjuncts with Kim’s South Node. There will be a karmic connection between them, almost as if they have known each other all of their lives. Some say that people with this connection did meet in a previous life and have issues still to settle in this one. Kim’s Moon connects nicely with Kris’ Venus and Mars which shows good friendship and Kris’ Jupiter makes a trine to Kim’s Jupiter and Midheaven and squares her Sun bringing fortune and public awareness to them both. Kris’ Venus makes a lovely trine to Kim’s Mars, so there is attraction aplenty between them. Kris’ Pluto is in wide conjunction with Kim’s Sun, so he may overpower and control her and her Neptune is square his Neptune which can be a bit depressing. His Mercury is square to her Sun so he may say hurtful things to hit her pride along the way. Her Saturn does oppose his Mars and Venus – this could be a tad tricky if she is in a bad mood as she may put the brakes on. When he wants to go, she will say stop, in both an emotional and a physical sense.

KimKardashian transit

They are not perfect in a synastry sense although I have seen far worse. There is not really good line of communication which I always like to see. Mercury in both charts are in fixed signs, so I fear a stand off if there are problems. The Saturn opposite Venus Mars could cause problems.

On the Composite chart, which shows a combination look at the couple as a pair and how they will relate to each other, we see more difficulty. There is a very stressful opposition from Venus up to a Sun Mercury & Neptune conjunction. Sun Mercury and Neptune is very idealistic and sensitive, but is also rather delusionary and deceptive. It does suggest that their communication will get better as the relationship develops, but the chance of ultimate disappointment is definitely there. The ideals and hopes at the start tend to be too high, and when reality does set in, you are let down in a big way.

Depending on Kris’ birth time, there may be a Sun Moon opposition. This creates great attraction between the two but also competition and a sense that something is not quite right, there is an imbalance between the two personalities which causes tension. Now this Venus Neptune Sun Mercury opposition makes a wedge with Saturn and Pluto at the point. Saturn and Pluto in a composite chart shows they two will have difficult times together and that staying together will be a struggle, but these difficulties will come from the outside world. Either you fight to keep the relationship stronger, and in a way this benefits both of you in the long term bringing you together as one force against the world, or you give in and split. Some succeed with this conjunction but many often fail. This shows how much you do love each other and how you cope with adversity as a couple.

Uranus and Jupiter together in conjunction shows that the two of them will need room to breath within the relationship, being stuck under the same roof for days on end will not suit them. In their present situation, it may be fine as they have many outside commitments but in the future? This aspect will allow them to grow and have unusual experiences especially in travel that will benefit each other.


Finally the composite Mars squares to Saturn and Pluto. This is rather nasty as both Kim and Kris will be working at cross purposes to each other. At best they will tend to get in each others way, at worst the relationship can turn into a battlefield as one will want to do one thing and the other will want to do something else. In a sexual sense, they will have differing emotional moods creating potential tension in the bedroom. Tension will exist between the two and with Mars square to Pluto, this could eventually turn spiteful. Mars and Pluto is very competitively intense, with physical and psychological battles. Both Kim and Kris will need the space I mentioned before, without which this relationship could turn into a full scale war.

I hope they find happiness, but I fear over time that the differences and tensions between them may become too hard to bare. Certainly if I were advising them, I would tell them to be tolerant of each other, to give each other plenty of room and to try and find interests that they both enjoy doing. Find some sort of common ground that they can gravitate to in the difficult moments that will come from such a high profile marriage.    

**** Update 31st Oct 11 ****

Kim files for divorce – read why it happened - Kim files for divorce after 72 days

Friday, 8 July 2011

Andy Coulson - David Cameron’s aide arrested over phone hacking scandal.

Andy Coulson

Andy Coulson, the former editor of the News of the World and communication’s aide to David Cameron the British Prime Minister has been arrested in the current phone hacking scandal and is helping the police with their enquiries.

AndyCoulson natal

Andy Coulson was born on 21st January 1968 in Billericay, Essex (no birth time yet known). He is a Sun sign Aquarius with a socially aware Libra Moon. This is a very airy combination, so social interaction and working with others will be a forte of Andy. The Moon is most probably trine to Mercury also in Aquarius so this is a man very keyed into new ways of communicating, a whizz with technology and networking with friends and associates. This man will always want to know what is going on. The press and working in news and information or current affairs, or anything with a social element would be perfect for him. Having this Aquarian slant to things, he would be very adept at putting a spin on things, presenting a fresh and visionary view in his work. The Moon may also be in opposition to Saturn (that’s if Andy was born at midday or afterwards) which would be an “interesting” position as he would be sensitive to criticism and would seek approval from others, especially those in higher positions workwise. Certainly if this would be the case, Andy would be a calm character who could keep his emotions firmly in check. Would this potential opposition mean that he would use unusual or even illegal tactics to further his work career? There is a huge Aquarian influence on his Sun and Mercury, his Sun is also trine to Uranus in Virgo doubling the effect. Uranus in Virgo can go one of two way or even swing back and forth between extremes, either being ultra conservative wanting to throw the book at wrong doers, maintaining old fashioned values and preserving moral codes or on the other hand, Uranus in Virgo can be rebellious and act in a crude, defiant manner. I suspect he veered towards the former of these two points of view, however trying to predict the moral code of an Aquarius is a devilishly difficult task to get right. 

Uranus is conjunct Pluto and this conjunction is sextile to Neptune forming a mini grand trine with the Sun and Neptune at the point. This is a progressive, creative formation – Andy will want to make a difference to society in a creative and humanitarian way. However on Andy’s chart, Pluto is quindecile to Saturn in Aries. this is a problematic aspect. There is an element of transformation (Pluto) here, especially through dealings with authority (Saturn) and hard lessons will have to be learned. In any positions of authority, he will be capable of using force, manipulation and control,  so long as it is all in the public interest (the Uranus/Pluto conjunction is square to Venus in outgoing Sagittarius). Jupiter opposes Mars which is very expansive and ambitious and pushes things to the limits a little bit too much. You know, the more I think about it, the more Andy’s chart rather resembles in character the News of The World chart that I looked at yesterday. No wonder he ended up as editor for the paper (see the link below).

Looking at the relationship between Coulson and David Cameron, there would have been a mutual feeling between them with Cameron’s Sun conjunct to Coulson’s Moon and Coulson would have thought that the relationship would have been beneficial to him with Coulson’s Sun opposite Cameron’s Jupiter. However the parting of the ways was also indicated with Cameron’s Saturn opposite Coulson’s Pluto, trine to Coulson’s Neptune and square to Coulson’s Venus in Sagittarius. Cameron cut the ties of their relationship (Venus) as the alleged underhand acts (Pluto) the hidden secrets (Neptune) became known.

Coulson faces some nasty transits. The arrest came as transiting Saturn was just starting to pull away in it’s opposition with natal Saturn. These allegations hanging over Coulson have been active for a couple of years as Saturn opposed natal Saturn at 7 Aries. Transiting Saturn would have more than likely have been conjunct with Coulson’s natal Moon over this time too making him gloomy and pessimistic, almost accepting his fate. Transiting Uranus is approaching a conjunction with natal Saturn which when it is exact will be very nasty as Coulson’s Sun of course is in Aquarius. This conjunction will put personal restrictions on him. The first conjunction will hit in May next year. Finally, transiting Pluto is square to natal Saturn and trine to natal Jupiter. This is another form of containment (Pluto) on his liberty (Jupiter) by authorities (Saturn). As mentioned before, Andy Coulson seems to be facing a testing time in which his life is more than likely going to be radically transformed.  

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          UK chart and hacking scandal

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sarah Palin – Unpredictable, controversial, and back on a bus to blitz the US.

Sarah Palin

Whether you love her or just can’t stand her, one thing is for sure. It is impossible to ignore the former Governor of Alaska, as she fills more column inches on the internet, the media and the newspapers than Barack Obama himself. As she starts her national bus tour, very reminiscent of the political “battle buses” the political leaders climb aboard before a UK election to tour the country, one wonders if she harbours an ambition to challenge the incumbent President in 2012, or is this a stunt to build up a powerbase before having a clear shot in 2016? With Palin, it is hard to predict, as her natal chart, (born on 11th Feb 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho at 21.44 – disputed birth-time), is one of the more unusual that I have seen.

Sarah Palin’s chart is dominated by Uranus and Aquarius, and I mean dominated!! Sarah is a Sun sign Aquarius in a close conjunction to Mars and Saturn, if the 21.44 time is accurate straddling the 4th and 5th houses. Also in Aquarius we find both the Moon and Mercury, so she acts like and Aquarian (Mars), thinks like an Aquarian (Mercury), reacts emotionally like an Aquarian (Moon), has Aquarian ambitions (Saturn) and what is more all those planets save Mercury have stressful aspects to Aquarius’ ruler Uranus, which itself is in a hard-line conjunction to Pluto, the aspect that defined the revolutionary spirit of the 60’s. Talk about an overload of one planet!!

SarahPalin natal

Aquarius is the mover and shaker in the heavens, the planet that more than any over casts aside the old guard and ushers in new fresh ideas and attitudes. Aquarius through the planet Uranus represents revolution, rebellion and unpredictability. It also gives a severely social edge to anyone, wanting to do the best for the people in a purely humanitarian way. You will find Aquarian people have a severely glamorous edge, this is an electric quality that crackles and fizzes with enthusiasm; there is a real edge to the personality. Finally, there is the cool detached Aquarian, the one you just can’t get close to but are fascinated by. Sarah has all these characteristics in her chart and and more.

Ok, down to the details. The Sun as I said is part of a powerful conjunction with Mars & Saturn. Here is serious, determined ambition (Saturn in the 5th), Sarah will take the world on her shoulders to get to where she wants to be, without the help of others. That place is somebody who is special, recognised and notable in some way. Sarah seeks attention and adoration. With Mars on the cusp of the 4th & 5th houses, the influence of Mars will blend into the two. The Martian spirit to be first will come through, this is one tough ultra-competitive lady, who will hate to being beaten by anyone. However, with these planets in Aquarius she will go about this in a unique way, if necessary using shock tactics to hammer her point across. This is underscored by the quindecile to Uranus from the triple conjunction. In essence, Sarah is obsessed with bring in a new type of conservatism to gate crash the old politics that have dominated the American political scene for a long time now. With Pluto connected to Uranus by conjunction these ideas are harsh, hard-line and in some cases very extreme. It is interesting that she and Glenn Beck teamed up on the Tea Party project. They are astrological twins, born one day apart and both affected by very similar aspects, they sing from the same Aquarian hymn sheet looking to usher in new values, rebelling against the old Republican line. Whether this is too radical a step for the American people to take at this juncture will be down to them and their consciences. However a bus tour around the whole country certainly from the outside looks like an attempt at the very least to soften them up and to get used to the ideas and ideologies that she has. One other thing before I leave this segment, being Aquarian, watch out for her using technology, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media forums to get her point across – she naturally is very tech-savvy.

Returning to the Sun, Mars Moon & Mercury in the 4th house, here is a lady who very much likes to keep home as a private place and with the Moon here, I can guess that her mother would have been a big influence on her life. Mercury and the Moon here indicate a love of history, heritage and the past plus a love of books and reading, Sarah despite her image will be very well read and she will love to write too. Her book “Going Rogue” says all you need to say about her, with yet again a very Aquarian title. Sextile to Mercury and the Moon is Venus in the 6th house. This aspect gives Sarah a charm and caring edge, especially in one to one encounters, as well as considerable artistic flair. Mars and Sun quindecile Uranus hints that family life in the Palin household will be punctuated by temper tantrums and disagreements and the atmosphere will be quite chaotic, however with the Sun and Moon in the 4th all this will be kept tightly under wraps.

Jupiter all alone in the 7th house is peregrine and sits opposite her ascendant. This is a very positive position and this positivity and optimism will shine through her personality. It indicates a fruitful and enjoyable married life, she thoroughly enjoys being a wife and being opposite her ascendant gives her abundant good fortune, she will feel that she can get away with murder. Jupiter unconnected to any other planet will encourage her to do everything in a BIG brash way. The bus tour is a good example. She isn’t visiting just targeted states, she is travelling around the whole country. The Jupiter influence also extends to her faith which she will openly acknowledge, she was born into a Roman Catholic family and she has described herself as a bible believing Christian.

Now we come to the real fly in the ointment for me. Connecting to the Sun Mars Saturn conjunction by square aspect and to the Uranus Pluto aspect by sextile is Neptune placed in the 2nd house of self-worth and finance. Wherever you find Neptune it casts a cloud of confusion and deception, maybe of rose-tinted optimism over whatever it touches. Neptune in the second could make her either confused or deceptive over her financial dealings, the joint aspects to Pluto and the Sun indicate that some elephants could be hiding in the cupboard somewhere along the line; the square may encourage her to embellish the truth. In my experience, taking that course of action always comes back to hurt you later on. Neptune square Sun always wants to take the least line of resistance. Neptune in the second house is often the position of someone who makes their money from creative mediums like TV and film and radio. Already Palin has had a headline spot on Fox News in the US.

If Sarah does officially decide to run for the Presidency, I will look at her suitability for the position in a following post, however just by looking at her chart I would guess that creative media like TV and radio will offer the former Governor of Alaska a far more fulfilling career long-term, as I believe her views are far too controversial for majority of Americans to take and I think she would buckle under the pressure of such high an office, with that troublesome and debilitating Neptune square Sun, Mars and Saturn. Time of course will tell…

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jose Mourinho – An astrological profile of the self-proclaimed “Special One”

Jose Mourinho

On the eve of the biggest football game this season, Real Madrid versus Barcelona in the semi final of the Champion’s League, focus will quite rightly fall on the former Barcelona assistant coach Jose Mourinho, the current manager at Real who infuriates the Spanish media, yet is adored by the fans because he is a serial winner. He is a fascinating man, who at only 48 years of age, is already being hailed as one of the greatest coaches ever.

José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho was born on 26th January 1963 at 07.00am in Setubal in Portugal. He is a double Aquarius with both Sun and Moon in the sign and he has a serious Capricorn ascendant. Aquarians are cool, detached, stubborn, often very talented, rebellious and often have a star quality about them. With Jose, you can definitely seen in him all of those qualities. The Sun and Moon are in wide conjunction in the first house; he will be sympathetic to other people but not so much to his family, indeed he may regard his friends and associates just as much as his relatives. This is an assertive position for the Sun/Moon, he is his own man, will always be in charge, be first and be the boss. The moon here cannot be hidden, all his emotions will rise up to the surface but in Aquarius this is cool, controlled emotion, calculated as if he can turn it off and on at will, just to annoy everyone around him. This is a man who likes to taunt and to tease.

JoseMourinho natal

In between the Sun and the Moon is Saturn. Saturn makes Jose even more aloof and distrustful of those outside his circle, he takes himself very seriously and he projects a cold hard edge to the outside world. Conjunct to the Moon and Sun there is a caution about the way he works allied with ruthless authority. Jose’s word will be law. He gets this from his parents who I can imagine were very strict with young Jose; Saturn’s iron will coloured his formative years. Completing the first house picture is Mercury in organizational Capricorn conjunct to the ascendant. Mercury is peregrine (unconnected to any other planet by major aspect). Mercury in this position dominates the chart  and suggests a very high intellect and brilliant administrative, strategic and organisational skills; he will be uninterested in exaggeration and will focus plainly on the facts in any situation with an almost cynical zeal. Jose speaks 6 languages, will be disciplined and will always be learning; he will be a student of any endeavour he puts his mind to.

Looking at the rest of the chart patterns, one can see two oppositions one fixed and one mutable and off them are formed t-squares and wedge formations, two of each. These formations add colour to the seriously minded, individualistic first house. From the Saturn/Moon conjunction we find a t-square formed from an opposition to Mars in proud Leo with squares leading to Neptune at the point conjunct the Midheaven in Scorpio. Here is energy with an emotional bite (Moon), proud, arrogant (Leo), given with a calculated control (Saturn) which is shown on the public arena (Midheaven) for the whole world to see. Jose you see is a showman, able to create illusions (Neptune) to confuse (Neptune) any opposition to himself; he feels totally at home in-front of the TV cameras (ruled by Neptune), he plays to them.

Mars in Leo is a lover of competition and sport, Scorpio loves any physical endeavour which rules the Midheaven and in this chart Neptune, and as such Jose would have always been attracted to physical challenges. He shunned business school, favoured by his mother, to take a degree in sports science. Making a wedge formation to the Midheaven/Neptune is the mutable opposition of Jupiter in the second house opposing Pluto in it’s home house the 8th; the house of regeneration and change. Pluto in analytical Virgo shows a lover of detail of the highest degree, this is the position of the plotter, the schemer, someone who will ruthlessly dissect and exploit any weakness in an opponent. Jose will not be afraid of change, and will alter his approach to suit any occasion, so long as he believes it will help him to win. This is backed up with Uranus conjunct to Pluto in the 8th, here is revolutionary change, able to take over big organisations and businesses and reform them in his own image. Jupiter in the 2nd house opposite Pluto gives Jose an ability to teach in great detail,  a love of luxury, big international ambitions, a gambler’s instinct and a fair amount of luck. Jupiter/Neptune/Midheaven shows a colourful imagination, a love of the big stage and it encourages his to move on when he feels he is no longer accepted, Jose is always on the move from one club to the next.

Moving on to the mutable t-square, we find Venus at the point square out to the Pluto/Jupiter opposition in the 11th house. Venus here shows a social side, the need for friends and companionship, the need to be part of a team, to be loved by that team and as Jose has such a strong first house, to be in charge of that team; just as importantly to him, this team must be a winning team. Jupiter adds the teaching or coaching element to the mix and Pluto aids the tactical and ruthless edge. As I said before Jose needs his friends and associates probably more than his family and here is the key to his success. As Venus is in Sagittarius, he has an ability to bring disparate characters from all different cultures (very Sagittarian) together to bond as one efficient unit under his tutelage.

Jose’s current transit and Solar Arc charts remain remarkably upbeat wit a constructive trine between his natal Saturn and his natal Saturn which is progressive and a nice trine between transiting Jupiter and natal Venus and a square for transiting Jupiter and his ascendant. Solar Arc Mercury is conjunct natal Pluto so I can see that maybe some of his comments may upset some people and get him into hot water, but this is not new for Jose.These supporting elements suggest yet more success, if anyone can outwit Barcelona, then Jose can. With transiting Saturn just about to enter Jose’s 9th house his career is still on an upward curve and there seems no stopping him until about 2017/2018, when we may see Jose depart from management to start a new career, certainly this time will herald a complete change of direction in his life.

It is very rare that you find all the components needed to be a truly successful manager in the cut-throat world of international football, however Jose seems to have them all, an eye for details, a ruthless edge, a serious attitude to work, a tactical nous, unafraid of change, the love of being in the spotlight and the nerve of a poker player. That’s why he has the footballing world at his feet.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Glenn Beck – A look at the horoscope of one of America’s most controversial TV hosts.


From a UK perspective, we don’t have anyone remotely like Glenn Beck on our TV screens. A broadcaster with very religious, conservative views, a historian, politician, a writer, a reformed alcoholic and drug addict and a man who openly uses emotion to get across his message. He is my eyes a unique character and in the news as he is ending his regular show on the FOX news channel. I look at his life, his character and his horoscope.

Glenn Beck was born in Everett, Washington in the US on 10th February 1964, one day before his Tea Party colleague Sarah Palin. I will look at Sarah in a future article. I have no official birth-time, and if anyone knows it please email me, however looking at a couple of major events in his life I have rectified his chart to have a time of 20.40.


Glenn is an Aquarian, his Sun in conjunction with Mars and Saturn in the 5th house of entertainment and creativity. His Moon is in serious Capricorn and he has according to my calculations a critical and nervous Virgo ascendant. With the Sun in the 5th house, he is a showman and will like to be the centre of attention. He fizzes with energy and will be hugely ambitious, yet at the same time he is very serious about his work and has a certain sombre demeanour about him. He knows that his talent alone will not keep himself at the summit of his profession so he will work like a demon to keep himself there. Saturn in the 5th house also means that he will harbour an ambition to administrate his own TV and radio empire, and recently I understand he has formed a multimedia production company. Broadcasting is certainly in his blood as Neptune sits in the 2nd house of finance, he will make money from creative pursuits and communicative Gemini rules his Midheaven, signifying his career path was always going to go down the media route.

What makes Beck unusual is that for a conservative he is prepared push back the boundaries to shock people (Uranus) to add weight to his mantra. The stellium in the 5th house is quindecile Uranus, he has an obsession to encourage (Mars) a radical (Uranus) conservative (Saturn) agenda and with emotional Cancer intercepted in the 10th house of profession he uses emotion and even tears to illustrate this. Uranus is conjunct Pluto which everyone in the mid-sixties has in their chart. This generation was one who would want to make their mark on the world by reform, and reform (Uranus/Pluto) of the political system (quindecile Saturn) through action (Mars) and creative means (Sun in the 5th) is one of his main aims.

Cancer of course is ruled by the Moon which is tenanted in conjunction with Mercury in the 4th house of home. The Moon in the 4th is very emotional, patriotic and security conscious. There is a love of his family and there would have been a strong bond between himself and his mother who passed away in an boat accident when Glenn was 15. At that point in 1979, Solar Arc Pluto on this rectified chart would have been conjunct his ascendant and opposite his natal Venus. His life (Ascendant) would have been completely changed (Pluto) over the loss (Pluto) of a female (Venus – his mother). Back to the Moon which is widely conjunct Mercury. Here is a love of history and the past plus a love of reading – his mind will be generally introspective, he will love to discuss his experiences and has a talent for getting people to talk about themselves, excellent for a radio or TV broadcaster.

Much has been made of Becks religious beliefs which he uses on his shows. Religion and belief is shown through Neptune and Jupiter. We find Neptune square to the 5th house Sun Mars Saturn conjunction. Neptune is spiritual and square Saturn so his beliefs are conservative. Neptune is in Scorpio the planet of transformation and rules alcohol and drugs. Glenn has openly admitted to being addicted to these, and the square to the Sun does suggest that he would be attracted to them. In 1994, the problem was particularly bad with Beck entering Alcoholics Anonymous and suffering with substance abuse; just as Solar Arc Jupiter, the planet of excess opposed his natal Neptune.

Jupiter feeds by sextile into the 5th house conjunction so it is natural for him to openly share his faith in his broadcasts. To add weight to this Sagittarius is on the cusp of the 4th house so we know that his home was a place where faith was encouraged and still will be. Jupiter sits in the 7th house along with Venus in Aries. Glenn is very sociable and will want to connect with a wide range of people and will actively (Aries) want to not only explain his beliefs and philosophies (Jupiter) but will also be receptive to other’s opinions. Venus here need a loving union and his wife will be very dear to him.

Right now transiting Jupiter is conjunct his natal Jupiter so he will be feeling to time to move on from what he has been doing and to expand his role. Transiting Uranus and Mars are opposing his ascendant so he will be taking affirmative action and transiting Neptune is trine his Midheaven so his work dreams are starting to become reality. Despite his disappearance from the daily TV schedules, you will be hearing more of Glenn Beck effect in the future.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oprah Winfrey – Calling it a day after 25 years, the astrological profile of the Queen of Daytime chat.


On 25th May, the last Oprah Winfrey show will be broadcast, ending a most remarkable career. Since 1986, the Oprah’s show has been a fixture on US television, and the host has become a household institution loved by all. Whenever a person is recognisable just from her Christian name, you know they have “made it”. Oprah certainly made it, from literally rags to riches, from a poor Mississippi family to become probably the most recognisable TV host on planet earth. I look at the astrology of a lady who embodied the American dream.

Oprah was born on 29th January 1954 at 19.50 in Kosciusco, Mississippi in the United States. She has a humanitarian Aquarius Sun, backed up by a free and easy Sagittarius Moon and a precise Virgo Ascendant. Her Sun and Venus are virtually exactly conjunct, just one minute (60th of a degree apart) in the 5th house of entertainment. Aquarius conveys a star quality and Oprah shines with it, kind, fun loving, sociable, sympathetic, popular yet independent and a bit detached, as all the great interviewers have to be.


This merged Sun Venus is quindecile Pluto in the 10th house, square Saturn in the 3rd house and sextile Moon in the 4th. These three planets tell the story of Oprah’s upbringing. Her Sun/Venus is very afflicted by Saturn and Pluto; in astrology the Sun represents the father. Here Pluto is retrograde in the 12th house, hidden away and Saturn square the Sun shows a difficult, cruel upbringing. Oprah was the product of a short relationship and she was brought up in poverty by a single teenage mother, she never knew her father. Oprah suffered sexual abuse as a child from members of her family, again Pluto in the hidden 12th house square to Mars in Pluto’s own sign of Scorpio representing abusive actions of a sexual nature affecting her. With Mars in the 3rd house we know that the abuse came from her local environment, from those close to her.

The one thing when she was young that everyone noted about Oprah was her confidence in speaking and performing. Obviously when we look for communication, we look to Mercury. Oprah’s Mercury really is the centre of her chart in the wide conjunction to Sun/Venus,every other planet on the chart in some way feeds into this conjunction. There is a trine to Jupiter in chatty Gemini – here is curiosity in the purist form, needing to know everything, asking questions and a general interest all kind of media. Jupiter is in the 10th house of work and career and also opposite the Moon, so there is emotional involvement her work and an international element too. Oprah’s personable style has influenced hundreds of copycat shows all around the world. The Moon in Sagittarius sextiles into it from the fourth house; she is proud of her roots, protective of her own family, her Afro American roots and nation and heritage. Oprah will have many friends, is always out for a good time, laughing and joking has plenty of optimism and a philosophical side to her nature, she will empathise with those with problems and will attempt to them cheer up or provide a shoulder to lean on. Pluto makes an opposition with Mercury giving Oprah a forensic mind, delving into the depths to find out the truth in any situation; she is a natural investigator and a forceful powerful speaker able to influence people with the force of her own convictions, however she will rarely if ever reveal her own motives or weaknesses. Neptune is also trine to Mercury in the second house, it is in a imaginative mood and often people with this placing will make money through creative pursuits. Here is an idealism about the use of money. With the Sun/Venus/Mercury in social, humanitarian Aquarius and Uranus in the Aquarius ruled 11th house, there is a huge pull to helping people. Oprah has probably been the most generous black American woman ever, her charity foundations contributing $80 million to various causes.

I think the key to her was the sympathetic, yet direct and emotional way she treated her guests, the first chat show host to strike a chord especially with the women of the world. One look at her closest midpoint (which is exact) shows the point. Neptune (associated with TV and creative pursuits) sits exactly at the midpoint of Moon and Ascendant (the combination of her emotions and her public face). Emotions particularly strike a chord with women. One other point to note. Oprah’s Moon almost exactly hits the US ascendant, there is a direct link between her emotions and the American psyche, an almost perfect fit – she was born to communicate with the US people and for them to respond favourably to her.

It is interesting that Oprah’s media career started as Neptune was in the last degree of Sagittarius and she announced her stepping down from her show after a glorious career as Neptune hit the last degree of Aquarius. I have noted how many famous women passed away as Neptune hit the last degrees of a sign (see Elizabeth Taylor, Geraldine Ferraro this month). Here is another leading lady leaving the spotlight, this time stepping down from daily TV, a different manifestation of the same aspect. Indeed Oprah was a special talent who rose to the top through sheer talent and enthusiasm.