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Monday, 21 January 2019

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – A young woman who will not be held back...

The youngest and most controversial member of the House of Representatives in Washington DC has a fascinating astrology chart for sure, and in a post last week I mentioned that I would look at her. She is a Sun Libran (born 13th Oct 1989 at 11.50am in the Bronx), her birth time confirmed in the last week by herself through Astrologer Arthur Lipp-Bonewits.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sir Roger Moore – Always living in the fast lane…


Sir Roger Moore

Today at the age of 89 years, the film actor and former “James Bond”, Sir Roger Moore passed away, after a short battle with cancer. He was the longest serving of the actors to play Bond, bringing a suave and sophisticated side to the character, combined with some very cheesy humour. He also appeared in several feature films and TV series here in the UK.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Vladimir Putin – Sitting pretty as the rest of the world is in panic mode


Hi everyone. With all the shenanigans going on in Washington D.C. I decided to look across the globe and examine one leader on earth who has complete mastery of his situation, Vladimir Putin. Right now he must be sitting in his office at the Kremlin with a large vodka in one hand, feet up on the desk with a big smile on his face. Why? Transiting lucky, fortunate Jupiter is sitting right on his Sun for the next 2 and a half months!!!

Putin is a Sun Libran, born on 7th October 1952 in Saint Petersburg, Russia (we think 09.30 am) and his Sun at 13.55 Libra has retrograde Jupiter slowing to a stop on his Sun in June and then turning direct, so it will be staying a long time on the 13-14 degree point. That's like winning the lottery several times over, and it tends to shield you from all the other more nasty aspects swirling around, as you have fortune on your side.


By this I mean that transiting Saturn is conjunct to his natal Mars and he should be frustrated, irritated and blocked in his actions now, but do we see that? Nope, the plan to destabilise the US is going swimmingly. Indeed transiting Neptune is inconjunct to his Sun and ordinarily that is a nasty aspect that weakens you and forces you to accept situations that are not initially in your best interest personally, or it makes you lethargic and/or gullible. Do we see that either? Nope, indeed the cards seem to be falling on the table beautifully for him. Anyone domestically who does potentially gets in the way, such as Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny recently, gets arrested, trumped up charges are put against them, they are then convicted and packed off to sunny Siberia for a few months. Simples!! Note - only those readers in the UK will get that joke.

Putin's natal chart although in doubt as it's only A rated seems reasonable to me, with Pluto conjunct to his kingly Leo Midheaven and Scorpio on his Ascendant, perfect for an ex KBG boss come President dabbling in diplomatic games, secrets and espionage, and when he wants to be he can be brutally efficient in wielding the power at his disposal.

His natal Sun born within the stars of Corvus the crow is now conjunct to the main star in that constellation, Algorab, the terrorist star. As such there is a cunning, sneaky and very manipulative side to him. His natal Mercury is exactly on the stars Spica in Virgo and also conjunct Arcturus in Bootes, so he has an exceptional mind, he's clever, inventive, sharp and never behind the eight ball. He's one smart cookie, and he's always one step ahead too. Dealing and playing with Trump and the fledgling US administration must be a piece of cake, especially when they are so open to divulge pretty much anything to them. As the old saying goes, keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. Even I know that one.

Putin transits_thumb[1]

Elsewhere on his chart, Sun conjunct Saturn, Neptune and Mercury shows him to be serious and he will have an element of the preacher about him, it suggests the kind of person who runs things with an iron fist and yet is able to drift in and out remaining illusive and untouchable, like the powerful religious leader who has all the answers. All these planets are in Libra, the ultimate socialist sign, the sign of equality. The problem with Libra is that the motivation is that everything has to be fair for me, and not always for everyone else. That's always been the problem with this sign and with the communist system in general, human selfishness gets in the way of true egalitarianism.

These planets square to Uranus indicate someone who takes a different approach but his fixed in his ways, the radical who seems to play like the insider. He'll be cold, calculating and rather unemotional with his Moon in information rich Gemini, always in the know and keeping abreast of every situation. I have Moon in Gemini too, and I know that your moods do fluctuate with this position, friendly one minute and difficult the next. That will keep those around him off guard as to what he really needs.

Venus in his 1st house in controlling Scorpio shows vanity and a need to show off a bit, and we've seen that with him swimming across lakes, posing bare chested on horses and playing ice hockey in which allegedly a few weeks ago he scored a very impressive 9 goals according to the Russian media. Mars in Sagittarius is very sporting, adventurous and loves the outdoor life, and Jupiter in Taurus wants all the trappings of a comfortable existence, and with the hand on the tiller of the Russian super tanker, Putin has that side of things nicely sorted.

I hate to say it, but the poker player in the Kremlin holds all the aces at the moment...

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tennis US Open Men's Final 2014 - Who is gonna win, Marin Cilic or Kei Nishikori?


Cilic 1

I has a look at Kei Nishikori yesterday and today I look at the potential fortunes of Marin Cilic, the conqueror or Roger Federer in the 2nd semi final. He is a Libran, born 28 Sept 1988 in Medjugorie, Bosnia (no birth time). Anyone born in that part of the world had a tough upbringing in the 90's with war raging all around in the 90's and his chart is quite a challenging one. Despite all this, he has the battled through to make it to the pinnacle of the Men’s tennis circuit, and for that he deserves great credit.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kim Kardashian – Celebrating the birth of her first child

Kim Kardashian

A little break from all the bad new stories around at the moment to report on a happy event. Celebrity Kim Kardashian and her partner KanYe West have announced the birth of a yet unnamed daughter at approximately 01.30am on Saturday according to the Daily Mail newspaper in the UK. Kim actually was not due to have her daughter until a month later in a the first couple of weeks of July but medical complications meant that the baby arrived yesterday.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher – Passes away at age 87

Margaret Thatcher (2)

Margaret Thatcher, one of the most iconic leaders in the 20th century passed away today aged 87 after suffering a stroke. It is true that her health had been ailing in recent years, however it is a shock to us here in Britain. She was Prime Minister in the UK from 1979 until November 1990, the first and only ever woman to hold the post. Singlehandedly she turned around the British economy from the sick man of Europe to become a hub of commercial activity, she took on the unions in a bitter and protracted dispute dividing a nation into those who loved her and those who loathed her. The one thing was, you could never ignore her. I looked at her horoscope in a post about Meryl Streep and her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher last year.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tony Greig - Former England cricket captain and TV commentator dies from heart attack.


Tony Greig, the very opinionated former England cricket captain and TV commentator for Channel 9 sports in Australia passed away suddenly from a heart attack ,aged 66. Tony was born in South Africa to Scottish parents and so this qualified him to play cricket for England. He was a huge man standing at 6ft 6 inches tall, an all rounder and he played cricket with his heart on his sleeve. I will never forget a TV interview when as captain before a series against the West Indies and their ferocious famed fast bowling attack in the late 70’s, he claimed that England would make the West Indies players “grovel”. Needless to say, the West Indies never forgot those insulting words and they trounced the English team in the following test matches. His commentating style was direct yet so knowledgeable and in the world of cricket he will be greatly missed.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Libra – Peacemaker or troublemaker?


Yesterday on my Facebook page I did a quick article on Venus in Libra hitting the Uranus Pluto square, and Aliza from (she’s a brilliant Astrologer and friend from NYC – check her work out) mentioned correctly that Libra had this reputation for argument and conflict, even though it is also a sign of peace and harmony. This set me thinking to have a look and explore exactly why this is.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

King Richard III – What does astrology say about the “evil deformed” King?

King_Richard_III 2

Richard Plantangenat was only King of England for 2 years, the last King of the house of York killed on the battlefield of Bosworth field in 1485, as Henry Tudor, later to be Henry VII backed by French troops swept to victory. His character has been tainted by rumour and accusations, in the main based around the disappearance of the two young “Princes in the Tower”. On the death of his brother King Edward IV, in 1483, he was made Lord Protector over young Edward V who was 12, and his younger 9 year old brother Richard. Holding them in the Tower of London after Edward IV’s marriage was “annulled and declared invalid”, Richard grabbed power as the young Princes “disappeared” and was acclaimed King of England on 6th July 1483. Shakespeare in his play portrayed King Richard III as an evil man with a limp and a crooked back and that image has stuck to this day. He is back in the news now as an archaeological dig in Leicester, England claims to have found a skeleton that could be Richard. Tests on the body’s DNA are being carried out and we will know for definite in a few weeks time. So what does Astrology say about him? Luckily, we have a birth chart for the day he was born to look at…

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen – A law unto himself

Sacha Baron Cohen

Like most comedians, Sacha Baron Cohen polarizes opinions. Some love his irreverent comic style laced with more than a drop of irony and others just don’t get it. On the Oscar red carpet last night in a very pre-rehearsed publicity stunt, Cohen dressed at “The Dictator” a character from his upcoming film and tipped the ashes of “Kim Jong Il” all over E! Entertainment’s TV host Ryan Seacrest. The funniest thing about the whole incident were the burly security men dragging Baron Cohen away. The incident however had had it’s desired effect.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Vaclav Havel – The peaceful revolutionary and a truly great man of our age.

This is a very, very emotional piece for me to write, as I count him as the most influential and greatest man (so far) that I have encountered in my life. I was living in the magical city of Prague at the time, and on 17th Nov 91, a freezing cold evening I remember, my girlfriend at the time spotted a small crowd of people walking up Wenceslas Square. Being inquisitive, we wandered over to see what was going on. It was Vaclav Havel and a few colleagues making their way to the top of the square. Of course this day was the 2nd anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution, and Havel was there to pay his respects. There was virtually no security, no announcement that he would make such a gesture and no fanfare. Here was the President of Czechoslovakia walking down the street like a normal citizen, with a wreath of flowers to lay at the statue, St Wenceslas on the square where the revolution had taken hold two years earlier. The act of remembrance, and the manner in the way he did it was typical of the man. After he laid down the flowers, my Czech girlfriend and I moved to the front of the throng of people and shook his hand. We said simply thank you, Mr President “děkuju Vám, pane Prezidente” and then he departed.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Silvio Berlusconi – Stepping down as Italy slides into financial meltdown

Silvio Berlusconi

He has been at the head of Italian politics in three separate periods since 1994, a huge figure of influence who courts controversy, however this time I doubt if the great survivor can escape the clamour for him to step down. Yesterday, he said that he would be resigning, and if the transiting planets are anything to go by, this time he will have to be true to his word.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Kate Winslett – Success at the Emmy awards, but changes await her in the coming years.

kate winslett

Kate Winslett is back in the news and on the award trail after scooping the best actress award at the Emmy’s for her role in Mildred Pierce, and a month earlier she was lucky to escape when fire burnt down Richard Branson’s holiday home on Necker Island in the Caribbean. Kate, who had been staying there as a guest, saved Branson’s 90 year old mother by carrying her to safety. Quite a month then for the British actress who is rarely if ever out of the headlines.

Kate was born on 5th October 1975 in Reading, England at 07.15 hrs. She was a new Moon baby, born exactly at sunrise hence the Libran Sun is exactly conjoined to the Ascendant. The Moon lies just 2 degrees into the first house and both personal planets are joined in conjunction by Pluto and Mercury making a powerful stellium. As a triple Libran, Kate will be very very conscious of fairness and justice which will need to be served. Librans hate conflict and she will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that any disagreements are settled amicably. Those with Libra emphasised are very socially aware and very romantic as Venus is heavily emphasised, so beauty & harmony be it musical, written, artistic or drama based will be very close to her heart.

KateWinslett natal

There is a dark, underground edge to this new Moon conjunction as Mercury and Pluto sit close by. Mercury in the 1st house conjunct to the ascendant always infers high intelligence, and Kate will always want to chat and communicate. The connection with Pluto brings all this to a different level completely. Pluto wants to get under the surface of everything and her mind will be very deep and inquisitive, rather like a detective, probing to find out the hidden agendas of everything in which she is interested. Because Mercury is retrograde, this mind will be turned in on itself; here is someone who in their quieter moments can be very reflective and psycho-analytic, especially about relationships as this Pluto is in Libra. Kate, you see, is a very passionate yet controlling person. The Moon conjunct Pluto is highly emotional, even erotic, determined to do her own thing and yet very sensitive, with the Moon being found in the first house. Anyone with the Moon conjunct Pluto has to expect heartaches and transformational change within their relationships, however accepting change is something that Kate will be very fearful of doing. Kate has already had one marriage breakdown with Jim Threapleton, and she is currently separated from her second husband, director Sam Mendes, demonstrating the destructive nature of Pluto on her emotional life. Despite the emotional problems she has faced, she will always have her family around her. A new Moon child will always look up to and model themselves on their mother, and Pluto’s closeness to both the Moon and the Sun will mean that Kate will always be very close to her parents. Kate will be very determined and the Sun/Pluto conjunction and  it’s pre-eminent position exactly straddling the Ascendant makes her very determined to be a prominent person, someone who will make a difference and an impact on the world. This stellium makes a multi-sextile to Neptune the ruler of film and creativity in the third house and this is where she has made such an impact. This sextile also beautifully describes the artistic and acting background of her parents who performed part time. The third house represents siblings, and both her brother and sister act too. The placement of Neptune in the 3rd house adds a colourful & imaginative side to Kate’s mind, she would have been a daydreamer when young and at school, a consciousness which fully “woke up” when she started studying drama at the age of 11.

The Moon and Mercury are opposite to Jupiter sitting in the 7th house. This is a very go ahead Jupiter sitting in Aries and Kate would have been eager and quite extrovert when young, there is a bit of a devil may care and brave attitude within the personality. This certainly showed when she rushed into the burning building to save the elderly Mrs Branson last month. Kate will be lively & optimistic certainly on the outside, and will pick partners from whom she can have an intellectual rapport and from whom she will learn something. She will have grand plans, and may at times expect too much from her partner. When things do go wrong, there will be the feeling that the grass may be greener on the other side, rather than working at and trying to solve the differences. Kate’s relationships will always be beset by these problems until she realises that they sometimes need hard work and a fair bit of compromise to get things right. It is noticeable that the Jupiter/Moon/Mercury oppositions form a stressful t-square with her Cancerian Midheaven. Her work and marriages have been inextricably linked so far. Maybe if she were to find a partner with other interests and work outside acting it may be beneficial to her in the long-run, as Jupiter in the 7th can operate in a very fruitful and satisfying way with regard to personal relationships, if given the chance to do so.

As well as being determined, Kate does have a very independent streak. Uranus also sits in a crowded first house making her want to stand out from the crowd. She will often take the odd risk in her film and work choices and she will enjoy shocking or surprising people, wanting to project her character as truly individual. Uranus is part of a mini grand trine, being trine to Mars in the 9th house and sextile to Venus in the 11th. This is a very busy and sociable formation. Mars is in Gemini which is energetic and always on the go, wanting to know everything going on. Mars in the 9th house is very sure of it’s convictions and beliefs and she will fight for them with all her might. Mars makes a trine to Mercury making Kate quite outspoken, convincing and direct in her speech. Venus in the 11th loves an active social life and to be surrounded by friends. This is somebody who will like working in group or social projects, yet with Uranus in the 1st Kate will want to be noticed doing this. She will want her involvement to stand out and to make a difference to whatever she does get involved with.

There is one last aspect I want to look at. Uranus makes a tight square to Saturn in the 10th house. Saturn in the 10th always is very ambitious and wanting to run things and get to the top of the tree. This placement bestows a patient and disciplined attitude to work, but Kate may get very disgruntled and bitter if her hard work and effort is not recognised in some way. Saturn sits in regal Leo, and this placement does require praise and affirmation unless the one is not to get rather grumpy. It leads me to suspect that Kate behind the optimistic outgoing attitude can get a bit bitter and twisted at times if things are not going her way. The square to Uranus will make her progressive in her work and she will get upset with those around her, if they do not accept the challenges that she throws down to them. By the same token, this square will always keep her fresh and relevant in the acting world, never looking to get type-cast or bogged down. Maybe this explains the continued success she has had since her first award nomination back in 1995 for Sense and Sensibility.

Looking ahead, with so many natal planets in Cardinal signs especially with Pluto at 9 Libra, Ascendant at 11 Libra, Sun at 11 Libra, Moon at 13 Libra and Midheaven at 14 Cancer, Kate in the next couple of years is going to experience some great upheaval in her life. This will begin in early next year when transiting Pluto hits 9 Capricorn squaring these planets by Feb 2012 continuing on until 2015. These changes, or more rightly transformations in Kate’s life are going to involve personal possessions and self worth with Scorpio on the cusp of the 2nd house. Pluto squaring it’s own position starts this cycle of change. Then friends and associations and the self will be changed (Pluto squaring the Sun and Ascendant), followed by her work and career with Pluto square to the Moon and opposite to the Cancer Midheaven. As Saturn transited this same zone last year, her marriage to Sam Mendes broke up. Saturn is now passing through Kate’s first house indicating a new quieter period in her development, and a new 7 year cycle of growth, a time where other interests and passions may start to take a greater role in her daily life. 

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Monday, 22 August 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marry in California. Will it be happy ever after?


As celebrity weddings go, this was rather a big one. Kim Kardashian at the weekend married basketball star Kris Humphries in a ceremony held in Montecito, California. How do these two get on? Will their married last the test of time? Lets have a look at the astrology to find out…

Kim was born on 21st October 1980 in Los Angeles at 10.46am. She is a very sociable Sun Libra with a very sensitive Pisces Moon and a party loving Sagittarian Ascendant. Her Sun and Moon combination make her want to please others, she will be very gentle, will love romance and sincerity but she will be very impressionable. Kim’s mind is very intuitive, and she will detect very quickly when someone is being insincere to her. She will be a very self sufficient girl with most of the planets on the Eastern hemisphere (left) of the chart.

KimKardashian natal

Her Sun is conjunction with Pluto so she has huge plans and a need to be recognised or be someone special; she also likes to be in control of her life. Being a Sun Libra, harmony and equality will be most important to Kim, she will fight if she feels any type of injustice. She will have a quick flexible brain, and she will become impatient with those slower than her; she may be a bit of a whizz with technical things like gadgets and computers and she may be interested in astrology. She will love animals of all sorts and may be quite talented in making things with her hands, from art to pottery or sculpture. This is a girl who needs constant excitement and mental stimulation in a relationship otherwise she will go off to find it elsewhere. The Uranus Mercury conjunction in Scorpio makes a trine to the sensitive Pisces Moon, making her excitable, unpredictable and a little wild with a spontaneous sense of fun and an outrageous sense of humour.

This Moon anchors the chart; her emotions and imagination will be extremely important to her well-being. The Moon is opposite Venus Saturn and Jupiter. This is a very powerful set of oppositions. It does suggest that she will suffer emotionally in her life, her emotions are at odds with her need for love and companionship, she will be uncertain exactly what she wants from a personal relationship. The Saturn Moon opposition says of a difficult mother/daughter relationship. They were obviously at odds with each other, and Kim would have felt the criticism and hurt from her intensely. She will be constantly battling the demons from her past and she will strive to prove her doubting mother wrong. Luckily for Kim, Jupiter sits conjunct to Saturn in the 10th house on her Midheaven conjunct to Venus in the 9th house. Venus conjunct the Midheaven often bestows model looks and Kim has used them to project her public image around the globe, her career has been carved around her image.

She is a hard working girl (Mars sextile Saturn), loves beauty and and may be creative in this field (Mercury sextile Venus) and will look endlessly for that perfect dream love (Neptune square Venus). Neptune in the first house close to the ascendant does encourage escapism – would she marry to escape all the insecurities she has felt in her life? Has she found the right guy? Lets look at Kris Humphries, her new husband.

Kris was born on 6th February 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. Unfortunately I have not found a birth time for him. Does anyone know it? Please email me if you do. So he is a Sun Sign Aquarius with either a Leo or Virgo Moon. If Kris was born before 07.00 then he has a Leo Moon, otherwise the Moon is in Virgo. Emotionally it makes a huge difference. The Leo Moon loves the limelight, wants to be special and is just a little proud, stubborn and overbearing. The Virgo Moon is self-critical, a rather shy, perfectionist and a bit of a worrier. Those with Virgo Moons do have quick reactions and have good common sense. If I were to hazard a guess, it needs a big personality to accompany the showbiz caravan which surrounds Kim, so I would lean towards a Leo Moon, although a Virgo one would suit her gentle Pisces emotions far better.


Kris’ Moon potentially squares his Saturn, so like Kim, he may have had a difficult relationship with his mother. We find Saturn also in rather a wide conjunction to the  North Node if anything increasing the effect. Maybe this common factor was one that brought them together? The Moon is trine to Neptune, so Kris will have a soft impressionable heart, and he will sacrifice everything to make sure that harmony is kept in his emotional life. He will not like upsets and turmoil. Both Mars and Venus are in go ahead Aries, so in love Kris will be a no nonsense type of guy. He will be have been looking for his dream girl (Venus square Neptune) and he will want to live out his dreams and fantasies (Mars square Neptune). In Kim, he seems to have found all of these things. He would have been the one to make the first move; Venus  conjunct Mars is always pushy in love, but if there are problems, he will be the one to move on first. He will not want to fight and battle as I explained earlier.

Kris will value loyalty highly (Venus trine Saturn) and he will work hard to make this relationship work (Mars trine Saturn). He will be rather self protective and a bit secretive with his Saturn in Scorpio. Letting others into his private world is difficult for him, he may rather fear deep emotional intimacy.

Kris is a bit of an perpetual student, always wanting to know and learn more; he will have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He may as he gets older have a desire to teach or instruct those younger than himself; a potential basketball coach of the future perhaps? Jupiter and Mercury are both in Aquarius like the Sun so he will without doubt be a progressive thinker and planner as well as fiercely independent. Pluto makes a square to this conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury. His mind will always be looking for the motives under the surface, the mind of the detective. He needs to be careful of this, as one can start suspecting things that are not true, jealousy and paranoia are possible with Mercury square Pluto. Pluto square Jupiter is very lucky, quite often people with this aspect literally attract money and prestige without trying too hard. Kris will be an opportunistic type of guy, ready to seize upon any good ideas that come his way. He certainly was opportunistic when Kim came along, wasn’t he?

Now, let’s look at the synastry chart. The synopsis is not too bad. The one stand out aspect for me is that Kris’ Aquarian Sun conjuncts with Kim’s South Node. There will be a karmic connection between them, almost as if they have known each other all of their lives. Some say that people with this connection did meet in a previous life and have issues still to settle in this one. Kim’s Moon connects nicely with Kris’ Venus and Mars which shows good friendship and Kris’ Jupiter makes a trine to Kim’s Jupiter and Midheaven and squares her Sun bringing fortune and public awareness to them both. Kris’ Venus makes a lovely trine to Kim’s Mars, so there is attraction aplenty between them. Kris’ Pluto is in wide conjunction with Kim’s Sun, so he may overpower and control her and her Neptune is square his Neptune which can be a bit depressing. His Mercury is square to her Sun so he may say hurtful things to hit her pride along the way. Her Saturn does oppose his Mars and Venus – this could be a tad tricky if she is in a bad mood as she may put the brakes on. When he wants to go, she will say stop, in both an emotional and a physical sense.

KimKardashian transit

They are not perfect in a synastry sense although I have seen far worse. There is not really good line of communication which I always like to see. Mercury in both charts are in fixed signs, so I fear a stand off if there are problems. The Saturn opposite Venus Mars could cause problems.

On the Composite chart, which shows a combination look at the couple as a pair and how they will relate to each other, we see more difficulty. There is a very stressful opposition from Venus up to a Sun Mercury & Neptune conjunction. Sun Mercury and Neptune is very idealistic and sensitive, but is also rather delusionary and deceptive. It does suggest that their communication will get better as the relationship develops, but the chance of ultimate disappointment is definitely there. The ideals and hopes at the start tend to be too high, and when reality does set in, you are let down in a big way.

Depending on Kris’ birth time, there may be a Sun Moon opposition. This creates great attraction between the two but also competition and a sense that something is not quite right, there is an imbalance between the two personalities which causes tension. Now this Venus Neptune Sun Mercury opposition makes a wedge with Saturn and Pluto at the point. Saturn and Pluto in a composite chart shows they two will have difficult times together and that staying together will be a struggle, but these difficulties will come from the outside world. Either you fight to keep the relationship stronger, and in a way this benefits both of you in the long term bringing you together as one force against the world, or you give in and split. Some succeed with this conjunction but many often fail. This shows how much you do love each other and how you cope with adversity as a couple.

Uranus and Jupiter together in conjunction shows that the two of them will need room to breath within the relationship, being stuck under the same roof for days on end will not suit them. In their present situation, it may be fine as they have many outside commitments but in the future? This aspect will allow them to grow and have unusual experiences especially in travel that will benefit each other.


Finally the composite Mars squares to Saturn and Pluto. This is rather nasty as both Kim and Kris will be working at cross purposes to each other. At best they will tend to get in each others way, at worst the relationship can turn into a battlefield as one will want to do one thing and the other will want to do something else. In a sexual sense, they will have differing emotional moods creating potential tension in the bedroom. Tension will exist between the two and with Mars square to Pluto, this could eventually turn spiteful. Mars and Pluto is very competitively intense, with physical and psychological battles. Both Kim and Kris will need the space I mentioned before, without which this relationship could turn into a full scale war.

I hope they find happiness, but I fear over time that the differences and tensions between them may become too hard to bare. Certainly if I were advising them, I would tell them to be tolerant of each other, to give each other plenty of room and to try and find interests that they both enjoy doing. Find some sort of common ground that they can gravitate to in the difficult moments that will come from such a high profile marriage.    

**** Update 31st Oct 11 ****

Kim files for divorce – read why it happened - Kim files for divorce after 72 days

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Arsene Wenger – Tough times for the Arsenal manager and a changing role in 2012?

Arsene Wenger

People who follow my Astrology blog will know that I do have a keen interest in sport. Seeing as there is not much happening in the entertainment world right now, I decided to have a look at the Frenchman at the helm of Arsenal football club, who has been under severe pressure of late. A really interesting choice as Arsene’s chart is incredibly similar to Benjamin Netanyahu (the Israeli PM) who I looked at just yesterday. Both charts are under the same pressures, but differ very slightly in emphasis. Please look at the link at the bottom of this article and compare the two and you will see exactly what I mean.

Arsene was born on 22nd October 1949 (1 day after Netanyahu) at 11.00am in Strasbourg, France. He has a sun sign Libra in conjunction with the Moon (as with Netanyahu) however the Moon had now moved around to be in Scorpio. So we have someone who is sociable, needs peace, harmony and hates conflict yet is also intensely private, controlling and needs to know everything going on around him. It is a fascinating combination, Arsene is a people person, who loves being involved in social contact but who ultimately is hard to get to know properly. The Sun is placed in the 10th house so this is a man to whom his reputation, public position and role in life is hugely important; Arsene needs to be appreciated for his talents and will work and work, to the detriment of his personal life. In that regard, he needs a very understanding wife. The Sun Moon conjunction makes him very one sided, stubbornly so (especially as the Moon is in a fixed sign – Scorpio). You try to move a Scorpio when their heels are dug firmly in? It’s impossible!! The Scorpio moon sits in the 11th house of friends and team affairs. Anyone who befriends Arsene will be a friend for life, and this deep emotional attachment will extend to the players and staff at the club too. Scorpio is very emotional and ingrained, Arsene will see it as his duty to guide everyone in his principles and philosophies. I’ve heard it that Arsene is seen as a father figure and this aptly describes how he will see himself, albeit a father who keeps at a distance. He will not let anyone get too close.

ArseneWenger natal

The Sun/Moon conjunction makes aspects to Jupiter in the 2nd house and Uranus in the 7th and Mars in the 8th house. The Sun in Libra square to generous Jupiter in Capricorn makes Arsene very capable in business, seeing and being able to cope with the large expanse of a project. Combined with a Virgo Midheaven, which is very detailed orientated, he has all the attributes of an architect and economist rolled into one – a rare combination. The links to Mars show huge enthusiasm and interest in how things work, the mechanics of a project and the link to Uranus is a very free and yet technical link. In education Arsene did well, went to university and studied economics and electrical engineering. The way his teams play embody the mechanics of the mind of the man, a form of total football, players interchanging positions with ease. Technique to Arsene is everything. He has very much been behind the analysis of football by using computers and statistical data - Uranus makes a square also to detail influenced Mercury and the Midheaven. The one other thing that Arsene’s teams are noted for is the beauty of the football played. Beauty is associated with Venus and through them the signs of Libra and Taurus. We already know of the Libran link. The Sun is in Libra as well as Neptune and Mercury in the 10th. Here, one’s dreams need to be translated into reality. Arsene will also be a superb public speaker being able to coherently explain that vision to those under his wing.

Neptune is also associated with grace and artistry and makes a sextile to Venus – Arsene has a fine appreciation of all type of creativity, and his own creative talents come out through his work. The Mercury link gives him tact, considerable charm and mediating skills, being very adept in dealing with people in a kind and considerate way. Venus sits on Arsene’s ascendant just into the first house. His appearance will always be neat smart and tidy and he will dislike conflict and disagreement. How on earth did this charming, considerate, rather gentle man get into the rough and tumble of professional football? We have to look to Taurus for that. Where do we find it? On the cusp of the fifth house of sports and games. Taurus does have a reputation for encouraging a love of team games and here is the sign of the builder ruling the 5th. It stand to reason that Arsene would never have been happy in just playing football, he would want to make and run his own team; Taurus after all rules possessions and he will see everyone at the club as his team. With Taurus also extending over to rule the 6th house too, the exercise, diet and nutrition of his team would also give him great interest. Remember the Virgo Midheaven. This is Virgo’s house and no detail whatsoever will go unnoticed in Arsene’s working life. He single-handedly revolutionized sports nutrition and fitness science in English football, turning a well run but rather dour team into one that everyone wanted to watch.

The fact that Arsene has survived so long in such a cut-throat business in a foreign country is down to great determination and resourcefulness. This he has in abundance with a Mars and Pluto conjunction in Leo in the 8th house. This is a determination to keep on going, I think he will work on until he drops. The love of being in the spotlight (Leo) is very addictive. By the way, below the gentle peace loving exterior lies a volcanic temper. Woe betide anyone who upsets him, although with Venus being so prominent in this chart, it will take a lot to for him to lose his cool. Mars and Pluto in the 8th are associated with investment and big business and whatever your standpoint on international football, they are now all inevitably linked. Arsene is well placed in this regard to make the right purchases to keep the club solvent and successful.

Saturn always shows ambition and fear. In the international 9th house in Virgo, Arsene was always destined to work and have his greatest impact (Saturn) abroad (9th) – this is backed up with the open minded Sagittarian ascendant which would always push him to broaden his horizons. Saturn in Virgo square to Venus conjunct the ascendant, is hugely self-critical. You will not see it with the privately emotional Scorpio Moon, but Arsene will beat himself up inside constantly. He will worry, fret, tear himself to pieces if his ambitions are not fulfilled. If his team loses, he will be inconsolable. With the square to Venus ruling the 6th through Taurus, any setback will tend to affect his health too, as well as his relationships. Arsene will be a stickler for precision, for order and correctness, although he will tend to over analyse a situation when a more instinctive or emotional decision may be called for. As well, he will be one who will cling to his beliefs no matter wether other people are giving good and maybe more correct advise. This is certainly an achilles heel in his make up, his stubborn “I know best” attitude can get in the way of progress.

The transits that Arsene are facing are strikingly similar to the ones that Benjamin Netanyahu are facing, namely transiting Saturn conjunct natal Neptune and Mercury which is generally depressing in nature and shows weakness and confused and lacking in ideas in what to do with the resulting criticism that he is facing. With a Virgo Midheaven, this criticism will hurt, no matter Arsene’s stubborn attitude. Transiting Pluto is opposite natal Uranus. Now Uranus through Aquarius is associated with money as Aquarius is intercepted in the 2nd house. Even if the mantra coming out of Arsenal is that they have money in the bank, that money is being strictly controlled (Pluto) and that control of others (Uranus in 7th) leaves Arsene helpless (Scorpio ruled by Pluto on the cusp of the 12th) in not being able to invest (natal Pluto in 8th) in the team (Scorpio on cusp of 11th), i.e. Arsene is being held under a strict budget, he has to sell to reinvest.

ArseneWenger transits

Transiting Neptune is also having an effect being trine to his Sun, quindecile to Saturn and opposite to Mars. It suggest to me false optimism & a veil of deception over what is actually going on behind the scenes. Further along the line, transiting Saturn will hit Arsene’s South Node in September. This never a good transit and suggests a separation of some sort in his work (10th house). Will Arsene finally announce that he is going to call it a day and move upstairs into a more senior role at the club by the end of the season? I only suggest this as a possibility as Saturn will then move on to conjunct natal Saturn in December/January 2012, revisit that position in retrograde in March 2012 and finally finish the transit by September 2012. Saturn here suggest a separation from team  (11th house) affairs, yet also shows a maturing of the Sun and of his position – maybe a promotion into the boardroom, also suggested by the 11th house transit. One other thing to consider. When Arsene was made Arsenal manager on 30th Sept 1996, transiting Saturn was conjunct Arsene’s North Node. A half cycle of Saturn will be completed this Autumn as it soon hits the South Node for a final time, an appropriate time to move on for a new role in Arsene’s life?

Like Netanyahu who himself is looking down the barrel of a gun, Arsene astrologically looks as if he is coming to a crossroads in his professional career. Looking around him at the vast sums of money now being spent by other teams and seeing his beloved club falling behind simply through a lack of economic clout and forever fighting against opponents far more powerful than themselves, Arsenal and Arsene himself may consider that having his considerable talents more involved at board level in guiding the direction of the club to intelligently get the best out of the resources at their disposal, and getting a fresh face to give the team more impetuous, may be the best route for Arsenal to go.

Link - My post yesterday about Benjamin Netanyahu

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu – Caught between a rock and a hard place.

Mideast Israel Palestinians
Whilst the world were straining their eyes on the Capitol building to see if the Americans would pass a budget for the next year, a important concession was rung out of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by President Obama, namely for Israel to accept the 1967 borders as a starting point for peace negotiations with the Palestinians, although places where Jewish settlers were now occupying must also be taken into consideration. In Israeli terms, this is a seismic shift in policy, after in May Netanyahu flatly refused to accept such an idea and at home & it may have severe consequences for a leader under pressure from his own people.
Benjamin Netanyahu was born on 21st October 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel at 09.30am. He is a double Libran with both Sun and Moon in the sign of the scales and he has, if the birth time is correct a Sagittarian Ascendant although right on the cusp, quite possibly he may have Scorpio rising if the birth time was a couple of minutes out. Libra is the sign of the diplomat, the negotiator, the one who wants an easy stress free life & Benjamin is very Libran in nature with 4 planets in the sign. Incidentally, you may not know, but wheeling and dealing is in the very fabric of Israeli consciousness too (not that you would have known it in the past few years), as Israel also has a Libran ascendant; one which conjuncts with Netanyahu’s Sun. They go together like peaches and cream. Libra does have one big fault though, not being able to make one’s mind up and wanting to keep people happy and it leads you to sit on the fence when a critical decision does have to be made.
BenjaminNetanyahu natal
To the chart. Netanyahu has his Sun, Moon and Neptune all in the 11th house in Libra surrounding the South Node and still in conjunction with them but in the 10th sits Mercury. It is funny and quite ironic that the 11th house is both the house of politicians and also of love received, politicians adore all the attention, don’t they? That’s why they get into the job. With such a focus on the 11th house, politics and committees were always going to be an avenue Netanyahu in life would have travelled down. Eleventh house people need appreciation and love shown to them, and in that Libran way he will be able to “bend” or sacrifice principles to get the peace and harmony he inwardly craves as well as position himself to vault himself up the political ladder. Netanyahu is somewhat of a yes man, certainly in regard to his dealings with others in positions of power. Now, this chart does have 6 planets in cardinal signs so Netanyahu will be a go ahead type. It leads me to believe that he will act despite the Libran inclination to prevaricate, but in order to keep others around him sweet and possible at the expense of other more pressing matters. Criticism in Israel of Netanyahu’s tenure as Prime Minister has been of his pre-occupation of keeping his coalition together, rather than forging ahead with new policies.
Sun, Moon, Neptune and Mercury is not only quite a gentle combination but also a slippery one too. This conjunction on this chart gives me the impression that Netanyahu goes very much on his instincts in negotiation and discussion, able to go with the flow. We have the influence of both water and air here, highly tuned in but also extremely flexible, so long as it is in the best interest of Netanyahu (and in turn through the connection of the two charts, the Israeli interest). Netanyahu knows his history, Moon and Mercury (especially in 10th) in conjunction always shows a deeply ingrained love of the past, and he should know what will and won’t be acceptable to his people.
I feel that this passionate love of the homeland and history would have been ingrained into Benjamin by his mother, especially because of the close link of the Moon to the South Node and thus Nodal axis. There would have been an inseparable bond between them. The Sun/Moon/Neptune Mercury stellium make a sextile out to Pluto and Mars in Leo in conjunction in the 9th house of faith, education, wisdom and internationalism. This is a very power driven combination, ruthless & determined to make one’s mark on the world. Netanyahu’s Jewish faith will be very close to his soul, and he will defend it with all his might; as faith and homeland are so intertwined, he would fight just as much for his country shown by Mars sextile to his Sun (conjunct Israeli Ascendant). He entered the Israeli army after leaving school and served in the special elite forces with distinction. With a strong accent on this chart on the 9th house, it is no surprise that a major part of Benjamin’s life was spent abroad, mainly in the US studying. Before he became Prime Minister, he served as a long time as Israeli foreign minister, and the international influence in his life also extended to his relationships as he was to married a British woman, the second of 3 marriages in his life so far. Gemini is on the cusp of the 7th house, so Benjamin was never going to be one who would be emotionally tied to just one woman in his life, Gemini is just too fickle for that, and Mercury ruling Gemini is in conjunction with Neptune, which is always searching for the ideal. This is backed up Venus in Sagittarius square to Saturn. Venus in Sagittarius wanders for love, is never settled, always wants more and is not afraid of taking the odd emotional risk. Along that road, Benjamin would have met a lot of setbacks and disappointments (Saturn) in his search for the ultimate love (remember back to the 11th house and his need for love).
We find Saturn in critical Virgo conjunct the Virgo Midheaven. The Virgo accent here clearly gives the message of serving others by administration. There is a hard critical edge to his work dealings, a penchant for order and correctness. I can imagine him to be a hard and severe task master to those below him. Saturn conjunct to the Midheaven is a statement of ambition to rise to the top of the tree, which he has done. The Saturn square to Venus I wrote of earlier leads us to the first house. There is obviously a very sociable side to Benjamin away from his work, although I feel that Saturn’s influence would get in the way of him being a true party animal. Venus in the first is very conscious of one’s personal appearance, and again rather than being casual and relaxed as you would expect a Venus in Sagittarius to be, I suspect that neat and tidy would be preferred Netanyahu’s style, coloured by that precise, just so Saturn. Venus in Sagittarius does hint at the idea of idealism, and that idealism in Benjamin flows out from Venus through aspects to Mercury and Neptune (political idealism, 11th), to Saturn and the Midheaven (idealism in his ambitions & position in society/work, 10th) and to Pluto (idealism of his strongly held beliefs and faith, 9th). you can see why he took the path in life he did.
The Sun and Moon square to Jupiter in the 2nd house of money. Here is a big spender who will like a lavish lifestyle, no expense will be spared in acquiring quality possessions. This is a generous man with a big, almost self inflated ego. The square hints to a cheerful, optimistic disposition who generally looks to the bight side in life, there’s always another opportunity around the corner. Jupiter in Capricorn is shrewd with money and here we see another link with his work career and Netanyahu served as Israeli finance minister. Uranus sits in the 8th house of big business and points to him being a big advocate of free market policy, Uranus never if fond of restrictions of any sort. Uranus squares back to Mercury giving him a quick thinking brain; he is an original thinker and will be a electric public speaker able to excite a crowd.
Uranus in the 8th house of change and death is a very dangerous position for it to be sitting, especially if one has a Pluto Mars conjunction as well. It certainly hints at a very up and down life, with big highs and lows, three marriages is an indication of the rollercoaster that Benjamin has lead. His brother Yonathan was killed in the forces while in military action (Aquarius ruled by Uranus is on the cusp of the 3rd house of brothers and sisters) and I get the feeling that Mr Netanyahu better be careful in the decisions he makes, there are a lot of enemies he could make whatever he decides on the Israel/Palestinian question, and nationally he is already in a weak situation.
BenjaminNetanyahu transit
Currently we are approaching one of those very nasty and potentially dangerous periods for his own political ambitions. Transiting Uranus is square Benjamin’s natal Uranus which is also being opposed by transiting Pluto. On 10th/11th August, Mars will conjunct Netanyahu’s Uranus at 5 Cancer and a few days later hit the July 1st eclipse degree of 9 Cancer, still in conjunction with that natal Uranus. Remember, Mars and Pluto are in conjunction in Benjamin’s chart so any Mars transit will be transformational. In this few days we have Uranus, Mars and Pluto all combining. Now Pluto is operating out of the second house of finance and natal Uranus is in the house of other people’s finance and possessions. Netanyahu at home is facing social protests (Uranus) over housing and social benefits (all 8th house and Uranian issues) and he has record low popularity ratings. Pluto’s rules Scorpio which rules the 12th house on this chart, so Netanyahu will feel helpless to stop the terminal decline he is facing. There could be worse to come as Mars connects up with natal Uranus and hits the eclipse degree. The fact that that eclipse hit Netanyahu in the 8th house of change close to natal Uranus could be a fatal hit. Transiting Saturn also shows a similar picture, as it is conjunct natal Neptune (showing weakness) and it will soon hit his 11th house Moon (depressing) and South Node (a spot on the chart which is always a fall position). By agreeing to this so called compromise with Obama, will the coalition in the Israeli Knesset stay together, or will his own Likud party members see this agreement as the last straw, and decide to distance themselves permanently from the embattled Israeli Prime Minister? The stars do not look helpful for him…
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Thursday, 30 June 2011

David Haye v Wladimir Klitschko – How do the two heavyweight champions stack up against each other?


I love doing this type of astrology, pitting man v man, one chart against another, who has the better planetary set up on the night. This fight to be held in Hamburg on Saturday 2nd July in the evening promising on paper to be a barnstormer. Two heavyweight champions going toe to toe and they genuinely (from the press coverage) seem to get on each other’s nerves. Do they, is it just a charade? What do the stars say? And more importantly for fight fans, who will come out victorious come Saturday night?

Right in the red corner we have David Haye, born 13th October 1980 in Bermondsey, South London. Incidentally, I do not have a birth time for either fighter so it makes my predictions and analysis a little less accurate. David is a Sun Libran closely conjunct to Pluto. Libra is a social sign and Haye will like to think that he is a man of the people. Pluto contributes to the Sun a huge determination for personal recognition. Pluto Sun is sextile Neptune, so David will sacrifice (Neptune) everything for personal glory. David’s Moon is in Sagittarius, the placement of an adventurer, somebody who aims for the stars. A Sun Libra and Moon in Sagittarius needs an active life and social interaction, so will enjoy a party. With a square between the Moon and Venus in Virgo, David will be a lady’s man too, and a discriminating one at that! He has to be careful not to let this potential distraction for a party lifestyle get in the way of the serious preparation for a fight. Luckily, He also has a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Libra. This contributes a nice balance to his whole chart. Yes, David will enjoy himself (Jupiter), but Saturn’s inner voice will tell him when to get down to business.

DavidHaye natal

David will be driven by fairness and justice, he won’t mind so long as there is an even playing field so to speak, allowing the best man on the night to win. If he thinks there is injustice in the air, it will really anger him. Jupiter in Virgo also contributes to being able to see the big picture, yet also being able to focus in on the details needed to make a strategy work. In a fight this is crucial, being able to analyse and discriminate and change tactics if needed. The Saturn/Jupiter is sextile to a volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction crossing over the Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. Here is endurance, Saturn Jupiter sextile Mars , huge enthusiasm Uranus/Jupiter and a wild vicious streak Mars/Uranus sextile Saturn. Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Scorpio is aggressive and unpredictable and Haye fights like this with swinging hooks and uppercuts. He has a free and easy boxing style (Sagittarius) yet is brutal with it and has a killer instinct (Scorpio).

In the blue corner is the slightly older Wladimir Klitschko. Born in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan on 25th March 1976. Wladimir is a forward thinking Aries with a Moon in Aquarius. Again, here is a man who want’s to be socially significant. Aries is impulsive and wants to be the best and Aquarius has a social angle to it. Vladimir will want to mix in glitzy circles to make him feel good. Coming from the backwaters of Kazakhstan, I suppose Vladimir has used boxing to achieve this aim.

WladimirKlitschko natal

The chart is based around 3 oppositions which make 2 t-squares. Like Haye, there is a Sun/Pluto aspect, this time an opposition, thus again a drive for personal fame backing up the Sun/Moon combination. There is also a free and easy Jupiter/Uranus opposition which instils a great need for personal freedom. This squares onto the Aquarius Moon. To get the freedom and social status and glamour Wladimir craved, he had to take up a career where he would be able to travel. This is born out as on the other side of this opposition is a wedge formation – a sextile and trine coming off the opposition with Mars at the point. The way out was through fighting (Mars). Like with Haye, Mars connects with Uranus in Scorpio, this time in a trine as part of the wedge, so you still see the killer instinct and brutality of Scorpio, however Mars here is in defensive Cancer.

Saturn is also in Cancer and Saturn is the planet associated with fear. There is a huge desire here to protect one’s personal security. Straight away, without even seeing the boxers fight, one knows that Wladimir will have a far more considered defensive style than Haye does as the Cancerian effect will kerb that aggressive Mars trine Uranus. Saturn trines to Mercury which adds huge concentration and steadies the mind. Wladimir won’t mind repetitive, tedious work (he rather enjoys it) and one thinks he will hide behind a sledgehammer jab, while Haye comes out swinging, waiting for the moment to strike. Vladimir’s Mars is square his Sun, which can show anger and possible impatience. What Haye has to do is to stoke up the fire in Wladimir by baiting him, and maybe he will lose concentration allowing Haye to pick his spot. Astrologically it is a beautiful match up, attack versus defence.

Putting the two charts together, there some irritating aspects between them that stokes the fire up even more. Haye’s Saturn opposes Wladimir’s Sun (Haye will tend to dominate Wladimir’s personality), Haye’s Saturn also squares Wladimir’s Mars, this is very annoying as they will be at cross purposes with each other and Haye’s Uranus trines to Wladimir’s Saturn. This describes the match up beautifully – the unpredictable Haye against the solid and more conservative Klitschko. Interestingly in all three of these key planetary match ups, Haye’s planet is the slower moving. I was always taught that if there was a connection between planets, the slower moving one would always dominate the faster moving one. On that score then, Haye to win.

Haye v Klitschko

Ok, how does the current planetary positions affect each boxer? Wladimir has some rather difficult transits on the night of the 2nd July. Transiting Uranus is conjunct his Sun so he will be rebellious and erratic, maybe a shock is coming. Transiting Uranus is also square natal Mars, so he will be accident prone (or liable to get hit on the chin a lot). Transiting Jupiter will be square to natal Moon, so possibly emotionally complacent and opposite natal Uranus, will he be too open for his own good? The real clincher for me that he will have a bad night is a couple of Sun Pluto aspects. Natal Pluto squares Wladimir’s Sun and the transiting Sun squares natal Pluto. Pluto always shows transformation, something must be destroyed before new growth can be made. In this case, it is Wladimir’s life which has to change. The square aspects mean that this change is inevitable, something that he will be unable to withstand. To me it tends to signify the end of an era in his life. Looking at the more long term Solar Arc progressions, Wladimir does have a lucky SA Jupiter sextile Sun and SA Jupiter trine Moon, which signify reward and success however he also has SA Uranus sextile Pluto and SA Pluto conjunct his natal North Node. Both these progressions suggest a changing of the status quo, moving on to pastures new.

WladimirKlitschko transits

With David Haye against the same planetary setup, the picture is a bit kinder. Transiting Mars will be opposite natal Moon and square natal Venus. He will be impatient and in a selfish mood.  It will also be quindecile to natal Uranus, Haye will be liable to take big risks. Transiting Uranus will be quindecile his natal Sun which is excitable but also reckless and Uranus also opposes natal Saturn. This says to me that progress (Saturn) will only be made if he takes the risky (Uranus) route. In essence, this aspect is encouraging Haye to go on the attack. If he does, he will move on in his life. Haye does also have transiting Jupiter quindecile natal Sun. This a driving ambition for fame, success and reward. This is the “I am the greatest mentality” and a very lucky transit. On the long term Solar Arc progressions for David there are just 3 active just now. SA Mercury trine natal North Node, signifying a meeting with others in a public arena (the fight) and weirdly SA Neptune square natal Sun and also square natal Pluto. Neptune is incredibly difficult to equate as it can represent from inspiration to the loss of ego, even deception and illegality. According to Noel Tyl, SA Neptune square to Pluto can come up with unusual problems, peculiar experiences and even death experiences. Maybe a controversial verdict will affect him in some way?

DavidHaye transits

Right, down to prediction time. Just on what I see in the astrology alone, I favour Haye to win over Klitschko, possibly by knock-out in the early to mid rounds. The longer it goes, the more I see an even fight. As I am British, you will expect me to favour the London boxer, however Haye’s Solar Arc transits from Neptune do worry me somewhat. Maybe there will be a strange happening, or unexpected event to throw doubt over the whole evening – maybe a strange decision after 12 rounds by the judges?

Overall I just think from what I see that it is Haye’s time to shine in the spotlight, while Wladimir’s transits suggest that he is ready to move on to pastures new. However, this is heavyweight boxing after all, and nothing is 100% certain. Many weird happenings have happened in the ring before, and will again, and I would never advise anyone to bet on the outcome of the fight based my predictions alone, especially as Neptune is heavily involved on David’s progressed chart. If you do decide to do so, it is at your own risk.

Who do you think will win and why? Please feel free to comment…

Enjoy the fight and may the best and strongest fighter win…

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

David Cameron – Standing firm while the storm clouds gather.

David Cameron brolly

Starting today at around 6.00pm the Public Sector unions go on strike over pension reforms for a full day and a half strike. Workers like teachers, custom’s officers, public employees in courts, job centres, tax offices and even driving centres will all stop work, as Britain grinds to a shuddering halt. Even though the public finances are in trouble and few argue against that cuts do have to be made somewhere, it firmly lies at the door of the Prime Minister where those cuts fall, and by targeting the Public Sector so heavily, Cameron now faces a dire summer of severe discontent, and a battle with the unions. Heard that one before???

DavidCameron natal

David Cameron was born on 9th October 1966 in London at 06.00am (from memory). This give his one of those nightmarish charts for astrologers, with his ascendant right on the cusp of Libra or maybe right at the end of Virgo. A few minutes either way in birth time makes the difference. In such cases with the Ascendant on the cusp, I like to try to find a blend of the influences, blending the harsh critical edge of Virgo with the socially aware side of Libra. This means that all the angles, Ascendant , IC, Descendant and Midheaven are treated in the same manner. This being the case, the personality he will portray is of someone who does have the values of careful housekeeping which is very Virgo but with a social conscience (more Libran). Cameron in an interview described his  political views as Liberal Conservatism – pretty accurate portrayal of sitting on the astrological fence, by the man himself.

Ok we do know that David is a Sun Sign Libran with a wide conjunction to Venus in the first house. A first house Sun is normally very self-assured and confident of himself. To lead is one’s role in life if you have a 1st house Sun and he will tend to clash with strong like-minded individuals. David has to to feel in total control, however he will have to network and share ideas; Librans need to network to get on in life. This is quite at odds with the first house Sun, so how to we square the circle? I feel that David will use his charm  (Sun & Venus in 1st) to coerce friends and associates to help him to get him where he needs to be & then he will tend to disregard these contacts once their use has come to an end – in short, he will use people to progress. Bad news for Liberal Democrat coalition partner Nick Clegg then!! Maybe these politicians should consult us astrologers before making important decisions of who to support? Venus in the first likes to portray a neat smart appearance, a touch of vanity perhaps? Certainly, David is almost always seen in a sharp suit, and even in his more casual moments he looks as if he has just walked out of the menswear section of John Lewis. Venus in the first is also very kind, sympathetic and popular, and David will always give a helping hand if asked to aid someone.

The Sun makes a sextile aspect to the Moon in Leo, just into the 10th house conjunct to Jupiter. The Moon in the 10th needs to run things themselves and will not like to be seen as subservient, doubly so in regal Leo. This is a position that prefers to invest time at work rather than time at home, and this can lead to problems with partners and family if the work/life balance is not correct. Moon conjunct Jupiter is tolerant and forgiving, will to give a second chance if mistakes are make. Watch out for this if ministers overstep their brief or upset the public. As PM, it can be seen as a sign of weakness.

Moon/Jupiter is square to Mercury in Scorpio in the 2nd house of finance. As well being interested in finance and money related issues, Mercury here in Scorpio will be adept with the hands in making things like sculpture, pottery, even doing mechanics. Alongside Mercury in the second house is creative, dreamy, escapist Neptune. Quite appropriately, one of his loves at school was art studies. He also studied history and of course with a second house Mercury, economics. Mercury squares the Moon and gives David that interest of history, the past, nostalgia and patriotism. He will be a confident public speaker, has a talent for listening and will have a genuine interest in the lives of others. Anything with a human element will fascinate and engage him. David will have grand plans and ideas, but may gloss over the important details when questioned, just because he failed to consider them all. That’s always the problem with Jupiter, promising more than you can deliver. The “Big Society” is so very Jupiter in description, yet nobody, including David himself it seems, knows what he means by the slogan. It just sounds good. David will also love travel, and I am sure will get away to foreign shores at the drop of a hat.

Following on around the chart, we find Mars in Leo the 11th house peregrine (unaspected to any other planet). This Mars will tend to dominate the chart. In Leo and unaspected, this Mars is very pushy, very proud, very arrogant and does not take no for an answer. David will always be right and will throw tantrums if he isn’t. Now interestingly Mars in the 11th is the ultimate team player, however just as he will be part of the team, David will just have to be captain. Life for him will be a competitive sport, and he will have huge will to win. Mars feeds into the Midheaven by trine, as does Venus and Mercury. You can see the focus towards his career (Midheaven) like an arrowhead as well as another one to authoritarian Saturn (his ambition). Sometimes astrology is easy, to see the focus in life you just look at the patterns and they tell you the story.

Now then, there is one very difficult aspect on David’s chart. A very nasty Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the 12th house opposite to the Saturn I mentioned retrograde in Pisces the 6th. Whenever I see an opposition including Saturn along this axis including Virgo and Pisces I immediately think “health”. Saturn retrograde shows that the love from the father was missing in some way in the younger years, and as Saturn is so afflicted by this heavy opposition, it was no surprise in researching this piece that David’s father had both legs deformed and was forever in hospital having surgery to correct them. Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) sits on the cusp of the fourth house on the parental axis, reinforcing my assumption that his father suffered with his health. Aquarius ruled by Uranus (part of this opposition) is on the cusp of the fifth house, the house of children. Tragically, Ivan their first child had severe health problems with cerebral palsy and a rare form of epilepsy. He passed away aged just 6. With Saturn here in the 6th house, David naturally takes his personal health very seriously and is known to religiously keep fit. Nonetheless, no matter how well you keep yourself in trim, if the planets indicate a weakness, then when difficult transits come along, those weaknesses will be exposed. Those also with a 6th/12th house opposition or with Saturn that I have looked at (Steve Jobs and Serena Williams) have both had major health issues in their lives. As far as I can see, David should be fine in the next few years and I hope that he has seen the last of his family tragedies for a long while to come.

The Uranus/Pluto generation of the mid/late 60’s was a generation that wanted to sweep away restrictions and make a difference to the world. I am one of that generation, and I try to do this through my astrology in service to the public. I try to change public perceptions and open their minds to new ways at looking at situations. Like myself, Cameron has a Uranus/Pluto conjunction in the 12th house. He tries to change perceptions through service to the public too. With David, that service is through administration of things (Saturn) – in government. Trine to Neptune, that governance take on a more ministerial or preaching approach which may appear quite condescending in tone. Trine to Jupiter, over time David will learn when to push and when to hold back, when to be optimistic and when to be more sober. That will only come with experience in the top job, and hopefully the pride I mentioned of earlier will not get in the way of the humbleness needed with all the responsibility he wields.    

DavidCameron transits

The current situation for David is fraught. Just look at the transit chart and you a myriad of aspects covering every planet and almost every angle and I could be here a week trying to explain every nuance of what is happening in the PM’s life. Let’s just say it’s very, very stressful. Picking out a couple of important aspects, transiting Uranus is square to Cameron’s Midheaven and opposite his ascendant. Neptune trines the Midheaven and is opposing natal Mars. Uranus represents rebellion (those on strike) opposing him and his work position, and is transiting through the 7th house of open enemies. Neptune shows disruption and confusion and opposite Mars in the 11th house of groups and unions, you can see the picture very clearly.  The trine to the Midheaven shows either that Cameron is complacent thinking he will solve this problem easily (Neptune is moving though the speculative 5th house) or he is confused or trying by deception to solve the problem. Uranus and Neptune do not move quickly, so this problem is not going away very soon. I fear a summer of disruption continuing at least into the autumn and maybe longer.

One other aspect from the transit chart I noticed. Pluto is 3 degrees away from a square to his natal Venus. Venus rules relationships and with Libra on his ascendant, any transit to Venus will hit  David Cameron very hard indeed. Pluto when exacting the square will sever a relationship either (professionally or personal). Will it be personal, will the coalition government be on the brink of collapse or will the effect be seen elsewhere away from the Downing Street bubble? Look for the signs around Christmas time this year to find the initial cracks in this particular relationship, although any potential break will not effect themselves until a year later around November 2012.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Catherine Zeta Jones – Seeking help following a tough year


One has to have some sympathy for the year that Catherine and her husband Michael Douglas have had to endure. Michael has ben battling throat cancer and now she has checked into a clinic to have bipolar disorder treated. As ever in astrology, it is possible to see the consequences of the stresses and strains of life as the planets circle the natal horoscope. Today I take a glimpse at Catherine’s chart, and I will explain astrologically why the planets are currently ganging up against her.

Catherine Zeta Jones was born on 25th September 1969 in Swansea, Wales at 14.40 hrs. She is a Sun Sign Libra with a gentle impressionable Moon in Pisces and a happy go lucky Sagittarius Ascendant. There are several main features on this chart, namely a grand trine, a multiple t-square and a stellium of 5 planets in the 9th house. With this stellium combined with the Sagittarius ascendant (which is associated with Jupiter and the 9th), there was always an indication that there would be a great emphasis in her life of an international nature, she would make her mark on the world. The chance of fame and fortune for her was increased as the Moon sits conjunct the Aries point, within 2 degrees of 0 degrees Aries). Whenever an important planet is conjunct 0 degrees of a cardinal sign (Aries,Cancer,Libra or Capricorn) it always a sign that somewhere along life’s path, there is the potential that one could well be in the spotlight, or there would be the chance for fame or notoriety.

CatherineZetaJones natal_thumb[2]

The Sun is a very full 9th house, conjunct to Uranus, in wide conjunction to Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter. With it sitting in the middle of the powerful Uranus Pluto conjunction that shaped the 60’s generation, Catherine is a very intense (Pluto), independent (Uranus) lady who had a great desire to be someone special (Sun/Pluto). Mercury and Jupiter in the 9th house indicates a great thirst for knowledge, interested in the big picture rather than on details. You also might expect with Mercury conjunct Uranus that Catherine would have a clever, insightful mind. All this normally would point to her doing well at school however with Uranus in the 9th house it tends to indicate that the child’s education would be interrupted. Catherine’s school progress was always affected by her burgeoning acting career and  she left school before taking her final exams to pursue her dream of working in theatre and film, so she had to go to a private institution to catch up on her studies.

I have looked at several actors and actresses in previous articles and almost always, Neptune which rules the film and TV world is very much highlighted. With Catherine there is no exception and there are a couple of avenues where her energies are directed to creative arts. The 9th house conjunction is “anchored” in opposition and in Jupiter’s case by quindecile to the Moon in the communicative 3rd house in creative Pisces ruled by Neptune. The Moon here shows need in a chart, and the overriding need for Catherine with the Moon affecting all of the planets on the chart except Saturn was to be creative and to communicate these emotions and creative urges. The Moon in Pisces is tender hearted and fragile yet the emotions that Catherine would experience would be intense and over the top (Moon/Jupiter), transformational (Moon/Pluto), personal (Moon/Sun) and unpredictable (Moon/Uranus). It is also musical and unsurprisingly Catherine sang as a child onstage with the Church amateur theatre group, and did tap dancing and ballet.

The Moon, the store of all this emotion forms a t-square with Mars at the point, widely conjunct the ascendant and a wedge pattern trine with Neptune which makes a sextile back to Pluto. Looking at Mars first, Catherine will be a pro-active type of person and a lady always in a hurry, with the connection between the warrior planet and the ascendant. In Capricorn, Catherine knows that personal success is hard won, and she will work diligently to achieve all her goals. She will have a serious attitude to keeping herself in shape and Mars would push her to make the most of her creative talents and would intensify her desire to make an impact internationally. I can imagine with squares from Mars to the Moon, Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Pluto that Catherine could be a difficult person to be associated with. Don’t be fooled by that jovial, Sagittarius ascendant, Catherine would be difficult and irritable with a nasty unpredictable temper if the mood took her, and quite difficult to live with in general.

Mars is part of a grand trine formation with Venus in careful Virgo in the hidden 8th house and Saturn in the 4th house of home. Grand trines are insular in nature, there show show a store of self-sufficiency against the troubles faced in life, something you can turn inwards to when things are going wrong elsewhere. Mars trine to Venus is romantic and harmonious and with Venus in careful Virgo in the 8th house we can say that Catherine would be careful and selective with whom she would have a relationship with, but once she made up her mind, that relationship would be deep and meaningful. Catherine takes her permanent relationships very seriously.

Saturn part of the grand trine is retrograde. This is always an indicator that the love from the father was missing in some way; either her father was away for some time, or he was overly harsh and strict. Saturn sitting in the 4th house does suggest that Catherine’s home-life was probably strict and rather conservative in nature. The Moon/Uranus/Pluto/Sun/Jupiter) opposition also say that the parents may have been at cross purposes (Sun opposite Moon), she probably had an controlling (Pluto) unpredictable (Uranus) unpleasant mother although it would have been a well to do house (Moon quindecile Jupiter). I can imagine that the love required by a child from the parents was in very short supply to the young Catherine. There are two exits from the self contained grand trine through the hardworking Mars and through a square from Venus to dreamy Neptune. In essence when things were not quite right with either her relationships or at home, she would throw herself into things that she did love by furthering (Mars) her dreams of creativity  (Neptune) in an attempt  to try to escape from the pain.

The Moon/Pluto/Neptune wedge shows an insatiable drive to be creative however with the Pluto/Mars in the Virgo/Pisces health axis of the chart and Neptune ruling Pisces, the potential for emotional (Moon) breakdown (Pluto) has always existed in her chart. Any challenging transit to this axis would trigger these stored up emotional problems, transits that in the last year have hit home.

CatherineZetaJones transits[13]

Catherine’s natal chart of late has been battered by some pretty nasty aspects. As I explained earlier, whenever the Moon/Pluto axis was activated by a big transit then her emotional health would suffer. Sure enough Uranus has been conjunct to her Moon and opposite her Sun and the rest of the 9th house stellium for the past year or so. Cancer which the Moon rules is intercepted in her 7th house of permanent partners and this indicates the the shock news (Uranus) of Michael her husband’s illness has hit her hard. Not only has this been affecting her but Jupiter which heightens her emotions so much through the natal quindecile has had depressing transiting Saturn in conjunction for the past few months. Jupiter through Sagittarius rules the chart as it is on the cusp of the ascendant, so her whole persona has been affected. Transiting Neptune is opposing Catherine’s natal Venus, putting a cloud over her relationships, bringing worry and confusion. The combined effect of these heavyweight aspects have dragged emotional Catherine into severe depression. One good thing for Catherine is that pro-active sensible Mars. Rather than dragging her down any further, Catherine has gone out to seek help to get her though the problems. She has had a distressing year and I hope both her and her husband who is continuing to recover from his cancer scare have a better time of things as the Saturn and Uranus conjunctions move away in the coming months.