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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Tom Brady – Born to be a quarterback

Tom Brady

If you could ever want to find an Astrological chart that screams quarterback, then Tom Brady has it all. Later today in Minnesota, Tom Brady goes to try and win an unprecedented 6th Superbowl ring. It will be his 8th appearance in the NFL's show piece game, four times before he has been the game's most valuable player. He is without doubt the best there has ever been, and who would bet against him winning another championship on Super Sunday? I wouldn't.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Kevin Spacey – Having to defend himself against lurid allegations.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has come into the news after a historical altercation with child actor Anthony Rapp (who was 14 years old at the time of the meeting) leading to an uncalled for sexual advance. Today he made a full and frank apology for his actions, and it also lead the former Oscar winner to admit that he was actually gay.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Alan Henning – Humanitarian taxi driver brutally executed by ISIS


sun and clouds

I wake this morning to the shocking and truly appalling news that British taxi driver and humanitarian Alan Henning has been brutally beheaded by ISIS. Words cannot describe how devastated I felt when the news came through, as this was a man who was just 13 days younger than myself, a fellow Leo born in 1967 who did what I do, help people in trouble and who needed guidance, assistance or aid. Off his own back, he sacrificed his own Christmas in December this year to drive all the way to Syria in a van packed full of humanitarian aid as part of a convoy with a group of Muslim friends. His motivation was just to assist the sufferers of the civil war there and give them basic supplies and food. He had been inside Syria just a matter of minutes when he was abducted.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are having a baby.

mila ashton 1

Hearty congratulations I think are in order to Ukrainian born actress Mila and to her fiancé Ashton Kutcher as well, who announced late yesterday that they are going to become parents. This is an exciting time for both of them as they recently announced their engagement and now a baby is on the way.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman – Hollywood mourns the loss of a truly gifted actor.


Overnight the news came through from New York that Philip Seymour Hoffman had passed away due to an apparent drug overdose. It was reported that he was found in his apartment on Sunday 2nd February having seemingly taken a heroin overdose. This is a man who did have a drug problem in his early 20’s but had been clean for two decades during which he became a world wide star and probably one of Hollywood’s most respected and likeable actors. He contributed to such wonderful films as Flawless, The Talented Mr Ripley, Capote, Doubt and The Master, and he was recently filming the sequel to the hugely successful Hunger Games. So why with this wonderful portfolio of work was he suddenly driven back to drugs and ultimately to succumb to the demons of heroin? The planets as ever have the answer.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Neil Armstrong – The astrology of the first man to walk on the Moon.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong the first man ever to walk on the surface of the moon has died aged 82. Neil had recently undergone heart surgery with a coronary heart problem just a few weeks ago, however it seems whatever problems he had then resurfaced and he passed away yesterday. In this article I look at the man, his character and an amazing coincidence of the timing of his birth.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Usain Bolt – Coming to London under a cloud of uncertainty.


With the Olympic Games very much in our thoughts here in the UK, I thought it time to have a look at the biggest star due to fly to London to compete, the phenomenal sprinter and current 100m champion Usain Bolt. It is interesting that recently he has not been his normal unbeatable self, and lost to his compatriot Yohan Blake twice recently. Looking at his stars, one can see why he has not been on form and he arrives in London under a cloud of uncertainty.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Roger Federer – The “Fed Express” keeps on delivering.

roger federer

Roger Federer this year is competing in his 14th Wimbledon championship and as I write has got through to the second week yet again despite a close call against Julien Benneteau who pushed him to 5 sets in his 3rd round match. Roger is bidding to win a 7th Wimbledon crown, a record that would probably remain unsurpassed for many a years to come. Maybe his best days are now behind him as younger players such as Novak Djokovic can outlast him in a fitness sense, however if there is probably still no-one out there who entertains and plays the game with such grace and panache.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Luka Magnotta – Beneath the surface, a thoroughly unpleasant individual.

luka magnotta

Luka Magnotta has one of those horoscopes that could go one of two ways, good or bad. It still baffles me why some people can use the energy and planetary combinations in a positive manner, yet some use the energy for evil deeds. Magnotta, for those of you yet unaware of the story, is a porn star actor  (both gay and straight) who has a nasty violent streak within him. It is known that he posted videos on the internet of extreme cruelty to animals including pet cats, and it seems that this obsession for violence got worse. In the past 2 weeks, a 32 year old Chinese student Lin Jun studying at a Montreal University went missing. A few days later a video was posted on the net showing the apparent murder of an Asian man, and the alert really was raised when a human foot was delivered by post to the headquarters of the Canadian Conservative party. The DNA results showed a match between the body part and Lin Jun, and soon a suitcase containing the torso of the body was discovered close to Magnotta’s apartment, where blood was found when the police forced an entry. By this time Magnotta, had fled abroad to France and an international manhunt had been activated, however eventually he was caught on 4th June in an internet cafe in Berlin, by all reports looking at news articles about himself.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Adam Yauch – A victim of cancer at just 47 years of age

Adam Yauch

If you are around my age in your middle to late 30-40’s then surely you were at some point in your life influenced by the sheer verve and visceral energy of the Beastie Boys. This was the music of the street and of downtown New York, loud proud and in your face. Adam Yauch known in the group as MCA was one of those lads, the other two Mike Diamond & John Berry (from 1982 Adam Horowitz) who sold 40 million albums, were the first hip hop group to smash through to wow mainstream audiences, whilst continuing to upset nearly everyone around them. Rebels they were, and yet hits such as “Intergalactic” & “Fight for your Right” are still as popular today as they were years ago. Adam today succumbed to cancer at the tender age of just 47.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cardinal Sean Brady – Hiding a nasty secret

Cardinal Sean Brady

The whiff of  sex scandal has been hanging around the Catholic church for as long as I can remember. Right now the Catholic population of Ireland are transfixed by the the possibility that the Primate of All Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady knowingly covered up for a known paedophile under his jurisdiction, Father Brendan Smyth who was jailed for 15 years for the sexual abuse of several children.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Whitney Houston – A talented life destroyed by excess and bad choices.

Whitney Houston

Such a shame, such a crying shame!! Whitney Houston was an incredibly talented singer and performer with a voice that will go down in popular music folklore forever, one so pure and powerful that dominated pop music around the world during the 80’s and early 90’s. On Saturday she was found underwater and unconscious in the bath of her Beverley Hill hotel room. At the moment, the Los Angeles police are ruling out foul play, however the true cause of her death may not be revealed for several weeks.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Francois Hollande – The man hoping to unseat Sarkozy & become the next President of France.

francois hollande

Here in Britain and I would hazard to guess around the world, we do not know much about Francois Hollande the Socialist Party candidate who will fight against Nicolas Sarkozy in late April in the French Presidential elections. By May, we might know a lot more about this man who is striving to take France in a different political direction. Francois is a career politician and a former student and follower of Francois Mitterrand. His lucky break may have been when Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York over an alleged rape charge, all but ruling him out of contention for the Socialist Party berth. Hollande jumped with glee into his shoes and he hasn’t looked back since.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Barack Obama – How the planets have been affecting him in 2011, and are shaping his thinking in 2012.

obama thinking

Astrology can be a hugely complicated subject, so just for once I am just going to concentrate today solely on the position of the planets with the President, as they can still infer a lot of meaning to the chart. Sometimes even I can get bogged down at looking for the hidden meaning and nuances of a chart, when the real truth is staring you squarely in the face. With this look at Barack Obama, I go back to basics.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Tim Tebow – God’s quarterback. A look at the American football player who is capturing all of the headlines.

Tim Tebow
It is rare that a young player in the NFL captures the headlines to the extent that Tim Tebow has in his first full season in the American National Football League (technically this is his 2nd season as he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2010 but used sparingly). The NFL is a school of hard knocks and reputations are won almost exclusively on merit and harder to keep. However Broncos quarterback Tebow has done that and more in 2011. Not only has propelled his team to the edge of the playoffs but his brinkmanship and ability to grab victory from the jaws of defeat in the final minutes of games has captured the attention of America. Tim’s story is also remarkable because he was lucky to be born at all, and his open show of his personal faith has divided opinion, more so than probably any other sportsman in the public eye at the moment.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Coco Chanel - Was the fashion icon a Nazi agent and informer?


Interesting question isn’t it? The author Hal Vaughan in a new book “Sleeping with the Enemy “claims that Coco Chanel was a Nazi agent during the occupation of Paris. Is there any astrological basis to the claim? Looking at Coco’s chart maybe there is…

ChanelCoco natal

Coco was a fascinating character in her own right. Born in Saumur, France on 19th August 1883 at 16.00, Coco was a confident Sun Leo with a deceptive Pisces Moon and a very late Sagittarian Ascendant, almost into Capricorn. The chart is whole orientated to the western hemisphere (the right) so we know that she thought of others much more than she ever thought of herself. On the chart we have the brash confidence and the desire to be in the limelight of the Leo Sun combining with the need of the Piscean Moon to be creative and inspirational. The Moon sitting in the 2nd house shows that Coco’s creative urges would be directed at serving the public, a 2nd house Moon always indicates service in some way to others. This combination on Coco’s chart was highly focused, even obsessional as we see a very tight quindecile between Sun and Moon. With Mercury in technical Virgo, highlighting superb skill and a perfectionist attitude to the creative Moon, Coco would have needed an outlet for this opposition. That outlet came in the form of Saturn in Gemini at the point of a t-square with the Moon and Mercury. Through her everyday work (6th) she created form (Saturn) by way of making  clothes as well as accessories from her ideas. Saturn also in a skill sign Gemini in the creative 5th house, which highlights the skill of making things with the hands completes the t-square. Saturn here also confirmed that not only would Coco want to make clothes, she would want to run her own business. Mercury in the 8th house of big business confirms this.

Saturn was conjunct to Pluto which always gives one the chance to make riches  and success beyond your wildest dreams. Oh how she exploited her talents. Pluto in the 5th increases the drive and the creative ability to unseen heights and was also square to the Leo Sun. This is one lady who would have an iron grip on everything to do with her fashion house. I bet she was one tough, tough customer. Pluto also makes a conjunction to Neptune. This Neptune being personalised through the Piscean Moon has a tremendous influence on the chart. It makes a close trine to Uranus, this shows that her inspiration and creations were ahead of her time, her vision would stand for generations to come. Neptune also was trine to Mercury, again echoing the skill and inspiration in fashion design; it also brings the idea of the ideal. Coco would have a perfectionist idea in her head which she translated into clothes. Neptune makes a square to the Sun and Neptune in Leo, here is inspiration for colour, make-up & beauty. Neptune also makes a sextile to Jupiter, part of a Neptune/Uranus Jupiter mini grand trine. This gave her the platform and the international connections, Jupiter is in the house of partners, to send her creations all around the globe.

Finally Mars in the 6th house of everyday work gave her energy and a non stop work ethic. Mars made an opposition to her Sagittarian ascendant and a trine to her Midheaven. She continued to create and design into her 80’s. She was a truly remarkable lady and this is a truly remarkable chart.

The Nazi chart was a very complicated one based around a fixed grand cross showing idealist tendencies Jupiter, Neptune opposite Venus combined with emotion and violence Moon opposite Mars. There is also a brutal grand water trine with Mars Pluto and Uranus conjunct the Sun. Here is control, destructive tendencies and independent revolutionary spirit. Saturn in critical harsh Virgo also turns that grand water trine into a kite formation opposing the Sun Uranus conjunction. Mercury in Pisces sent out deceptive messages (propaganda), being part of a t-square with the Ascendant and Midheaven. It really is a vey disturbing chart.


Now what of those Nazi connections? If you take the Nazi party chart of 24th February 1920 at 19.15 in Munich and put it against Coco’s one, a remarkable picture appears.

NaziParty Coco

So what do we see? Firstly the Nazi Party Mars (the planet of action) sits conjunct to Coco’s North Node so there is an affinity here and Coco’s Neptune (the planet of deception) sits conjunct to the Nazi South Node and trine to the Nazi Ascendant and sextile to the Nazi Mercury. Both these planets are in quindecile – there is a focus and obsessional link between them and a connection in the form of communication. Not only that. Coco’s Mercury sits in the Nazi 12th house. This is a place of service and is in the hidden part of the Nazi chart, suggesting her hidden messages being sent to the Nazi command. Mercury is square to the authoritarian Nazi Saturn. There is also a square between Coco’s Saturn and the Nazi one – notice that Coco’s Saturn is in the international 9th house of the Nazi natal chart – Coco was an agent abroad for them. Coco’s Saturn is sextile to the Nazi Neptune, again highlighting the secret covert nature of their relationship.

Seeing the links above, I will let you make up your own mind if Coco was working on behalf of the Germans during the war time years, however I definitely lean towards the fact that she was. There is no doubt that you can see a potential flow of behind the scenes information on the synastry chart.

I have one other thing that may interest you. If you are still in doubt, check out the similarity between the Nazi swastika flag and Coco’s signature trademark design. SS interlocked and CC interlocked. Coincidence or not? Did she give us a cryptic clue to her hidden past and secret role? You decide…

We will never know for sure of Coco’s real intentions and affiliations as she passed away in January 1971 at the grand old age of 87. One thing for sure, she was a huge, huge talent and her shadow still dominates the fashion world of today. 

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger – A look at the horoscope at the film star and politician suffering from personal problems.


Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a tough time recently. First he split from his wife Maria Schriver  in May after a 25 year marriage, and then in the past week his 13 year old son Christopher was severely hurt in a surfing accident and the estranged couple broke off divorce proceedings to be at the bedside of their son in intensive care. Luckily he is in recovery now but in the words of Schwarzenegger, it has been a “scary week”.

Arnold was born on 30th July 1947 in Graz, Austria at 04.10am. He is a proud Sun sign Leo in the first house with a hardworking Capricorn moon and a protective Cancerian ascendant. Immediately one can sense that this is a man who would work like a trojan to get to the top at whatever he set his heart on. The Leo Sun wants to be number one, to rule is his “raison d'être”. With Venus also in the 1st house this is a friendly, kind big hearted fellow, a larger than life character for sure. One with a love of a sentimental side, a love of his family and of his nation. With Venus in the first house also a love of his own beauty, definitely someone who would look adoringly at himself in the mirror, yes Arnold would have a touch of vanity. Once he got to the top, he would protect his position with gusto. The Cancerian ascendant is always a little paranoid of anyone impeding on one’s territory, putting barriers up around one to protect what one has.

SchwarzeneggerArnold natal

The Moon sits in the 6th house of everyday work in Capricorn. Here is the need to administrate combined with huge ambition. These type of people can handle several jobs at the same time, they are true workaholics. The feelings are stifled, well at least on the outside and Arnie may appear tough and business like, while inside he is as emotional as the next person. Moon in Capricorn people are afraid of showing emotion. This is a very practical position for the Moon and Arnie will instinctively act to make the lives of those around him better.

The Moon makes two quindecile aspects to Mercury and Mars (conjunct to Uranus) all in the 12th house. The 12th is the house of service. The Moon/Mercury quindecile shows that when he does speak, and I don’t think he enjoys public speaking, he speaks from the heart in tune with his emotional state at the time.  Mercury trines onto Jupiter giving Arnold a philosophical mind as well as a flair for law and diplomacy.  This endears him with the public  and he will instinctively know how to deal with them, and what they want from him. The Mars/Moon quindecile is emotionally charged. Mars in the 12th in Gemini is busy, wanting to know everything going on, doing several tasks at the same time. It is also a position where one wants to help others and with Uranus adding extra impetus to this, Arnold will work tirelessly on behalf of other people, putting his own needs a distant second. The proud and emotional tie to his community as well as the notoriety and drive that Arnold showed in service to others propelled him to the post of Governor of California. Not bad for a boy from a poor family in Austria. Arnold is not without is impulsive side and when frustrated Mars conjunct Uranus can also be indicative of a sharp temper.

The Moon also make a square aspect to Neptune in Libra in the 4th house. Neptune rules Arnold’s Midheaven through Pisces being on the cusp, and also makes a powerful quindecile aspect to the Midheaven. This Midheaven is connected to most of the planets on the chart, you can the aspect radiating out from the top.  Neptune and Pisces (as you will know if you read my blog regularly) rule creativity, TV and films. The powerful square from Mars and Uranus to the Midheaven show his ambition and determination to be a unique talent on the silver screen. This was always going to be his initial career path.

Neptune makes a sextile to a heavy Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 2nd house which is also conjunct to that first house Sun. The connection between the Sun and this conjunction shows that the young Arnold would have been dominated by his controlling father. Saturn and Pluto in the 2nd house of self worth indicate that Arnie would have felt completely unworthy. Neptune sort of confirms this fact in the 4th showing that the home was a confusing, destabilizing place. Saturn and Pluto in the 2nd also confers a huge need to build up wealth and possessions, because of a fear of not having enough. There is a huge motivational force here if Arnie could find it as Saturn Pluto can move the earth and achieve incredible feats, however it can also bring one crashing down to earth in a huge way (see my post on Rupert Murdoch and his family).

So we have a young lad who feels inferior and wants to prove himself to his father, who has a streak of vanity within himself and has a dream to get to the top. What did he do? He took up bodybuilding to increase his confidence. There is square from Saturn/Pluto to Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th house. The 5th house is the house of sport, games, exercise and creativity. Arnold always like sport and Jupiter here makes one go to extremes. The Scorpio influence would have increased the effect, making Arnold compulsive about developing his physique and doing heavy workouts. As we all know, Arnie became a champion body builder eventually winning the Mr Universe competition. Jupiter trines to the ascendant too and confers a love of children and a rather risky attitude to affairs of the heart. The revelation that Arnie was fathering two children with 5 days of each other with two separate women back in 1997 just goes to show the dangers of Jupiter and it’s need for excess.

SchwarzeneggerArnold transits

Through the transits of today you can see the see directly the problems Arnie has been suffering. Transiting Pluto has been conjunct to Arnold’s natal moon for the past few months, so this is a breakdown in his emotional life. The Moon rules his ascendant through Cancer so this hits him personally and Pluto through Scorpio sits on the cusp of the 5th house of children. The discovery of the previously unknown (Pluto) child (5th) he fathered has broken his long standing marriage. Transiting Uranus is opposing natal Neptune and is square to natal Moon. As we know, there has been an accident (Uranus) affecting his family (4th house) on water (Neptune) bringing him and his wife (Moon) unexpectedly (Uranus) back together as one, just for a while in support of their son. However this reunion will not last for long and when Saturn squares his ascendant in October this year and not long after squares natal Venus, the divorce process will be complete and Arnold will at last be able to move on with his life.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mila Kunis – A look at the astrology of the Ukrainian born actress, as she agrees to go on a date via YouTube with a lucky US Marine.

Mila Kunis

You’ve got to admire the cheek of Sergeant Scott Moore of the US Marines. He sent out a speculative date via YouTube inviting Black Swan actress Mila Kunis to accompany him to his Military Ball in South Caroline. Not for one minute would he have imagined that she would agree to go, but during a TV interview with “Friends for Benefits” co-star Justin Timberlake, with a little encouragement from Justin, she accepted the offer.

So what type of girl will Sergeant Moore find when they meet? Mila was born on 14th August 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine. No birth time known for Mila however there is a big clue to it through the move from Kiev to Los Angeles by her family when she was 7 years old. Mila has indicated that this was a traumatic time for her and so it is safe to assume that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in her chart was affecting her ascendant at that time. Saturn/Pluto in a chart shows that a difficult transition must happen in life to move onto the next chapter and by assuming a 15.00 birth time, Pluto would have been exactly conjunct to the ascendant when she was 7. This also puts Cancer on the cusp of the 9th house and with the Moon (Cancer’s ruler) conjunct to Saturn, this would confirm a interruption in her schooling (if the ruler of the 9th is difficultly aspected, we know that the education would have been affected).

MilaKunis natal

She has a regal Leo Sun and a secretive Scorpio Moon and if I am right in my guess for her birth time a Scorpio ascendant too. A prominent Scorpio often gives one a dark, sultry appearance and Mila certainly has that. She has five planets in fire sign on this chart, so this is a girl who will be up for a good time, those with plenty of fire in their charts rarely hold back. The Sun is in an optimistic and creative trine to Neptune in adventurous Sagittarius. This is a lovely enthusiastic connection with lots of artistic talent to burn. Sagittarius is the sign of the traveller and wanderer so it is no surprise that Mila or (Milena as she was named) left her native homeland with her family, eventually to pursue an international acting career.

There is much artistic potential here in this chart. If my birth assumptions hold true, Venus in Virgo sits very close to the Midheaven. Venus here often conveys great beauty and good looks on the person (especially with women) and in the 10th house promoting beauty and the arts is a natural career path for Mila. She will want to be known for her artistic ability and there is the potential to get married to one’s work, which can affect the personal life. Venus is retrograde and will like to keep any relationship behind the scenes, out of the public eye as much as possible as the emotions with retrograde Venus tend to turn in on themselves a bit. That partner will have to realize that with her, the work will come first. When she does meet someone she likes, this Venus in Virgo will make her very picky in selecting a partner & very devoted if one is found which hold up to Virgo’s exacting standards. Mila will tend to feel unlovable and unappreciative of her own good looks, Venus in Virgo is horrendously self-critical.  Mila is a perfectionist not only for her looks, but also in her work. Mercury is also in the 10th house in Virgo and Mila will analyse her parts down to the very last detail, looking at every shade of feeling and nuance of the character to make sure it is right. Her acting career and professional reputation will be everything to her. Because of the influence of Scorpio and Sagittarius on this chart she will tend to be drawn to dark, emotional roles which will stretch her professionally and will widen her scope as an actress. She will need to know all the ins and outs of the script and how the production will be directed. The Scorpio effect of control and knowing everything going around her will be very strong within her. She will be determined and persistent and a hard taskmaster on herself (Saturn/Pluto square Mars) and she will get very frustrated when things aren’t going to plan. At times she will doubt her own ability but she has the all the attributes and hard work ethic (Saturn/Pluto) to rise right to the top of the acting tree.

Mila has a playful side to her character with a fun loving Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is Sagittarius in her first house trine to Mars. She will have an enterprising attitude to most challenges (including date proposals to Military Balls it seems) and a keen sense of timing, when to accept and when to decline. Square to Venus shows an easy open attitude to friends but when it comes to relationships, a lazy attitude seems to prevail – not wanting to commit because one is “not in a hurry”. Committing to a more permanent relationship (marriage) would after all get in the way of socializing. This is backed up with Taurus (ruled by Venus) on the cusp of the 7th house of relationships. She was in a relationship with Macaulay Culkin for 8 years but was never in a hurry to marry. Taurus never does rush…

Mila will crave love and attention being shown to her as Saturn sits in the 11th house, and will be much less of a person if she doesn’t receive this praise. She will be suspicious of groups and associations and with with the Moon in the 12th house she will need her quieter moments to get out of the spotlight. It is known she is a bit of a computer freak (Aquarius intercepted in the 3rd house) and she will have a very competitive streak enjoying sport and games (Aries on the cusp of the 5th).

All in all, I think Sergeant Moore is going to enjoy his night out. According to the astrology, Mila is someone who is emotionally committed to her work and will be determined to rise up in her profession, however she does seems like a fun loving girl who like a night out and i think she will thoroughly enjoy the social occasion she has been invited to, once that is she has got over her natural defensiveness of the situation. The Scorpio side will hold her character will hold her back until she is sure of what’s she’s got herself into, but once that’s all over, I’m sure that she’ll love the attention.

Video Links – The invitation to Mila from Sergeant Moore

                   Mila's acceptance to the invitation

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hugo Chavez – Venezuelan President stepping out of the limelight to fight cancer

hugo chavez
One of the giants of the Central and South American political scene, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías is only making fleeting appearances now as he fights to a serious bout of colon cancer, although the Venezuelan authorities argue that he is making a full recovery. I look at a fascinating man and assess the health story looking at his current chart aspects.

Hugo Chavez was born into a relatively poor family on 28th July 1945 in Sabaneta, Venezuela at 04.00am. He entered the army, and disagreeing with the political system of the day was part of a coup to unseat the government. That attempt in 1992 failed and he was jailed, but after he was released he formed a new political party. In 1998 he swept to victory in national elections, and has been incumbent as President ever since.
HugoChavez natal
Chavez has a proud, arrogant Leo Sun as well as a protective, security conscious Cancerian Moon and Ascendant. You can see the mix here all too well, the Leo Sun will exert all his energies to get to the top, as far as Hugo will see his rightful place to be, and then the Cancerian Moon and Ascendant will go to all costs to protect his position - Hugo will build in barriers around himself,  change laws, promote those around him who support him and erect levels of national security to make sure his position is safe. The Sun in the 2nd house reinforces this need for security, as well as an aptitude for finance, economics & trade. Hugo will place great emphasis on his own possessions and a comfortable lifestyle, indeed he may see the Presidency as his own possession too.

Alongside the Sun there is a stellium of planets in the 1st house. Here we find Jupiter, the Moon, Mercury and Uranus, all in Cancer. Make no bones about it, Hugo Chavez is one very smart guy. The Mercury in the first house within conjunction to his ascendant sees to this, however not only is Chavez intelligent, more pertinently he feels. Almost instinctively he will know the right course of action at the right time. The Moon in Cancer will sense the moment, emotionally he will be able to pick up the mood of the people, with Jupiter in Cancer he will be able to empathise with them. Mind you he will end up doing his own thing, the Moon in the first house is a very self-sufficient “gonna do things my way” position. He will then tell them all about  his plans, endlessly. Mercury in the first house does seem to like the sound of it’s own voice. It is a bit of a con-trick he pulls, sucking the people in to follow his revolutionary (Uranus) socialist ways. I say socialist, because the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury sextile onto social Venus. Jupiter and Mercury create the idea of a big scale ideal and Venus adds the social angle to it. Venus in the 3rd house likes harmony, beauty, a local environment in peace without disorder or inequality. We find Venus in Virgo which promotes devotion and service. You can see the socialist ideas running right through this set of sextiles.

Before I move on to the other planets, I want to focus on the Moon which is in very close conjunction to the South Node. This connection to the Nodal axis or paternal axis as I see it shows a very close connection to the person who mothered him and brought him up. Normally this would be the parental mother, however because of the size of the family (he had 6 brothers and sisters), he was brought up by his grandmother. The grandmother of a man can always be seen in the first house, and this is where this Moon and South Node were tenanted. She would have been an inspiration to him and someone he would return to again and again when he needed any advice. Incidentally if you were wondering, the grandmother of a woman can be found in the 7th house.

Uranus squares to Neptune in Libra in the 4th house which suggests that Hugo would always have been  a revolutionary with a social dream (Libra in this case providing the social element). Neptune conjuncts Saturn, the dreams is serious, ambitious and has the need to build a society and to administer it. The two conjunctions Uranus/Sun and Neptune/Saturn square each other and you can see the tense flow of energy between them. Squares always drive you onwards and upwards; as you overcome the obstacles along the way and make progress until you reach your goal. Once you are there however, you relax your guard and then of course the problems mount and it becomes harder and harder to stay at the top. Square aspects forever will challenge in new ways as the transiting and progressing planets circle around the chart and connecting and disconnecting to the natal aspect, sometimes favourably but sometimes not. Returning to Saturn/Neptune in the 4th house, we know the Chavez household would have been a strict one and also one with a conservative religious air, something that Hugo still believes in being stoutly Roman Catholic with Pisces (ruled by spiritual Neptune) on the cusp of his 9th house of faith.

There is one more aspect formation on this chart that I have not explored. Neptune sits at the point of a mini grand trine based around a powerful Pluto in Leo in the 2nd trine to retrograde Mars in Sagittarius the 6th house. Mars trine Pluto is an enormous store of pent up energy, based around control of money and possessions (remember I stated that Chavez will see the presidency as his possession) and his physical health and everyday work. Chavez joined the army, he would have seen it as an adventure (Sagittarius) and a way to exert all that energy. However soon as he rose up the ranks, he would have seen the opportunity to use the army to further his insatiable need to have control over money & possessions and also to fulfil his social dreams (Neptune). Mars through Aries rules his Midheaven, his work and public position and Pluto through Scorpio rules the speculative 5th house. Chavez was willing to gamble (5th) that his underground movement (Pluto) would eventually get him to the position he desired – leading Venezuela in a new socialist direction. Mars being retrograde in the 6th has one other effect. It will put a lot of stress on one’s health. Because the energy of Mars is working internally (this is the effect of retrograde planets) rather than outwardly, this will have the effect of loading huge stress on his psyche and in the 6th on his health. It sort has the same effect as those with lots of water in their charts, the effect to to internalize any problems, however with the water signs the effect is more emotional than physical.

Chavez has both, with 5 planets in water signs, so will appear amazing calm on the surface, however beneath the surface he will feel physically and emotionally tied in knots. Mars retrograde is more a planner and plotter rather than someone who takes direct action, waiting for the correct time to act; when it actually feels right to him. One with this placement will want to go it alone too, shunning the help of others unless it is absolutely necessary. With connections to debilitating Neptune and transforming Pluto, this Mars and Chavez’s health was very vulnerable. In medical astrology, the colon, focus of Hugo’s cancer battle, is ruled by Scorpio (Pluto) and to a lesser extent by Mars. The health problems he faces now were predicted in the natal mini grand trine at his birth.

Now looking at the present and future, immediately one can see that Hugo is facing huge pressure from transiting planets. Transiting Pluto is exactly opposite his ascendant at 6 Cancer. Pluto has been around this degree zone for a fair while and will not clear through until late next year. Pluto will force Chavez to change his life direction and is affecting the way the public see him through the opposition to the ascendant and square to his Midheaven. At his Midheaven we find transiting Uranus, often associated with a change of career status. Indeed the Solar eclipse on the 1st July with a cardinal cross at it’s formation impacted all 4 angles of Chavez’s chart. This will be a time when Chavez’s life takes on a new direction. By Solar Arc, SA Saturn has in the last 3 years has been conjunct to natal Mars, it is now 2 and a half degrees from being exact and separating away from conjunction. The damage however has already been done and Saturn would have weakened his energy (Mars) around that time (2008 to the present), his body not being able to fight any physical problems in a normal way.
HugoChavez eclipse
I believe it should be time for him to focus on his battle with cancer and to step away from the Presidency. Of course, he won’t want to being so Cancerian and protective, however if I were his astrologer, I would be advising him to move aside. This is a battle in which he will need all his will and his energies in order to make some type of recovery.  


5th March 2013 - Hugo Chavez president of Venezuela passes away

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

JK Rowling – An astrological profile of the children’s fantasy writer and creator of Harry Potter.

jk rowling

As the final episode of the Harry Potter saga hits the silver screen tomorrow night in it’s London premiere, I thought it fitting to have a look at JK Rowling, the multi-million selling author of the Harry Potter novels to see what makes her tick, so to speak. JK has also been in the news after splitting from her book publisher.

Born Joanne Rowling on 31st July 1965 in Bristol in England, (sadly no birth time) JK is a proud Sun sign Leo with a careful Virgo Moon. The Moon is one of five planets placed in Virgo, the most literary of signs. If you were to go back in history, you would countless writers and novelists with significant planets in Virgo. The combination of the Leo Sun and Virgo Moon gives JK plenty of energy to burn and it is done in a cautious, meticulous and studious way. No stone will be let unturned in anything that JK does, it will have to be done correctly. This combination gives her a great desire to please, but in a less dramatic way than with most Leo Suns. JK will be quite humble and unassuming, she will like things that way.

JKRowling natal

Going back to that 5 planet stellium in Virgo, we find alongside the Moon, Pluto and Uranus the planets which shaped the 60’s bringing forth a generation who would look to overturn the staid and conservative values their parents would have had. Also here is Venus and Mercury. Venus conjuncts with Uranus, one of those placings which always seems to cause problems with relationships. Venus/Uranus is electric attraction, often to unusual non-traditional people. Relationships burn brightly for a short time, but the novelty often wears off once reality sets in the two will part and go their separate ways. JK was briefly married to a Portuguese  journalist, but the marriage lasted barely 6 months. Venus in Virgo generally can go one of two ways. Either having a string of relationships, easily moving on from one to the next (remember Virgo is a mutable sign so moving on is a natural to those with mutable charts) or quite the opposite and the person with Venus in Virgo will adore from afar, not having the courage to start a relationship in the first place, especially if badly aspected. Those with this placing are most discriminating, looking quite simply for perfection.

JK’s Venus is conjunct to not only Uranus but by Pluto too and the impact of the failed marriage dragged JK down into the underworld (Pluto) of clinical depression (Virgo of course is the “health” sign of the zodiac). The stellium in Virgo is opposed by Saturn in Pisces. With Saturn opposite the Moon, the indications were always there that her relationships would suffer disappointments throughout her life. Any opposition on the Virgo/Pisces axis I believe has a great effect on the health of the subject especially if Saturn and/or Pluto are based here affecting other planets by tension aspects (opposition/square). Here again we have a case of Saturn opposite Pluto, Uranus and the Moon on this axis line. In late 1993 when JK’s marriage was breaking up, Solar arc Pluto was square to both Saturn and Pluto, causing confusion in her mind, dragging her down and debilitating her whole self. Whenever these oppositions are hit by a transiting planet, it will have a direct impact on her.

Saturn of course is ambitious and constructive and makes a quindecile to the last of the Virgo planets, Mercury, the planet of the mind and of communication. Here the Virgo/Pisces axis show their constructive side. You see, Saturn is in Pisces ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination and dreams. In JK these dreams are made into “solid form” by Saturn, however they need an outlet. The outlet, through the obsessive quindecile aspect to Mercury is through communication and writing (Mercury in Virgo). Those dreams and the imaginary world could be interpreted with great detail (Virgo) and be put into form and structure (Saturn). JK was from an early age going to be a writer.  So what would those dreams consist of? Well the Saturn opposite Virgo stellium makes a wedge structure with Neptune in Sagittarius at the point. Neptune in Scorpio hints at imaginary adventures, far off places beyond the realm of normal humans with a dark undercurrent. One other thing to note at this point is that Neptune in Scorpio can be seen as a dream-world (Neptune) associated with big business (Scorpio is ruled by Pluto). A theme park is being built and the films (Neptune rules film) and books have made JK a fortune.

Uranus in the wedge brings the unusual, magic, tension and rebellion. Pluto  brings in the realms of dark hidden forces of evil. The Moon adds emotion and Venus the social elements and camaraderie. Saturn shows authority & restriction, the forces of good versus the forces of evil (Saturn opposite Pluto). Jupiter in Gemini sits at the point of a t-square formation fanning out to the Moon/Saturn opposition. Here is the final piece of the jigsaw about the the Harry Potter books. JK writes (Gemini is ruled by Mercury) about growing up at school, about wisdom, about knowledge and faith (all ruled by Jupiter). Jupiter in Gemini has a huge thirst for knowledge, JK will always be reading, watching TV, news and wanting to know what is going on in the world.  Jupiter in Gemini also can connect and translate the world you live into another more imaginary one, and as such a lot of the characters and events in the books she has written, have great similarities to those she has experienced in her own life. Jupiter trines to Mars, giving an enterprising spirit and the belief you can do just about anything if you really want to. That belief extends to JK herself and her success has now given her the ability to do pretty much anything this wants to as well in her own life. The theme of the whole series of books are contained within the aspects of the chart and tend to reflect the inner and outer character of JK herself.

Finally I return back to the Sun. Sitting peregrine (unconnected to any major planet by major aspect) and proud alone, it dominates the whole chart. The Sun wishes to be recognised as the very best one can be, and to be appreciated for one’s work and contributions in life. By shaping and dominating the children’s book world for more than a decade and more importantly for bringing a new importance and enthusiasm to children and adults alike to rediscover the wonder of books, stories and reading, JK surely has fulfilled the desires of her Leo Sun.