Astrology by Paul Saunders : Tom Brady – Born to be a quarterback

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Tom Brady – Born to be a quarterback

Tom Brady

If you could ever want to find an Astrological chart that screams quarterback, then Tom Brady has it all. Later today in Minnesota, Tom Brady goes to try and win an unprecedented 6th Superbowl ring. It will be his 8th appearance in the NFL's show piece game, four times before he has been the game's most valuable player. He is without doubt the best there has ever been, and who would bet against him winning another championship on Super Sunday? I wouldn't.


Tom Brady is a Sun sign Leo, born on 3rd August 1977 born in Sam Mateo, California at 11.48am (AA rated by so we know these details are totally legitimate. As a young boy he used to attend the San Francisco 49ers games at Candlestick Park watching Joe Montana dismantle all opposition, and now he has surpassed his idol in every way possible. His Astrology chart is simply amazing.

His Sun sits in Leo next to natal Saturn in his 10th house of work sextile to his Libran Ascendant that is exactly conjunct to his North Node. You could not have a more perfect set up for someone in control of their own destiny. The Sun Saturn conjunction in Leo is ambitious, hard working, shows patience, diligence and authority. As a youngster he wouldn't have shined like a star, no Saturn next to the Sun make you mature at a slightly slower rate, but when you do then you become a true leader. The Sun sextile to the Ascendant and North Node indicated that he knows exactly where he is going in life. Rarely do you ever see this, and if you do you'll know that this is going to be a special individual. Sometimes the Libran Ascendant can make you lazy or indecisive, but other factors on this chart override those tendencies.

Mars is the planet of sport and it lies in the difficult and tough 8th house, trine to his Ascendant and Pluto, also conjunct to the Ascendant in his 12th house. Mars is also sextile to Brady's Sun. The trine to the Ascendant indicates athletic ability, the trine to Pluto shows determination in the face of powerful forces. The 8th house position of Mars in Gemini shows a quick flexible attitude and an ability to change tack if needs be. Tied into the Sun and the Ascendant, he reacts well to changing circumstances, he can multitask, and have several plans or options ready at a moment's notice. The 8th house is a brutal place, one where you have to fight against powerful foes. Brady has all the physical skills to avoid them. Gemini is the trickster sign, hard to pin down, and even harder to outwit.

To succeed in the sport that Tom does, you need a mind like a computer, and Brady's Mercury, the planet of the mind is in the sign of Virgo, the sign of detail and modesty, residing in the 11th house of teams and groups. There is an perfectionist at work here, a man who has to get the details right. He can make decisions for the team (Mercury in 11th), he can calculate the risks, work out what is best for the collective. Sometimes the problem with Leo Sun sign individuals is that they can get self absorbed too much, their ego takes over, but Saturn keeps Brady's Sun in check and Virgo keeps his Mercury and thus mind on the job, keeping him modest and humble. It is an awesome combination allowing Brady to focus, and yet be his ebullient Leo self. When a Leo has direction and focus, they can truly become king.

Brady's Mercury is in a beneficial sextile to Uranus, the planet of originality, and this speeds up his thinking processes to lightening speed. Uranus in the 1st house brings an aura to Tom, he is original, independent, occasionally the rebel but one amongst many. That Uranus also feeds into the Sun through a tense square. There is an unpredictability about him that will infuriate others. Sometime controversial, sometimes pig-headed, this is a fixed square that has staying power. He will keep going until the final whistle blows. He is the original miracle man, never beaten until time is up.

Neptune is the planet of imagination and yet again it helps him in several ways. Neptune is trine to Brady's Sun, so he has vision and he can imagine the possibilities before they occur. For a quarterback, seeing the whole picture in front of you is crucial. He will have good instincts, a feel for what is right, there is grace and precision in this chart rolled into one. Neptune ties into the Ascendant and opposes Mars bringing charisma, fantasy and magic; Brady lives the dream (Neptune) through his sport (Mars). One wonders how he will cope after he stops playing, as this aspect can start to drag you down if you aren't active. This opposition squares onto Mercury in Virgo, and here is a danger of getting dragged into deceptive practices. Remember deflate-gate? I just wonder with Neptune in the second house and Mars in the 8th if he may get into some dodgy financial deals in the future. All of us have an Achilles heel, and this may be his, but that's for the future. There is a sharp fiery uncontrollable temper here too if he is upset or angered, although with Mars hidden in the 8th house, that will be seen more behind closed doors then in open public.

I haven't touched on the Moon yes ant it sits in his house of work and routine in Aries. This is the position of the fixer, the handyman who comes around and mends your broken pipes or puts your power back on when you have an electrical fault. In Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, he does this in sporting terms. Who you gonna call when the chips are down to fix the problem? Tom Brady. His emotions are direct, unambiguous, fiery, and inspirational. Through the enthusiasm he shows, he will inspire others. This Aries Moon can get cross if it is not active, and this is why he keeps playing. He loves the emotional pull of the game, and the routine day in day out of training to keep fit and healthy. The Moon makes a weak fire trine to his Sun, so his emotions and actions are in sync, another piece of the Brady jigsaw.

On top of all this talent and physical perfection, you need one other thing to succeed in the NFL, luck and guidance. Brady has been so fortunate to find both in his chart. In his 9th house of wisdom and knowledge he has his chart ruling Venus conjunct to Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion. This is an amazingly fortunate combination, and whenever he is in a jam, this conjunction will protect him. Brady is wise beyond his years and in his corner is Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots. He is the know it all head coach, Brady's guiding “Jupiter” who allows Tom to be the star that he is. Jupiter in Gemini is a position where you can pull lots of information together and use it to bring you the results that you desire, and that is exactly what a good quarterback does, he is the font of all information on the field of play. Venus in Cancer is very caring of the group around him, his family and those he loves. Brady is sensitive to the family atmosphere that has been created in New England, and he will be thoughtful as a person to the needs of all. With Venus ruling his chart, this will be important to him. Sun Leos are loyal, and that is why he has stayed put in the one organisation for so long.

Brady transits wide

Now how does he get on this Sunday. Well, transiting Jupiter makes a trine to his Midheaven, or point of career, so luck is on his side. The transiting North Node is close to his natal Sun, also a good sign, and his Sun at 11 degrees Leo received a direct hit from the Lunar Eclipse also at 11 degree Leo on 31st January. That my friends puts him in the spotlight, and will bring changes to his working life in the next 6 months. Adding to this, transiting Pluto is on Brady's IC. This is a point of beginnings and endings, and I just wonder if he does win (which I think he will) if Brady will call it a day. He isn't getting any younger, and putting your body through all the training and hard work aged 40 isn't easy, no matter how fit you are. Pluto waits for no man, and when he comes calling he transforms your life. On the Imum Coeli he is changing not only the home life, but opposing your work life too. I have the exact same situation in my life with Pluto on my IC, and my work and home life is rapidly changing. The same will be for Tom too. Watch out for talk of retirement after the game tonight.

To sum up, Tom Brady is an incredible individual, totally suited for his role as the most successful quarterback in the history of the NFL. Win or lose who will go into folklore and the hall of fame, and maybe there is a little boy in New England who has been watching his hero at Gillette Stadium who may one day grow up to be even better than Tom? The stars will have had to align in a very special way to make a more effective and perfect horoscope than the one that Tom Brady was blessed with...