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Friday, 23 September 2011

Astrology versus Science. Have scientists at the CERN Hadron collider stumbled upon the key to time travel?

hadron collider

The reason for this article is that I heard today that scientists at the CERN Hadron Collider have come up with some unexplained results, namely that a series of experiments with sub-atomic particles seemed to suggest that they can move faster than the speed of light. The speed of light for over a century has been the universe’s speed limit. Nothing can go faster. For the scientists, it could be time to rip up the rule book. The suggestion that you can exceed the speed of light, the speed that time itself is based upon brings the distinct possibility that time travel may be possible. Most of the science we know today is based around the fact that it is impossible to go faster than the speed of light. The implications are rightly huge.

HaydronCollider1stBeam natal

The CERN Hadron Collider based outside Geneva in Switzerland was first activated on the 10th September 2008 at exactly 10.28  - nice for us astrologers that the scientists recorded the time of first use. The chart is quite unusual because it is based around one set of trine aspects, one set of square aspects, one opposition, one wedge and 2 unaspected planets. The Sun sits in the 11th house conjunct to Saturn. This is Aquarius’ house, the sign most associated in the zodiac with science. The conjunction in the 11th show this is a team effort which is very serious in nature. Saturn and the Sun are in Virgo, an earth sign and this is a scientific study into the tiniest particles imaginable, the very building blocks that make up our universe. Virgo is associated with all things minute and detailed. This conjunction is opposite Uranus in Pisces in the 5th house. Immediately we realise that this is a significant placing for Uranus, as we have this very scientific opposition affected by the mysteries of Neptune. Not only that, but the opposition to the Sun and Saturn give the impression of pushing back boundaries and setting new standards. Very aptly, Uranus in the 5th house is in the house of creation. The opposition is turned into a wedge pattern with the Moon at the focal point. The Moon in Mundane astrology represents on the most basic level the people. We have a mystical yet surprising creation from the tiniest particles, that through the sextile and trine to the Moon will potentially affect the whole of mankind. The Moon sits in Capricorn (Saturn’s sign) so this discovery will have form and structure, a solid basis to the claims made. Saturn in Greek mythology was represented by the God Chronos who represented the passage of time. The translation of the modern Greek word “Chronos” into English is also “time”.  Saturn traditionally in Astrology rules time, and the 3rd house in which Capricorn in intercepted rules travel in your local environment. Have the scientists in Switzerland discovered by chance, the possible means by which travelling in time in your local environment could one day actually happen?? This discovery would completely blow to bits all that we have known about the speed of light, the theory of relativity etc etc.

Alongside the Moon is Jupiter. Jupiter in the 3rd house expands our minds, increases our wisdom, teaches us about new things. Jupiter is the font of collective wisdom, and it’s placing in Capricorn in the third house shows that the formation and starting of the Hadron Collider was always going to expand our knowledge. The Moon and Jupiter make a multi square aspect to Mercury Venus & Mars tightly conjunct in the 12th house also widely connected to the Libran Ascendant. To explain this conjunction, we have to go back to the reason why the Hadron Collider was created. It was in search of the Higgs Boson particle, which as yet has not been conclusively proved, although the scientists at CERN seem almost certain (95%) that it does exist. So what they were looking for was the ideal, the one building block of matter that had yet to be found. Now this triple conjunction sits in the 12th house, Pisces’ house of things which are hidden, the house of spirituality, of fantasy and of dreams. The Higgs Boson principle lay behind a veil, the search for it was almost spiritual in it’s quest – notice the nickname the media gave it,  the “God Particle”. Very Pisces and Neptunian in the conception of this name, isn’t it? The principle of the ideal is seen when Mercury and Venus combine, harmony meets matters of the mind & here they are conjunct. To find this particle required tremendous force and speed, smashing atoms into one another to release the energy in which the Higgs Boson would be hopefully found. Here is the meaning of Mars, the planet of energy and force in the mix. Venus rules this chart as Libra is on the Ascendant, so these experiments were of overriding social benefit. Leo sits on the Midheaven, indicating the creative nature of the work, and pushing it into the public area as headline news. Science is not normally exciting, but the Leo influence has whipped up worldwide interest in physics.

Now the two unaspected planets dominate proceedings on this chart. Peregrine planets (those unconnected by any major aspect to any other planet) always will have more influence on a chart than those planets which are aspected. Significantly they are the two outermost planets, the ones we as humans least know about. They are also the two that tend to have the greatest generational effect of all, Neptune and Pluto. Pluto in Astrology controls all things underground and all things nuclear as well as the destruction of things to create new growth. Isn’t this is what the CERN Hadron collider is all about? It is deep underground in the shape of a circle. Pluto’s work is cyclical, destroy then create, destroy then create. What was being destroyed here were the particles we are all made of, so that new ones could be found. Pluto sat on 10th Sept 08 conjunct to the galactic centre of our solar system at 27 Sagittarius, an iconic place for Pluto to sit at the beginning of the search for the secrets (another Pluto rulership) that human kind had yet to find.

Finally Neptune sits alone in the 4th house in Aquarius. Here is the dream of the scientists, the cloud of uncertainty surrounding exactly what these set of experiments would find & the introducing the idea of the discovery of the unexpected. Notice how Uranus and Neptune were in mutual reception in each other’s houses (working well together) and also connected to each other by a tiny but significant semi-sextile. This little aspect shows wonderment, a sense of magic and surprise, the cherry on the top of the cake if you will. Finally Neptune was conjunct the North Node. There was always going to be an element of destiny about the discoveries made by the Hadron Collider. The North Node shows the route one is taking in life. Could this have been a giant step along the path in mankind’s destiny? 

Ok let’s look at the planets right now to get a sense of what happened in the past, what is happening now and what will happen in the future. After just 10 days on 20th Sept 08, the Hadron Collider suffered damage and had to be shut down. Looking at the midpoint picture for that day, the transiting Sun had progressed exactly to the midpoint of Mars and Saturn, traditionally a spot when accidents happen and things stop working – Saturn is the planet of stop and Mars is the planet of go, the irresistible force stopped in it’s tracks by the immovable object.

Moving forward to today, we see a really interesting picture. The main thing to note is the progressed Nodal axis, the element of fate and destiny in the chart exactly square the Sun Uranus opposition. This is destiny giving the scientists a helping hand by bringing some unexpected and bizarre results. At the same time transiting Uranus has moved round from the opposition to the Sun into an even more focused quindecile highlighting the unusual nature of what had happened and at the same time it is  trine to the Midheaven, showing scientific progress. At the same time as the announcement, Mars was conjunct the Midheaven, remember the announcement today was about speed. Uranus is trine Mars right now which is as fast a combination in the zodiac as you can get!! Transiting Jupiter is trine to Saturn which can be translated as learning new things, and no wonder the announcement was now as the two planets involved have the signs they rule affecting the 3rd house of communication and the press. Jupiter trines it’s own position again highlighting the lucky discovery and is quindecile to the Ascendant showing the intense international impact of the discovery and the sharing (Libra) of the information with the world.

I would not be surprised if the Higgs Boson particle official announcement of existence comes in the last week of November. A couple of reason for this. Transiting Saturn hits the ascendant at this time, so this would herald a new cycle of work and experiments including the newly discovered particle. Saturn brings reward for hard work done. Secondly, at that time the transiting Sun makes a lovely trine to the Leo Midheaven highlighting publically what has been going on, and also moving on from the July 1st eclipse, transiting Pluto returns to it’s eclipse position on 27th November. Eclipses often herald bad times ahead but also bring change, and what bigger change than to complete the scientists knowledge so that they can finally move forward.

HaydronCollider1stBeam transit

Sometimes even I am amazed with the results you can find from a humble birth chart, yet virtually all scientists these days completely ignore Astrology. Why? Hundreds of years ago, the scientists of the day like Leonardo Da Vinci were also astrologers. What caused the division and the antagonism between those who study astrology and and those who follow science? You know, things are not always what they seem. All astrologers know this, and by practising astrology we accept that the energy and movements of the planets affect our lives and our futures. Our subject has been the result of thousands of years of watching and noting down human behaviour in relation to the movement of those heavenly bodies in the night sky. Is that not a scientific study too? We accept that your life path is set out in front of you and through the Nodes of the Moon that fate can have a pivotal influence on your life. The elements of past lives, karma and free will are interwoven into the tapestry of the wonderful study of astrology. We accept that the intangible is possible, that rules are there to be broken, modified & adjusted. We do not need proof to settle upon any theory, and yet we astrologers can get to a level of accuracy in prediction and a judgement of human character that defies any scientific study. Scientists and people with stubborn attitudes have for too long derided astrology simply because the results it achieves simply cannot be explained on a bar chart. I accept science, it is a wonderful thing, but I believe that astrology and scientific studies are related and should live and thrive next to each other, as both have their own merits.

The scientists at CERN may just have stumbled by chance upon one of the greatest scientific discoveries since Einstein came up with E=MC2. They should thank their lucky stars (or rather Jupiter) that they did…  


*** I would love to hear from any scientists who do read my blog to tell me what they do think of astrology, either good or bad comments please and wether they themselves hold it with any credence. Please contact me through the comments section below or email me. I will post in the future any worthy replies. ***

**** Update 16th November 2011 ****

It has been announced just as Saturn was reaching the CERN ascendant at 24 Libra that one of the new experiments they have been doing may have discovered a new branch of Physics. This absolutely holds up the natal chart and sets CERN on a new course of discovery and work for the years ahead. If you are interested please click on the link below to go to the article which is too technical for a simple astrologer like myself to fully understand.

Has new Physics been found at CERN -

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Twin Towers Attack – A look at the astrology of 9/11, the event that shook the world.

twin towers

It is 10 years on, and the pictures still chill one to the bone. I personally had just got home from work just before 2pm UK time, I switched on the TV to watch in disbelief one of the Twin Towers was ablaze. Then an airliner appeared from the right of the picture (I knew it was a large passenger plane from the shape of the aeroplane) and smashed straight into the second tower. I sat in my living room transfixed and horrified as the shocking drama played out.

TwinTowers natal

Going back 10 years to look at the astrology chart of the day, a view of the event clearly forms. We know the target of the attack – the Twin Towers. The twins immediately lead us to think of Gemini, the sign representing twins in the zodiac. Sitting in Gemini in the international 9th house (this was an attack that was felt across the world) were just 2 planets the Moon and Saturn.

Think of the chart as a picture, we see the Moon represented the people and Saturn represented the buildings and authorities standing side by side. Both the Moon and Saturn are under attack from three planets. Saturn receives a direct opposition from Mars in Capricorn from the 3rd house, and the Moon receives an opposition from Pluto exactly on the cusp of the 3rd. Also we see from Mars to Moon and from Pluto to Saturn are intensely focused quindecile aspects. Saturn receives a trine from Mercury on the Ascendant and the Moon receives a trine from unpredictable Uranus. Pluto is the planet of mass destruction, death and also of feeling trapped. You can sense the intense emotion that this Moon/Pluto opposition created and the force unleashed in the Pluto/Saturn quindecile destroying the buildings where so many people were left helpless waiting to die. Mars is the warrior planet and signifies the action, the attack and the force on both planets in Gemini. Extending the chart out a little Mercury, ruling Gemini also rules Virgo which sits on the cusp of the 12th house, the house of secret enemies and also of sacrifice. Those enemies had awaited their moment with precision and stealth, striking with ruthless efficiency at the same time sacrificing their own lives.

TwinTowers reduced

Notice the 3rd/9th angle, the transport and travel axis on the chart being highlighted. This is also backed up by Mercury on the ascendant. Mercury represents transport, the airliners being used as weapons and being central to the attempt. Uranus in it’s own sign of Aquarius trines the Moon the fifth house, providing the swift, shocking aspect of the attack on the people. The pattern of these trines zooming into the opposition and quindecile aspects mirror the path the two airliners took as they crashed into the towers. Stripping away the other planets opens up the picture, doesn’t it? Sometimes seeing less is more…

Just a couple of other things to notice. Mars was at the time of the first hit tightly quindecile the Midheaven in Cancer. This was an action aimed at the people and security systems (Cancer through the Moon rules both) to focus US public attention. There is a t-square from the Saturn Pluto opposition to the Sun at the point. The Sun shows the people at the top (the President) in Mundane Astrology and the 11th house represents the parties and government systems. The other target was a strike at the US Government itself, and later that morning the Pentagon suffered severe damage from a third plane crashing into the building.

The Midheaven on the day was receiving a conjunction from lucky Jupiter which was itself square to Mercury and the Ascendant, so fortune was favouring a successful attack at this time. Lastly, Neptune sat peregrine in the 4th house and alone away from the rest of the planets and thus dominating proceedings. Here is the indication that a spiritual (Neptune) leader sitting at home (4th) was behind the whole operation. We now know that man to be Osama Bin Laden, and ten years on from the shocking crime he masterminded, his assassination has for now provided a sense of closure to the US people over the unforgettable events of the 9th September 2001.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Olympic Games 2012 – Potential worries with one year to go. A look at the astrology of the opening day.

Olympic torch

In about one year from now, the 30th Olympic games open in London, my home city. I write with just a little pride as we in London prepare to open our doors and hearts to the world. We in Britain are true sports fans, partisan for our own athletes but also fair in praise to others who do well. We do have our own unique style in the UK and despite the weather (it will rain) and the economic gloom across the globe, one thing the British know how to do is have a party. However just before the games begin, the same aspect that has rocked London in August 2011 returns once more. I look at the astrology of the opening day, the one that sets the scene for the month of sport and competition that follows.


The opening ceremony is due to start on 27th July 2012 at around 19.30. It is due to end at 22.30, but these things never run to time. So I am basing the chart on lighting the flame at 22.30. This gives a 5th house Sun and Mercury conjunction in proud Leo, very apt for an event embracing sport and competition. This makes a mini grand trine with Uranus in the 1st house and Jupiter on the cusp of the 2nd and 3rd. Uranus in the 1st trine Mercury is all about technology and as we know Britain is one of the world’s leading creative forces in graphics and design. Watch out for some stunning technical effects in the opening ceremony. Jupiter at the point of the mini grand trine and is in Gemini. This says communication out to the world, a multi cultural experience. Seeing as the stadium itself in Stratford in the heart of the East End which is a melting pot of cultures, I am sure that the highlight of these Games will be the open accessibility to all peoples & nations. Jupiter is optimistic and jovial, this is going to be one long party.

There is a very dynamic t-square from Uranus in Aries in the 1st house to Mars in Libra in the 7th square to Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th. Here is competition at it’s fullest with so much Aries (Mars) influence with a social angle (Libra) striving for the ultimate achievement (Pluto). Uranus makes a quindecile to Saturn in the 7th – this aspect equates to pushing back the boundaries – will there be an exceptional amount of records set in these games? One the debit side the Mars, Uranus and Pluto square is an inherently dangerous aspect and the potential spectre of violence, disruption and terror will hang over the Games. The exact hit of this square comes in the week preceding the opening ceremony. In seeing what has happened over the past few days in London, and knowing that the same aspect taking hold in one year from now as the one that is causing mayhem in London right now, I genuinely fear for what may happen. One thing I am sure of is this. Londoners are a stoical bunch, and there will be a severe reaction from us towards anyone who tries to ruin this celebration of sport and of our city; something we have been preparing 6 years for.

Venus in the 3rd is colourful, creative and elegant. The venues are exceptional and iconic (I include a few photos at the bottom) and Venus makes a trine to Saturn showing a connection to the structures & buildings in the Olympic park. In this aspect there is an aspect of security (Venus is ruled by Taurus) which will be much heightened during the event.

The two other planets in the chart will be peregrine (unaspected by any major aspect) when the games are opened. It is quite unusual for one to be peregrine, for two is most unusual. The Moon in the 8th in Scorpio and Neptune in the 12th in Pisces. Both of these two planets will dominate the chart. The Moon in the 8th in Scorpio smacks to me of big business, yet with no aspect, there is a disconnect here. The Olympics need the finance of big business to exist, but unusually no visible advertising is allowed to be shown during the games around the venues. With a quindecile (not a major aspect) to Jupiter, these games financially I believe will be a roaring success.  The other planet is Neptune, here is the dream, the aspiration, the spirit, the cheating and deception. With Neptune so prominent in it’s own sign of Pisces, I fear drugs and controversy will rear their ugly head once again.

Have a look at some of the pictures from the Olympic Venues. Here’s hoping for the city of London and any threat of potential trouble goes away because if we have peace and good weather, it’s gonna be fabulous…

Olympic Stadium night


Aquatic Centre 1

Aquatic Centre 2





handball arena


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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding – William and Kate tie the knot.

Royal Wedding

In what was a rather lovely and flawless ceremony, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married this morning at Westminster Abbey in London. They were declared man and wife at 11.21hrs. Looking at the wedding chart we have a full 10th house with naturally the royal Sun sitting in the house of duty and authority and Leo sitting on the Ascendant square to the Sun reflecting the pomp and ceremony and privilege they will have. The main feature of the chart is a heavyweight t-square based around a progressive forward thinking Aries Midheaven.  On the IC just in the 3rd house lies Saturn, giving a serious edge to the day and the union, they will think carefully about their union and also about any words and media and social commitments that they make, very much a legacy hanging over from William’s mother Diana who courted and as a result was pursued endlessly by the press. Saturn is opposite Mercury in the 10th house; this is a couple who will be very conscious of their image as future King and Queen. As Mercury is in Aries, this vision is progressive and fresh will push forward I believe a new informality to the Royal family while respecting the traditions of the past.


Alongside the Sun and Mercury is Mars and Jupiter. Here is a drive to touch as many people’s lives as possible and this is something the happy couple will do with gusto, not only in the UK but abroad too. As part of a great stellium of planets in Aries is Venus and Uranus in the 9th house. The Moon is also in the 9th house as well in mystical Pisces. Venus opposite Saturn conjunct the Midheaven shows a serious social event but also the colour and beauty of the day. Venus here instils a love of travel and William and Kate will travel extensively as a result. Uranus in the 9th is interesting. This is a break with traditions and belief and forging new directions. Uranus is trine to the Ascendant, so the public face of William and Kate will be as reformers.

The Moon in the 9th again highlights travel with a sympathetic nature, of exploring new cultures and peoples. The Moon is quindecile Saturn, so expect a lot of travel and and reserved shows of emotion, in public at least, this is going to be very much a working couple. Square to the Saturn/Mercury Venus Uranus conjunction is Pluto in the 6th house. Here Pluto is obsessed with work, health and daily routine. The royal couple will work to exhaustion in the cause of their Royal duties, and may in time be quite difficult to serve, being harsh with those beneath them. Pluto trines to the Sun reflecting the power of their new positions in life.

Finally we find Neptune, peregrine in the 8th house of change and inheritance. William and Kate will in time inherit the dream and the mystique and magic of the monarchy. Neptune will dominate the chart standing alone in Pisces. This is a very spiritual position and reflective of service. This is the overriding theme of the chart, service through the privileged position that they inherit.

Now the all important question, what does the future hold? Well by Solar Arc we have Saturn opposing the Midheaven in exactly one year which is quite sorrowful, maybe a loss in their extended family of some sort. However with Venus exactly three degrees from the Midheaven I can see a happy event in around three years time -  a baby perhaps?? The t-square will be activated by Pluto in 2015 when transiting Pluto squares the Midheaven in 2015. The marriage and their public face will be transformed in some way, possible moving up the line of succession?

The wedding chart in my eyes has all the hallmarks of a successful royal marriage with pomp and circumstance, duty and service, mystique and magic and the notion of an ideal with Mercury conjunct Venus at the Midheaven of how the Monarchy should look when they succeed to the throne.

Good luck and lots of love to them both.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Oscars – A look at the astrology of the ceremony


The Academy Awards or Oscars are the highlight of the film year. Millions of people around the globe tune in to watch the tiny gold statuettes given out to film making world. No other awards ceremony in the world comes close to the Oscars in terms of glamour or prestige.

As with “human” horoscopes, ceremonies have a birthday too and Astrologers can make charts out to follow their progress. The first Oscar ceremony took place in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in front of 270 invited guests. We know it was an evening ceremony, so I have tried to as much as possible guess approximately what time it started. From what we know of the history and the type of ceremony it is, I have estimated around 18.30 to be a possible start time and that is what the chart below is based on.


We know that the Oscars voting society is a very secretive group and of course film making is big business so I assumed a Scorpio ascendant would be most appropriate. That brings the Neptune (the planet of film) to the Midheaven in the international 9th house (this ceremony is a global event), the Moon also conjuncts the Midheaven, emotion always seems to be so prevalent when the winner accept their awards. We have a Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus square Neptune, this is a celebration (Sun/Jupiter) of making film (Neptune). Venus sextiles Mercury bring a sense of style and beauty, Venus in Aries is very pushy and out in front – this is a big social occasion and Mercury in Gemini is communication at it’s height, the world’s press goes mad for the fashion and styles. Mars in Leo is all glitz and glamorous, exhibitionism at it’s most extreme. Pluto in the 8th house underlines that behind all the show there is big business at heart. There is a conservative edge too. Saturn sits in the second house. No financial awards for the winners, oh no. Just a simple gold statuette, all the publicity and prestige of this simple award is the reward.

jesse eisneberg

So who is going to win this Sunday? I looked at Natalie Portman last week and I am convinced she will walk away with the best actress award – her charts look so upbeat and her performance in Black Swan was astonishing. As for best actor, Colin Firth who has swept the board so far in all the awards ceremonies has not so many positive transits as he had last month. James Franco has Sun trine his North Node which is upbeat and in the limelight, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Jesse Eisenberg, the lead actor in the Social Network may just sneak the award as on the day of the ceremony he has a transiting Jupiter trine his natal Jupiter which is lucky and transiting Mars trine Saturn which is progressive (Jesse as a note has Sun and Moon is in social Libra plus technical Uranus in expansive Sagittarius as well as Jupiter and film ruling Neptune there too – he was born to star in this film!!)

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