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Saturday, 4 March 2017

George W Bush - From President to compassionate artist.


George Bush apinting

Hi everyone. My Astrological topic this morning is a very warming and heartfelt one, the budding artist that is former President of the United States, George W Bush. He has issued through a book several paintings of war veterans who lost limbs and suffered life threatening injuries, ones who went into battle under his leadership.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta passes away aged 82



It's a day when men named Oscar are in the news. The Dominican fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has passed away. He was one of the fashion designers of choice for many rich, powerful and influential ladies, his first real well know client being Jackie Kennedy. His creations became a byword for elegance and beauty and many said that he had a knack for making women look and feel beautiful.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Michael Winner – Larger than life and full of fun

Michael Winner

Michael Winner passed away today, the director of the Death Wish films featuring Charles Bronson. In his film directing career, he worked with such actors as Marlon Brando, Oliver Reed (can you imagine these two together!!), Anthony Hopkins and Michael Caine. He also wrote, was a newspaper columnist in the UK and food critic too. He was born on 30th Oct 1935, and was a larger than life individual.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

George Lucas – The “Star Wars” director who revolutionised the film industry.

George Lucas

It was announced yesterday that George Lucas was selling his company Lucasfilm to Disney, a multi billion dollar sale which includes the rights to the Star Wars films as well as Indiana Jones, projects that George has has sole rights to since his first Star Wars film in 1977. He is still going to be a “creative consultant” to Disney and a very rich one at that. He says that it felt right to move on right now, and looking at the astrology, he was correct with his decision.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Damien Hirst – The rebellious artist who has amassed a fortune though challenging society.

damien hirst

Damien Hirst is a fascinating man with a fascinating astrological chart. He is in the news as a new exhibition of his work including his celebrated work “For The Love of God”, the skull of an 18th century man covered in 8,601 flawless diamonds (below) is being opened in conjunction with the 2012 Olympics in London. Expect also to see several of his works of art showing animals suspended in formaldehyde. Damien has always shall we say “pushed the boundaries a bit”, following in the tradition of edgy British art and culture.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Ridley Scott - A look at the horoscope of one of the great film directors of our time.

ridley scott

Gritty, serious, talented. Ridley Scott has been responsible for some of the biggest box office films of our age, Blade Runner, Alien, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down & American Gangster. Sure, he has one or two less successful films, but then again, tell me a director who hasn’t? It is rumoured that he will be making another Blade Runner film to follow up the 1982 masterpiece which starred Harrison Ford. A good enough reason for me to dip into the mind and motivations of one of Britain’s foremost filmmakers.

Ridley was born on 30th November 1937 in South Shields, England. As yet I do not have a birth time which is a shame. If anyone does know Ridley’s time of birth, please could you let me know and I will add to the article. He is a Sun sign Sagittarius which unusually is peregrine. Unconnected to any other planet. Luckily the Moon was in Scorpio all day on the 30th so we have a confirmed sign for it. The Sagittarius Sun dominates this chart. It gives a wide expansive look on life, as if there are no boundaries. Ridley would have a thirst for knowledge, and a need for space, Sagittarians can suffer horribly from claustrophobia. Alien I think deals with Ridley’s Sagittarian fear of claustrophobia,  being cooped up in a spaceship unable to escape & being hunted by an unknown, dangerous enemy. Out of all the signs, Sagittarians need a constant challenge, they need to be doing something, testing themselves. That is one of the reasons why at age 73, Ridley is still making and planning films. He won’t stop, until he drops.

RidleyScott natal

The Sun is in conjunction to the North Node, a direct sign that Ridley was very close to his mother. The reason can be seen by the fact that Saturn is retrograde. Saturn retrograde always says that the love of the father was missing in some way. In Ridley’s case, his father was in the army, and thus away on duty for much of his upbringing. That Saturn is crucial to the whole chart. Through this one planet we see Ridley’s motivations permeating throughout his life. It connects to every planet on the chart except Pluto. Saturn’s primary function is to administrate, but in Pisces it can also reduce the self-confidence. As a boy, Ridley would have been very shy and inhibited, he would have worried about his role in life, but as you get older, your confidence increases. Saturn has a galvanising effect over time, honing the skills you do have so that you can use them when you are ready. The skill Ridley had in abundance was great imagination. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet ruling dreams, inspiration, vision, creativity, films and filmmaking. After graduating in Art studies, working in set design with the BBC, he set up a film company in 1968, started filming TV commercials and finally directed his first feature film, the Duellists in 1977 at age 40. Sometimes Saturn makes you wait…

Mars is semi-square to Saturn, he will get a bit irritable if he can’t get his way on things, but it does give him a purposeful attitude to his work. Mars is in Aquarius, so he is socially aware and able to work with people – he is very much a team player. He will be innovative in the way he works, using new techniques to forward his career. Mars in Aquarius is erratic though, so sometimes he will be nice as pie, and sometimes a real handful, impatient and rebellious.

Saturn is sextile to Jupiter (which is personalised through the Sun) – this gives stamina and the ability to see projects through from the start through to completion, this is a lovely positive and realistic sextile which will give him a good reputation. Jupiter is in Capricorn, giving him stability and a wonderful work ethic. Ridley is not one of those people who will think he his higher than anyone else. If a menial job needs to be done, he will do it. He will have no airs or graces, he is down to earth just like the tough North East of England background he hailed from.

Saturn makes a square to Mercury in Sagittarius and an opposition to Neptune in Virgo forming a powerful t-square. This is a mutable t-square, and this type of configuration seems to effect the mental processes. At the point of the t-square is the planet ruling the mind, Mercury. The Astrologer Bill Tierney wrote that this type of formation is like a windmill in a gale, and you can see the ideas and images in Ridley’s mind whirring around at high speed. This is the formation that drives his creative processes. Saturn in Pisces as I have already explained, Neptune in Virgo adds the detail, perfection and skill to the filmmaking process, he will have an eye for detail, the visions (Neptune) he sees in his mind (Mercury) will be painstakingly transferred into solid form (Saturn) and then communicated (Mercury) around the globe to a wide audience (Sagittarius). Here we have the Sagittarian influence again. Ridley is known for epic blockbusters of wide scope. Neptune makes a mini grand trine with Jupiter and Venus. Here Ridley has a love of beauty, creativity, colour, mysticism, idealism, a generosity of spirit and a compassionate nature.

Saturn makes a trine with Venus in deep dark Scorpio. Have you noticed how the women in Ridley’s films are often strong of character? Venus in Scorpio is the answer – controlling, powerful, sexual, manipulative, confident in their own abilities. Think of Sigourney Weaver in Alien, or Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in Thelma & Louise. Ridley will not be into superficial relationships. He will be very cautious about giving his heart away, but once he does find the right partner, he will be true to them. Ridley will not be overly romantic, rather simple in his tastes and humble in his desires. Strength of character to him would be far more important than sheer looks.

Saturn makes a trine to Pluto in Leo and with Pluto making an opposition back to Jupiter, this makes a wedge formation with Saturn at the point. This is a very fortunate combination. It gives determination, wisdom, ambition, the potential for huge success and the chance for making a huge impact on society, something that Ridley hag grabbed with both hands. From a difficult childhood from a deprived part of the UK, he has risen to become universally known. Pluto also connects with Mars via a quindecile. This is very aggressive focused aspect and very transformational in nature. Many of Ridley’s films have dealt with death and destruction, or military subjects – very much associated with these planets. GI Jane featuring Demi Moore featured  the idea of the first female to undergo US Navy Seals training. Again the strong woman appears in Ridley’s creations. Black Hawk Down was very dark and violent, and Body of Lies starring Leonardo DiCaprio dealt with the CIA and jihadist terrorists.

The final formation on this chart is another t-square between Uranus in Taurus, the Moon in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius at the point. The Moon in Scorpio is very deep and dark. Ridley will be quiet, secretive, rather reticent to let his emotions show, giving him a rather dour edge to his personality. Under the skin the emotions bubble; however once the temper comes out, it comes out in a rage. This is a volcano like combination of planets, unpredictable, erratic and possibly violent. The Moon in Scorpio need to delve under the skin of everything going on, Ridley will want to know everything about everything. He will be prone to jealousy and he will not accept laziness by anyone working with him – he will be a rather hard taskmaster. Uranus in Taurus shows the creation and use of new technologies in society; this is one of the themes in Blade Runner. This is a very restless and impulsive t-square and with the accent on Uranus and Aquarius here, you can see the attraction of science fiction and times in the future beyond our imaginations. Alien and Blade Runner depict all of the aspects on this t-square, dark design, austere sets, violence, action films set in futuristic worlds.

Ridley Scott would always struggle to make small, intimate films about subtle emotions. It is not his style and the expansive Sagittarian influence on this chart pushes him to be bigger and better, grand in scale and grand in budget. Sometimes we need someone who can see the big picture for what it is. Certainly when it comes to war & action movies, to science fiction and imagination on a wide scale, few directors these days come close.

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Coco Chanel - Was the fashion icon a Nazi agent and informer?


Interesting question isn’t it? The author Hal Vaughan in a new book “Sleeping with the Enemy “claims that Coco Chanel was a Nazi agent during the occupation of Paris. Is there any astrological basis to the claim? Looking at Coco’s chart maybe there is…

ChanelCoco natal

Coco was a fascinating character in her own right. Born in Saumur, France on 19th August 1883 at 16.00, Coco was a confident Sun Leo with a deceptive Pisces Moon and a very late Sagittarian Ascendant, almost into Capricorn. The chart is whole orientated to the western hemisphere (the right) so we know that she thought of others much more than she ever thought of herself. On the chart we have the brash confidence and the desire to be in the limelight of the Leo Sun combining with the need of the Piscean Moon to be creative and inspirational. The Moon sitting in the 2nd house shows that Coco’s creative urges would be directed at serving the public, a 2nd house Moon always indicates service in some way to others. This combination on Coco’s chart was highly focused, even obsessional as we see a very tight quindecile between Sun and Moon. With Mercury in technical Virgo, highlighting superb skill and a perfectionist attitude to the creative Moon, Coco would have needed an outlet for this opposition. That outlet came in the form of Saturn in Gemini at the point of a t-square with the Moon and Mercury. Through her everyday work (6th) she created form (Saturn) by way of making  clothes as well as accessories from her ideas. Saturn also in a skill sign Gemini in the creative 5th house, which highlights the skill of making things with the hands completes the t-square. Saturn here also confirmed that not only would Coco want to make clothes, she would want to run her own business. Mercury in the 8th house of big business confirms this.

Saturn was conjunct to Pluto which always gives one the chance to make riches  and success beyond your wildest dreams. Oh how she exploited her talents. Pluto in the 5th increases the drive and the creative ability to unseen heights and was also square to the Leo Sun. This is one lady who would have an iron grip on everything to do with her fashion house. I bet she was one tough, tough customer. Pluto also makes a conjunction to Neptune. This Neptune being personalised through the Piscean Moon has a tremendous influence on the chart. It makes a close trine to Uranus, this shows that her inspiration and creations were ahead of her time, her vision would stand for generations to come. Neptune also was trine to Mercury, again echoing the skill and inspiration in fashion design; it also brings the idea of the ideal. Coco would have a perfectionist idea in her head which she translated into clothes. Neptune makes a square to the Sun and Neptune in Leo, here is inspiration for colour, make-up & beauty. Neptune also makes a sextile to Jupiter, part of a Neptune/Uranus Jupiter mini grand trine. This gave her the platform and the international connections, Jupiter is in the house of partners, to send her creations all around the globe.

Finally Mars in the 6th house of everyday work gave her energy and a non stop work ethic. Mars made an opposition to her Sagittarian ascendant and a trine to her Midheaven. She continued to create and design into her 80’s. She was a truly remarkable lady and this is a truly remarkable chart.

The Nazi chart was a very complicated one based around a fixed grand cross showing idealist tendencies Jupiter, Neptune opposite Venus combined with emotion and violence Moon opposite Mars. There is also a brutal grand water trine with Mars Pluto and Uranus conjunct the Sun. Here is control, destructive tendencies and independent revolutionary spirit. Saturn in critical harsh Virgo also turns that grand water trine into a kite formation opposing the Sun Uranus conjunction. Mercury in Pisces sent out deceptive messages (propaganda), being part of a t-square with the Ascendant and Midheaven. It really is a vey disturbing chart.


Now what of those Nazi connections? If you take the Nazi party chart of 24th February 1920 at 19.15 in Munich and put it against Coco’s one, a remarkable picture appears.

NaziParty Coco

So what do we see? Firstly the Nazi Party Mars (the planet of action) sits conjunct to Coco’s North Node so there is an affinity here and Coco’s Neptune (the planet of deception) sits conjunct to the Nazi South Node and trine to the Nazi Ascendant and sextile to the Nazi Mercury. Both these planets are in quindecile – there is a focus and obsessional link between them and a connection in the form of communication. Not only that. Coco’s Mercury sits in the Nazi 12th house. This is a place of service and is in the hidden part of the Nazi chart, suggesting her hidden messages being sent to the Nazi command. Mercury is square to the authoritarian Nazi Saturn. There is also a square between Coco’s Saturn and the Nazi one – notice that Coco’s Saturn is in the international 9th house of the Nazi natal chart – Coco was an agent abroad for them. Coco’s Saturn is sextile to the Nazi Neptune, again highlighting the secret covert nature of their relationship.

Seeing the links above, I will let you make up your own mind if Coco was working on behalf of the Germans during the war time years, however I definitely lean towards the fact that she was. There is no doubt that you can see a potential flow of behind the scenes information on the synastry chart.

I have one other thing that may interest you. If you are still in doubt, check out the similarity between the Nazi swastika flag and Coco’s signature trademark design. SS interlocked and CC interlocked. Coincidence or not? Did she give us a cryptic clue to her hidden past and secret role? You decide…

We will never know for sure of Coco’s real intentions and affiliations as she passed away in January 1971 at the grand old age of 87. One thing for sure, she was a huge, huge talent and her shadow still dominates the fashion world of today. 

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ai Weiwei – An artist and activist being pursued by the Chinese authorities


The brilliant Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has just been sent a 2 million dollar tax and fines bill by the Beijing authorities, just after he was released from detention in a Chinese jail. It seems somebody in the government doesn’t like him, but as ever Ai Weiwei turned the whole episode to his advantage greeting the massed ranks of the world press camped outside his front door. The internationally known artist is using his notoriety to highlight the increasingly authoritarian attitude of the Chinese authorities.


Ai Weiwei was born on 16th May 1957 in Beijing, China. I have no recorded birth time although I believe that he may have been born just before midday. I base that premise on two things. Firstly at age just one, Ai’s parents were incarcerated in a Chinese labour camp for protesting in an Anti-Rights Movement protest. They stayed there for 16 years. With a birth time of 11.45, this brings Pluto one degree from his ascendant into his first house and by Solar Arc progression, you could see the event that was to shape Ai’s whole life. Pluto transforms, is dark, repressive, traumatic at times. This would have been a most upsetting time for the young boy, having his parents taken from him. This 11.45 time brings Saturn into the 4th house, showing a lack of love received in his growing up process. Saturn is retrograde, highlighting that his father was not around as he grew up and being quindecile to the Sun, he would have been a complete inspiration to him. Ai Qing was a poet and in his father’s footsteps, Ai Weiwei has continued the family tradition of creation and of activism. Finally, it is known that Ai Weiwei is a superb poker player. This highlights the 5th house of speculation and creation. With an assumed birth time of 11.45, on the cusp of the fifth we find Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign associated with international creation and big risk taking as well as finding the Moon stationed here too in constructive Capricorn. Here is a love of games and speculation, an emotional need to create physical art (Capricorn here brings structure to the artistic process) and a openness of the emotions, very much unlike the staid, stern Chinese stereotype we all know. Ok, Ai can show his emotions, but he can remain cold and aloof too, just like the poker player. The Moon in the playful 5th house is quindecile Uranus. Uranus is cold and calculating, extremely focused, unpredictable. Combined with his Taurean patience and love of financial accumulation, this is the man who can smile at you inanely, while robbing you of all your worldly possessions.

Taureans are very easy going souls, working at their own pace to achieve their life goals. They are the builders of the zodiac and Ai Weiwei in this respect is an archetypal Taurean, having been responsible for the creation of not only physical art and exhibitions around the world but of buildings too, including the fabulous Bird’s Nest stadium that hosted the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Venus in Gemini is widely conjunct to the Sun so not only must these creations have physical beauty, but they also must be socially usable and interactive. A classic example is the Sunflower Seeds piece in London’s Tate Modern – 100 million individually made porcelain sunflower seeds on the great hall’s floor that the public can walk on, touch and feel. – Gemini is the truly tactile sign of them all.  The Sun is trine to Jupiter in Virgo, these pieces must be grand in scale but have included in them incredible detail. Ai can focus on the small things while keeping in touch with the grand sweep of any project, the mark of a true genius. The Sun/Venus conjunction sit in the 10th house if my assumptions are right, a position where the native will want to make his mark on society and the world in general, bringing love beauty and art to the masses.

All these artistic creations would never come to fruition without an inventive mind, and with Uranus square to Mercury, Ai Weiwei will be constantly blessed with new ideas and concepts to work on. Ai’s mind may not work rapidly, but he will have tremendous concentration and steadfastness to see each task out to it’s completion. Here is also the inspiration for him to speak out as a radical in opposition to those in power. That Mercury makes an inconjunct aspect to authoritarian Saturn, a nasty irritable aspect that will carp and agitate. He will upset those in charge as much as they will try to upset him. Uranus squares to Neptune in the third house of communication. This is another highly creative outlet for Ai, he will think in a non-linear fashion (cold hard facts have no logic to him) and his overriding message will be of the dream of rebellion, and of trying to outwit and confuse the establishment. Neptune is in Scorpio and sextile to Pluto, this generation was the voice of the underground rebellion movement.  

Transiting Pluto and Saturn have been opposite and square to Ai’s natal Mars recently. Aries ruled by Mars sits on the cusp of the 9th house and it was on a trip to Hong Kong (9th house rules long distance travel) that Ai was arrested before he boarded his plane and the Chinese authorities swooped on his studios. Transiting Neptune at that time was opposite natal Pluto and his Ascendant and trine to it’s own natal position. Pisces sits on the cusp of the 8th house of tax and other people’s money. By Solar Arc progression  Solar Arc Neptune is square to natal Jupiter that sits in the 2nd house of personal finance, another link to the Chinese tax demands. Solar Arc Saturn is square to natal Uranus, those in power cracking down on his activist ways and Solar Arc Sun is trine to Ai’s Natal North Node, so despite all the actions and to the annoyance of the Chinese, Ai’s star is still shining brightly in the World’s public perceptions and his story is firmly in the media spotlight, and so it will continue to be as Solar Arc North node will trine natal Mercury next year. I hope that one day the Chinese will finally begin to appreciate and grow tolerant of the genius in their midst. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pablo Picasso – The astrology of a uniquely talented artist


For the first time in 60 years, Picasso’s "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust", currently the world’s most expensive painting sold at Christie’s in New York for $106 million, has gone on display at London’s Tate Modern gallery on the South Bank. It gives me a good reason to look at the horoscope of one of the most unique artists ever born.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on 25th October, 1881 at 23.15 hrs. He was a Sun Sign Scorpio with a Sagittarius Moon and a showy Leo Ascendant. The Scorpio Sun sits in the 4th house which is very secretive and private, the home where he would work would be an emotional place for him. The Moon sits in the 5th house of creativity and art in conjunction with the North Node. This suggests three things. Firstly a very close association with his mother, secondly an appreciation of all things female, especially the female form and thirdly this application of art and females in general was Pablo’s destiny and calling in life, the North Node always highlights the direction or achievements one should aim to fulfil in one’s life.


Sitting with the Sun in the 4th House is Mercury in Scorpio. The brain here is introspective and it encourages you to make a record of you life and experiences, this he did in physical form. Mercury in Scorpio makes the brain want to learn through emotions & experiences and bestows great manual creative ability, especially in building things like sculpture and pottery. Venus in the 3rd house in Libra is very sensitive, gives a love of colour, beauty and a love of style. There is a need to communicate about relationships and be with creative people. Paris in the early 1900’s where Picasso lived was the art capital of the world at the time and he became good friends with Matisse and other artists. Venus sextiles the Moon which reinforced the importance of style and colour in Pablo’s creations. In the 2nd house we find Uranus, the rebel planet in Virgo. Here is a need to experiment but in a very precise way, creativity combined with a carefully planned structure and a self critical attitude. Picasso would have had a reckless way with money and possessions, I dare say that he really didn’t understand the value of the work he was creating. Uranus suggests that money would be earned in an unusual or unconventional way. Mars sits in Cancer in the 12th house. The Martian energy here is directed to putting your energies to the benefit of others rather than of yourself, there is also a direct need to protect those you love or care about. Pablo would probably be irritable and difficult to live with, and would have been secretly angry if his work did not come out as he wished, sacrificing or destroying it in a fit of rage. Mars is square Venus, Pablo’s would have had many female admirers and relationships; love, romance and sex would be a subject that Picasso would be forever fascinated with. These relationships would have been stormy and beset with problems, especially as we see that Mars is also sextile Uranus; here was a restless, rebellious anger inside Picasso, full of invention and creativity but also unpredictable and individualistic.

All the planets I mentioned so far showed all the attributes Picasso had as an artist, an appreciation of women, ability as a sculptor and creator of things, a technical and critical ability, his love of colour and beauty and the creative and romantic influences around him.  All these planets made aspects make to a stellium of planets in Taurus. Taurus is associated with beauty , luxury, practical form , sensual pleasure and above all making things. In Taurus in the 10th house of work, we find Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn; making art was his work. Neptune as I have said before represents art, dreams and creativity, Jupiter brings an expansive attitude and a joy and belief in his own ability, Saturn, provided a serious attitude to the work done and Pluto an intensity and a sexual and darker edge to the paintings and sculptures he created and made. The sextiles from Mars contributes an energy and verve from his work, the trines from here to Uranus in technical Virgo explain the cubist and extraordinary abstract paintings he painted, the trine to Venus his colour periods, the oppositions and quindeciles from Mercury and from the Moon showing an obsession with women and creating things with his hands. To have all these aspects in the signs they were was a very unusual occurrence, almost unique and he was for many the standout artist of the last century; we may never see a talent like Picasso for a very long time, if ever we actually do again.

Why has his painting hit the news now and is highlighted? Well looking at the Transits to his chart (Transits and Solar Arcs continue on after death), Transiting Pluto in the 1st house is trine Pablo’s Midheaven and square Mercury, one of his own (1st) hidden masterpieces (locked away for the past 60 years – Pluto) is now highlighted in public view (Midheaven) and the news is being communicated (Mercury). On the Solar Arcs, SA Jupiter is exactly to the minute conjunct Venus, there is a big (Jupiter) show of his creations (Venus) now out there for the public (Venus) to view. SA Venus is exactly square Neptune reinforcing this public interest in his art again. Amazing how these transits and progressions are still valid, relevant and illuminating well after someone passes on, isn’t it?

Monday, 28 February 2011

Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo – Freewheelin’ along in the 60’s

dylan and suze

Suze Rotolo, the former girlfriend of legend Bob Dylan, one the foremost inspirations behind his music has passed away, aged 67. Dylan said she lit up his life for the 3 years they were together and was the radical voice behind a lot of his work, she also inspired him to take up painting more seriously.

Suze was an intense, secretive Scorpio. The highlight behind Suze’s chart (20 Nov 43 – Queens, New York – no birth-time) was a T-square based around a Uranus/Mercury opposition. Uranus was in Gemini and Mercury in expansive Sagittarius. Here is the voice of the rebel, the dissenter, the one who wants to communicate change, and a supporter of freedom, especially abroad. Adding an aggressive and anti-establishment side to her nature was a Mars/Saturn conjunction also in communicative Gemini. From this conjunction,  Mars makes a intense quindecile to the Mercury – her voice was an angry one. The opposition energy was channelled by separate squares to a focus at a Moon/Jupiter conjunction (for this to be active she would have needed to be born probably before midday), the emotions again directed towards philosophy and an interests of an international nature.  This conjunction straddles Virgo and Leo, the moon in Virgo is a critical voice and Jupiter in Leo is fixed and stubborn. Suze travelled to Cuba when it was illegal to do so from the US in showing her opposition to the travel ban. This was a personal cause to her as well as emotional, the Jupiter representing her beliefs and travel squaring her Sun.


Suze was a woman who appreciated beauty and communicated it. She had a Venus/Neptune conjunction in Libra which formed that point of a wedge formation. That rebel energy from the Mercury/Uranus opposition was converted by trine and sextile into music and art. Later in her life, she taught art at a New York Art school, another manifestation of the Jupiter t-square.

This was a passionate lady, Venus sextile Pluto (intensified by the Scorpio Sun) would mean her relationships would be deep, but also combustible. There was another overseer in her relationships too. Pluto sits on her North Node, she had a controlling bond with her Mother. Whoever went out with Suze had the shadow of her mother over him. Maybe it was her influence that was the reason for Bob and Suze breaking up in 1964?


Lets look at the composite chart. We see shared beliefs communicated though emotion (Mercury sextile Jupiter/Moon). An anti-establishment, wanting to change Saturn/Uranus conjunction square the composite Sun, they spoke in opposition with one voice. There was determination, Mars trine Sun and creativity Uranus trine Neptune. There would have been an electric attraction between the two with Venus sextile Uranus, but with Venus conjunct Pluto which is also sextile back to Saturn, there were control issues and some authoritarian voice in the mix. Pluto conjunct Venus on a composite chart is difficult, often there is a intense union that will not last the course. It would have been memorable though, which Dylan has openly admitted.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

John Galliano – Shown the door by Dior

John Galliano

Fashion designer John Galliano is in hot water for alleged racist and anti-Semitic behaviour in a Paris restaurant last Thursday evening. He was arrested in the Marais district of the French capital, the traditional home of the local Jewish community.  His employer Christian Dior immediately terminated his contract although Galliano is now contesting his dismissal.

Please note the following chart has been rectified due to known information and dates of happenings in John’s life. Please do not take the chart and birth time as accurate.

Born in Gibraltar in 1960, John’s Sun is in expansive, free thinking and behaving Sagittarius with his Moon in ambitious Aries. The Sun and Moon, his personality and his emotions are well integrated being in trine aspect. He has a need to be first, to be the best, however with all that fire and devil may care aspect in his personal planets comes an act first, think later attitude. It can lead you into trouble if you are not careful. In his chart there is a complete lack of Air signs. As such, he will unable to see himself the way other’s do. He may be over eager to please, will network with friends in order to define his own social standing, as he will have little or no understanding of where he does stand. He needs to be appreciated.

John’s outrageous, individual style can be clearly seen by a peregrine (unconnected by major aspect) Uranus in showy Leo in the 7th house. He will always want to be the centre of attention, in the 7th house Uranus colours his permanent relationships with the need to be radically different.

With Neptune and Mercury conjunct his Midheaven at the point of a wedge configuration sextile by Venus, Saturn and his Ascendant and trine to Mars in the 6th House, much of the energy (Mars), administrative ability (Saturn) and creative technical skill (Venus) from their opposition is directed onto the Mercury Neptune Midheaven conjunction. John has an imaginative mind which is put to full creative use in his work (10th house). There is an international flavour with Neptune in the 9th house. Mars is very energetic in the 6th house. John will throw all his energy into his everyday pursuits and may well be obsessive about his health, well being and fitness.


Pluto square the Sun lends an intense control of all his actions, Pluto is also in a beneficial trine to Jupiter in business like Capricorn. There is a financial acumen to this Pluto, but also a dark side with an interest in the taboo and the unusual. Jupiter in the 12th shows a generosity of spirit to less well fortunate, something that is also shown through a square to the Moon. Jupiter conjunct Venus conveys a love of social life, of parties and of an elegant atmosphere. That moon is square the Saturn/Virgo conjunction, he will have disappointments in personal relationships, the 12th house conjunction indicated that John may feel that he is unappreciated, or he may have to sacrifice something in his life for any relationship to come to fruition.

The transits for last Thursday show a couple of disruptive squares to his natal planets. Transiting Sun and Mercury were square John’s natal Sun - a problem with communication. Transiting Jupiter was square it’s own natal position, an over inflated ego. Transiting Pluto was also conjunct that Jupiter square, a destructive element into the mix. Natal Saturn was and is still square natal Saturn and Venus, hard lessons learned in a social environment. Looking at the Solar Arcs, SA Saturn and Venus is square John’s natal Sun, again tis is a knock to his personal pride and SA Pluto is almost exactly trine (4 minutes off exact) his natal Mercury suggesting words or communication of an unacceptable nature.

** Update** 1st March – Galliano was today sacked by Dior, nice to be right for once… One other thing I missed on the transits for the day. Transiting Neptune was also conjunct Mars, Sun and Mercury and opposite natal Uranus, shocking behaviour (Uranus) of a religious nature (Neptune).