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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha – Fated by Uranus, Venus and a Full Moon

vichai pic

I have always wanted to show you the stunning effects of Astrology over the years and the tragic death of Thai businessman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in a fiery helicopter crash last night is testament to the power of the subject I study.

You may not have heard of Vichai, but in his native Thailand and in the UK in the city of Leicester, he was totally revered. A self made businessman, Vichai was the 5th richest man in Thailand, making his fortune through the Duty Free company King Power. If you have ever been travelling, no doubt you will have noticed duty free bags emblazoned with the logo of his company. He bought out a football team in the United Kingdom, Leicester City, and Leicester started an incredible run of success that lead to a fairy-tale victory in the English Premier League. Little Leicester stunned the world in winning the most revered league title in world soccer. Their success captured global attention, and the team paraded the trophy in front of a million people in Bangkok. This man was a philanthropist, a family man and universally loved.

Last night after a match at Leicester's King Power Stadium, the private helicopter of the club owner landed on the pitch as it always did. As it took off with Vichai and his daughter on board, something went catastrophically wrong, the helicopter stalled in the air and came crashing down in a fireball in the club car park behind the stadium. There was no chance for anyone on board.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Trump Watch – What's up next for 45?


It's been a long while since I looked at the 45th President of the United States and for us Astrologers he is fascinating simply because so much happens while he's around. As someone born with a Sun Uranus conjunction, he courts controversy and disruption, and that's how he will always operate. Uranus in Gemini is almost schizophrenic in nature – I mean the planet of disruption in the sign of the trickster??!? My wife is a Gemini and she blows hot and cold and you will see all 4 seasons in one day from her, so heavens alone what it must be like to work alongside the erstwhile President? Anyway, back to matters in hand and I will (if I have time) have a look at his chart periodically to see what is on the horizon for him.

Saturn square Chiron – Finding a solution to deep seated problems

We are approaching the final connection in a series of three as Saturn in Sagittarius moves forward to form a square aspect with Chiron in Pisces, the planet of restriction, loss and hard lessons learned making a tension riddled and difficult square to Chiron,the planet of wounds and subsequent healing. Just from those two descriptions you can probably see the effects of this square coming into being on November 2nd 2017. The previous exact hits were over the Christmas holidays last year on 28th December and there was a second link up on 30th April at 27.19 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces. This one is exact at 24.27 degrees of the same signs.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Saturn square Chiron - Time to go with the tide



We are approaching the 2nd connection in a series of three as Chiron in Pisces moves forward to form a square aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius, the planet of wounds and subsequent healing making a tension riddled and difficult square to Saturn, the planet of restriction, loss and hard lessons learned. Just from those two descriptions you can probably see the effects of this square coming into being. The next exact hit (the first one was over the Christmas holidays on 28th December) occurs on 30th April at 27.19 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces, although the effects of it will already be starting to make themselves evident, as this square is now just over 2 degrees from being exact and continuing day on day to close in. There is an extra complication in all this too, as Venus retrograde joins in the mix from mid April onwards.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

George W Bush - From President to compassionate artist.


George Bush apinting

Hi everyone. My Astrological topic this morning is a very warming and heartfelt one, the budding artist that is former President of the United States, George W Bush. He has issued through a book several paintings of war veterans who lost limbs and suffered life threatening injuries, ones who went into battle under his leadership.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Venus conjunct Alderamin – The king calls for unity.



This morning (2nd March 2017) we are just one day from Venus turning retrograde and she turns right on an important fixed star, Alderamin in the constellation of Cephus, the king. If you regularly read the stuff on my page, you'll know that Mars passed over this star about a week and a half ago and I described it as a strong and yet gentle star that is interested in harmony and equality, no matter your gender, belief or sexual orientation. The king has to rule for all his subjects in a strong but fair manner, and that is what this star ultimately represents.

Now Venus is spending a considerable few days on Alderamin as she comes to a halt. She first connected with it last weekend and finally breaks contact in retrograde motion on 10th March. As you will have seen a couple of days ago, Venus pacifies the King, and by the "King" I mean the leader of the free world. Have you noticed how President Trump was much more gentle and controlled when he spoke to the American congress just two days ago? Such a change to the day when he took office, and I believe that this influence was one holding sway over Trump as he called for unity between Democrats and Republicans. That's so very typical of how Alderamin works.

Now, Venus turning retrograde on this star is very significant, as it means a turn around for the King, something is going to switch or change around him, something connected to Venus. An old issue rears it's ugly head perhaps, something linked to his personal values? A relationship that occurred in the past being brought into the open? Matters of finances or his handling of money being reviewed? A switch in his social values (unlikely)? Will he be more or less diplomatic than he has been? This is for sure - the King and his handling of the Presidency so far will start to be reviewed and assessed, the relationships he has made and the ones he is cultivating. Has he achieved what he promised, has he reneged on anything?

Society will be watching and making a judgement on his performance, and by the end of Venus retrograde on 14th April, we will have some kind of initial verdict on him and his team.

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Venus Retrograde in 2017


In the early days of next month, Venus stops and begins a retrograde period. These don't happen so often, every year and a half in fact, so Venus retrograde is in no way in the public consciousness as Mercury retrograde which occurs three times a year.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Venus conjunct Betelgeuse and Polaris - Making important relationships and going in the right direction.


Venus conjunct Betelgeuse and Polaris - Making important relationships and going in the right direction.

This aspect is active tomorrow and lasts until Friday 18th July at 28.46 and 28.57 degrees Gemini.

Do you feel the energy and the positivity that is flooding in now? As Mars and the North Node leave the star Arcturus behind, Venus moves onto the final degree of Gemini and connects with Betelgeuse in Orion and Polaris, the pole star in Ursa Minor, the little bear. This is a fabulous set of connections for making significant and beneficial relationships. I don't get truly positive unless there is a reason to do so, but now the people to meet and connect with will provide you with opportunities to expand your lives and to bless you with potential success.

Betelgeuse is one of the luckiest stars in the skies sitting in the shoulder of Orion. George Noonan said about Betelgeuse that " the star is indicative of great fortune, martial honours and "kingly" attributes". There is on downside though. He also said that "war and carnage are presaged by Betelgeuse" and I fear that in the West Bank and Israel, this connection will precede nasty events connected to a relationship that is once again turning sour.

Polaris is a star used by sailors and explorers to determine which direction one is going, and thus this star as links to path finding and guiding us. I think the people we meet with on these two days will help us along the route of life that we want to go and maybe should be going. You may also get instruction or advise about how to use your money and possessions in the best way possible. This double connection I see as a good time to sort out financial arrangements and to make agreements with those who will help you in the future. One thing to note as well about this aspect. Venus is a planet of style and beauty and with the very focused nature of Polaris going in one direction, you may get bogged down for a day or two into an argument of style over substance.

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Venus conjunct Capella & Phact – Let your inhibitions fly away.


This double conjunction is active now until Sunday 13th July and occurs at 22.03 and 22.22 degrees Gemini 

Today tomorrow and early Sunday, Venus is moving along to connect with the stars Capella in the constellation of Auriga, the charioteer and also with Phact, a star in the constellation of Columba, the Dove.These are two quite active and fun stars and of course the Dove is a bird of peace and joy, so the happy, creative and loving side of Venus is more likely to come out. The Dove holds an olive branch in her beak to this is also a star of exploration and taking a risk or two. Capella is a star of freedom of movement and it has an independent spirit about it.

I get the feeling that this weekend will be one where you can really cut loose, enjoy being with loved ones and friends and it may be a good idea to plan a trip and go to somewhere you have never been before. Venus is the planet of money and I can see it being one where it may be free spending as well.

With Venus being in a trine to Mars if you are single and these planets connect up with your personal ones, your Moon or your Sun this could be a great time to be on the lookout for love. With the independent side of these stars prominent, if your relationship is on rocky ground, then the trine could precipitate argument or a separation as one of you goes wandering. To try and smooth things over, might you have to hold out your own olive branch??

Either way with a full Moon on Saturday and this connection active, emotions will be running high. Make the most of them…

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Venus conjunct Bellatrix – Act on what you believe today leaving the consequences for tomorrow.

Female warrior

This connection is active now and lasting through today 10th July 2014 for the next day and a half. It occurs at 21.09 degrees Gemini.

This is an interesting combination as Bellatrix is a star in the constellation of Orion that does have a successful side to it, but with the achievement comes problems in the form of vulnerability and exposing where you are lacking in ability and confidence. This star is also one of strength, bravery and courage but there does always seem to be a down side to any gains that you make and reversals in fortune can often follow. There can be a tendency to fight for lost causes if this star is prominent in your chart. It is connected to femininity and is nicknamed the" Amazon Star" in homage to strong women. Thomas Hood mentioned that “women born under the stars of Orion and especially of Bellatrix shall have mighty tongues!!”

The connection to Venus as normal brings connections to love, relationships and what we value into the equation. With this conjunction we may fight for what we love and value now but ultimately whatever we gain today we may lose later on. Might the person you adore see your weaknesses now and take advantage of them in the fullness of time? Robson seems to agree with me on this when he said about this connection that it created “much suffering through love affairs owing to unrestrained feelings”. Elsbeth Ebertin stated that this star brought the “reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil” and “it also would lead to advancement and success, but those who succeed always would have to allow for being surrounded with envy and hatred”. With this star you have to take the rough with the smooth.

What to make of this connection then? Well with Venus in a trine to Mars at this time as well, I feel today is going to be a passionate day where one will want to show one’s feelings on any situation, whether it be in a romantic sense or over what you value, either personally or socially. Your actions and words may put across the message that you want to voice, but you may have to pay a price in the future that the decisions that you make today. I suggest you do what you think is right and you let your feelings clearly known, as it is better to be honest with yourself than to betray what really is in your heart.

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Venus conjunct Rigel - Rising emotions through deeds and actions.

Scream and shout

This conjunction is starting to build and will last from now until Tuesday 8th July at 17:02 degrees Gemini.

Venus is now approaching one of the most prominent stars in the constellation of Orion, Rigel, a star that lies in the foot of the warrior in the skies. Rigel also sits at the end of the constellation of Eridanus, the river. This star does have a rather chaotic and independent side to it but it is also highly regarded by the star gazers of the past. Robson said it was one that brought "benevolence, honour, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability". Rigel also bring the potential for educating or informing and instructing people and is tied to teaching and education.

Venus is the planet of relationships and I have a feeling that our actions and words will be most important in informing our partners and they will teach them a lot of our current intentions, be they good ones or bad ones. I say actions, as Venus will be trine to Mars in Libra, ruled by Venus so there is a strong connection here that will be tightening and strengthening as this aspect connects up and gets closer. Remember that emotions are heightened as these two planets link up in a trine, and love and hate are closely linked. Will there be a love in, or will there be all out fights and will arguments ensue? Venus rising in her "Lucifer" stage before the Sun will be in a more feisty mood than you might think !!

Bernadette Brady things there are social implications brought forward by this conjunction and there may be a lack of respect for social conventions or rules and pretty much anything can go ahead. With Venus making a sextile to Uranus, the planet of shocks and rebellion over the next few days as well, on this occasion her interpretation may be quite appropriate. I think we will be in for an interesting couple of days when nothing is quite certain, breaking rules may be tempting and love and relationships will have many amazing highs and depressing lows...

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Venus conjunct Alcyone - Seeing just one side of the story.

the 7 sisters

This conjunction will be active on 23rd and 24th June at 0:22 degrees Gemini.

The star Alcyone is one of the most prominent ones in the night sky, the most visible of the stars in the nebula of the Pleiades which sits in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. This cluster of stars known as the 7 sisters marked the month when prayers were said for the dead and so they have always had a darker side of life attributed to them, as they always rose at sunset around All Hallow's Eve, the time we now call Halloween. Alcyone as a star represents the third eye, it has insightful, mystical and visionary properties but also a tough, ruthless judgmental and angry side to it too. Nebulae are often connected to blindness if the connections to them are difficult, but not in the literal sense. One can be blind to a possibility too, narrow minded and unable to see an alternative.

Venus is the planet of money, relationships and beauty and in our charts it plays out the function of the things we are most attracted to. With this combination now active we may be harsh or judgmental on the one we love at this time, so be careful to rock the boat in relations to the one you love, it will be easy to be oblivious to everything going on around you and for you to only see your side of the story. The same kind of situations may crop up in regard to things you own or your own personal security. My tip for you is to try and put yourself in someone else's shoes for the days that this aspect is active to appreciate what your other half wants and needs. Robson says of this nebula that it brings "immoral values, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune" although the old fashioned astrologers were always more fatalistic in their approach to looking at things.

In the wider world, I fear that social situations may become a little one sided in the way that people are seeing things, in essence blinded to the truth and this of course can cause divisions and anger. Tears and sorrow have always accompanied connections to Alcyone often surrounding matters of life and death and somewhere in the world (my instincts go out to the missing Israeli teenagers in the West Bank) I think you will find social mourning as a result of the loss of someone dear or loved.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Venus conjunct Menkar - Tapping the social conscience


This connection is active on the 9th and 10th June at 14.31 degrees Taurus.

Ah Menkar, the star sitting in the constellation of the great sea monster of the deep oceans, Cetus the Whale. Our fair maiden of the skies is moving into much choppier waters in the next couple of days. Menkar and Cetus represent the consciousness of the human race, those deep forces that hidden away guide people to act as one, for better or for ill. When you get a group of individuals together there will be bickering and argument and often they will not all agree to go in the same direction, but there is safety in numbers.

Think of a shoal of fish swirling in the seas, a flock of birds, a swarm of bees. When they move in tandem it is a beautiful sight, however when they go off in different directions, you can see panic, chaos and mayhem. The nature of Menkar when it connects with a natal or transiting planets to translate and to understand the movements of the collective, to tap into it's motivations although, of course this is not an easy thing to do especially if the group is spread or divided.

Venus is a social planet and her role I think is to challenge collective relationships, their customs and their values. Robson says of this connection that it brings about "strong and uncontrolled passions, jealousy, domestic disharmony and temporary separation" and you may find that international relations take a turn for the worse under this conjunction. Countries who were neighbours, and I am thinking of Russia and Ukraine might start to separate and go their own directions. In your lives if you have personal or relationship planets close to 15 degrees then you might find that your relationships may come under some strain as well. There may be issues of finances or possessions and "who owns what" that come under duress in your lives. Of course if you are creative, and Venus is the planet of beauty, you may make or design something that is appreciated by all who live near or far away. As I said, linking into what others think and want is the lesson of the next couple of days. Either you will get it right and you will benefit enormously, or you will get it wrong, and then all hell will break loose.

By the way, a prime example with Venus conjunct this star is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. He tapped into the collective need for relationships and to share information, and he has made a mint out of it...

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Venus conjunct Sualocin - Artistically blessed and naughtily flirtatious


This connection kicks in tomorrow (23rd March) lasts for approximately 48 hours. It occurs at 17:35 degrees Aquarius.

Venus is now moving in to connect with a wonderful star with a naughty and fun reputation. Sualocin is the main star in the constellation of the dolphin, Delphinus. This star very closely reflects the nature of a dolphin, being fun, curious, clever and intelligent, quite independent and it also confers talent or mastery over an area of life. This is a star of confidence and skill.

Venus is the planet of money and possessions, design and beauty, love and attraction and with these two hooking up then you can imagine the possibilities. This could be a time when you can cleverly adjust your finances, it could be an opportunity to be artistic and creative and to make the most of the skills that you possess. This is a great opportunity as well to spend time on or near water as any maritime activity should be enjoyed. Finally of course, it could be a moment when you can use your charm and wit to snare the object of your desires.

There is a feeling of being able to be a bit naughty about Venus conjunct to Sualocin, it's a time to flirt, to be playful in love and with love and sex, to laugh, to tempt, to tease and to suggest. Love should be an enjoyable experience and not one that you should get too serious about, so I suggest you lighten the mood and take pleasure in spending some quality time with the one you adore ;)

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Venus conjunct Vega – Living the high life

Harp 2

This aspect is active now until 24th January and will occur again between 8th and 13th February, as Venus turns direct. It is exact at 15:30 degrees Capricorn.

This aspect is a truly lovely one between the planet of beauty and relationships and a star that is enchanting and mysterious. Vega is a stunning star in the constellation of Lyra, the harp. This star is one of the musical stars in the heavens and it contributes artistic talent at your fingers if it connects on an angle in your chart or on a personal planet. Vega itself is associated with Orpheus who the Greeks believed owned the Lyre in the skies. Orpheus was able to play beautiful music that could tame animals, so this star is not only associated with music but also representative of poetry, spells, magic and charisma. On a more negative note, the power of Vega can be used in a more unsavoury way in being able to con and deceive people. Elsbeth Ebertin mentions “Vega is supposed to give artistic talents especially for music and acting, but also a liking for good living. With eccentric artists, this may lead to a debauched life. Tied up with Venus, Vega is said to pave the way to riches and fame. However, if other influences play a part, this wealth may be lost again”

This is a very charismatic conjunction and this will be a few days where the arts, music and all kinds of creative activities can come to the fore. In a social sense those who can charm and create a buzz within the general population may stand up and rise in popularity and esteem, however there is the possibility that these people will also promise much but will eventually fail to deliver on what they claim they can achieve.

This is a time for living it up, for enjoying a glass of wine, eating good food, being creative and quite frankly enjoying yourself to the full. If you are out at a show or a social event, chances are that you will have a great time. Relationships should thrive in the second pass when Venus is direct, although you may spend a little more than you expect, so be wise to budget accordingly.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Venus opposite to Jupiter - Let the good times roll...


We have an lovely opposition in the skies today and tomorrow between Venus the planet of love, money and relating with people and Jupiter the planet of optimism and expansion. This is a good time combination in the skies and it brings jovial moods and a desire to let go and to enjoy oneself, but there will be just a hint of a temptation to take things just a little bit too far. This could be through eating and drinking a bit too much or being overly generous or spending more than you can afford. This is a lovely time for going out, socializing and meeting new people and generally letting your hair down a little. One slight downside might be that everyone will be in a more forgiving mood now and you might let someone off the hook who quite frankly does not deserve it.

All in all, these times don't come along so often in the skies above us, so do take advantage of the planets in a good party mood. This aspect comes along just in time for all of you in the United States who are celebrating Thanksgiving. From London best wishes to all my American readers at this time of year. Enjoy...

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Venus conjunct Aculeus and Acumen – Being hurt by those closest to you.

Scorpion 2

These connections are starting to occur now and will last until 4th November 2013. The conjunction to Aculeus is at 25:56 degrees Sagittarius occurs over 31st Oct and 1st Nov, and the one to Acumen follows on during 3rd and 4th Nov at 28:55 degrees Sagittarius.

The stars Aculeus and Acumen are both stars to be found in the sting of the Scorpion in Scorpio. The sting of a scorpion is used for attack and this star brings attacks of a kind that tests your strength of character. Any connection with Aculeus suggests that you may have to face criticism of some sort that tests your resolve, or perhaps events will happen that cause you a type of hardship that you have to overcome. Life will not be easy, but you find a way to battle through. Acumen is very similar in nature and is linked to the wearing down process of one’s resistance to constant criticism and attacks on one’s credibility. Think of someone who snipes at you all the time, is annoying and does not shut up, and eventually you either give in just to get some peace, or you fight back to hold your own. Do you know what I mean by this and do you know people like this?

I combine these two stars together not only as they have similar meanings as but also as both of these two are part of nebulae, star clusters that have traditionally been linked to blindness and problems of seeing. Where as I am sure that actual eyesight may be compromised in those of you who have difficult connections to these stars, I like to think that the effect of nebulae are to cause a type of blindness that precludes one from seeing the truth of the situation.

Ok, Venus entering the sting of Scorpio and combining with these stars brings with it the influence of love and relationships to the table. There are many possibilities that may come out of these conjunctions. Maybe you are going to find that some painful words will be uttered or deeds will be carried out right now by a current or former lover or partner that will affect you and will  you to the core? Maybe the actions that happen now are going to hurt and wound and will test your patience and resolve? Maybe you or someone close to you will be totally blind to the truth, will not have a hold on reality and they will be deluded or unable to see that you don’t have the same feelings for them as they have for you?

I expect that matters surrounding love and emotions connected to these themes will be very much heightened in the next week, especially as we also have the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd November too. Also expect conflicts or tensions heightened over the matter of money and possessions, what you value and with whom you share these resources with.

This double conjunction is one where you will get stronger if you can adjust and cope with the difficulties that may come your way. You may have to take a different attitude, you might have to change tack and go in a new direction. You might have to leave someone behind as you forge ahead. It’s time to be true to your values even if they are different than the ones that others are expecting or want you to follow, and if you are then I think you will benefit greatly.

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Venus conjunct Ras Algethi – Bowing to a greater power.


This connection is active from 22nd October for a couple of days. It occurs at 16:21 degrees Sagittarius

Venus is now is approaching a two day link up with Ras Algethi, the brightest and most prominent star in the constellation of Hercules, the “Kneeling One” of the “Phantom”. If you know your mythology, Hercules had to endure 12 years of service to King Eurystheus, taking on whatever trials the king set for him to atone for slaying his own sons, after he had been driven crazy by Hera, one of the three sisters of Zeus. Hercules was loathed to serve the king, but he knew he could not let down his honour or father Zeus and thus he agreed to the terms that the king laid out. In reward for his service and the completion of his tasks, Hercules was promised and eventually given immortality. His constellation sits proudly in the Northern night sky close to the pole, portraying a figure kneeling in service.

This star is concerned with the natural world, a love of nature and caring about the planet, and a need for all to be in order and in balance. This star makes you feel as if you are a small cog in a much larger machine, it suggests submitting yourself to something greater than yourself, or even adoring someone who is more powerful and influential than you are. Ptolemy says of Ras Algethi, the bright star in the head of Hercules that “it gives strength of character, tenacity and fixity of purpose”. Ebertin says “in good aspect, this star brings good relations with women, but if badly aspected it will bring much irritation in dealing with them.”

I have a feeling of affinity and a relationship with the natural world here and looking after the state of the planet and I would not be surprised if environmental issues will be prominent while this aspect is effective, with the idea of finding a natural order or balance. You yourself might find that you have to bow to a greater power than yourself but you will do this without fighting against it as Venus is not really an aggressive influence on this star, the natural inclination is to submit to keep the peace. As Hercules kneels in service in the skies above us, so will you. This may well play out in the world as well as the powerful nations and leaders wield their influence over the weaker ones.

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Monday, 30 September 2013

Venus conjunct Agena – Sacrificing today in order to benefit tomorrow.

Centaur for blog

This conjunction start to form on 1st October and will be active the next day too. It occurs at 23:59 degrees Scorpio.

Agena is the second star in Centaurus (the other is Toliman) and this constellation highlights the story of the Centaurs, Chiron & Pholos. The story goes that Hercules who, after drinking too much wine, accidentally wounded Chiron thinking that he was under attack from them. Chiron was the immortal to the two Centaurs and so this injury condemned him to a life of pain and suffering. As Pholos was pulling out Hercules’ arrow from the foot of Chiron, he grazed himself with the tip of the arrow also causing a mortal wound. Pholos was able to die, and Chiron gave away his immortality to Prometheus so that he could die too.

This star is thus tied to the idea of healing and the sacrifices you make in order to improve your situation or to encourage growth, either by yourself or collectively. Chiron gave away his everyday life and Agena empowers you to attend to those same routine things in life, so that you can attain success. This is a star where the mundane, everyday things in life are important.

With Venus joining up with Agena we certainly have a social side to this combination as she brings people together. The more materialistic element of Venus in giving up something, to gain far greater riches in the future does resonate with me as well. The other philosophers Ptolemy and Ebertein say that this star is beneficial, bringing honour, friendship, morality and health. Ebertein also says that when combined with Venus, this star has a really sensual side to it. Robson says of this combination that it is artistic and poetical, strongly passionate and encourages rash friendships with women!! Those sensual passions will be there especially tomorrow as Venus will also be in a tight square with Mars; this will be an actively creative day too.

This connection last occurred on 10th and 11th December last year and around the world on those days Mario Monti, the Italian Prime Minister was stepping down, the Maltese Government collapsed as a budget was thrown out by parliament and the Mali Government resigned en-mass too. There were strikes by health care workers in Madrid, airport workers in Germany and the UK government set out plans to legalise gay marriage.

You can see the themes of sacrifice and relationships through the world events last year, so I wonder what will happen this time? Will American law-makers hold out in the budget disagreement forcing a shutdown of many government services in the US, or will they back down at the last minute? I say they will find some sort of compromise for the greater good of all Americans. Here in the UK we have a Post Office strike looming and the Italian government is in crisis again. This is because Venus rules the Italian chart, and at this point in her cycle Venus squares the Italian natal Venus and opposes Pluto at the same time.

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Venus enters the stars of Libra – Time to call for reform


Venus is now in conjunction with Zuben Elgenubi until 25th Sept 2013 and will go on to connect with Zuben Eschamali on 27th and 28th Sept 2013. Zuben Elgenubi sits at 15:16 degrees Scorpio and Zuben Eschamali is at 19:34 Scorpio.