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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Adele – A new contract and added responsibilities


Back in 2011 I looked at the natal chart of Adele Adkins. Since then in a biography a birth time for her was quoted and on the back of the announcement that she had just signed a new £90 million ($130 million) contract, I have revisited her natal chart and the birth time seems to check out quite well. In the 6+ years since I initially looked at her horoscope she has blossomed into one of the world’s biggest artists.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Donald Sterling – Paying a heavy price for a misguided comment.


If you are an NBA fan, you will have heard that millionaire Donald Sterling, the current owner of the LA Clippers is in very hot water. He apparently told his mistress to stop bringing black guests to the LA Clippers home games. These racist comments reported on 25th April have been widely condemned, and today he received a lifetime ban from basketball, a 2.5 million dollar fine and was also told to sell his team.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Randy Travis – Country music star critical in hospital with heart complaint.


Randy Travis is one of the most well known country music stars in the US and right now he is in hospital fighting for his life in a Dallas hospital after a virus he picked up caused a serious heart condition. Randy one of the most decorated musicians in the United States has had a chequered past recently crashing his car in August last year with the police finding him lying on the road blind drunk and naked, and a couple of weeks later he was charged with a drunken assault after fighting outside a church in Plano Texas. The illness he is suffering right now is clearly seen through the Astrology of his natal chart.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Andy Murray wins the Wimbledon single’s title.


Very well done to Andy Murray (click to see his natal chart) who became the first British winner of Wimbledon, wiping out 77 years of impatient waiting for another champion from Britain; the last British man to win the men’s title was Fred Perry who won in 1936. Andy beat Novak Djokovic in straight sets yesterday afternoon on a sun drenched and very warm centre court in South West London. I suspected he would finally win the “holy grail” this year and I went so far as to say so on the back of my post about him last year. So what aspects were active for him to be successful this time around?

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Queen Elizabeth taking it easy as she recovers from stomach bug

hm queen

Queen Elizabeth is a little bit ill at the moment as she slowly recovers from a stomach bug that affected her so much that she had to be admitted to hospital for just over 24 hours. This week for the first time in ages, she cancelled all her engagements as she recovers, prompting some concern in the British press. The Queen is now 86 years of age and still carries out a gruelling schedule of engagements each year, last year celebrating her diamond jubilee was very busy for her, so maybe it is no surprise that she is taking her time to get better, especially as the weather is very cold right now.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Daniel Day Lewis – The most successful award winning actor in cinematic history.

daniel day lewis

Covered in Los Angeles rain after picking up his record breaking 3rd “Best Actor” award at the Oscars, I don’t suppose that Daniel Day Lewis minded one jot being wet through. Last evening, he surpassed such greats as Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman and Gary Cooper as the first male actor to scoop 3 Best Actor awards. Just to set the records straight, Katherine Hepburn picked up 3 Best Actress awards in her career. Daniel is a fellow Londoner with duel Irish citizenship (due to his father), and over here in the UK and in Ireland no doubt, we are justifiably proud that one of our own has set this new benchmark.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

David Beckham – One last move in a glittering soccer career

david beckham

Here around Europe it is football transfer deadline day, the last chance clubs have of signing up new talent for their clubs before the end of the season. David Beckham has signed on the dotted line for French super club Paris St Germain, so he will be off with his kids and Victoria to Paris for a final swansong. Think about it, he hasn’t done bad for an East London lad, has he? From Manchester United, probably the most famous club in the world to Real Madrid, to Milan to play for AC, Los Angeles and the Galaxy, playing and being captain for England of course and now to Paris to finish off an incredible career. Add in being an ambassador for the London Olympics, fashion icon, model, and through it all he has kept his image clean cut and I have never heard him say a bad word about anyone. How does he do it and what is he like? Lets have a quick look at his horoscope.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

George Lucas – The “Star Wars” director who revolutionised the film industry.

George Lucas

It was announced yesterday that George Lucas was selling his company Lucasfilm to Disney, a multi billion dollar sale which includes the rights to the Star Wars films as well as Indiana Jones, projects that George has has sole rights to since his first Star Wars film in 1977. He is still going to be a “creative consultant” to Disney and a very rich one at that. He says that it felt right to move on right now, and looking at the astrology, he was correct with his decision.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Bradley Wiggins – An Englishman winning the admiration of the French public.


I love the Tour de France. Three weeks of hell on a bicycle as around 200 supreme athletes race up impossibly steep roads, bash their bodies over cobbles and complete a lung busting circle around France of around 3000 km. These guys are brave, risking their lives as they hurtle down mountains, and totally mad for putting themselves through the pain barrier, all to achieve eventual glory on the grand boulevards of Paris. At the moment, the leader of the race and likely winner is an Englishman, Bradley Wiggins. For a Frenchman, the idea of an “Anglais” in the yellow jersey and winning their race for the first time must be a galling experience (sorry for the pun), however Bradley has, after a lot of scepticism, started to win over the doubters.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Andy Murray – Could 2012 finally be his breakthrough year?

Andy Murray

This is a repost from an article I originally put up on 24th January 2012 during the Australian Open championships. With Nadal already beaten and dumped out of Wimbledon 2012 by Lukaš Rosol in the upset of the decade (the year will not get better for him now as we move into the 2nd half of the season), this clears the road for Murray as he will no longer face him in the semi finals. At last he seems to have finally received a bit of the luck that I predicted would come his way back in January. As a Brit, I hope that it continues…

Here in Great Britain we have been waiting and waiting for a grand slam tennis champion. Andy Murray from Scotland was born into a fiercely competitive era, possibly the best ever with compatriots Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic all standing in the talented Scot’s way. He is long overdue to produce on the undoubted ability that he has, and if he is ever going to fulfil his dream of winning a grand slam, then the stars say that in 2012, it is now or never.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tony Blair – Working his way back into the British political scene.

tony blair

Yesterday I watched a very polished performance at the Leveson enquiry into the future of the British media industry, one where former British Prime Minister Tony Blair dominated the agenda and set out his views very forthrightly on the future of UK press controls. Calm, calculating and seemingly unruffled by a protester who entered the court chamber at one point, Tony reminded everyone what a incisive and heavyweight political brain he still has. Recently he has been expressing views that he wishes to return to UK political life. Looking at his natal chart and the transits hitting it, these desires may not be as far fetched as they initially seem.

Monday, 23 April 2012

William Shakespeare – The astrology of the father of English literature

william shakespeare

In Britain we have been celebrating the 448th birthday of the Bard, the greatest of all England’s literary greats, William Shakespeare. Speculation surrounds the day when he was actually born and I think that Astrology can help prove when his birthday actually is. One thing we do know for sure is that there is documented proof that he was baptised in Stratford upon Avon on 26th April 1564. Often babies were baptised 2-4 days after birth, and common knowledge has always been that he was born on 23rd April, but after looking at the stars I tend to disagree. One other piece of information given by Astro Databank is that William was born at 08.30am. This time seems reasonably accepted, although I do not know it’s veracity. In this piece, I try to explain that most astrological assumptions and speculation about his day of birth being the 23rd April are I believe incorrect.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

George Clooney – Suave, sophisticated and independent.

George Clooney

It’s film awards time of the years again and in the mix to pick up awards as best actor and director this year at the BAFTA awards in London and at the Oscars in Los Angeles is George Clooney. His films “The Descendants” where he takes the lead role and “The Ides of March” where he not only directs but also stars have garnered him critical acclaim this year and he should picks up a fair amount of nominations for them.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Robert Pattinson – Uncomfortable in being the star that he is. The astrology of the young British actor.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, the young English actor is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood and is probably best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series of films starring alongside Kristen Stewart. Looking at his horoscope, I think it reveals a young man with much talent but also someone who will find it difficult with all the attention he has suddenly attracted.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Anwar Al-Awlaki – Karma at work. The Al Qaeda bomb maker killed in Yemen before he could do any more harm.

The Al Qaida operative and cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki has been killed in Yemen reportedly due to a US drone strike. Apparently he was at an Al Qaida stronghold with some companions when the strike occurred. He had been near the top of President Obama’s hit list, and looking at his natal chart with good reason. This was a seriously dangerous man, who was very innovative.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mark Zuckerberg – Looking at the horoscope and the hidden motivations of the creator of Facebook.

mark zuckerberg

As Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook phenomenon faces it first “big” challenge from Google + in the social networking world, I look at the student, come entrepreneur whose creation has affected the lives of millions of internet users right around the globe.

Mark hails from Dobbs Ferry, New York and was born on 14th May 1984 (no birth time yet known). If anyone reading this article does know Mark’s time of birth I would love to receive it. He has a steady Taurus, with a secretive Scorpio Moon (the lack of a birth time does not affect this at all). Just these two placings say so much about Mark and his motivations. Taurus needs to build, to make and to have possessions. Taurus is protective and Mark has stumbled upon a creation in Facebook which fulfils all these requirements for a comfortable life. Mark hasn’t sold Facebook on and still remains CEO and president, as you would expect from a protective Taurus. He is now work 13 billion dollars – mind boggling isn’t it? Moon in Scorpio is far more fascinating. The Moon in Scorpio needs to know everything; not knowing everything going on around one for a Scorpio Moon can be personal hell. The Scorpio Moon is also very controlling and secretive. On launching his first version of Facebook at Harvard where the pictures and personal details of all the students in the dorms were featured and posted online, one wonders what the original motives of Mark with his Scorpionic Moon actually were? At the time he stated “it was just a bit of fun!!”.  Hmm…? Now of course there are few people in the developed world who have not heard of it.

MarkZuckerberg natal

His chart features 3 sets of oppositions which make two distinct wedge formations. The Sun in Taurus is joined by Venus also here. Venus is strong here in it’s home sign and will give Mark a friendly, kind disposition. Yes, friends and social interaction are highlighted all under the influence of Venus. Venus sits opposite a powerful combination of Mars, Saturn and the Moon all in big business Scorpio. Saturn shows the ability to administer large organisations and Mars in Scorpio is hugely energetic and also gives Mark the mind of a detective. He is able to delve beneath the surface to find out the motivations of all around him, and in the process get to the truth. Mars in Scorpio is jealous, revengeful and ruthless. Behind this friendly youthful façade lies a man who can make tough decisions if need be. This opposition makes a wedge with lucky expansive Jupiter in Capricorn at the point. For an international venture and business, you could not wish for a nicer aspect. Jupiter will allow expansion of the idea on a worldwide scale. The only fear would have been over-exerting one’s reach with the business venture, however the Saturn/Jupiter sextile would have kept a nice check on things making sure that Mark moved on and expanded Facebook at a careful rate.

Looking at Mark the man for a moment, a conjunction between the Moon and Mars makes Mark rather competitive and the opposition between the Mars And Venus makes him very attracted to the opposite sex although any relationships may be quite stormy (Moon/Mars) and be beset by disappointments (Saturn opposite Venus). One thing you can be sure of is that Mark in relationships will not hurry, Taurus goes at it’s own pace and when in love will be extremely possessive. Mark can also be very direct and forthright, having a me first attitude (Sun opposite Mars) which may irritate others around him.

Uranus sits alone unaspected to all the other planets on the chart, yet at the midpoint of Saturn and Jupiter. What was at the focal point of this international business success and also the factor without which none of Mark’s considerable success would have been possible? Technology, ruled by Uranus. An unaspected planet will dominate the chart and Mark’s life revolves around computers and computer programming. Uranus is a most social and humanitarian sign and you can see and feel the appropriateness of Facebook as we entered the Age of Aquarius (represented by Uranus). Mark from an early age was fascinated by computers. He learned basic computer language and created programmes, as we all did in those early years, however he had an unusually creative edge and he invented computer programmes amongst others to aid his father in his dental practise. As technology progressed, so did he, and at college he hit upon the idea that was to transform his life.

The other wedge formation I mentioned features a Mercury in Aries opposition to Pluto in Scorpio  working out to Neptune in Capricorn at the point. This is very much an echo of the picture I mentioned before. Mercury in Aries is outspoken and entrepreneurial in practise, always coming up with new ideas and heading projects and opposite Pluto we see the big business angle, as well as the need to search below the surface. Neptune provides the creative inspiration to bind all these motivations together. On the day that Facebook was launched (4th Feb 2004), the transiting North Node was conjunct Mark’s natal Venus, this social idea was to fulfil his “destiny”. Transiting Pluto was quindecile Mark’s natal North Node - a transformational moment, and transiting Uranus representing the technological revolution he was initiating was trine to natal Pluto, sextile to natal Mercury and sextile to natal Neptune, lighting all three points on the inspirational natal wedge on his chart. So often I write of the outer planets causing problems and difficulties, but here working in tandem, they provided the conditions for enormous future success. 

MarkZuckerberg transit

Mark for sure has an investigative urge at the heart of his being and that is what Facebook is all about isn’t it? Communicating, maintaining & finding friends and associates from the comfort of your laptop or even mobile phone. Mercury is all about keeping in touch. With Pluto connecting Mercury it is also “working out what others are up to”, in truth it’s a form of consensual voyeurism on a global scale, one that we all subscribe into willingly!! You’ve got to say it is genius, and Mark was the one clever enough once it started spreading from college to college to exploit to see the global potential, and to exploit the idea to the full.

The one aspect that sums up everything on Mark’s chart is the quindecile from Pluto to Venus. A quindecile can be seen as an obsessional, hugely focused store of energy. According to Ricki Reeves and her excellent book “The Quindecile” she says that this aspect is the control and manipulation of others, possibly driven by powerful sexual needs. This is also a drive for money, power and finance and benefit is gained through transformational experiences within relationships and the sharing of one’s perspectives. It sums up much of what I have written in the past six paragraphs neatly into two sentences, and proves that there is much, much more to Mark Zuckerberg than the notion of the computer geek who made it big.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ai Weiwei – An artist and activist being pursued by the Chinese authorities


The brilliant Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has just been sent a 2 million dollar tax and fines bill by the Beijing authorities, just after he was released from detention in a Chinese jail. It seems somebody in the government doesn’t like him, but as ever Ai Weiwei turned the whole episode to his advantage greeting the massed ranks of the world press camped outside his front door. The internationally known artist is using his notoriety to highlight the increasingly authoritarian attitude of the Chinese authorities.


Ai Weiwei was born on 16th May 1957 in Beijing, China. I have no recorded birth time although I believe that he may have been born just before midday. I base that premise on two things. Firstly at age just one, Ai’s parents were incarcerated in a Chinese labour camp for protesting in an Anti-Rights Movement protest. They stayed there for 16 years. With a birth time of 11.45, this brings Pluto one degree from his ascendant into his first house and by Solar Arc progression, you could see the event that was to shape Ai’s whole life. Pluto transforms, is dark, repressive, traumatic at times. This would have been a most upsetting time for the young boy, having his parents taken from him. This 11.45 time brings Saturn into the 4th house, showing a lack of love received in his growing up process. Saturn is retrograde, highlighting that his father was not around as he grew up and being quindecile to the Sun, he would have been a complete inspiration to him. Ai Qing was a poet and in his father’s footsteps, Ai Weiwei has continued the family tradition of creation and of activism. Finally, it is known that Ai Weiwei is a superb poker player. This highlights the 5th house of speculation and creation. With an assumed birth time of 11.45, on the cusp of the fifth we find Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign associated with international creation and big risk taking as well as finding the Moon stationed here too in constructive Capricorn. Here is a love of games and speculation, an emotional need to create physical art (Capricorn here brings structure to the artistic process) and a openness of the emotions, very much unlike the staid, stern Chinese stereotype we all know. Ok, Ai can show his emotions, but he can remain cold and aloof too, just like the poker player. The Moon in the playful 5th house is quindecile Uranus. Uranus is cold and calculating, extremely focused, unpredictable. Combined with his Taurean patience and love of financial accumulation, this is the man who can smile at you inanely, while robbing you of all your worldly possessions.

Taureans are very easy going souls, working at their own pace to achieve their life goals. They are the builders of the zodiac and Ai Weiwei in this respect is an archetypal Taurean, having been responsible for the creation of not only physical art and exhibitions around the world but of buildings too, including the fabulous Bird’s Nest stadium that hosted the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Venus in Gemini is widely conjunct to the Sun so not only must these creations have physical beauty, but they also must be socially usable and interactive. A classic example is the Sunflower Seeds piece in London’s Tate Modern – 100 million individually made porcelain sunflower seeds on the great hall’s floor that the public can walk on, touch and feel. – Gemini is the truly tactile sign of them all.  The Sun is trine to Jupiter in Virgo, these pieces must be grand in scale but have included in them incredible detail. Ai can focus on the small things while keeping in touch with the grand sweep of any project, the mark of a true genius. The Sun/Venus conjunction sit in the 10th house if my assumptions are right, a position where the native will want to make his mark on society and the world in general, bringing love beauty and art to the masses.

All these artistic creations would never come to fruition without an inventive mind, and with Uranus square to Mercury, Ai Weiwei will be constantly blessed with new ideas and concepts to work on. Ai’s mind may not work rapidly, but he will have tremendous concentration and steadfastness to see each task out to it’s completion. Here is also the inspiration for him to speak out as a radical in opposition to those in power. That Mercury makes an inconjunct aspect to authoritarian Saturn, a nasty irritable aspect that will carp and agitate. He will upset those in charge as much as they will try to upset him. Uranus squares to Neptune in the third house of communication. This is another highly creative outlet for Ai, he will think in a non-linear fashion (cold hard facts have no logic to him) and his overriding message will be of the dream of rebellion, and of trying to outwit and confuse the establishment. Neptune is in Scorpio and sextile to Pluto, this generation was the voice of the underground rebellion movement.  

Transiting Pluto and Saturn have been opposite and square to Ai’s natal Mars recently. Aries ruled by Mars sits on the cusp of the 9th house and it was on a trip to Hong Kong (9th house rules long distance travel) that Ai was arrested before he boarded his plane and the Chinese authorities swooped on his studios. Transiting Neptune at that time was opposite natal Pluto and his Ascendant and trine to it’s own natal position. Pisces sits on the cusp of the 8th house of tax and other people’s money. By Solar Arc progression  Solar Arc Neptune is square to natal Jupiter that sits in the 2nd house of personal finance, another link to the Chinese tax demands. Solar Arc Saturn is square to natal Uranus, those in power cracking down on his activist ways and Solar Arc Sun is trine to Ai’s Natal North Node, so despite all the actions and to the annoyance of the Chinese, Ai’s star is still shining brightly in the World’s public perceptions and his story is firmly in the media spotlight, and so it will continue to be as Solar Arc North node will trine natal Mercury next year. I hope that one day the Chinese will finally begin to appreciate and grow tolerant of the genius in their midst. 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Rory McIlroy – The emergence of a golfing superstar


At just 22, having just obliterated several golfing records in winning the US Open Championship, Rory McIlroy from Holywood in Northern Ireland seems destined to have the golfing world at his feet.

Rory was born on 4th May 1989 and has a steady Taurean Sun and his Moon I estimate is more than likely in level headed Taurus rather than in impetuous Aries after watching his career blossom over the past few years. Emotionally, he seems to have an “old head on young shoulders”, being able to take both victory and defeat in his stride. That would make his birth-time more likely in the afternoon/evening than in the morning.

Rory McIlroy natal

Taking a quick overview of his chart, he has a dynamic Mars in Cancer opposite Uranus in Capricorn giving him a huge urge to win, a fierce sense of independence (needed in such an individualistic game as golf) and an urgent air (notice how he bounces around the golf course). This opposition forms a wedge with his Moon; he will confront any difficulties with a no nonsense straightforward approach, and I would also bet that he does have a mischievous offbeat sense of humour that will keep others around him always on their toes!! 

The other thing to notice is a heavyweight wedge formation based around a Pluto opposition powerfully placed in Scorpio to a Sun Venus conjunction. Sun Venus in Taurus is kind, gracious, a need for a comfortable lifestyle and conscious about one’s appearance. Opposite Pluto and beneath this kind thoughtful air is a desire for power and personal recognition – Rory will stop at nothing until he has conquered all around him. At the point of the wedge is Neptune and Saturn in close conjunction in Saturn. Rory takes his dreams and ambitions very seriously and will get lost in his thoughts and goals in an almost spiritual or zealous yet determined way. With such an individualistic and ambitious set of tension aspects, is it no wonder that he has risen to the top of his chosen sport so quickly? I venture to suggest that the deeply ambitious wedge in his chart will keep him there at the top for a long time too.

Mercury and Jupiter sit in conjunction in Gemini which will give him a jovial air and an optimistic attitude and way of speaking and communicating, he certainly as all Irish seem to do have the “gift of the gab”. This conjunction also suggests that he will be interested in teaching and giving back something to the sport he loves when he gets older. He may also take up a career in broadcasting on TV or radio when his playing days are coming to an end.

Rory’s win came as he had a very supporting trine from Saturn to his natal Jupiter, a step up the ladder of life so to speak. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct his natal Moon, sextile Mars and trine to Uranus. That independent need to be first, learning lessons in a matter of fact wedge was being lit up by Jupiter the planet of fortune and international success. Didn’t he learn his lessons well after losing out at the Masters tournament just two months ago? Notably as well transiting Neptune is now exactly sitting on his North Node (his destiny point). All his dreams (Neptune) were finally coming true in a most public (North Node) arena.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Chris Brown – Having problems dealing with his temper

Chris Brown

The R&B artist Chris Brown has caused a storm by trashing a dressing room after being interviewed on Good Morning America. He was constantly questioned about his relationship problems with singer Rihanna which ended with Brown being prosecuted over an assault.

Chris was born on 5th May 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia in the US (unfortunately I don’t have a birth-time). On that day there was a new moon so Brown is a double Taurus. This Sun Moon combination is really afflicted, with a very controlling and intense opposition to Pluto in secretive and jealous Scorpio. This opposition makes him ultra stubborn, ultra possessive and ultra jealous. The opposition forms a wedge with Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn at the point and Saturn/Neptune is in wide conjunction to Uranus which makes an opposition to Mars. All that emotional, controlling energy from Pluto Sun & Moon is thrown into a serious attitude (Saturn) to creation and music (Neptune). Pluto in Scorpio has thrown up a whole generation of young adults who have a dark, underground culture and this has come out in the success of urban rap & R&B.


Jupiter and Mercury sit in conjunction relatively alone in Gemini. Here is the need to communicate to a wide international audience, getting the message of his music out to the world. This position shows he has a quick versatile mind, a way with words and lyrics and is especially good for careers in TV or communicating with the public.

Saturn on Chris’ chart is retrograde which always points to problem in some way with his father. When I see this I know that either the father was away for long periods of time, was aggressive and cruel or just did not show love to him in the normal way. In Chris’ case his parents divorced and then his mother’s boyfriend was violent to her. You can see the problems, Pluto opposite Sun (Father) and Moon (Mother), the relationship disintegrated (Pluto), there was cruelty (Pluto). All this angst as well as the emotion, possessiveness and jealousy that I wrote of earlier is brought with him into his music and his relationships. Add in the Uranus/Mars opposition which is volcanic, Chris has a temper that can erupt at any time at the slightest provocation, and you can see the potential for assault and violence.

The big problem with Chris is realising that he has a problem. Saturn/Neptune is somewhat delusional, you cannot accept reality as it is. As such, Chris will never accept that he will be in the wrong. Colonel Gaddafi has the same type of problem – he has a Saturn/Uranus conjunction trine Neptune. Slightly different configuration but with a pretty similar outcome.

Right now the current Saturn/Jupiter opposition is square Chris’ natal Saturn so he faces a difficult time (Saturn) and maybe legal (Jupiter) action against him. Transiting Venus is square natal Venus so those allegations about relationships (Venus) are surfacing again in a public (Venus) way. Transiting Jupiter is square natal Neptune leaving him confused and disorientated (Neptune) and in the news (Jupiter is in Gemini conjunct Mercury ruling the press) around the world (Jupiter). Transiting Pluto has over the last couple of years been connecting with Chris’ natal Uranus and opposite natal Mars. This nasty opposition is reckless and unpredictable at the best of times, but add in Pluto and it becomes dangerous. The nature of Pluto is unrelenting and it will force him to accept his responsibilities in one way or another. I rather fear that Chris will learn the ultimate lesson in 2014 when Pluto sextiles it’s own position, conjuncts Saturn and  his Sun/Moon conjunction. Here is the potential for some sort of transformation. Hard to tell how it will finally manifest itself as I don’t have a birth-time, but for sure Chris will at that time be learning some difficult lessons.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Adele – Hitting it big on both sides of the pond.

Music Adele

Today, I am having a look at the astrology of the singer, songwriter and musician Adele. Adele Adkins was born in Tottenham, North London on 5th May 1988 (no birth time). If anyone does have a definitive time, I’d love to receive it. I have to admit to show a bit of interest in her, as Tottenham was where my mother was born and lived too. She has just achieved the rare distinction of having two top 5 hits in both UK singles and album charts, plus she has hit the top of the Billboard US album charts in her first week of release. Not bad for a 21 year old North London girl.


Her chart has all the hallmarks of a girl destined to go to the very top in the music industry. Adele is a Sun sign Taurus conjunct Jupiter. Taurus is the most musical and rhythmical sign of them all, traditionally associated with ruling the throat and the voice; Taurus is also connected with construction and making things. Adele’s Sun and Jupiter, a lucky combination is opposite Pluto in it’s own house of Scorpio. This contributes a deep intensity and control to her personality, and I am sure her voice too. It is also a money making aspect, I have see so many charts of millionaires who have tension aspects (squares or oppositions) between Pluto and Jupiter. Because Jupiter is conjunct the Sun, this money making acumen is connected to her own personal talent that she was born with. If you look at the chart that opposition forms a wedge formation with sextiles and trines to Neptune in Capricorn, the planet which rules music. This is where the energy and the talent gravitates to, and because Neptune is in administrative Capricorn conjunct Saturn also in it’s home sign and also sextile Pluto,  it suggests that Adele will want to have control over her output, she writes her music herself, this is where money is really made.

Quindecile Neptune (165 degrees) is Venus in communicative Gemini. Here is a very intense flow of energy between social Venus (Venus will forever be connected with relationships) and musical Neptune. Notably, a lot of her songs from both albums “19” and “21” are based around relationships, her writing (Gemini) about this subject will border on an obsession. Neptune is in a wide conjunction to a heavyweight collection of planets, the Moon, Saturn and Uranus. The Moon in Sagittarius is an outgoing Moon open to philosophies and beliefs, it is a fun loving Moon. She will have a wide circle of friends and associations both local and international who will push her in new directions. Her emotions will be open to all types of new and interesting experiences and influences. Uranus is the rebel planet, the lover of new exciting offbeat styles and fashions. Here is the inspiration to experiment. Her music will always be evolving, something the great artist seem to achieve, keeping it fresh and relevant. There will always be a downbeat serious side to her songs with Saturn, in between Neptune and the Moon/Uranus combination. Her own description of her own music as “heartbroken soul” seems so appropriate, doesn’t it?. One word of warning for her is that this need to experiment will also have a connection to drink and other mind bending substances. With Neptune ruling both music, creativity and also drink and drugs, it is no wonder that the truly creative artists have always had a connection between the two.

The only other planet I have not looked at is Mars. Sitting square the Sun and Jupiter, she will have a lot of drive and energy at her disposal and a positive attitude to succeed and be the very best she can be however she should be careful of promising too much, more than she is capable of. Mars square Pluto contributes yet  more energy and desire, if she finds something she wants, she will just have to have it. Mars trine Venus will give her a warm loving side in her relationships, she will be a bit of a matchmaker, wanting her friends to have harmony and love too.

Adele has certainly connected with the American public through her music, so I thought I would have a look why this is. Putting her chart against the US Natal chart, it is easy to see why. Adele’s Sun is sextile the US natal Sun, she is comfortable with the US profile. The US Sun is sextile her Jupiter, she will be lucky there; US Sun trine her Pluto, the US will like her intensity, there is something subconscious that gets into the US psyche and the US sun opposes her Neptune – her creativity and music will challenge, it is a style that maybe they are not quite used to, but will interest them. Crucially the US Moon is sextile her Moon and trine her Venus, the US people associate themselves with her emotions and her relationships, the ones she writes about in her songs.

Being a songwriter and being so successful so early in her career in the US, a feat that has eluded so many British artists, her future looks very bright indeed.

**** Update 31st October 11****

There have been rumours (mainly on twitter) that Adele, who has had vocal problems was diagnosed with throat cancer. The official line is that doctors found a haemorrhage on her vocal cord which needed surgery. This comes at a time as transiting Pluto has been approaching the exact midpoints between Uranus/Neptune  at 5:21 Capricorn and Saturn and Neptune at 6:04 Capricorn. the Saturn/Neptune midpoint has always been associated with medical and health problems, so certainly these issues have hit Adele on time. Pluto hit the first of these two points on 30th Oct and will hit Saturn/Neptune on 25th November, the day of the next Solar Eclipse. We will know more on her condition by then…

**** Update 13th Feb 2012 ****

Well done to Adele for cleaning the board at the Grammy’s with 6 awards in Los Angeles yesterday. Just proves that her sound and her ties to the US chart and the affinity she has with the US people have been proven this weekend.

**** Update 21st Feb 2012 ****

Adele goes from strength to strength picking best female artist and best album for “21” at the BRITS, the British Music Awards. Little statistic for you – Adele sold one album every 6 and a half seconds across the world throughout 2011 !! Amazing !!!!