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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha – Fated by Uranus, Venus and a Full Moon

vichai pic

I have always wanted to show you the stunning effects of Astrology over the years and the tragic death of Thai businessman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in a fiery helicopter crash last night is testament to the power of the subject I study.

You may not have heard of Vichai, but in his native Thailand and in the UK in the city of Leicester, he was totally revered. A self made businessman, Vichai was the 5th richest man in Thailand, making his fortune through the Duty Free company King Power. If you have ever been travelling, no doubt you will have noticed duty free bags emblazoned with the logo of his company. He bought out a football team in the United Kingdom, Leicester City, and Leicester started an incredible run of success that lead to a fairy-tale victory in the English Premier League. Little Leicester stunned the world in winning the most revered league title in world soccer. Their success captured global attention, and the team paraded the trophy in front of a million people in Bangkok. This man was a philanthropist, a family man and universally loved.

Last night after a match at Leicester's King Power Stadium, the private helicopter of the club owner landed on the pitch as it always did. As it took off with Vichai and his daughter on board, something went catastrophically wrong, the helicopter stalled in the air and came crashing down in a fireball in the club car park behind the stadium. There was no chance for anyone on board.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Harvey Weinstein - From Hollywood hero to zero

I have to say straight up that when I heard the news last week about Harvey Weinstein, I was naturally shocked, disgusted, and yet not that surprised. That's because in my time in working at London Heathrow Airport I actually had the dubious pleasure of encountering him. He was one of the, if not the most awkward, demanding and egotistical clients that I had ever dealt with. I was left with a sense of unease and utter relief after he had gone to his flight back to Los Angeles. My feeling was this was not a nice man, and when I have a feeling about someone, I'm often not so far from the truth.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Rupert Murdoch told by British MPs that he is unfit to run an international company.

Rupert Murdoch

It must be a humiliating day when as the owner of a multi million dollar international corporation you are told that you are unfit to run your own business. That damming verdict was issued today by a Parliamentary select committee investigating the phone hacking scandal that has rocked the British media world. In theory, it could signal the start of a witch hunt in the UK by those in power to drive Rupert Murdoch from our shores. It seems all in sundry have had enough of one man dominating up to 40% of the media output in the UK. Once upon a time, everyone wanted to court Rupert Murdoch but those days are fading, and he is increasingly being seen as a rather sad, manipulative and divisive figure.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs – The life of a true visionary. Apple’s inspirational chairman and former CEO dies at just 56.

steve jobs
This is a repost of the one I did back in February this year. Steve was one of the first people I looked at on my blog and from seeing his chart, I always thought that he would struggle to get through to 2012. Very unfortunately, my fears for him at the time have proved to be right, and cancer finally got the better of him. He passed away just as Saturn was starting to square his natal Venus opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. At the same time, transiting Uranus was square his nodal axis and transiting Pluto was approaching his North Node. Pluto signifies transformation, and in death I suspect that Steve will in time be put up there on a pedestal with some of the scientific and creative greats of the last 100 years. He is already being compared to Edison and Einstein, which is high, high praise indeed. Steve’s genius and vision of technological beauty will without doubt be sorely missed.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mark Zuckerberg – Looking at the horoscope and the hidden motivations of the creator of Facebook.

mark zuckerberg

As Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook phenomenon faces it first “big” challenge from Google + in the social networking world, I look at the student, come entrepreneur whose creation has affected the lives of millions of internet users right around the globe.

Mark hails from Dobbs Ferry, New York and was born on 14th May 1984 (no birth time yet known). If anyone reading this article does know Mark’s time of birth I would love to receive it. He has a steady Taurus, with a secretive Scorpio Moon (the lack of a birth time does not affect this at all). Just these two placings say so much about Mark and his motivations. Taurus needs to build, to make and to have possessions. Taurus is protective and Mark has stumbled upon a creation in Facebook which fulfils all these requirements for a comfortable life. Mark hasn’t sold Facebook on and still remains CEO and president, as you would expect from a protective Taurus. He is now work 13 billion dollars – mind boggling isn’t it? Moon in Scorpio is far more fascinating. The Moon in Scorpio needs to know everything; not knowing everything going on around one for a Scorpio Moon can be personal hell. The Scorpio Moon is also very controlling and secretive. On launching his first version of Facebook at Harvard where the pictures and personal details of all the students in the dorms were featured and posted online, one wonders what the original motives of Mark with his Scorpionic Moon actually were? At the time he stated “it was just a bit of fun!!”.  Hmm…? Now of course there are few people in the developed world who have not heard of it.

MarkZuckerberg natal

His chart features 3 sets of oppositions which make two distinct wedge formations. The Sun in Taurus is joined by Venus also here. Venus is strong here in it’s home sign and will give Mark a friendly, kind disposition. Yes, friends and social interaction are highlighted all under the influence of Venus. Venus sits opposite a powerful combination of Mars, Saturn and the Moon all in big business Scorpio. Saturn shows the ability to administer large organisations and Mars in Scorpio is hugely energetic and also gives Mark the mind of a detective. He is able to delve beneath the surface to find out the motivations of all around him, and in the process get to the truth. Mars in Scorpio is jealous, revengeful and ruthless. Behind this friendly youthful façade lies a man who can make tough decisions if need be. This opposition makes a wedge with lucky expansive Jupiter in Capricorn at the point. For an international venture and business, you could not wish for a nicer aspect. Jupiter will allow expansion of the idea on a worldwide scale. The only fear would have been over-exerting one’s reach with the business venture, however the Saturn/Jupiter sextile would have kept a nice check on things making sure that Mark moved on and expanded Facebook at a careful rate.

Looking at Mark the man for a moment, a conjunction between the Moon and Mars makes Mark rather competitive and the opposition between the Mars And Venus makes him very attracted to the opposite sex although any relationships may be quite stormy (Moon/Mars) and be beset by disappointments (Saturn opposite Venus). One thing you can be sure of is that Mark in relationships will not hurry, Taurus goes at it’s own pace and when in love will be extremely possessive. Mark can also be very direct and forthright, having a me first attitude (Sun opposite Mars) which may irritate others around him.

Uranus sits alone unaspected to all the other planets on the chart, yet at the midpoint of Saturn and Jupiter. What was at the focal point of this international business success and also the factor without which none of Mark’s considerable success would have been possible? Technology, ruled by Uranus. An unaspected planet will dominate the chart and Mark’s life revolves around computers and computer programming. Uranus is a most social and humanitarian sign and you can see and feel the appropriateness of Facebook as we entered the Age of Aquarius (represented by Uranus). Mark from an early age was fascinated by computers. He learned basic computer language and created programmes, as we all did in those early years, however he had an unusually creative edge and he invented computer programmes amongst others to aid his father in his dental practise. As technology progressed, so did he, and at college he hit upon the idea that was to transform his life.

The other wedge formation I mentioned features a Mercury in Aries opposition to Pluto in Scorpio  working out to Neptune in Capricorn at the point. This is very much an echo of the picture I mentioned before. Mercury in Aries is outspoken and entrepreneurial in practise, always coming up with new ideas and heading projects and opposite Pluto we see the big business angle, as well as the need to search below the surface. Neptune provides the creative inspiration to bind all these motivations together. On the day that Facebook was launched (4th Feb 2004), the transiting North Node was conjunct Mark’s natal Venus, this social idea was to fulfil his “destiny”. Transiting Pluto was quindecile Mark’s natal North Node - a transformational moment, and transiting Uranus representing the technological revolution he was initiating was trine to natal Pluto, sextile to natal Mercury and sextile to natal Neptune, lighting all three points on the inspirational natal wedge on his chart. So often I write of the outer planets causing problems and difficulties, but here working in tandem, they provided the conditions for enormous future success. 

MarkZuckerberg transit

Mark for sure has an investigative urge at the heart of his being and that is what Facebook is all about isn’t it? Communicating, maintaining & finding friends and associates from the comfort of your laptop or even mobile phone. Mercury is all about keeping in touch. With Pluto connecting Mercury it is also “working out what others are up to”, in truth it’s a form of consensual voyeurism on a global scale, one that we all subscribe into willingly!! You’ve got to say it is genius, and Mark was the one clever enough once it started spreading from college to college to exploit to see the global potential, and to exploit the idea to the full.

The one aspect that sums up everything on Mark’s chart is the quindecile from Pluto to Venus. A quindecile can be seen as an obsessional, hugely focused store of energy. According to Ricki Reeves and her excellent book “The Quindecile” she says that this aspect is the control and manipulation of others, possibly driven by powerful sexual needs. This is also a drive for money, power and finance and benefit is gained through transformational experiences within relationships and the sharing of one’s perspectives. It sums up much of what I have written in the past six paragraphs neatly into two sentences, and proves that there is much, much more to Mark Zuckerberg than the notion of the computer geek who made it big.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Steve Jobs – Face of Apple and ailing genius

steve jobs

Today, 24th February is the birthday of Steve Jobs, one of the electronic and creative pioneers of our age. Having worked with Atari, Lucas film, Pixar, Disney & Apple, Steve is blessed with creative ideas and a no-nonsense business sense, but in recent years has been cursed with ill health.
Steve is a Sun sign Pisces in the first house square his Midheaven (denoting his profession), all that creative energy is up-front, out there for all to see, from the Apple Mac, to the I-pad, from designing computer chips to overseeing Toy Story. All that creativity is technology based, with an Aquarius ascendant represented in Uranus which is conjunct Jupiter in the 6th house of everyday work. There is a Thor’s Hammer configuration (see also my post on Enid Blyton) from the Sun/Midheaven square which concentrated to a point at Jupiter. All those creative ideas MUST come out, pushing forward the use of technology in a BIG way for everyday use. Also feeding into that Uranus/Jupiter conjunction is a T-Square configuration, Mars in the financial money orientated 2nd  opposes Neptune in imaginative 8th house (also concerned with big business), square this 6th house combination. There is business like energy and creative dreams driven into this technological fulcrum. All this energy is perfected into beautiful form, with an opposition to Venus in work based Capricorn (there is business stamped all over this chart) in the 12th house. Venus in the 12th always craves for an ideal form – notice how the I-pod and I-phone were not only way ahead technologically, but also fantastic to look at.

Steve’s intellect is huge, Mercury conjunct the Ascendant always shows great intelligence and it is put to good use in a administrative sense and internationally square Saturn in the 9th house. That Saturn in turn trines back to the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, his energy is focused on the business of creative technology and squares Pluto in the 7th – here is a powerful, controlling man and a fierce enemy if you were to cross him. Going back to Mercury, interestingly it is conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th house, so the ideas stay behind the scenes until the last minute. Saturn is in secretive Scorpio echoing this, and Apple has always been run in a very controlled manner, it likes to guard it’s creative ideas and patents with zeal. Steve does have a softer side to his personality, with Moon in the first house in dreamy Pisces – he will be sentimental and compassionate.


From Summer 2004, Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Whenever I have looked at charts where people have had health problems maybe earlier than they should,  quite often the 6th house is emphasised and regularly you can see a 6th to 12th house opposition. You can see a lot of pressure on that Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, almost an arrowhead pointing to it. Uranus and Jupiter are both retrograde, so the energy does not work as it should & Uranus always causes disruption wherever it is found. Jupiter (through it’s association with Sagittarius) traditionally rules the Pancreas. In July/Aug/Sept 2004, transiting Saturn hit that Jupiter/Uranus conjunction weakening that part of the chart. Since then,  Steve’s health has been a concern. It is very difficult to pinpoint health problems on charts due to the slow nature of some conditions to manifest themselves. However, every hit by an outer planet to a personal planet (Sun/Moon are in the first house  & are weaker than normal being in Pisces and thus  reduces the strength of the physical body) or that Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will affect his constitution. In 2009 Steve had a liver transplant. Mercury rules the liver, is retrograde conjunct the ascendant (affecting the physical body) and is square Saturn; there was inherent weakness in this area too from birth. Late in 2011, Saturn squares Jupiter and Uranus again. That is bound to be a difficult time for him. I wish him well…