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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard announce that they are splitting up


Early this morning I read the news that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are breaking up after what seems to have been not the easiest and smoothest of relationships. Just recently they had the furore over Amber illegally importing her pet dogs into Australia and this lead to her not only damaging her own reputation but that of her partner as well. I met Amber briefly a couple of years ago and I found her not to be the most easy of people to be around, and it seems Johnny has come to the same conclusion as I did in my brief encounter with her.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth – Engaged, but is it too early in their lives for such a big step?

miley cyrus & Liam

I haven’t done a relationship post for a while so it was nice that the engagement of these two young stars appeared in the news. As an Astrologer, one can’t help but be interested to see if a relationship dynamic will work out well or wether it is forever doomed to failure. Lets have a look into the synastry charts for Liam and Miley and see what comes out!!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Russell Brand and Katy Perry – Divorce papers in the post

Katy Russell

This is the first “Astrology Shorts” post that I am doing, a new feature for 2012 which I will take a brief look at a subject, mainly celebrity based. I am still going to be doing my in depth analysis looks at important people in the news and look out for monthly reviews of the planetary movements. Today I am looking at pop singer Katy Perry and comedian and actor Russell Brand who had been married just 14 months, before they officially decided to split.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

China coming to Europe’s rescue, but at a price…

china-europe 1

Thirty years ago China was on it’s knees, a 3rd world country run by a communist dictatorship (in truth not much as changed there) battling population growth and world isolation. Now China is an economic superpower, driving the world economy and the one beacon of hope for the European Union which is on the brink of total collapse as the Greek Debt crisis grinds on to a inevitable conclusion. It prompted me to look at the relationship between the two, and I found some surprising planetary placements.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries – After just 72 days, Kim files for divorce.


Well that didn’t last long, did it?? After just 72 days Kim Kardashian filed for divorce quoting irreconcilable differences between them, and quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me much. Back on 22nd August I had a look at their composite chart (below) and there did seem to be a lot of problems associated with it. So it has proved. I went on to write the following assessment…

Monday, 22 August 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marry in California. Will it be happy ever after?


As celebrity weddings go, this was rather a big one. Kim Kardashian at the weekend married basketball star Kris Humphries in a ceremony held in Montecito, California. How do these two get on? Will their married last the test of time? Lets have a look at the astrology to find out…

Kim was born on 21st October 1980 in Los Angeles at 10.46am. She is a very sociable Sun Libra with a very sensitive Pisces Moon and a party loving Sagittarian Ascendant. Her Sun and Moon combination make her want to please others, she will be very gentle, will love romance and sincerity but she will be very impressionable. Kim’s mind is very intuitive, and she will detect very quickly when someone is being insincere to her. She will be a very self sufficient girl with most of the planets on the Eastern hemisphere (left) of the chart.

KimKardashian natal

Her Sun is conjunction with Pluto so she has huge plans and a need to be recognised or be someone special; she also likes to be in control of her life. Being a Sun Libra, harmony and equality will be most important to Kim, she will fight if she feels any type of injustice. She will have a quick flexible brain, and she will become impatient with those slower than her; she may be a bit of a whizz with technical things like gadgets and computers and she may be interested in astrology. She will love animals of all sorts and may be quite talented in making things with her hands, from art to pottery or sculpture. This is a girl who needs constant excitement and mental stimulation in a relationship otherwise she will go off to find it elsewhere. The Uranus Mercury conjunction in Scorpio makes a trine to the sensitive Pisces Moon, making her excitable, unpredictable and a little wild with a spontaneous sense of fun and an outrageous sense of humour.

This Moon anchors the chart; her emotions and imagination will be extremely important to her well-being. The Moon is opposite Venus Saturn and Jupiter. This is a very powerful set of oppositions. It does suggest that she will suffer emotionally in her life, her emotions are at odds with her need for love and companionship, she will be uncertain exactly what she wants from a personal relationship. The Saturn Moon opposition says of a difficult mother/daughter relationship. They were obviously at odds with each other, and Kim would have felt the criticism and hurt from her intensely. She will be constantly battling the demons from her past and she will strive to prove her doubting mother wrong. Luckily for Kim, Jupiter sits conjunct to Saturn in the 10th house on her Midheaven conjunct to Venus in the 9th house. Venus conjunct the Midheaven often bestows model looks and Kim has used them to project her public image around the globe, her career has been carved around her image.

She is a hard working girl (Mars sextile Saturn), loves beauty and and may be creative in this field (Mercury sextile Venus) and will look endlessly for that perfect dream love (Neptune square Venus). Neptune in the first house close to the ascendant does encourage escapism – would she marry to escape all the insecurities she has felt in her life? Has she found the right guy? Lets look at Kris Humphries, her new husband.

Kris was born on 6th February 1985 in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. Unfortunately I have not found a birth time for him. Does anyone know it? Please email me if you do. So he is a Sun Sign Aquarius with either a Leo or Virgo Moon. If Kris was born before 07.00 then he has a Leo Moon, otherwise the Moon is in Virgo. Emotionally it makes a huge difference. The Leo Moon loves the limelight, wants to be special and is just a little proud, stubborn and overbearing. The Virgo Moon is self-critical, a rather shy, perfectionist and a bit of a worrier. Those with Virgo Moons do have quick reactions and have good common sense. If I were to hazard a guess, it needs a big personality to accompany the showbiz caravan which surrounds Kim, so I would lean towards a Leo Moon, although a Virgo one would suit her gentle Pisces emotions far better.


Kris’ Moon potentially squares his Saturn, so like Kim, he may have had a difficult relationship with his mother. We find Saturn also in rather a wide conjunction to the  North Node if anything increasing the effect. Maybe this common factor was one that brought them together? The Moon is trine to Neptune, so Kris will have a soft impressionable heart, and he will sacrifice everything to make sure that harmony is kept in his emotional life. He will not like upsets and turmoil. Both Mars and Venus are in go ahead Aries, so in love Kris will be a no nonsense type of guy. He will be have been looking for his dream girl (Venus square Neptune) and he will want to live out his dreams and fantasies (Mars square Neptune). In Kim, he seems to have found all of these things. He would have been the one to make the first move; Venus  conjunct Mars is always pushy in love, but if there are problems, he will be the one to move on first. He will not want to fight and battle as I explained earlier.

Kris will value loyalty highly (Venus trine Saturn) and he will work hard to make this relationship work (Mars trine Saturn). He will be rather self protective and a bit secretive with his Saturn in Scorpio. Letting others into his private world is difficult for him, he may rather fear deep emotional intimacy.

Kris is a bit of an perpetual student, always wanting to know and learn more; he will have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. He may as he gets older have a desire to teach or instruct those younger than himself; a potential basketball coach of the future perhaps? Jupiter and Mercury are both in Aquarius like the Sun so he will without doubt be a progressive thinker and planner as well as fiercely independent. Pluto makes a square to this conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury. His mind will always be looking for the motives under the surface, the mind of the detective. He needs to be careful of this, as one can start suspecting things that are not true, jealousy and paranoia are possible with Mercury square Pluto. Pluto square Jupiter is very lucky, quite often people with this aspect literally attract money and prestige without trying too hard. Kris will be an opportunistic type of guy, ready to seize upon any good ideas that come his way. He certainly was opportunistic when Kim came along, wasn’t he?

Now, let’s look at the synastry chart. The synopsis is not too bad. The one stand out aspect for me is that Kris’ Aquarian Sun conjuncts with Kim’s South Node. There will be a karmic connection between them, almost as if they have known each other all of their lives. Some say that people with this connection did meet in a previous life and have issues still to settle in this one. Kim’s Moon connects nicely with Kris’ Venus and Mars which shows good friendship and Kris’ Jupiter makes a trine to Kim’s Jupiter and Midheaven and squares her Sun bringing fortune and public awareness to them both. Kris’ Venus makes a lovely trine to Kim’s Mars, so there is attraction aplenty between them. Kris’ Pluto is in wide conjunction with Kim’s Sun, so he may overpower and control her and her Neptune is square his Neptune which can be a bit depressing. His Mercury is square to her Sun so he may say hurtful things to hit her pride along the way. Her Saturn does oppose his Mars and Venus – this could be a tad tricky if she is in a bad mood as she may put the brakes on. When he wants to go, she will say stop, in both an emotional and a physical sense.

KimKardashian transit

They are not perfect in a synastry sense although I have seen far worse. There is not really good line of communication which I always like to see. Mercury in both charts are in fixed signs, so I fear a stand off if there are problems. The Saturn opposite Venus Mars could cause problems.

On the Composite chart, which shows a combination look at the couple as a pair and how they will relate to each other, we see more difficulty. There is a very stressful opposition from Venus up to a Sun Mercury & Neptune conjunction. Sun Mercury and Neptune is very idealistic and sensitive, but is also rather delusionary and deceptive. It does suggest that their communication will get better as the relationship develops, but the chance of ultimate disappointment is definitely there. The ideals and hopes at the start tend to be too high, and when reality does set in, you are let down in a big way.

Depending on Kris’ birth time, there may be a Sun Moon opposition. This creates great attraction between the two but also competition and a sense that something is not quite right, there is an imbalance between the two personalities which causes tension. Now this Venus Neptune Sun Mercury opposition makes a wedge with Saturn and Pluto at the point. Saturn and Pluto in a composite chart shows they two will have difficult times together and that staying together will be a struggle, but these difficulties will come from the outside world. Either you fight to keep the relationship stronger, and in a way this benefits both of you in the long term bringing you together as one force against the world, or you give in and split. Some succeed with this conjunction but many often fail. This shows how much you do love each other and how you cope with adversity as a couple.

Uranus and Jupiter together in conjunction shows that the two of them will need room to breath within the relationship, being stuck under the same roof for days on end will not suit them. In their present situation, it may be fine as they have many outside commitments but in the future? This aspect will allow them to grow and have unusual experiences especially in travel that will benefit each other.


Finally the composite Mars squares to Saturn and Pluto. This is rather nasty as both Kim and Kris will be working at cross purposes to each other. At best they will tend to get in each others way, at worst the relationship can turn into a battlefield as one will want to do one thing and the other will want to do something else. In a sexual sense, they will have differing emotional moods creating potential tension in the bedroom. Tension will exist between the two and with Mars square to Pluto, this could eventually turn spiteful. Mars and Pluto is very competitively intense, with physical and psychological battles. Both Kim and Kris will need the space I mentioned before, without which this relationship could turn into a full scale war.

I hope they find happiness, but I fear over time that the differences and tensions between them may become too hard to bare. Certainly if I were advising them, I would tell them to be tolerant of each other, to give each other plenty of room and to try and find interests that they both enjoy doing. Find some sort of common ground that they can gravitate to in the difficult moments that will come from such a high profile marriage.    

**** Update 31st Oct 11 ****

Kim files for divorce – read why it happened - Kim files for divorce after 72 days

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Prince Albert & Princess Charlene of Monaco – Denying press rumours of an early split.

princealbert charlene

The first couple of the principality of Monaco are fighting against vicious rumours in the French based press that they are suffering personal problems early into their marriage after an alleged third love child of Prince Albert was discovered just before the royal wedding on 1st July 2011.  The royal couple have already filed legal papers against the French magazine “l’Express” denying the story. Let’s have a look at the astrology of the Monégasque couple.

Prince Albert was born in Monaco on 14th March 1958 at 10.47hrs & Charlene Wittstock was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on 25th January 1978 (no birth time).

PrinceAlbertofMonaco natal

Prince Albert to me has a very troubling chart, certainly relationship wise. We see a Pisces Sun combined with a Capricorn Moon and a Gemini ascendant. I read once somewhere that Pisces people tend to fall into two distinct categories, big fish with sharp teeth who cruise the oceans in fear of no-one, and little fish who are weak so they follow other little fish in great big shoals hoping not to be gobbled up by the big fish. Prince Albert is a big fish. The Sun sits regally in the 10th house of work and reputation and the Capricorn Moon shows the need to administrate and run everything. In Monaco, Prince Albert has supreme power. Gemini ascendants question everything and the Prince will have his eye on the ball about all aspects of things going on in the Principality. In a partnership or marriage, they will be warm and bubbly, but the need for independence, friendship and interest in other men and women remains strong. Geminis cannot understand jealousy or possessiveness, in their eyes it is a natural thing to be interested in others. How far that interest goes is down to the other aspects in the chart. Mercury sits in the 11th house of friends and associations in Aries widely conjunct to the Sun. Albert will be forthright in speaking his mind, and will have a keen interest of politics and of joining associations and teams (see my comments on Jupiter below). With a trine to Uranus in the 3rd house, Albert will have a sharp and free thinking mind and an interest in technology of any kind. With the Moon and Mars in Capricorn in the 8th, Albert will be a hard worker, be interested in big finance and big business and will have a rather sombre demeanour, just as if he carries the world on his shoulders. In Monaco, he does.

Saturn sits in the the 7th house of relationships opposite to the ascendant and square the Sun. This square adds to Albert’s authority to rule but also reduces his self belief and makes him fearful of marriage and official partnerships. Saturn also trines to Pluto in the 4th house. The Sun Saturn square and the Pluto trine shows a difficult relationship with his father, Prince Ranier III. Pluto in the 4th shows a trapped childhood, one where the young Albert suffered a sense of shame and despair. It seems to me that as much as he had a unloved relationship with his father, there was a deep bond between himself and his mother, Grace Kelly shown by the tight conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in the 5th house surrounding the North Node or parental axis. She would have been mystical in his eyes, generous and a real inspiration. With Mars conjunct to the Moon in the 8th house, she would have had a nasty temper with it and probably told the young Albert off in no uncertain terms if he did wrong. That temper would have carried through to Albert and he will react sharply if wronged in any way. Back to the fifth and Neptune and Jupiter square Mars. Jupiter here gives Albert a love of sports games and competition (he appeared in the Winter Olympics in bobsled in 5 consecutive games) and Albert is part of the International Olympic Committee. It also contributes a very risky attitude to love affairs. Neptune here means that he will have a dreamy, idealistic view to love – no girl will ever stack up as his “dream girl”, there will always be a better one around the corner. Hmm… The square to Mars in the 8th house from the Jupiter Neptune shows another reason for his roving eyes, sex. Mars in the 8th house does show an extremely powerful sex drive, even a compulsive obsession for it. He will try his upmost to keep these liaisons secret. We do know that Albert has already fathered 2 children out of wedlock, albeit we only know as the press found it out. The Jupiter/Neptune square to Mars combined with the Gemini ascendant sort of gives confirmation of the fact that fidelity with him could possibly be a problem in the future. The last major aspect on the chart I have yet to look at is a Venus Uranus opposition from Uranus in Leo in the 3rd house to Venus in Aquarius in the 9th. This makes a t-square with Neptune at the point. Relationships for the Prince, if you pardon the pun, will start and end with a bang! There will be almighty excitement and electricity in the initial meeting, but the novelty will soon wear off. Albert will be attracted to unusual and especially foreign women. With her Sun also in Aquarius linking the two ends of this opposition (Uranus rules Aquarius), Charlene Wittstock, would have fit the bill nicely as pressure mounted for the 53 year old Prince to have a legitimate heir.

Charlene as I said has an Aquarian Sun, cool but friendly in close conjunction to her Venus and opposite Mars in Leo. This is a very, kind hearted girl who desperately needs to be in a relationship. She needs her Prince to be alongside herself.  Mars in Leo wants a deep passionate, loving relationships; love and romance are endlessly fascinating for her. This is one competitive lady, wanting to win and be first at all costs. Mars in Leo wants to be the best, expects the best and will be hugely disappointed if she doesn’t get it. Venus in Aquarius is magnetically attractive (especially in women) and will need some space and independence within any union, friendships will be considered equally important as permanent relationships. The Moon also sits in regal Leo, she will love living and being in the spotlight and all the trappings that come with this type of life. The Moon makes a square to Uranus, so anything unusual or different will attract her attention. She will love and appreciate the excitement of spontaneous actions and deeds.

CharleneWittstock natal

Mars makes a quindecile to Mercury in Capricorn. Here is a straight talking straight thinking position. Good at organisation, planning, strategy and with a quick mind and temper. Mercury makes a sextile to Uranus and a square to Pluto. Like the Prince, Charlene will have an interest in technology and will be free thinking. She also will have an interest of getting to the bottom of any problem, looking below the surface to uncover the truth. Charlene has a mini grand trine formation from the Moon in Leo trine to Neptune and with Pluto at the point. Neptune Moon shows a gentle side to Charlene, she will hate conflict and will look for the easy way out to keep everyone around her happy. Pluto at the point shows a dream for control and for power alongside being in the limelight.

The Moon could possibly be in conjunction with Saturn (if she was born at or after midday). This would indicate a difficult relationship with her mother, a swimming and diving coach, who no doubt would have been strict with her and would have pushed her hard. What we do know with Saturn retrograde, is that she never felt the love of her father for some reason. He was a sales manager, so maybe he was often away on business trips so she rarely saw him. Saturn makes a stabilizing sextile with Jupiter in Gemini. This steadies the outlook, makes the mind work overtime and gives her a broad international outlook, insatiable curiosity, good common sense and a realization that success comes through hard work and graft rather than through luck alone. Saying that, Charlene in marrying her Prince became one of the luckiest women on the planet as she married one of the world’s most eligible bachelors.

Now what of their synastry and combined charts. The synastry chart sees Charlene’s Sun/Venus conjunction connecting nicely with Albert’s Venus and Mars (they are just in wide conjunction) which is loving, kind and shows that the two are good friends. One worry is that this conjunction is opposite his Uranus – will (as I mentioned earlier) his excitement for this relationship fizzle out or will the sparks continue to fly? There certainly is an electric attraction from him to her. The Venus/Mars/Sun connections come in Albert’s international 9th house, very apt as their relationship allegedly began abroad at an Olympic games in Torino, Italy. Mars opposes Mars which is hugely competitive, they will compete for top dog status, and fight like cat and dog if they disagree. Charlene’s Mars squares Albert’s Jupiter, so she will push him to broaden his horizons. There seems to be good communication between them both with Albert’s Mercury sextile Charlene’s Sun and a conjunction between his Mercury and her Moon. A couple of other things to think about. His Jupiter/Neptune conjunction squares her Sun/Venus. This is on the face of it a positive combination of planets, dreamy, expansive, imaginative. I only hope that the Prince’s Neptune which is very strong as it is personalized (as he is a Sun Pisces), doesn’t try to deceive her into thinking that all is ok while he is playing behind her back. Her Saturn sits on his Pluto which can be depressing and frustrating between the two, a sort of battle for control. Her Jupiter sits opposite his Saturn, so her optimism will complement his serious outlook position.

PrinceAlbertofMonaco Charlene

Ok now to the long term composite chart. This looks a bit more stressful. We have A Sun Mercury conjunction (good for communication) opposite Jupiter giving an optimistic outlook. However this opposition is square to Neptune. Here is a definite problem as Neptune square Sun and Neptune square Mercury can bring deceit, deception and confusion. Their can be lying and dreams can be shattered.

There is also a trine from Sun Mercury to a Mars/Saturn/ Moon conjunction. This is quite difficult in all respects. Saturn Moon stops the flow of emotion, Mars Saturn can put up an emotional barrier between the two. Hopefully the good communication of the Sun Mercury can alleviate this. Mars/Moon can be excitable and emotional, good while the relationship is going well but sheer hell if things go wrong, you can imagine the emotional battles. The sextiles from this combination to Jupiter are optimistic, sensible, and generally good fun. The initial attraction between the two is highlighted in the Venus/Moon square, here is a strong and lasting attraction between the two.

PrinceAlbertofMonaco comp

Ok what do we think. In truth I think the charts show very much a mixed bag of aspects, some god, some workable and some troubling. There is an attraction between the two, and Princess Charlene will thrive on in being in the spotlight, she will love it. If anyone is a problem, then it will be the Prince. He has a tendency to get bored with long term relationships as the charts show, and as we know he has a history of being a bit secretive in his relationships. If they can keep their feet on the ground and realise that they both have to work at it and compromise I believe there is enough here to make a workable marriage, but it isn’t going to be easy. There is not the stunning synastry between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and so not the same affection and magnetic ties. Nethertheless, it is not as bad as many make it out to be. I think the first test acid of this marriage will come at the end of 2012 as transiting Saturn conjuncts their composite Moon. Only then will we know if their relationship is strong enough to last the test of time.  

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Thursday, 30 June 2011

David Haye v Wladimir Klitschko – How do the two heavyweight champions stack up against each other?


I love doing this type of astrology, pitting man v man, one chart against another, who has the better planetary set up on the night. This fight to be held in Hamburg on Saturday 2nd July in the evening promising on paper to be a barnstormer. Two heavyweight champions going toe to toe and they genuinely (from the press coverage) seem to get on each other’s nerves. Do they, is it just a charade? What do the stars say? And more importantly for fight fans, who will come out victorious come Saturday night?

Right in the red corner we have David Haye, born 13th October 1980 in Bermondsey, South London. Incidentally, I do not have a birth time for either fighter so it makes my predictions and analysis a little less accurate. David is a Sun Libran closely conjunct to Pluto. Libra is a social sign and Haye will like to think that he is a man of the people. Pluto contributes to the Sun a huge determination for personal recognition. Pluto Sun is sextile Neptune, so David will sacrifice (Neptune) everything for personal glory. David’s Moon is in Sagittarius, the placement of an adventurer, somebody who aims for the stars. A Sun Libra and Moon in Sagittarius needs an active life and social interaction, so will enjoy a party. With a square between the Moon and Venus in Virgo, David will be a lady’s man too, and a discriminating one at that! He has to be careful not to let this potential distraction for a party lifestyle get in the way of the serious preparation for a fight. Luckily, He also has a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Libra. This contributes a nice balance to his whole chart. Yes, David will enjoy himself (Jupiter), but Saturn’s inner voice will tell him when to get down to business.

DavidHaye natal

David will be driven by fairness and justice, he won’t mind so long as there is an even playing field so to speak, allowing the best man on the night to win. If he thinks there is injustice in the air, it will really anger him. Jupiter in Virgo also contributes to being able to see the big picture, yet also being able to focus in on the details needed to make a strategy work. In a fight this is crucial, being able to analyse and discriminate and change tactics if needed. The Saturn/Jupiter is sextile to a volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction crossing over the Scorpio Sagittarius cusp. Here is endurance, Saturn Jupiter sextile Mars , huge enthusiasm Uranus/Jupiter and a wild vicious streak Mars/Uranus sextile Saturn. Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in Scorpio is aggressive and unpredictable and Haye fights like this with swinging hooks and uppercuts. He has a free and easy boxing style (Sagittarius) yet is brutal with it and has a killer instinct (Scorpio).

In the blue corner is the slightly older Wladimir Klitschko. Born in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan on 25th March 1976. Wladimir is a forward thinking Aries with a Moon in Aquarius. Again, here is a man who want’s to be socially significant. Aries is impulsive and wants to be the best and Aquarius has a social angle to it. Vladimir will want to mix in glitzy circles to make him feel good. Coming from the backwaters of Kazakhstan, I suppose Vladimir has used boxing to achieve this aim.

WladimirKlitschko natal

The chart is based around 3 oppositions which make 2 t-squares. Like Haye, there is a Sun/Pluto aspect, this time an opposition, thus again a drive for personal fame backing up the Sun/Moon combination. There is also a free and easy Jupiter/Uranus opposition which instils a great need for personal freedom. This squares onto the Aquarius Moon. To get the freedom and social status and glamour Wladimir craved, he had to take up a career where he would be able to travel. This is born out as on the other side of this opposition is a wedge formation – a sextile and trine coming off the opposition with Mars at the point. The way out was through fighting (Mars). Like with Haye, Mars connects with Uranus in Scorpio, this time in a trine as part of the wedge, so you still see the killer instinct and brutality of Scorpio, however Mars here is in defensive Cancer.

Saturn is also in Cancer and Saturn is the planet associated with fear. There is a huge desire here to protect one’s personal security. Straight away, without even seeing the boxers fight, one knows that Wladimir will have a far more considered defensive style than Haye does as the Cancerian effect will kerb that aggressive Mars trine Uranus. Saturn trines to Mercury which adds huge concentration and steadies the mind. Wladimir won’t mind repetitive, tedious work (he rather enjoys it) and one thinks he will hide behind a sledgehammer jab, while Haye comes out swinging, waiting for the moment to strike. Vladimir’s Mars is square his Sun, which can show anger and possible impatience. What Haye has to do is to stoke up the fire in Wladimir by baiting him, and maybe he will lose concentration allowing Haye to pick his spot. Astrologically it is a beautiful match up, attack versus defence.

Putting the two charts together, there some irritating aspects between them that stokes the fire up even more. Haye’s Saturn opposes Wladimir’s Sun (Haye will tend to dominate Wladimir’s personality), Haye’s Saturn also squares Wladimir’s Mars, this is very annoying as they will be at cross purposes with each other and Haye’s Uranus trines to Wladimir’s Saturn. This describes the match up beautifully – the unpredictable Haye against the solid and more conservative Klitschko. Interestingly in all three of these key planetary match ups, Haye’s planet is the slower moving. I was always taught that if there was a connection between planets, the slower moving one would always dominate the faster moving one. On that score then, Haye to win.

Haye v Klitschko

Ok, how does the current planetary positions affect each boxer? Wladimir has some rather difficult transits on the night of the 2nd July. Transiting Uranus is conjunct his Sun so he will be rebellious and erratic, maybe a shock is coming. Transiting Uranus is also square natal Mars, so he will be accident prone (or liable to get hit on the chin a lot). Transiting Jupiter will be square to natal Moon, so possibly emotionally complacent and opposite natal Uranus, will he be too open for his own good? The real clincher for me that he will have a bad night is a couple of Sun Pluto aspects. Natal Pluto squares Wladimir’s Sun and the transiting Sun squares natal Pluto. Pluto always shows transformation, something must be destroyed before new growth can be made. In this case, it is Wladimir’s life which has to change. The square aspects mean that this change is inevitable, something that he will be unable to withstand. To me it tends to signify the end of an era in his life. Looking at the more long term Solar Arc progressions, Wladimir does have a lucky SA Jupiter sextile Sun and SA Jupiter trine Moon, which signify reward and success however he also has SA Uranus sextile Pluto and SA Pluto conjunct his natal North Node. Both these progressions suggest a changing of the status quo, moving on to pastures new.

WladimirKlitschko transits

With David Haye against the same planetary setup, the picture is a bit kinder. Transiting Mars will be opposite natal Moon and square natal Venus. He will be impatient and in a selfish mood.  It will also be quindecile to natal Uranus, Haye will be liable to take big risks. Transiting Uranus will be quindecile his natal Sun which is excitable but also reckless and Uranus also opposes natal Saturn. This says to me that progress (Saturn) will only be made if he takes the risky (Uranus) route. In essence, this aspect is encouraging Haye to go on the attack. If he does, he will move on in his life. Haye does also have transiting Jupiter quindecile natal Sun. This a driving ambition for fame, success and reward. This is the “I am the greatest mentality” and a very lucky transit. On the long term Solar Arc progressions for David there are just 3 active just now. SA Mercury trine natal North Node, signifying a meeting with others in a public arena (the fight) and weirdly SA Neptune square natal Sun and also square natal Pluto. Neptune is incredibly difficult to equate as it can represent from inspiration to the loss of ego, even deception and illegality. According to Noel Tyl, SA Neptune square to Pluto can come up with unusual problems, peculiar experiences and even death experiences. Maybe a controversial verdict will affect him in some way?

DavidHaye transits

Right, down to prediction time. Just on what I see in the astrology alone, I favour Haye to win over Klitschko, possibly by knock-out in the early to mid rounds. The longer it goes, the more I see an even fight. As I am British, you will expect me to favour the London boxer, however Haye’s Solar Arc transits from Neptune do worry me somewhat. Maybe there will be a strange happening, or unexpected event to throw doubt over the whole evening – maybe a strange decision after 12 rounds by the judges?

Overall I just think from what I see that it is Haye’s time to shine in the spotlight, while Wladimir’s transits suggest that he is ready to move on to pastures new. However, this is heavyweight boxing after all, and nothing is 100% certain. Many weird happenings have happened in the ring before, and will again, and I would never advise anyone to bet on the outcome of the fight based my predictions alone, especially as Neptune is heavily involved on David’s progressed chart. If you do decide to do so, it is at your own risk.

Who do you think will win and why? Please feel free to comment…

Enjoy the fight and may the best and strongest fighter win…

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rachael Weisz and Daniel Craig – A newlywed couple swimming in the same direction

weisz craig

Over the weekend James Bond actor Daniel Craig was married to Oscar winning actress Rachael Weisz. To all accounts, they had been dating since Christmas, so this is quite a swift decision by the two of them to get married.

Both Daniel and Rachael are Sun sign Pisces, Daniel was born on 3rd March 1968 in Chester, England and Rachael on 7th March 1970 in London. For them to have tied the knot so quickly, there must have been an instant connection between them and looking at the astrology it bears out very well.

Craig Weisz synastry

Rachael has a Sun Moon conjunction in Pisces which conjuncts also with Daniel’s Sun. A Sun/Moon conjunction is the archetypal marriage aspect, one partner’s personality merging with the other’s emotions, they complement each other very well. The other really powerful tie between the two is that Rachael’s Sun conjuncts exactly with Daniel’s North Node. There will be a very powerful tie between them, almost like that they have met before somewhere. Some believe that the Nodal axis shows our past lives and our future direction, and a Sun and North Node connection is the indication that indeed these two were together in a previous existence and are continuing to settle issues that were left over from their previous lives.

Elsewhere on the synastry chart, there is a dynamic connection between Rachael’s Venus being opposite to Daniel’s Uranus. There will be an electric attraction between the two. Both Daniel and Rachael’s Mars sit in go ahead Aries so there will be plenty of fiery passion, and Rachael’s Uranus sits opposite Daniel’s heavy Mars Saturn conjunction. She will challenge Daniel to break free from old routines and push him to do new exciting ventures. Will her influence pull him away from the Bond franchise where Daniel has become a household name? One thing for sure is that Rachael’s Mercury sits opposite Daniel’s Jupiter and her Mars trines it too so communication will be free and open and there will be a lovely optimistic feeling to this union. They will need a fair amount of freedom to make this marriage truly work which being actors they will surely get. 

On the composite chart which is a more long term view of the relationship. There is a wide yet nice Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction which is loving and good for communication. Also we see a Pluto, Uranus & Jupiter conjunction opposite to the Moon. This opposition shows plenty of heavy emotion, possibly jealousy if problems arise and a need for freedom and space within the relationship however Jupiter adds a lightness of touch and a willingness to do things together which is very helpful. The opposition forms a wedge with Neptune at the point, very much a sign that this is a creative union (Neptune rules the film industry) and there is a dreamy, fantasy edge to it. Neptune squares both Venus and Mercury so they should try to avoid deceiving one another, less there may be great disappointment however there is plenty of love, kindness  and sympathy between the two. The only other possible down point is a conjunction between composite Mars and Saturn. This can be difficult to live with, when one says go, the other will stay stop, one will be hot while the other is cold. They may be constantly getting in the way of each other, which may need to cutting remarks or sarcasm. Work commitments should allow each other plenty of space and hopefully ease any tensions between them.

Craig Weisz composite

No union is perfect, but these two fish seem very happy in the same pond and I think there is plenty of good aspects to outweigh any difficult ones. Having both been through broken marriages before, I think they will try hard to make this one work and I believe that they have a decent chance of having a long happy life together.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton – An astrological study of the royal couple in waiting.

wills and kate

Here in the UK, we seem to have a very relaxed attitude this time around to the wedding of William and Kate Middleton in a couple of weeks time. Maybe the current mood in the UK reflects the relationship of the happy couple to be? What do the stars have in store for them? Let’s take a look…

Although we only have a confirmed birth time for William and not Kate, luckily after looking at the potential time that Kate could have been born at on 9th January 1982, it does not make too much of a difference to the synastry and combined charts for them both.

WilliamPrinceKate synastry

Prince William is only 5 months younger than Kate so the compared charts for the two are very similar in respect of the outer planets. Looking at the faster moving planets from the Sun through to Saturn, the relationship between the two is rather lovely. William is a New Moon Cancerian, so very emotional and security conscious and his Sun and Moon are complemented nicely by Kate’s serious Capricorn Sun and her Moon also in Cancer. Emotionally they are in tune and when William does worry as Cancerians invariably do, then Kate will keep his feet on the ground. William has a very chatty, on the go Mercury in Gemini. He will always want to keep up with the latest news and his brain is very restless, flitting from one subject to the next. Kate’s Mercury in cool technical Aquarius is in trine aspect. Both Mercurys are in air signs, so this couple will forever be chatting, picking each other’s brains for ideas; with Kate’s Mars trine William’s Mercury there will plenty of lively debate between the two. In relationships, communication is key to long term success and William and Kate will never have problems in this side of things.

Kate’s Mercury and Venus sit together in Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius often conveys film star looks especially to women and Kate certainly has star quality fizzing out of her, a sort of cool unapproachable yet hugely kind and sympathetic appeal. Her Venus is in trine aspect to William’s Mars, the classic Venus/Mars combination of the star struck lovers. This is an easy going romantic love between them and they will be very comfortable in each other’s company. With Mars conjunct Mars with one degree of each other, they will push each other forward in their respective goals and projects. The only slight problem on the synastry chart is a “potential” square between Kate’s Moon and William’s Saturn. His duties will put a dampener on her emotional state. If Kate was born between around 10.00 and 14.00, then her Moon conjuncts William’s north node, a sort of fated connection – almost like that they were always meant to be together. All in all, the match between them is remarkably relaxed and easy going, and the mood of the British public can be seen in the relaxed vibe they send out.

Looking more long term, I move to the composite chart. Here the lack of a birth time does not affect the overall look of the chart radically – I have looked the the possibilities of Kate being born from early morning to late at night. Over time couples change, their priorities differ as they get older and the composite chart can show how any tensions may play themselves out over the course of the relationship. This composite chart is very interesting.

KateMiddletonWilliam composite

The thing I notice immediately is a powerful t-square between Sun Mercury opposite Mars squaring onto the Moon at the point of the t-square. The Sun Mercury reflects the synastry chart in that there will always be good communication between William and Kate and there is love and friendship with Sun Mercury in conjunction to Venus. The square to the Moon and more pointedly the opposition to Mars indicate plenty of energy that will drive on the relationship. The Sun Moon square can be tricky and troublesome and is often seen in the chart of people infatuated with each. The addition of Mars in the mix will mean that when there is a disagreement there will be a full on shouting match, however the resentment will not last. Mars is able to forgive and forget quite easily.

Composite Mars is conjunct Saturn which is at the best frustrating. It’s almost like when one is hot, the other is cold. When one wants to act, the other doesn’t. Kate and William over time may work at cross purposes to each other and this is something they will have to adjust to, giving each other enough space to compensate for their differing moods and desires. One other problem on the horizon is the quindecile between Pluto and Sun/Mercury. This indicates a power struggle behind the scenes. Remember one day William will be King, however the one with her feet firmly on the ground will be Kate. Capricorns by their very nature being ruled by Saturn like to have authority and to run things. Will serious Kate try to run things from behind the scenes? Taken to extremes, an opposition between Pluto and the Sun can lead to all out warfare if a relationship does break up. Now I am not saying that this will happen for sure, however the possibility of an intense power struggle over time does exist. Pluto widely conjuncts Jupiter which suggests growth. The longer they can stay together, the more they will benefit from the union, in understanding and wisdom. The composite chart also does show an electric attraction between the two with Venus in trine aspect to Uranus. This is the spark that brought them together, the moment when Kate walking down the catwalk at a fashion show caught William’s eye, and forever that attraction will remain between them.

All synastry and composite charts have good and bad points and the essence of a marriage is to adapt, to change and grow with your partner. What I can say is that there is great communication, attraction and love between them and if they can resist the temptation to step on each others shoes in their very public roles in the future, then this marriage to be has a very real chance of being a successful one.

When the marriage does take place and we have an official time, I will add to this post by looking at the marriage chart.

Prince William – born 21st June 1982 in London at 21.03

Kate Middleton – born 9th January 1982 in Reading, Berkshire – as yet no birth time.

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