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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Iran Protests – Illustrating the effects of Uranus preparing to turn direct.

The city of Yadz in Iran

On my summary of the upcoming New Moon on 1st/2nd January I mentioned that the planet of disruption, protest and revolution Uranus was getting ready to turn direct on the same day that the Full Moon hit, and to expect changes in direction over value systems. Well, right on cue there are protests starting to gather in Iran and yes, Uranus is directly involved.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Peru – Public protests at controversial Presidential pardon.

Peru Protests

Hi everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas. Astrology never stops and I like to think that on my page I cover things that other Astrologers don't because I think they are worthy of comment. This is one of those occasions where the event highlights an important link to the past in Astrology.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Romania – Born out of the shadow of death and revolution


I was asked by a loyal follower of mine Maia about the situation in Romania, and true to my word, I'm responding to her request, and actually it's quite appropriate. Modern Romania was born on the moment Nicolae Ceausescu fled by helicopter on 22nd December 1989 from the headquarters of the Communist Party in what used to be called Palace Square (now known as Revolution Square) in Central Bucharest. There had been demonstrations against the Ceausescu regime in Timisoara and 8 minutes into his speech in Bucharest on a freezing cold morning in front of an agitated crowd, the people scarred by years of impoverishment rounded on him defying years of state terror and control. Their patience had finally snapped after years of suffering and communist lead failure, and the protests turned into a full scale revolution. Fearing for his safety, Ceausescu fled to a waiting helicopter and escaped seconds before he was caught. He was located days later, immediately tried, convicted and sentenced to death; a sentence carried out in brutal fashion in front a firing squad. There was a news report from a Yugoslav news agency TanJug at mentioning the fleeing of Ceausescu at 11.48am in Bucharest, and this is the time I take for the moment that Romania turned a corner.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Sweden Riots - A self fulfilling prophesy, or meant to be?


burnt car

This one really gets me. A few days ago Donald Trump came out with the "Sweden" tag line. You know the one, Islamic extremist problems in Sweden. That quote went around the world because nothing ever happens in Sweden, I mean Swedes (and I mean this in total jest) are laid back, Volvo driving, blonde haired pacifists. Now I mean who ever heard of a riot in Sweden!!! Well actually there was one in 2012 but apart from then...Now a couple of days later from Trump's speech in Florida and..... Hey Presto, riots in Stockholm!!!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Ukraine protests escalate again.

ukraine protests

Ukraine is back in the news as a night of violence erupted in the capital city Kiev. Protesters still camped in Independence Square in the heart of the city clashed with riot police as they tried to get to the Parliamentary building after Viktor Yanukovych the Ukraine President enacted new laws designed to restrict basic public freedoms.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Ethnic tensions plague South Sudan

South Sudan

Back to the Astrology, I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas. I have been saying that the dangerous degrees on any chart at the moment are 10-12 degrees of most signs as they are in range of Pluto, Uranus and Mars which is starting to slow a little now and this leads me onto the country of South Sudan.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Turkey in turmoil as anti Government protests increase


What started out as a peaceful demonstration 4 days ago against the demolition of Gezi Park, one of the few green spaces in Istanbul to make way for a shopping mall, has mushroomed into an all encompassing mass protest against the government of Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan who has been in charge in Turkey for 12 years. The ruling AKP party has become more authoritarian and hard line in recent years and the fear has been that Turkey’s secular stance is being eroded away in favour of more Islamist policies. Even recently the Turkish government brought in a new law banning the sale of alcohol between 22.00 and 06.00 hrs inflaming tensions in the more Western leaning Turkish cities of Istanbul and Izmir and the coastal resorts which rely on the tourist trade for much of their income.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Anti Western protests expand across the Arab world.

Burning the US Flag

Oh dear. I’ve been seeing the signs of these protests for the past few days in the planet star conjunctions. From Cairo to Khartoum and Sana’a anti-American and latterly anti–Western sentiment is rising, caused it seems by a YouTube video posted online in the US which insults Muslims and Islam. Of course we do have the matter of the Uranus Pluto square exact on the 19th September which is in the background revving up initial anger into full scale rioting.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Empire State Building shooting in New York City as 2 people killed and 10 people injured.


A quick note on the Empire State Building shooting reported this morning during the rush hour in NYC - it happened at the corner of 5th Avenue & 34 St if you know New York. I understand so far that 2 people were killed and at least 10 injured. This is a part of New York I personally know quite well as a few year ago on holiday I stayed just a few blocks from this corner.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Pluto meets Facies in Capricorn – A history lesson of debt, taxes & rebellion.

1764 stamp act

In Astrology it is often worth going back into history to work out the lessons from times past. At the moment those in the Astrology world are transfixed by the Uranus/Pluto square that is exact for the first time later this month, however I have turned my attention to a sub-plot that is also going on in the heavens that happens only once in every around 248 years which I believe is no less significant, a conjunction between Pluto in Capricorn and the fixed star Facies.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tension and discontent rising once again in the United Kingdom

UK strike protests

Slowly, imperceptibly tension and discontent in the UK is rising once again. Looking at the UK horoscope confirms the fact that beneath the surface, all is not right and the people are getting rather exasperated with cuts, austerity and their standards of living dropping at an alarming rate. The budget held in March (yearly financial report and proposals by the chancellor of the exchequer) was widely panned and, on the surface imposed yet more restrictions on the majority including an unpopular freeze on the state pensions while approving a 5% tax cut for the most wealthy in society – bad public relations and timing if ever you wanted it. Even the current weather fits the current mood. So ironic that once a drought warning was issued for half the country, the heavens opened and it simply hasn’t stopped raining since. One thing all governments need to bear in mind is that the British people like to protest and to rebel – it is inherent in the UK psyche with Uranus in conjunction with the more easy going Libran ascendant. Those protests often stay under the surface until time is right (Uranus in 12th house), but when we decide to let loose those feelings, we let those in power really know about it.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bahrain – Grand Prix lights the fire for protest.


Bahrain protests

The arrival of the Grand Prix circus to Bahrain, associated with it’s glamorous image & high profile sponsors proved too much of an opportunity for the Shia opponents of the Sunni ruling dynasty to ignore. Since last year when the uprising on the island kingdom of Bahrain was brutally crushed by King Al Khalifa, tensions have been simmering under the surface. Shia Muslims make up majority of Bahrain’s population and seeing other nations in the region overthrow unwanted dictators, the Bahraini people also attempted (and failed) to change the balance of power last year in the Pearl revolution attempt, named because most of the action took place near the Pearl roundabout, so named as a statue holding a giant pearl is the centrepiece of the financial district of Manama in the heat of the city. The arrival of the grand prix also coincided with the Bahraini natal chart under duress sparking the troubles highlighted in the world media.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Riots in the UK – The Uranus Pluto square part 2. The crackdown has started.


All astrological aspects tend to have more than one meaning. Whereas one set of people will use an aspect in one way, somebody else will use it another way. Being an Astrologer, in prediction it is often very hard to pin down the correct outcome of what will happen because of double meanings. Sometimes you get an effect and then a reaction to that effect.


As the riots hit their peak in the UK I reported about the Uranus Pluto square which was being turned into a t-square by a connection to Mars. Yesterday, the reaction came. Two internet users who incited rioting from their computers via Facebook were convicted to 4 years in prison!! They didn’t loot a shop, they didn’t burn down any buildings, they just set up a Facebook page and suggested their friends meet up and have a riot. Certainly I cannot condone such an action, encouraging people to commit crime is an offence, but 4 years?? Smacks of a complete over-reaction to the situation, doesn’t it?

UnitedKingdom transits

The crackdown comes as a result of the “other” side of the Uranus Pluto square. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Uranus is shocking violent acts and Pluto can mean mass destruction. There is another side to these planets in connection. Uranus is a social planet associated with technology and Pluto can also mean harsh restriction. In effect, a crackdown on social media. The t-square with Mars is still in force, but now Mars has moved on to conjunct with the UK Midheaven. The decisions made police and authorities represented by Mars are now having a public effect. The transiting Sun is also directly square the UK Saturn so the Government are supportive of these harsh measures. Transiting Jupiter is trine the UK Sun, so the legal processes is being overloaded (2000 court cases in just over a week) and with transiting Jupiter conjunct the UK natal Mars, the authorities are being over zealous in the punishments they are handing out. Finally, transiting Saturn is hitting the UK South Node, a very difficult and authoritarian position. No wonder the more liberal members of society are reacting with disgust to the sentences being given.

Pluto as I have said before never knows when to stop and we in the UK are now on the receiving end of the harsh energies it encourages, both in the cause of the riots and now the hard-line retaliation by those in charge. Restricting social media, tapping into BlackBerry messenger by the police; all these issues are being discussed and quite frankly if measures like these are taken and passed into law, it will only incite more vitriol from those in society who have incorporated these things into their daily life. The youth of the UK live by social media. The last thing you want to do is incite another riot by disaffecting them even more, do you?

I only hope that some common sense can be found in the wreckage of what is going on right now in Britain. Those in charge should be using their energies and intelligence to find a more permanent solution to the considerable problems in the country, especially to those on the edges of society, otherwise when transiting Pluto conjuncts the UK natal Sun in January 2013**, all hell may break loose.


My previous post - The Uranus Pluto square – Britain burns. Riots in Tottenham, Lewisham, Hackney, Peckham and right across London.


** The effects of this connection may well be felt in Summer of 2012 when Pluto comes within 1 degree of exact conjunction with the UK Sun.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

The Uranus Pluto square – Britain burns. Riots in Tottenham, Lewisham, Hackney, Peckham and right across London.


Just at the moment we are experiencing one of the most difficult square formations I have seen in my lifetime, a close formation involving a Uranus/Pluto square. The last time we saw a Uranus Pluto connection on this scale was back in the revolutionary mid-to late sixties when Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction. There were a string of coups and internal uprisings across the world. This square is likely to be more potent and destructive as it is in cardinal signs, the conjunction was in mutable Virgo. This square started to take a firm hold last Summer in June/July and is going to stay in operation for the next 3-4 years. Uranus in action is the harbinger of shocking things, of accidents; it encourages unpredictable and rebel action. Uranus is also a very socially orientated planet, connected with technology. You never know how a connection to Uranus will pan out, other than you know something will happen. Uranus picks you up by the bootlaces and drags you into the unknown. Pluto as I have said many times before either destroys all in it’s path or it blocks things up completely so nothing can move, forcing major action to happen to shift the blockage. Pluto clears a path so that new structures can be built. It encourages metamorphosis, allowing change and the ability to renew in the future. Pluto can be responsible for underground action, for depravity, for torture, death and destruction. Right now both planets connected are in cardinal signs. Cardinal signs encourage positive action, they encourage one to put your foot forward & to move on. This is especially representative of the sign Aries, and Uranus is now sitting there. Putting both Pluto and Uranus together in a tension aspect as we have now and already you have seen the power and potential for massive social change.

Right now, Uranus and Pluto are being joined by Mars. Mars is aggression, the planet of war and violence and right on cue across London simmering anger over the shooting of Mark Duggan at point blank range by the police turned to violence. There is a police investigation going on to find out why that action was taken, however this trigger point gave the excuse for the arson, violence and looting to begin. Pluto is in Capricorn the planet of authority, of administration, government and businesses. London and the UK are affected as the UK Ascendant lies at 7 Libra, right in the firing line of a square from transiting Pluto. In London, we have seen all these elements I explained combining. Enraged rebel groups using technology and violence to target businesses, shops and the police. The social and technological element of this square make it almost impossible to hold down. In London BlackBerry messenger, twitter, mobile phones and other social media have allowed the trouble to spread like a wildfire. In the Arab world, the effect has been the same. Internet cafes were the focal point to co-ordinate the attacks on the dictatorships first Tunisia, then Egypt fell, then Yemen. Libya is in a protracted struggle for change as is Syria. Governments and authorities are struggling to contain the speed and connectivity of the rioters, who can change tactics as fast as the local police and forces can. This is an element that they will have to get used to, and fast otherwise mob rule and anarchy could take over the streets as this vicious square continues to wreak havoc.


Worrying times then. So, what does the future hold? Mars in the next couple of days will tighten this square to become exact so more than likely the violence, looting of shops and trouble in London will get worse. As I write, areas in Hackney and Lewisham are seeing trouble and I fear that by midweek, what we see now in London could turn even nastier and spread across the UK, this is a situation affecting the whole country. The current t-square may hit it’s peak by midweek, the 10th/11th August. Following on what is happening now, we may see something dramatic happen around the 17th August 11 as the July 1st solar eclipse degree (9:12 Cancer) is activated by transiting Mars. I’m not just talking in the UK here. Then Venus moves in to square Uranus and Pluto in mid September. The next real pinch point will then be November this year, as transiting Mars makes a square to it’s position right now as well as being square to it’s own eclipse degree point 7:17 Gemini late in the month. On 27th November Pluto returns to it’s eclipse degree point 6:07 Capricorn, something I have pointed out in a previous post. As Venus, Mars and the faster moving planets connect back to the on-going Uranus/Pluto square the potential for a major events erupting like the London riots is a definite possibility. This pattern will continue on for the next couple of years; I think it is going to be a very bumpy ride.

Timeline – dates to watch out for in 2011/12

4th / 10th August – Mars at 2-6 Cancer square to Uranus Pluto square

17th August – Mars hits 9:12 Cancer (the eclipse degree of July 1st 11)

16th /19th Sept – Venus at 2-6 Cancer square to Uranus Pluto square

22nd Sept – Venus at 9:12 Cancer (the eclipse degree of July 1st 11)

27th Nov – Mars at 7 Virgo (square to her own July 1st eclipse degree of 7:17 Gemini)  - Pluto at 6:07 Capricorn returns to exact position of 1st July.

25th Mar 2012 – Uranus at 4:32 Aries (the eclipse degree of July 1st 11)

10-18 Jul 2012 – Mars at 3-9 Libra square to Pluto & opposite to Uranus. This comes just over one week before the London Olympics - London Olympics chart - 1 year to go

To see the UK natal chart – please follow through to this link - UK Natal Chart

Pluto Uranus and Mars in action – Here are some of the latest pictures of the anarchy on the London streets in the past couple of days…




riot 2

riot 6


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