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Friday, 7 April 2017

America strikes back at Syria for the 4th April chemical attack


Tomahawk missile

Good morning everyone. President Trump has entered the Syrian Crisis in a big way tonight ordering a a very specific and targeted attack on the air base from where the 4th April chemical attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun was launched. According to reports 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired at the Syrian base from American war ship based in the eastern Mediterranean. The Russians, who use the base for helicopter missions were apparently given a short warning in advance that the attack was imminent. I would assume that the Russians in turn told the Syrians that President Trump was due to act against them. It took place just before 04.00am local time and I hear that it was aimed at aircraft, aircraft hangers, operations buildings, technical equipment and oil storage at the airfield.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Israel Hamas ceasefire - The forces of calm win over the need for aggression, for now…


Hi everyone. Today, the 1st August is the day of my solar return, my actual birthday is tomorrow and the skies above us show today is a day of contrasts and calmer waters to swim in. The main connection and action today as this ceasefire kicks in and talks begin is at 16 degrees of Cancer where Venus is moving, 16 degrees of Scorpio with Saturn and 16 degrees of Aries where we find Uranus.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Israel & Palestine - Why these two peas don't fit in the same pod.


After the latest news today that an Israeli bomb hit a UN run school in Gaza killing 15 and injuring over 200 people, I decided to have a look at the Astrology between these two bitter rivals both squabbling over the same land. If you want to know why these enemies always seem to end up fighting and killing each other, just look at each Astrology chart against each other. It is very easy to see why…

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bus bomb in Tel Aviv injures 10 people.

Tel aviv bus

This could be a critical point in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. A bomb has exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv and initial reports say it has injured at least 10 people. It occurs as transiting Uranus is exactly square (0:01 degrees) to the Israeli natal Venus and is also trine the Israeli Moon representing the people. Venus the main target of this square rules the Israeli Ascendant and 8th house of death on the Israeli chart. The Moon sits in the 10th and rules the 10th of public reputation. Mars and Pluto also opposes Venus from the 3rd house of transportation.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Conflict in Israel – Pressure mounts to find a solution


The situation in Israel is teetering on the edge of all out civil war as the massed ranks of Israeli reserve troops stand ready on the border of Gaza waiting for the signal to enter the province. In the meantime, Israeli jets scream overhead making surgical strikes within the warren of streets in Gaza City and the rockets fly from the Hamas militants towards Israeli towns and settlements. The diplomats around the world are scurrying around trying to find a peace settlement, but trying to find any middle ground between these two peoples who both claim this land as their own is hugely difficult.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Syria - Autumn eclipses signal time for Assad to leave.


One has got to say that President Assad of Syria is nothing if not a clever operator. The fact that he is still holding onto power despite a year and a half of violence which turned into full blown civil war in Syria shows he has been able to keep the core of his support on his side. No less than 7 planets in mutable signs, all except Mars, Venus and Neptune make him able to twist and turn his position to his advantage. Now however, the heavens are turning against him. David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister on tour in the Middle East signalled today that he would agree to the safe passage of Assad out of Syria, if it meant an end to the bloodshed there. It just so happens that the next two new and full Moons are eclipses, and they will hit vital areas of Assad’s own chart and the Assad family regime one, so that request for Assad to go may well be heeded.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Anti Western protests expand across the Arab world.

Burning the US Flag

Oh dear. I’ve been seeing the signs of these protests for the past few days in the planet star conjunctions. From Cairo to Khartoum and Sana’a anti-American and latterly anti–Western sentiment is rising, caused it seems by a YouTube video posted online in the US which insults Muslims and Islam. Of course we do have the matter of the Uranus Pluto square exact on the 19th September which is in the background revving up initial anger into full scale rioting.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Egypt’s president Mursi upsets Assad regime as he backs the rebel forces.

Mohammed Mursi

A real bombshell in Tehran today as Mohammed Mursi told a summit in Tehran that Assad’s was a oppressive regime and everyone there has a duty to back the uprising in Syria He went on that the current situation of the Syrian people was equivalent to that faced by the Palestinian people. In drawing this line in the sand over the civil war going on in Syria, the Syrian delegation promptly walked out of the conference. This really has opened up a can of worms in the Middle East, and if you look at Mursi’s chart against that of Syria, you can see exactly why.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Syria – Three of Assad’s inner circle killed in bomb blast.


Reports out of Damascus today say that 3 of the top members of President Assad’s inner circle were killed by a suicide bomber. President Bashar al-Assad's brother-in-law, Deputy Defence Minister Gen Asef Shawkat, as well as Defence Minister Gen Daoud Rajiha and former Defence Minister Hassan Turkomani were caught up in the blast severely weakening the hold of Assad over an increasingly militant and unsettled Syrian population.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Understanding the world’s muted response to the Syrian massacres through the stars.

Saying goodbye

It’s an awful picture, isn’t it? Here are the residents of Houla in Syria burying their dead after 110 women and children were mercilessly killed by government troops. As I have found over the past year and a half in doing my website, if I look hard enough, I can see the answers to almost any world event through either the horoscope or through the relationships between the planets and the stars. In the past fortnight in Houla  and again tonight in Hamah, the atrocities keep coming and yet the world stands idly by. Why? I’ll try my best to explain.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bahrain – Grand Prix lights the fire for protest.


Bahrain protests

The arrival of the Grand Prix circus to Bahrain, associated with it’s glamorous image & high profile sponsors proved too much of an opportunity for the Shia opponents of the Sunni ruling dynasty to ignore. Since last year when the uprising on the island kingdom of Bahrain was brutally crushed by King Al Khalifa, tensions have been simmering under the surface. Shia Muslims make up majority of Bahrain’s population and seeing other nations in the region overthrow unwanted dictators, the Bahraini people also attempted (and failed) to change the balance of power last year in the Pearl revolution attempt, named because most of the action took place near the Pearl roundabout, so named as a statue holding a giant pearl is the centrepiece of the financial district of Manama in the heat of the city. The arrival of the grand prix also coincided with the Bahraini natal chart under duress sparking the troubles highlighted in the world media.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Iran lays down the law to America in the Gulf of Hormuz


There is serious sabre rattling in the Gulf right now, and tensions are rising as Iran tested 3 medium range missiles after a week of “military” manoeuvres and then told the US 5th fleet not to return to it’s base in Bahrain, lest Iran may act in retaliation. As if the Iranians are going to engage the Americans when they do go back (they wouldn’t dare), however with Iran flexing it’s muscles and getting potentially closer to building a nuclear device of their own, this is brinkmanship that the region could do without.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Turkey – Will Erdogan decide to intervene by sending Turkish forces into Syria to topple Assad?


I have been keeping a close eye on the Turkish national chart over the past few weeks as I suspected that Turkey may hold the key to one or more of the problems in the Middle East region. Now with the Syrian crisis really heating up right on Turkey’s south east border, an area traditionally dominated by Kurdish citizens, I have a distinct feeling that Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister may decide to act before any disturbance spills over into his country.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Syria Protests – Pressure mounts on Assad as the Syrian crisis reaches the end game

syria protests
Back on 22nd March I looked at Syria and I predicted that the end of this particular saga would come in December this year. Right on cue the Arab league, Jordan’s King Abdullah, the European Union  in the form of sanctions and harsh criticism from Turkey are all tightening the noose around the neck of President Assad of Syria. Violence has escalated in the past couple of weeks and finally there may be a resolution to the situation before too long. I am reposting what I wrote back in March and afterwards I will look in a bit more detail how the end may come.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

As calls for a Palestinian state grow louder in Ramallah, is this a defining time for the state of Israel?


In Ramallah in the West Bank, the crowds are gathering ahead of a United Nations meeting in New York where the sticky problem of Israel & Palestinian independence is to be discussed. Their hope is that a Palestinian delegation visiting the UN this Friday can garner enough support (a two thirds majority) to put enough pressure on the United States and Israel to accept that Palestine should be allowed to gain autonomy. The likelihood is that this majority can be achieved at the UN, but crucially the US and Israel will almost certainly vote against it, potentially causing an almighty split, and plunging the region into a new wave of conflict & violence caused by disaffection with the whole process. How do the charts look?

Palestine transit

The Palestinian chart formed on 15th November 1988 at 01.40 am in Jerusalem is picking a conjunction that is fuelling this uprising, Uranus conjunct to natal Mars. Looking at the natal chart, Mars sits in the Palestinian 7th house of relationships, the Palestinians have always been associated with violence and the fight for freedom, with Hamas and the PLO. Now the planet of freedom and independence, Uranus is conjunct to that reactionary Mars. Transiting Mars is now trine this connection and passing through confident Leo. The pressure is quickly building and there is direct action asking the World to back a Palestinian nation. Transiting Uranus is also square to natal Saturn, so here is a real bid to put back the barriers (Saturn) to bring about a new order. Uranus through Aquarius on the Palestinian chart rules the 6th house of the ordinary people and Aries ruled by Mars is on the cusp of the 8th house of change, death & underground action. If the people calling for change don’t get their way then the ramifications are clear. Uranus is a planet of revolution and progress, and if it’s will is not accepted, then violence and shock action will take place.

There are always two sides to this story so it is wise to look at the Israeli angle. The thing to notice is that transiting Saturn is closing in on the Libran Israeli ascendant. Looking back to last time Saturn was in this position, the Lebanon war was just beginning. At that time, Southern Lebanon had become home for 110,000 Palestinian refugees who had fled their homes in Palestine as well as home for the PLO. The war lasted 2 years and dragged in forces from Lebanon and Syria. The fact that Saturn is soon to cross the Ascendant again will have ramifications for Israel and her leaders. Capricorn on the Israeli chart is on the cusp of the 4th house, which amongst other things rules the land of the country. Questions of territory are going to dominate. Saturn hits the ascendant in the first week of November. This is going to be a critical time when decisions are going to be made.

Israel transits

We also have a couple of other interesting oppositions. Transiting Pluto is opposite the Israeli Venus in the 9th house. Pluto can be translated as a blockage or constriction but also transformation, death and destruction and Venus often in Mundane Astrology represents diplomacy. Will diplomacy cause Israel to change it’s tune? Will Israel’s need for control of it’s land and borders block all efforts for a peaceful solution to this problem, leading to violence and death? Venus through Libra rules the Israeli chart, so the way the Israelis use this Pluto energy will be crucial. We also have transiting Neptune opposing the Israeli Mars. Neptune is often associated with mobs, with the collective as well as suffering and confusion, and it rules through Aries on the cusp of the 6th house of the common people and the workers. This explains why people are now on the streets coming together calling for change? When transiting Mars conjoins natal Mars also in the first week of November, the potential for violence and suffering I think is very large. Through all this, Uranus stays very much in square to the Israeli Venus and trine to the Israeli Moon which through Cancer rules the Israeli leadership. This as I see it, is revolution and revolt against the ruling establishment, the lawmakers, coming from within the Israeli borders. I can see the potential of the Palestinian people having had enough of the situation, seeing their hoped dashed and deciding to force the issue themselves, just like their brothers in sisters in Egypt and Libya, Syria and Tunisia.

The whole situation could get very messy, the United States could really isolate itself from the rest of the world in supporting Israel, in the process upsetting the Arab world and ratcheting up tension in the Middle East. Astrological history tells us that violence and conflict does come in cycles, and this time with many of the planets in cardinal signs, direct action is something that will precipitate this time very easily. It is worrying, and one hopes that at the end of this week, the correct decisions to take the heat out of the rising tensions in Palestine and Israel can be found.    

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