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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus – April and May 2016

Mercury retrograde[3]

Hi everyone. I’m just giving the normal warning today about the impending Mercury retrograde that starts tomorrow on the 28th April and lasts until the 22nd May when it stops and turns direct once again.

Now I've found Mercury retrograde to be mildly irritating, a time when complications just get in the way of ordinary life, especially at work, as Mercury in my own chart sits in my 10th house of career. That's where I seem to feel it most and you will find that you will tend to sense things not being as they should or you will get delays, breakdowns, and the same irritations wherever your Mercury lies in your own chart. You may also sense things not going correctly or smoothly in the part of your own chart covered by the degrees 14-23 degrees Taurus, the Retrograde hit zone this time around. You also tend to go over old ground when Mercury starts to move backwards, or meet old friends. As other Astrologers say (and I agree with them) any actions beginning with "Re-" will be more prevalent now, redoing, revisiting, reacquainting, revising, readjusting... etc etc etc

Now the day or two around the station points (tomorrow through 29th April) I find the most potent as Mercury comes to a stop. This is where disruption in life will be the most acute, so look out for travel delays, things breaking or going wrong and misunderstandings happening.

This first station at 23.36 Taurus lands close to the star Capulus in the constellation of Perseus. Capulus is quite a brutal and confrontational star, so look out for verbal attacks and severe criticism in the world around us in the next day or two. Capulus represents the sword of Perseus, so expect arguments and withering criticism against things being cut down or reduced in size, or against what was said or decided previously. There may be transport, educational or service cuts that annoy and disrupt. Personal and society values and what we ourselves hold dear in our own lives (Taurus) are going to be a key theme in the next three weeks.

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Uranus & Mercury Retrograde July 2012 – Searching for the higher truth to set our minds free.


Uranus, the planet of rebellion, of disruption, independent spirit and thought turns retrograde on 13th July for it’s annual 155 day retrograde period. This happens on a regular basis and normally one would not take so much notice, however this time Uranus is now in a series of square aspects to Pluto and it’s turn to retrograde motion coincides with Mercury, the planet of communication and of the mind turning retrograde too a couple of days later on 15th July. What’s more, these two planets which represent the way we think are in trine aspect in the skies above us.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Full Moon in Capricorn on 3rd July 12 – Intense and practical, emotional and unpredictable.

full moon

On the back of all the intense planetary activity that has been swirling around in the past fortnight, we have a really notable full Moon forming on 3rd July in Capricorn as she conjuncts with Pluto in opposing the Sun making a t-square with Uranus at the focus point (see below). On the same day Mars shifts from Virgo into Libra, the sign of relationships. How will all this pan out? I try to decipher it for once using my own personal experiences.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

“Water World” discovered by scientists on the day of the new Moon in Pisces.


Oh how appropriate!! On the day of the new Moon in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune, astronomers confirmed that a new planet consisting mainly of water does exist in the outer reaches of the solar system. Planet GJ 1214b to give it it’s official title is hotter and larger than our Earth, but smaller than Jupiter. If you were to visit, you’d be boiled alive, as the predicted temperature is around 370 degree Fahrenheit, very hot and steamy indeed. The new discovery is 30 light years away from the Earth and was first spotted by ground telescopes in Chile. Since then, the Hubble space telescope has been trained on it and finally today of all days it’s existence was made known to the world.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Moon in Pisces – Beware of an unexpected storm.


I don’t often look at New Moons on Solaris Astrology unless they are eclipses. The New Moon in Pisces this month is a little different, and appears to my eyes at least as if it will be quite potent. The New Moon presents a decent time for us to start off new ideas and get things off the ground that we have been working on. This approaching New Moon however definitely has caught my eye. Reaching exactitude on the evening of 21st February UK time, it is a corker and could trigger off any amount of nasty and disruptive action around the world. Let me explain…

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Saturn Retrograde – Teaching you patience and discipline.


Tomorrow on 8th February 2012, Saturn goes into retrograde mode, pulling back for a last time in Libra before it moves into the sign of Scorpio. Saturn has been moving through Libra since November 2009 and has been highlighting partnerships and relationships. The retrograde period will last between the 8th Feb and 26th June.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Neptune in Pisces – The planet of mystery returns home.


On 3rd February Neptune silently & covertly slips permanently into Pisces. Not many people outside those who follow Astrology will realise it, but this will signify a major shift in life on earth. None of us have ever experienced Neptune in Pisces except for the 3-4 months that Neptune dipped it’s toes in the water back in April last year before moving back into Aquarius in early August. This time Neptune stays in it’s own sign until 2025.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Mars Retrograde – Time to reflect on what you’ve done.


Ah Mars, the red planet. The sign of the warrior, the winner, the aggressor. The planet of action, the one which impels us to get of our backsides and go and do something constructive with our lives. The world would go nowhere without the sheer energy and pioneering spirit given by the red planet. Mars moves into retrograde motion tonight at 00.53 London time. What I mean by retrograde motion is that in relation to the movement of the earth, Mars seems to be moving backwards. Just one of those quirks of the orbits that the planets have. Mars goes into retrograde once every 2 years or so for a couple of months.

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Uranus Pluto square – Britain burns. Riots in Tottenham, Lewisham, Hackney, Peckham and right across London.


Just at the moment we are experiencing one of the most difficult square formations I have seen in my lifetime, a close formation involving a Uranus/Pluto square. The last time we saw a Uranus Pluto connection on this scale was back in the revolutionary mid-to late sixties when Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction. There were a string of coups and internal uprisings across the world. This square is likely to be more potent and destructive as it is in cardinal signs, the conjunction was in mutable Virgo. This square started to take a firm hold last Summer in June/July and is going to stay in operation for the next 3-4 years. Uranus in action is the harbinger of shocking things, of accidents; it encourages unpredictable and rebel action. Uranus is also a very socially orientated planet, connected with technology. You never know how a connection to Uranus will pan out, other than you know something will happen. Uranus picks you up by the bootlaces and drags you into the unknown. Pluto as I have said many times before either destroys all in it’s path or it blocks things up completely so nothing can move, forcing major action to happen to shift the blockage. Pluto clears a path so that new structures can be built. It encourages metamorphosis, allowing change and the ability to renew in the future. Pluto can be responsible for underground action, for depravity, for torture, death and destruction. Right now both planets connected are in cardinal signs. Cardinal signs encourage positive action, they encourage one to put your foot forward & to move on. This is especially representative of the sign Aries, and Uranus is now sitting there. Putting both Pluto and Uranus together in a tension aspect as we have now and already you have seen the power and potential for massive social change.

Right now, Uranus and Pluto are being joined by Mars. Mars is aggression, the planet of war and violence and right on cue across London simmering anger over the shooting of Mark Duggan at point blank range by the police turned to violence. There is a police investigation going on to find out why that action was taken, however this trigger point gave the excuse for the arson, violence and looting to begin. Pluto is in Capricorn the planet of authority, of administration, government and businesses. London and the UK are affected as the UK Ascendant lies at 7 Libra, right in the firing line of a square from transiting Pluto. In London, we have seen all these elements I explained combining. Enraged rebel groups using technology and violence to target businesses, shops and the police. The social and technological element of this square make it almost impossible to hold down. In London BlackBerry messenger, twitter, mobile phones and other social media have allowed the trouble to spread like a wildfire. In the Arab world, the effect has been the same. Internet cafes were the focal point to co-ordinate the attacks on the dictatorships first Tunisia, then Egypt fell, then Yemen. Libya is in a protracted struggle for change as is Syria. Governments and authorities are struggling to contain the speed and connectivity of the rioters, who can change tactics as fast as the local police and forces can. This is an element that they will have to get used to, and fast otherwise mob rule and anarchy could take over the streets as this vicious square continues to wreak havoc.


Worrying times then. So, what does the future hold? Mars in the next couple of days will tighten this square to become exact so more than likely the violence, looting of shops and trouble in London will get worse. As I write, areas in Hackney and Lewisham are seeing trouble and I fear that by midweek, what we see now in London could turn even nastier and spread across the UK, this is a situation affecting the whole country. The current t-square may hit it’s peak by midweek, the 10th/11th August. Following on what is happening now, we may see something dramatic happen around the 17th August 11 as the July 1st solar eclipse degree (9:12 Cancer) is activated by transiting Mars. I’m not just talking in the UK here. Then Venus moves in to square Uranus and Pluto in mid September. The next real pinch point will then be November this year, as transiting Mars makes a square to it’s position right now as well as being square to it’s own eclipse degree point 7:17 Gemini late in the month. On 27th November Pluto returns to it’s eclipse degree point 6:07 Capricorn, something I have pointed out in a previous post. As Venus, Mars and the faster moving planets connect back to the on-going Uranus/Pluto square the potential for a major events erupting like the London riots is a definite possibility. This pattern will continue on for the next couple of years; I think it is going to be a very bumpy ride.

Timeline – dates to watch out for in 2011/12

4th / 10th August – Mars at 2-6 Cancer square to Uranus Pluto square

17th August – Mars hits 9:12 Cancer (the eclipse degree of July 1st 11)

16th /19th Sept – Venus at 2-6 Cancer square to Uranus Pluto square

22nd Sept – Venus at 9:12 Cancer (the eclipse degree of July 1st 11)

27th Nov – Mars at 7 Virgo (square to her own July 1st eclipse degree of 7:17 Gemini)  - Pluto at 6:07 Capricorn returns to exact position of 1st July.

25th Mar 2012 – Uranus at 4:32 Aries (the eclipse degree of July 1st 11)

10-18 Jul 2012 – Mars at 3-9 Libra square to Pluto & opposite to Uranus. This comes just over one week before the London Olympics - London Olympics chart - 1 year to go

To see the UK natal chart – please follow through to this link - UK Natal Chart

Pluto Uranus and Mars in action – Here are some of the latest pictures of the anarchy on the London streets in the past couple of days…




riot 2

riot 6


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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The effect of solar eclipses – Danger date 27th November 2011


The actions of Anders Behring Breivik in the last week made me go back and look at the 1st July solar eclipse and low and behold I found a link between his actions and the cardinal cross eclipse of 1st July 2011. Common wisdom in astrology says that at the very moment of the eclipse, the degrees where the planets are found are most important. When in the following weeks and months after an eclipse those degree points are revisited, bad things tend to happen. Solar eclipses through the ages have been known as harbingers of doom.

Now, the eclipse of 1st July had the following set-up. A cardinal cross with the Sun and Moon meeting at 9 degrees 12 Cancer. At the other corners of the cross we see Saturn at 10:43 Libra, Pluto, at 6:07 Capricorn and Uranus at 4:32 Aries. Also note that Mars is linked to the Cardinal Cross by a wedge formation at 7:15 Gemini. All these degrees are danger zones and any future connection to them can set off difficult, even shocking events, because of the nature of the planets.


Uranus was moving forward on the day of the eclipse, but went into retrograde motion (moving backwards) on Monday 11th July, and then it revisited the degree point on Tuesday 19th, just 3 days before Breivik made his move. In my related piece about Breivik, (see link below), I noted how Uranus was the trigger for him to launch his attack on the people of Norway. The movement of Uranus was very slight but in my view significant.  Incidentally once Uranus returns to forward motion, it will revisit 4:32 Aries on 25th March 2012, another date to keep your eyes on. (**see below)

This coincidence made me start to look ahead to see if we will have any potential instances of this happening again in the future months as the other planets move around the chart. I then came upon the 27th November. In the original eclipse chart, Pluto is in retrograde, meaning it would stop reversing and start moving forward again and would hit that 6:07 Capricorn point at some date. It does on 27th November. Not only that, on 27th November, the Sun will be opposite the Solar eclipse Mars and trine the Solar eclipse Uranus. Finally, transiting Mars will be at  7 degrees Virgo, exactly square to it’s 7 degrees Gemini point of 1st July.


If we assume that the same effect will follow as happened with Uranus, then 27th November could be a very explosive time. Pluto is associated with mass destruction, elimination and cruel acts. Mars is tremendous force. The Sun’s relationship to Mars and Uranus over that time period could also be seen as a trigger point. The square between Pluto and Uranus which runs through until 2015 will still be firmly in place, and I think that some nasty event is almost bound to happen around that time. Where exactly on earth, and in what form is a question I cannot answer. Maybe it will be a destructive earthquake or an attack of some sort. All those details will be determined by the Ascendant and Midheaven degrees, as surely a malefic planet will be conjunct the Midheaven and/or Ascendant when any incident occurs. All I can say is the conditions look ripe for something to happen. Having looked at Astrology for many years and seen many nasty events connected to Solar Eclipses, I thought it best to point out the potential of what may occur.

SolarEclipse 27th Nov

Those of us in astrology are not doom mongers. I work with the facts of the planetary placements and work with evidence of what has happened in the past, to point us in the direction of what could happen in the future. On seeing this future potent connection in relation to the past solar eclipse 4 weeks ago, and seeing the shocking events of what happened in Norway last Friday, I see it as a moral duty to point out anything that I see in the future. Hopefully someone more clever than myself can work out what may happen in November as the planets line up to revisit those dangerous degree zones.

Do you have any views on what could happen? Please leave your comments below, they are truly valued and appreciated.   

Please also see – A look at the next eclipse on 25th Nov 2011


** I have seen and predicted the exact duration of personal relationships who met under the same type of Uranus transit, the couple met as Uranus was moving forward, were temporarily separated as Uranus then retrograde passed the same degree point, and finally split several months later as it revisited the degree point (moving forward) for a final time.

Links – Anders Behring Breivik post and the link to transiting Uranus

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Finding the Mother and the Father on a chart

mother & father

A lot of debate in astrological books and articles relate to where exactly you locate the relationship between the client and his/her mother and father on a natal chart. In my experience I look for two indicators for each.  

With regard to the father I always look to The Sun and to Saturn. The Sun and the sign and house it is tenanted in gives a clue to the character and the aspects that affect it often describe the relationship between client and his father. Saturn if it is retrograde of is a sign that the love between the client as a child and the father was affected in some way. Either he was away for periods of time, was uncaring, unusually strict or outright violent or aggressive in some manner.

The mother is shown quite naturally by the Moon and also by the nodal axis. Again like the Sun, the sign and house it the Moon is located in gives a clue to the character and the aspects it receives describe the relationship and tensions. The nodal axis can be very revealing. Any planet tightly conjunct this axis will show a special bond between the client and the  other, the planet involved will show the nature of that bond.

The Midheaven/IC axis will also shed some clues to the Father/Mother relationship. The signs on the cusp of the 4th & 10th houses and the ruling planet associated and their location in the chart & aspects they receive will show how the parents have had an effect on the client.