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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years in jail.

Oscar Pistorius

So now we know. Oscar Pistorius has been sent to prison with a 5 year sentence that will probably end up with parole and remission at about just 10 months behind bars. I think he got off rather lightly for a crime that I think was a little more serious and possibly premeditated than he and his defence council let on.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Huge Jewel Raid in Cannes at the Film Festival


Just reading about the million dollar heist of some jewels in Cannes that were supposed to be worn by many of the red carpet celebrities before the screening of films this week. According to the BBC the jewels were stolen from a safe in the Novotel Hotel room of an employee of exclusive Swiss jewellers Chopard.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

OJ Simpson returns to court to try to get his conviction overturned.


One of America’s more colourful and well known inmates, OJ Simpson the former pro American footballer and actor and the man who amazingly got acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson back in 1995 is back in court to try to persuade officials to grant him a retrial for the “armed robbery” conviction he received in 2008. He strenuously pleads his innocence in this case and there is a school of though that OJ was on the end of some rough justice and a good deal of “pay back” during that particular trial. Looking at the Astrology, it is easy to see why this case has come back around again.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Is Anders Behring Breivik a psychopath?


Back in July 2011 I looked at Anders Behring Breivik and his horoscope and showed his link to the Norway twin terror attack? Since then, the debate has raged on to whether he is a psychotic, a bit of a lunatic or just very focused and dangerous with it. Today in light of the debate raging in Norway over his conviction as being totally sane in carrying out his atrocious acts, I once again I attempt to take a slightly more detailed look into the mind of a mass murderer.

Friday, 20 July 2012

James Eagan Holmes – The astrology of the Aurora shooter.


Ok, details of this guy are a little sketchy but lets have a look at what we have and see if it pulls together. James Eagan Holmes is being held for the murder of 12 people and wounding of several more at the Aurora cinema (movie theatre) which was showing the latest Batman film, “the Dark Knight Rises”. He is now responsible for the worst mass shooting since the Virginia Tech massacre when there were 32 victims in April 2007, and this tragedy occurred very close to Columbine, which occurred in April 99 also in the state of Colorado in the United States.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Luka Magnotta – Beneath the surface, a thoroughly unpleasant individual.

luka magnotta

Luka Magnotta has one of those horoscopes that could go one of two ways, good or bad. It still baffles me why some people can use the energy and planetary combinations in a positive manner, yet some use the energy for evil deeds. Magnotta, for those of you yet unaware of the story, is a porn star actor  (both gay and straight) who has a nasty violent streak within him. It is known that he posted videos on the internet of extreme cruelty to animals including pet cats, and it seems that this obsession for violence got worse. In the past 2 weeks, a 32 year old Chinese student Lin Jun studying at a Montreal University went missing. A few days later a video was posted on the net showing the apparent murder of an Asian man, and the alert really was raised when a human foot was delivered by post to the headquarters of the Canadian Conservative party. The DNA results showed a match between the body part and Lin Jun, and soon a suitcase containing the torso of the body was discovered close to Magnotta’s apartment, where blood was found when the police forced an entry. By this time Magnotta, had fled abroad to France and an international manhunt had been activated, however eventually he was caught on 4th June in an internet cafe in Berlin, by all reports looking at news articles about himself.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Racial attacks in France as police hunt a gunman on a scooter.


Shocking events in France today as a lone gunman on a scooter has hit 3 times in the past week all at racial targets. These incidents including the shooting of a Rabbi and his 6 and 3 year old children has shocked France to the core and has initiated a huge manhunt to catch the killer who also shot 3 Muslin and Caribbean soldiers with the same gun and riding the same motorised scooter.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Anders Behring Breivik – The horoscope of the Norwegian twin terror attacker.


This is the face of the man who yesterday did an unspeakable crime in trying to blow up the governmental office buildings in Oslo, then later that afternoon massacred over 80 students at a political rally on the island of Utoya. Anders Behring Breivik until yesterday had no convictions (except motoring offences to his name) but he was capable it seems of singlehandedly carrying out one of the worst atrocities in recent European history. After finding out his birth date (thanks to Wikipedia) I can now look at the Norwegian twin terror perpetrator.

AndersBehringBreivik natal

Anders Behring Breivik was born apparently on 13th February 1979 (assumed in Oslo). This gives him an Aquarian Sun in conjunction to Mercury and Mars in the same sign. This is a man who will think and act in a radical (Aquarian) way, different to the mainstream of public opinion; he will like to be seen as unique. This combination gives his a very cool independent air, kind yet rather distant and definitely capable of acting on his own. It also contributes to him a very go-ahead attitude, a very sharp mind and just as sharp a temper. This is a man who could lose his cool demeanour if angered. This conjunction connects to every other planet on the chart save Jupiter which sits on it’s own in Leo (I will deal with Jupiter later).

Quindecile to Sun/Mercury/Mars is Saturn and (potentially) the Moon probably in conjunction in Virgo. This is a very conservative mix in personal views. This is a guy who is capable of working in great detail, perfecting anything he does to the ultimate degree and planning actions extremely carefully. Saturn is retrograde and this conjunction tells me that he had problems with both parents when growing up. The mother would have been ultra critical and quite aggressive to him and he would have missed the love of his father. Either he would have been away for a part of his upbringing or maybe he was angry to Anders too. Whichever way, I sense that he would have brought considerable emotional baggage with him into adulthood. This is a very self-critical man and possibly internally nervous, he will worry beneath the cool exterior. Saturn/Moon trine onto Venus in Capricorn, again here are very conservative social views. He would have a desperate need to be listened to and would have the attitude “if you don’t want to listen to me, I’ll show you”.

Feeding into the Sun/Mercury Mars conjunction is a mini grand trine with Neptune in Sagittarius at the point and Pluto in Libra completing the formation. Mars Pluto and Sun Pluto show formidable determination and extreme social views (Pluto in Libra) and a need for power and notoriety. Anders through his actions (Mars) would seek to control and be significant (Pluto trine Sun). These actions would be faith orientated; spiritual Neptune in faith orientated Sagittarius is a big signature of somebody religiously motivated. Breivik was known as a Christian fundamentalist.

Uranus in Scorpio also makes a square to the Sun/Mercury/Mars. Breivik would have been very technically minded with computer acumen and more than likely he possessed high level mechanical and engineering skills, perfect for constructing a workable explosive device from scratch. This aspect also would have made his mind quite when unstable when stressed and potentially explosive. Uranus is capable of shock actions and extreme views especially when combined with Mars and Mercury. Uranus in Scorpio is dark, extreme, rebellious and underground in nature. You will not see these views on the surface but they bubble underneath infecting the psyche until they are activated – just like a volcano waiting for the pressure of the lava to build up so much that an explosion takes place. That explosion in Anders Behring Breivik happened yesterday.

Finally we have the lone Jupiter. Jupiter will dominate the chart as it does not connect by aspect to any other planet. Jupiter in Leo is the king and harbours a need to be famous. This is a dramatic position for Jupiter, one needs to put on a spectacular show. Nothing small minded about this aspect, the bigger the impact the better. Jupiter in Leo tells one better to go out in a blaze of glory, than not at all.

And that is what is Anders Behring Breivik did. Looking to his transit chart transiting Uranus was at the midpoint of natal Pluto and his North Node making highly stressed quindecile aspect to both – here is the motivation for doing a shocking act causing death and destruction and putting his name into the public awareness at the same time – remember about what I said about his fixation with being “someone”. Uranus is also in action based Aries, there is almost a destiny feeling about this connection.

AndersBehringBreivik transit

On the slower Solar Arc charts, Solar Arc Sun was quindecile natal Saturn, this is a time of ultra seriousness and a testing of one’s ambitions, Solar Arc Mars was almost exactly trine natal Uranus, here is again motivation to carry out a something unique. Solar Arc Jupiter was quindecile to natal Mars, this act must be huge in impact and scope. Solar Arc Uranus was sextile the natal Sun, an independent revolutionary mood and spirit and Solar Arc Pluto was conjunct natal Uranus which causes upset and tension and gives the indication of overturning the status quo through death and destruction.

AndersBehringBreivik solar arc

You can see the build up of tension on the transits and Solar Arcs chart combined with a stressful and potentially explosive natal chart. I think all the troubles harked back to his upbringing, and the anger he unleashed was frustration stored up from his youth.   

Links - The link between Anders Behring Breivik and the Solar Eclipse of 1st July 2011

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Friday, 25 March 2011

Delroy Grant – Astrology profile of the South East London “Night Stalker”

Delroy Grant

Delroy Grant, was today given four life sentences for a 17 reign of terror preying on defenceless elderly women and men, most of them in their 70’s and 80’s. The depraved sex attacker who terrorised South East London, Kent and Surrey in the UK was one of the most notorious serial offenders of the past two decades and will most likely spent the rest of his life behind bars.

Grant was born on 3rd September 1952 in Jamaica (I have no birth-time but process of looking at a couple of significant known events in his life especially his move to the UK at age 15, I estimate he was born at 13.27 or very close to that time). He is a careful, precise Sun sign Virgo in the 9th house with a cool Capricorn Moon in the first and a Sagittarius ascendant. He has a full 9th house with Mars Mercury and Pluto joining the Sun there. With Delroy there was a big accent on faith and foreign shores, and true enough as I indicated earlier he moved to the UK to live permanently. Solar Arc Saturn would have progressed to conjunct his Ascendant at that point. He moved only with his father as his mother passed away at age 2, again Solar Arc Saturn would have exactly squared his Sun at age 2 and with the Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) in his first house. It indicated a difficult experience (Saturn) associated with his mother (Moon) that hit him personally (1st house). Back to that 9th house, we know that his father was deeply religious shown by the Saturn square Sun (serious about 9th house beliefs). Delroy took this instruction on and became a Jehovah's Witness – he actively followed his faith Mars conjunct Sun, was passionately devoted (Pluto in 9th) and needed to communicate this (Mercury in 9th).


Venus, Neptune and Jupiter sit in the 10th house of work and career. Again with Neptune and Jupiter here is another accent of faith and spirituality and Venus in Libra is sociable and would have made him kind and popular. Jupiter at the midheaven as well as Sagittarius on the ascendant indicate a need for travel and freedom in his work and so no surprise that he also worked as a minicab driver.

Reading all this, how on earth could this spiritual, kind man be such a monster? Well there one or two clues on the natal chart. He had a nasty, critical temper with Mars conjunct Mercury, I understand he was obsessive of cleanliness which fits this conjunction in Virgo and lost his temper if something was out of place, Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th house shows he had the potential for dishonesty and trickery over a dark side to his personality. Uranus hidden away in the 8th house of sex and the unknown shows that his life would be punctuated by sudden changes in his circumstances and his moods, it also shows a perverse attitude to sexuality, which could become cruel with a trine to Saturn also hidden in the 12th house of the unconscious and of institutions. He kept his urges and vile desires well behind the scenes in the dead of the night. This trine made a mini grand trine with Jupiter at the Midheaven – this formation indicated that Delroy would want to make a BIG impression with his life. It also indicated he could take these cruel sexual urges to excess.  Interesting that Saturn in this mini grand trine sitting in the 12th house representing prisons almost unerringly predicted his eventual fate.

DelroyGrant9th har

Still not enough in my mind to make Grant a sexual predator on such a grand and nasty scale. Looking deeper into the Harmonic charts we start to see a clearer picture. The 9th Harmonic shows the capacity for a person to show enjoyment and pleasure. Grant’s 9th harmonic chart is enlightening. Here we see the Sun and Moon together, a merging of the emotions and the personality at the point of a t-square with Pluto and Neptune in opposition completing it. Here is the enjoyment of the sexual act combined with an element of deception. Venus (representing women) is squared by Saturn and Mars, again a sign that he enjoyed being forceful and cruel to females. Neptune also trines Venus indicating that the nasty acts he perpetrated were against weak defenceless women. Finally there is a tight quindecile between Mars and Jupiter, he was obsessed about excessive force and also in attacking as many victims as possible. It is alleged that Grant made over 200 attacks in the 17 years that he cruised the South London streets. I hope he stays locked up for good.