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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Emmanuel Macron – The President the French will not really love?


Macron pic

As I sometimes do I have taken a step back from the French election since the result on Sunday evening to let the dust settle, to fully take in what happened and to gather my thoughts. What Emmanuel Macron achieved at the tender age of 39 years in setting up his own party just one year ago and then to take on and beat the Socialists, the Republicans, the Nationalists and the whole French establishment was truly remarkable. He becomes the country's youngest ever leader, and I'd bet the enormity of what he has achieved hasn't quite sunk in yet. When he takes the oath of office next Monday, then I am sure it will do. And yet as an Astrologer I am fascinated with his natal chart against that of the country he leads, because very unusually there doesn't seem to be any link or even love between his chart, and the French people.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Shooting on the Champs Elysees in Paris



Evening everyone. Yet another shooting in Paris tonight as two police officers were shot on the most famous boulevard in the city. Now I hear this attack occurred at 9.00 pm local time, and rather than looking at the actual chart, I'll take a different tack (as I do) and link it back to the first terrorist attack in Paris back a couple of years ago, the Charlie Hebdo one on 7th Jan 2015. I did this for the Bataclan atrocity, and yet again there are striking links to this first incident.

Friday, 3 June 2016

France - A country not at peace with herself...


La belle France is very much in the news right now. They are suffering union strikes affecting the delivery of fuel to garages causing a national transportation crisis and floods across the country are also causing disruption and worry. Add this into the fact that in one week the Euro 2016 football championships are due to be held in France and thousands of football fans from across the continent will be travelling to the nation and there seems to be a perfect storm brewing there.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

France mourns the Charlie Hebdo massacre


Yesterday at about 11.30am in Paris an unspeakable massacre against a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the clever and talented people who work in it saw the cold blooded murder of 12 people all in the name of religion. The attack shocked the world and the outrage it provoked has united a nation in support of free speech and the right to comment in the face of violence.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Huge Jewel Raid in Cannes at the Film Festival


Just reading about the million dollar heist of some jewels in Cannes that were supposed to be worn by many of the red carpet celebrities before the screening of films this week. According to the BBC the jewels were stolen from a safe in the Novotel Hotel room of an employee of exclusive Swiss jewellers Chopard.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

People in Paris protest against gay marriage

Gay protes Paris

Interesting protest in Paris today as thousand of protesters took to the street to voice their opposition to new Gay rights laws allowing same sex marriage and adoption to happen. Thousands of people took to the streets near to the Arc de Triomphe to try to persuade lawmakers to change their minds. The protests did get out of hand and the police had to intervene with tear gas to prevent violence breaking out.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Mali – Rebel Islamic coup triggers international military action.

taking action in Mali

A military coup in the north of Mali by Islamists back in April 2012 has now prompted France to fly in troops and aircraft into the country, one of France’s former colonies in West Africa. The French were very much afraid that if the Islamists, who already controlled many towns and settlements in the North of this Saharan country marched into Bamako, Mali’s capital then the situation might turn very ugly. President Traore of Mali asked for French assistance and air strikes to push back the Islamic advance and for the moment at least, the rebel advance towards the capital has ceased.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Annecy Shooting – Do the stars hold the clues to what actually happened?


The horrible shooting of the Iraqi-British al-Hilli family in France on Wednesday has captured the headlines in the UK and working out the astrology on this event has lead me to look at different star connections for different countries at the same time. This was an event which happened in France but which have been felt most acutely in the UK. Amazingly the fixed star connections for this incident shows up in a different way in both countries, yet it still paints the picture very accurately.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The French Elections – France gets ready to hail a new leader.

french voting

On Solaris Astrology I always like to look at different ways of examining the planets and the stars in working out someone’s character or the likely outcome to a situation. In the past few months I have become more and more intrigued by Visual Astrology – that is connecting the sky we see at night to what is happening here on earth. I find this relevant as it connects back to the origins of the subject which I now study and blog about. Thousands of years ago, the people of the day had no TV or entertainment of sorts, and in the evenings their attention would have naturally been drawn to the skies above them, the stars, planets and constellations and their steady progressions across the night skies. The planets are characters in a moving play, the constellations and the mythology of them add to a drama that is forever unfolding before one’s eyes, yet few on earth now pay little if any attention to what is happening right above us. We should!! I now know that much wisdom has been lost in the mists of time, and on discovering the wonderful work of Aussie astrologer Bernadette Brady, I realised that the messages that the night skies relay do have real credence to today’s world, not only on an Astrology wheel on a computer screen, but right in front of our eyes every night. Today at looking at the French elections I aim to prove this point.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Racial attacks in France as police hunt a gunman on a scooter.


Shocking events in France today as a lone gunman on a scooter has hit 3 times in the past week all at racial targets. These incidents including the shooting of a Rabbi and his 6 and 3 year old children has shocked France to the core and has initiated a huge manhunt to catch the killer who also shot 3 Muslin and Caribbean soldiers with the same gun and riding the same motorised scooter.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Francois Hollande – The man hoping to unseat Sarkozy & become the next President of France.

francois hollande

Here in Britain and I would hazard to guess around the world, we do not know much about Francois Hollande the Socialist Party candidate who will fight against Nicolas Sarkozy in late April in the French Presidential elections. By May, we might know a lot more about this man who is striving to take France in a different political direction. Francois is a career politician and a former student and follower of Francois Mitterrand. His lucky break may have been when Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York over an alleged rape charge, all but ruling him out of contention for the Socialist Party berth. Hollande jumped with glee into his shoes and he hasn’t looked back since.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

France and NATO intervene in the Libyan Crisis

France aircraft

The situation in North Africa has escalated quite considerably today as French aircraft bombed Libyan military vehicles. The French, wanting to assert their authority in a region where their influence has always been considerable, are now showing their muscle to the Gaddafi regime. Looking at the astrology, you can see the French influence on the current intervention.

First to set the scene a quick glance at the French Natal chart. There are two standout features. As befits a chart which was formed on the back of a bloody revolution, we see a fixed t-square with aggressive Mars at the point conjunct the Midheaven symbolising the bloody execution of the previous monarchical heads of state. Square this Mars is a Pluto/Uranus opposition which represents change by revolution. The other feature is a Saturn opposite Jupiter/Neptune. Here is a clamp on belief hence the secular French society. The national motto is France is Liberté, égalité, fraternité embodied in this opposition. Liberté or freedom shown by Jupiter, égalité or equality is an ideal or dream shown by Neptune in balanced and fair Libra and fraternité or brotherhood shown by Saturn in the third house of siblings (brothers and sisters).


France’s chart is definitely on edge right now with transiting Uranus conjunct the French natal Sun, and transiting Venus which often symbolises diplomacy is activating France’s natal Mars, Uranus Pluto t-square. This diplomatic action has a hard edge. Transiting Mars is opposite her natal Mercury so confirming the aggressive rhetoric coming out of Paris. By Solar Arc, the two aspects which are exact right now are SA Venus trine Mercury in the 8th house and SA Jupiter trine Venus. Not surprising then with France so on alert, NATO leaders and world diplomats met in the French capital. So why are the French so interested in Libya and the awful situation there?

Well, Libya’s natal Pluto sits at 21 Leo, exactly the same degree as France’s Uranus linking into the French t-square. Not only French investment on Libya will be a motivating factor but  French I think the French fear the loss of a part of the world where they have had so much influence for a long time, remember they have interests in Morocco and Algeria as well as Tunisia which is in a transitional position. President Sarkozy will not want to see his sphere of influence lessened. That Libyan Pluto sits in the French 7th house of foreign affairs, as such France will feel that this crisis affects their sphere of influence. French military action (Mars) supporting the rebels (Uranus) will cause a major change (Pluto) in the history of Libya, and the same t-square which toppled the French monarchy will now see the toppling of the Libyan dictator.