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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Saturn enters the sting of Scorpio, and the threat level raises.


It's always important as an Astrologer to keep an eye on the moments of the planets on the Astrology wheel, but it also pays to realise that the wheel we use is quite crude almost anaesthetic in nature. When you put the planets and place them within the constellations, then things come very much to life, and you get a brand new perspective on their movements. For us all, there is no more important planet than Saturn as it teaches us all lessons, and now it it moving into a very interesting part of the heavens.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A Slow Gradual Change Of Order

I think that it's safe to say that since from around 18th October when the new Moon was forming in the sign of Libra, this has been a very disruptive time for many people. The New Moon opposite to Uranus has really upset the apple cart this time around. In my life for certain and maybe in yours too.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Harvey Weinstein - From Hollywood hero to zero

I have to say straight up that when I heard the news last week about Harvey Weinstein, I was naturally shocked, disgusted, and yet not that surprised. That's because in my time in working at London Heathrow Airport I actually had the dubious pleasure of encountering him. He was one of the, if not the most awkward, demanding and egotistical clients that I had ever dealt with. I was left with a sense of unease and utter relief after he had gone to his flight back to Los Angeles. My feeling was this was not a nice man, and when I have a feeling about someone, I'm often not so far from the truth.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Mars conjunct Bellatrix - The long hard struggle to success


Female warrior[4]

This connection is active tomorrow and lasting through until 23rd July 2017. It occurs at 21.11 degrees Gemini.

This is an interesting combination as Bellatrix is a star in the constellation of Orion that does have a successful side to it, but with the achievement comes problems in the form of vulnerability and exposing where you are lacking in ability and confidence. This star is also one of strength, bravery and courage but there does always seem to be a down side to any gains that you make and reversals in fortune can often follow. There can be a tendency to fight for lost causes if this star is prominent in your chart. It is connected to femininity and is nicknamed the" Amazon Star" in homage to strong women. Thomas Hood mentioned that “women born under the stars of Orion and especially of Bellatrix shall have mighty tongues!!” Elsbeth Ebertin said of Bellatrix that "If positive properties can be drawn out, will lead to advancement and success, but those who succeed always have to allow for being surrounded with envy and hatred. Quick decision making, thoughts and plans being realized with energy, courage, fighting spirit, strategic talents, ability to organize, discrimination. Reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil"

The link to Mars complements these qualities quite nicely and once this connection is active whatever you start up or try to do will be hard work and you may succeed, but go into any task now knowing that its not going to be straightforward. There are battles and tests of strength and maybe endurance that you will have to overcome first, and maybe prices to pay afterwards as well. The hardest or most frustrating day of the three may just be tomorrow, as Mars will still be in an inconjunct aspect with Pluto, thus whatever you try to do may be subject to some adjustment, change or outside control. Monday and Tuesday look clearer however as Mars is not making any other aspects, and so you can get the job done without too many distractions.

Some famous people with connections to Bellatrix

Amy Winehouse - singer (North Node). Donald Trump - President (North Node), George Soros - Financier (Mars), Gwyneth Paltrow - Actress (Saturn), Jackie Chan - Actor/Martial Arts (Jupiter), Prince Albert of Monaco - Royalty (Ascendant), Diana Ross - Singer (Saturn), Art Garfunkel - Musician (Jupiter), Al Pacino - Actor (Venus), Roy Orbison - Musician (Midheaven)

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sun in conjunction with Algol - A test of nerve and temperament



Hi everyone. If there is one lesson that you can take out of the Astrology in the next couple of days, it'll be stay strong, alert and don't lose your composure.Why is that I hear you ask? Well today and tomorrow the Sun is moving in conjunction with the demon star and allegedly the most evil in the heavens Algol, sitting currently at 26.24 degrees Taurus. Algol in the constellation of Perseus represents the head of the Medusa that he cut off in order to save Andromeda and his kingdom. As you will know, one direct look into the face of the Gorgon would turn any mortal to stone.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Mars conjunct fixed star Rigel - A lot of enthusiasm, but reckless with it...


Orion 2

This conjunction is starting to build and will last from tomorrow 15th May now until Wednesday 17th at 17:04 degrees Gemini.

Mars is now approaching one of the most prominent stars in the constellation of Orion, Rigel, a star that lies in the foot of the warrior hero in the skies. Rigel also sits at the end of the constellation of Eridanus, the river. This star does have a rather chaotic and independent side to it but it is also highly regarded by the star gazers of the past. Robson said it was one that brought "benevolence, honour, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability". Rigel also bring the potential for educating or informing and instructing people and is tied to teaching and learning.

Now Mars connecting with star can bring great determination and a will to win, and you can achieve much in all your aims and desires as this star can help you literally keep your feet on the ground. I think that so long as you have a plan in advance and you stick to it then you will be fine, but Mars with this star can be unruly and boisterous, thus it can lead you to being too rash and taking things for granted too much. If you get too impatient of course or try to "wing it", that's when you'll likely get in trouble. Also be careful in regard to dealing with authority, as you may disregard what they tell you to do; this is a connection that often flouts the law, taking an "I don't care" attitude. As mentioned before this is a great star to have if you are learning something new or teaching someone else, and it's great for solving technical and engineering matters.

Now in the world around us this connection may bring about some illegal acts or some rather rash military ones. There's a sense of acting without due consideration here, doing things out of impulse, and remember this. Donald Trump's disruptive natal Uranus (conjunct to his Sun) is at 17.54 degrees Gemini and this conjunction especially in mid week is going to be a little too close for comfort for him not to do something unexpected, or stupid!!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A political bombshell explodes as President Trump fires FBI director James Comey


comey trump

Overnight one of the most brutal acts of political cover-up that I have ever witnessed occurred, and it wasn’t even subtle. FBi director was in Los Angeles addressing his staff when he was handed a note telling him that he had just been fired, with immediate effect. The official line that it was due to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal (which Trump had previously praised Comey for), but we all know the real reason, don’t we??

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Mars conjunct Aldebaran - Taking decisive action



In the next day or so, Mars moves in to conjunct with one of the Royal Persian stars, Aldebaran, the “Watcher of the East” sitting at 10.01 degrees Gemini in the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. All royal stars promise success however with Royal Persian stars there is always a test to make sure that you are held true to your values and if you fail it then all your gains will be lost. With Aldebaran, this test is one of your ethical integrity. If you are not honest in your endeavours, then you will lose everything you have and you will come crashing down to earth.

I always tend to see this star as one of strength, either physically or mentally, and Mars as you will know is the planet of getting things going, of action and aggression, and also of the police and the military. It is possible that we will see a proliferation of force or people taking direct action in the light of this connection. Robson says of this conjunction the it favours military action but attended by much danger and there is possibility of accidents too. Those who order such action may be judged by Aldebaran now, and if their actions are not ethical or humane, then they will be due heavy retribution somewhere down the tracks.

In your personal life this connection can help you to move forward in your life and take decisive action, but make sure that all that you do is honest and in done in the right way, and then you will be able to achieve your goals successfully.

Some people connected to Aldebaran

Michael Jackson - singer (star rising), Bruce Lee - martial arts actor - (star setting), Abraham Lincoln - US President (star on Nadir), Joe Biden - politician (conj to Saturn), Billy Connolly - comedian (conj to Saturn), Jeffrey Archer - writer and disgraced politician (conj to Mars), Clint Eastwood - actor and director (conj to Sun), Elizabeth Warren - politician (conj to Mars), Jimi Hendrix - guitarist (conj to Saturn), Maria Sharapova - tennis player (conj to Mars)

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Shooting on the Champs Elysees in Paris



Evening everyone. Yet another shooting in Paris tonight as two police officers were shot on the most famous boulevard in the city. Now I hear this attack occurred at 9.00 pm local time, and rather than looking at the actual chart, I'll take a different tack (as I do) and link it back to the first terrorist attack in Paris back a couple of years ago, the Charlie Hebdo one on 7th Jan 2015. I did this for the Bataclan atrocity, and yet again there are striking links to this first incident.

Mars conjunct to Alcyone - Acting in a short sighted manner


the 7 sisters[4]

Mars is now into the constellation of the stars of Taurus the Bull, and the first one it comes into contact is the star Alcyone in the bull's shoulder, sitting at 0.14 degrees Gemini.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The USA drops the largest non nuclear bomb in history for the first time.



Evening everyone. Out of the blue the US has announced that the American Air Force dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever against ISIS positions in Afghanistan. According to the Independent Newspaper in here in the UK, "the GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb, or "Mother of all Bombs" is one of the most powerful conventional weapons in existence. The bomb weighs more than 10,000 kilograms and contains 8,164 kilograms of explosive and its explosion is equivalent to 11 tons of TNT, and the blast radius is a mile wide!!!"

Monday, 10 April 2017

Mars conjunct Capulus and Algol - Beware the eyes of the Medusa



Just a little heads up for the middle to the end of this week, in particular between 12th and 17th of this week, over the Easter holidays. Mars as you may know is moving in Taurus, and from Wednesday through until Easter Monday it is traversing the most dangerous part of the whole zodiac, past the star Capulus at 24.26 degrees Taurus in the sword hand of Perseus and then connecting with Algol at 26.24 Taurus, the blinking demon star in the head of the Medusa in Perseus' hand.

Uranus conjunct Al Kurhah - The need to be noticed


horse 2

Uranus, the planet of shocks and unpredictability is moving ahead now and is conjunct to the fixed star Al Kurhah at 24.26 degrees Aries, a star in the constellation of Cephus, the king. Now this star is obviously named in Arabic and translated it means the white spot or blaze on the face of a horse or a stallion. The star sits in the chest of the king, the place where one would puff out your chest with pride, and this star exudes some bravado and the need to "put on a show".

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Fixed Star Readings in April by Astrologer Paul Saunders


night sky stars[5] (1)

Now throughout this month of April I am going to offer you all a fixed star reading at reduced rates. Most people know what their natal chart looks like but have little idea about the Fixed Stars that affect them. Now's your chance to find out which stars you were born under and how they will affect you throughout your life.

If you want to book up a reading, hit this link "Book Now" and it will transport you to my Readings Page.

Alternatively you can ask me questions by emailing me at

I look forward to hearing from you...

Scientists in Manchester, England create a revolutionary filter to separate salt from sea water




I love to report on good news stories and from the indications I have been seeing in the star connections over the UK I just thought that something would pop up soon, and this one could be a big discovery. It's reported that scientists from the University of Manchester, lead by Doctor Rahul Nair perfected a new atom thin filter made of graphene oxide that lets water molecules through but stops sodium chloride from doing so. If this filter can work on an industrial level, you can imagine the benefits that could be gained from providing drinking water to literally millions of people in arid parts of the world.

Monday, 3 April 2017

The battle over the Supreme Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch



There seems to be a fight looming in the Senate over the appointment of judge Neil Gorsuch, the nominee of President Donald Trump to fill the ninth and last place on the Supreme Court bench in the United States. There has been a vacancy in the highest law court in the US since judge Antonin Scalia passed away in February 2016. He was conservative in nature, and Gorsuch's pending appointment would bring back the 5-4 majority in favour of more conservatively leaning justices. Now there is a hitch in the appointment process, as the Democrats could potentially scupper the appointment process.

Blasts on the Russian Metro kills 10 victims



Why can't we all live in peace? Too much to ask I guess. This post follows on very much from yesterday's one focusing on Moscow which I featured on my Facebook page. At 14.40 this afternoon local time a bomb went off on a train between two Metro stations. At the moment it is reported that there are at least 10 fatalities and many more have been injured.

The Fixed Stars - An analysis of US President Donald Trump



Everyone who comes onto my website I assume generally is well versed in normal traditional Astrology, however as you will know my proper speciality which few other Astrologers dip into is the use of the stars in looking at a situation or at someone's character. As I've mentioned before, this is the original way people used to do Astrology, before Astrology wheels were thought of. After all in the evenings 6000 years ago, what else did you have to do? Well we all know the obvious answer to that question, but I am guessing that a lot of stargazing was done too. Man has always had a fascination with prediction and working out what is and will go on, and by connecting the movement of the planets in the sky to the other planets, and the planets to the stars and linking them to human behaviour, to the weather cycles and events shaping everyday life, astrology was born.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Mars conjunct Menkar – Fearing what you can’t control



Mars, the planet of war and action is now at 14 degrees Taurus connected to the star Menkar in the mouth of the constellation of the Great Whale or Sea Monster of the skies, Cetus. The whale appears in classic Greek mythology as a terrible creature and it also entered more popular culture in the story of Jonah and the Whale.

This is a time for extremes, for collective action and chaos, or of things that unconsciously affect us all on this planet. There is an unsettling and maybe fearful edge to today that could (and I say could) break out in upsets, disputes for no apparent reason, confusion and even violence, although this is a last resort reaction. It will be us reacting to things that maybe we cannot control, leading to anxiety and worry. This influence will pass in the next couple of days so just ride out the storm as best you can if it visits you

So Brexit is here, but what next and in two years time?



So yesterday Theresa May triggered the biggest and most complicated divorce case in modern history by signing a letter to be received by the European Union signalling that the United Kingdom was to leave. The letter was handed over to Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council and a two year countdown clock began. Now frantic negotiations will take place between British officials and European ones to try and broker an all-encompassing deal that will be satisfactory to both. It will not be an easy task.