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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Romania – Born out of the shadow of death and revolution


I was asked by a loyal follower of mine Maia about the situation in Romania, and true to my word, I'm responding to her request, and actually it's quite appropriate. Modern Romania was born on the moment Nicolae Ceausescu fled by helicopter on 22nd December 1989 from the headquarters of the Communist Party in what used to be called Palace Square (now known as Revolution Square) in Central Bucharest. There had been demonstrations against the Ceausescu regime in Timisoara and 8 minutes into his speech in Bucharest on a freezing cold morning in front of an agitated crowd, the people scarred by years of impoverishment rounded on him defying years of state terror and control. Their patience had finally snapped after years of suffering and communist lead failure, and the protests turned into a full scale revolution. Fearing for his safety, Ceausescu fled to a waiting helicopter and escaped seconds before he was caught. He was located days later, immediately tried, convicted and sentenced to death; a sentence carried out in brutal fashion in front a firing squad. There was a news report from a Yugoslav news agency TanJug at mentioning the fleeing of Ceausescu at 11.48am in Bucharest, and this is the time I take for the moment that Romania turned a corner.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Catalonia – The astrology of the call for independence


Yesterday in Barcelona at 15.27 hrs, the speaker of the Catalan parliament declared that in the slight of a “Si” vote, Catalonia's lawmakers had voted for independence from Spain. There was much jubilation and joy within the chamber and outside too in the assembled masses of Catalan citizens waiting to hear the news of a positive outcome.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Great Saturn and Pluto conjunction of 2020. How will it affect us all?


I have been promising to write this article for quite a while now and many of my readers have been asking for it too, so today I finally get out the crystal ball and try and predict what may happen as these two most influential of planets connect up in the month of January 2020 and beyond.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

So Brexit is here, but what next and in two years time?



So yesterday Theresa May triggered the biggest and most complicated divorce case in modern history by signing a letter to be received by the European Union signalling that the United Kingdom was to leave. The letter was handed over to Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council and a two year countdown clock began. Now frantic negotiations will take place between British officials and European ones to try and broker an all-encompassing deal that will be satisfactory to both. It will not be an easy task.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Netherlands - Beware the Ides of March


Geert Wilders

On 15th March, the people of the Netherlands go to the polls to elect a new leader. This is the first of several critical general elections in Europe this year that will determine the political direction that the continent is moving in.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Will the UK voters decide to leave the European Union?


In just under two months, UK voters will be going to the polls in a national referendum to decide if Britain will stay within the European Union. This is going to be a crucial vote for the future of the nation I live in, and looking at the Astrology I get the feeling that a mood of dissent will be gripping the nation as they wake up on the morning of the 23rd June 2016.

If you examine the natal chart for the moment the polls open set for 7.00am in the nation's capital London, the chart ruling Moon (representing the people) will be in the 7th house in Aquarius. Aquarius is a fiercely independent sign, it is one that calls for rebellion and change, and the 7th house is the house of relationships and open enemies. Don't expect the people to go in the direction that the leaders want, as they will do their own thing now.

Euro Referendum chart

The Ascendant for this chart will be in the late degrees of Cancer, the sign representing the past and the nation state opposed to this Aquarian Moon, square to Uranus sitting in the public 10th house and trine to a simmering frustrated Mars retrograde in the sign of permanent change Scorpio. I just feel there is latent anger here hiding under the surface ready to explode out. Any ascendant on a horary chart in the late degrees, as this one will be at the time, shows an indeterminate outcome, this vote is going to be a close one but one where the aspects to it will be key.

Where is the Sun, the king of this chart representing the leaders? It sits in the weakest house of all the 12th, square to the Aries Midheaven and that says to me that David Cameron will be out of step with the public mood, which will be positive and wanting to move forward. He is not in a strong position as the vote begins.

Mercury on this chart represents the decision that we all will have to make and it sits in Gemini, the sign of the twins, the sign of making a choice, of Yes versus No, or in this case In versus Out. That Mercury opposes Saturn, opposing the direction of the administrators of the country and more crucially square to (or at odds to) the North Node and Jupiter, the planet of international relations and foreign contacts. Mercury also squares to Neptune in the 9th house of foreign contacts, which on this chart is ruled by Neptune too. If you put all these indications together, then the only conclusion any Astrologer can come to is that the mood in the country will be veering towards a European exit.

Lets take things a bit further and plot this chart against the UK natal one. Transiting Mercury on this chart is in the 9th house of foreign contacts opposing the 3rd house UK Mercury in the house of local affairs, here is a direct indication of an important question being asked about which way we ultimately want to be governed, from at home, or from abroad. Square to this Mercury opposition is the transiting North Node/Jupiter conjunction saying to me that the decision made will be different to what the wider world wants or is heading.

The UK natal Saturn, representing the homeland (as Capricorn rules the 4th house) receives a trine from Uranus and a square from Mars retrograde. Is this an indication of a desire to change tack and be governed (Saturn) independently (Uranus) and a desire to move forward (Mars) by making a retrograde step?

The really powerful aspect starting to form though on the UK chart is transiting Pluto on the way to opposing the UK Moon. The Moon rules the top of the chart, the public face of the UK and this shows a complete transformation in the face of the nation that the world sees. There is definite change coming in the next year or two, and the ramifications of an exit vote for Europe could lead to the entire break up of the United Kingdom. Yes, we are talking a vital decision that could have ramifications of mammoth proportions.

You see, Scotland is very Euro friendly whereas the English seem to be very Euro sceptic. There was a vote a couple of years ago where Scotland decided not to break away from the UK, but the question of Scottish independence is still a live one at Holyrood, where the Scottish parliament sits. Pluto opposing the Moon shows a potential change in the population of the UK or even a break up and transformation (Pluto) of the nation and it's peoples (Moon). The stakes for the 23rd June vote could not be any higher. On a final note, this significant opposition could even indicate a change of monarch in the UK somewhere in the time span of 2017 and 2018, but that's a discussion for another day...

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Mars inconjunct Chiron - Acting to heal or to hurt.


Mars is starting to make an inconjunct aspect to Chiron in the skies above us and this aspect see the planet of force and action connecting with the planet of wounding and learning life lessons. This aspect may see quite spiteful actions taken that are intentionally intended to wound, but actually end up hurting yourself instead. In a way this is quite an accident prone and a more self-destructive aspect than some others that we encounter.

David Cameron the British PM is a perfect example of this. He has transiting Mars sitting bang on his Sun at this moment and he has had a terrible couple of days. He fought an aggressive but an ultimately losing battle over the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker being appointed as EU president hurting his own reputation and that of Britain in the eyes of his European partners, and as you will know he also was criticised this week for commenting on the phone hacking trial outcome before it had formally ended. Not a good week for him.

Look out for important sports injuries that may come into the news and spiteful words and actions that hit the headlines. You may be just too hasty or clumsy, and then something unfortunate may happen? This is an aspect also of adapting your actions to suit the situation you find yourself in, to try to alleviate the hurt inside you for example. Chiron is a healing planet and a maverick influence too, thus you may act irrationally to shake things up or change your luck, or you may do something from the bottom of your heart to aid and help someone who is in great pain.

With Mars in Libra, I suspect much of what goes on may be connected to relationship issues and these may be strongly affected, so rifts between partners or those in love may be healed, or more negatively painful separations may occur...

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Monday, 26 May 2014

UK voters send out a stark warning to the establishment.

UK an Eurp flag

Overnight a seismic shift in British politics occurred and I for one saw it coming. For the first time in over 100 years a party other than the big two, Conservative and Labour, won a national election. The anti European Union party and it's charismatic and straight talking leader Nigel Farage swept to a victory in the European elections. Not only did they pick up seats in England and Wales but they picked up one seat in Scotland too. I said a couple of months ago that Nigel Farage's image was on the rise when I looked at his natal chart, and I got this prediction spot on correct.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Ukraine protests escalate again.

ukraine protests

Ukraine is back in the news as a night of violence erupted in the capital city Kiev. Protesters still camped in Independence Square in the heart of the city clashed with riot police as they tried to get to the Parliamentary building after Viktor Yanukovych the Ukraine President enacted new laws designed to restrict basic public freedoms.

Friday, 20 September 2013

German Elections – Angela Merkel on course for another victory.

angele merkel

If there is so much as a racing certainty in political elections, then on 22nd September in Germany we will see Angela Merkel, the incumbent Chancellor of Germany renew her position for another term of office. Frau Merkel is as popular today in Germany as she has ever been and Germany is seen as the powerhouse in Europe and the one economy that has bucked the trends through the Western World of depression and has kept on building and growing. We all talk about German efficiency, but that the way they like it there and so long as the leader is doing a steady job, the German people like to stick with what they know. Angela has guided Germany through the choppy waters of the past 5 years without hitting the rocks and as a reward she will remain ship’s captain into the foreseeable future. Why? The Astrology says so.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Huge Jewel Raid in Cannes at the Film Festival


Just reading about the million dollar heist of some jewels in Cannes that were supposed to be worn by many of the red carpet celebrities before the screening of films this week. According to the BBC the jewels were stolen from a safe in the Novotel Hotel room of an employee of exclusive Swiss jewellers Chopard.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cyprus – Tax on savings causes public panic


Late yesterday, the Cyprus Government dropped a bombshell that not only upset their own population but might also send shockwaves right across the European Union. The Greek controlled part of the divided island has been in a financial crisis in the past year, and as part of an agreed bail out from the EU it has decided to tax people’s savings and bank accounts. Not just the wealthy are affected, this is a blanket tax charging 6% on the ordinary Cypriots and up to 10% on the wealthy. It not only applies to the local population, it extends to foreign nationals too. This has caused consternation and people have rushed to banks to withdraw their money to avoid any penalties. The worry across the continent is that other financially struggling European nations might consider passing similar laws.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Spain – Financial bail out a sticking plaster over a big gaping wound.


I am returning to the issue of Spain again today as I noticed something that I think needs to be highlighted. Over the weekend the man above Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pocketed a cool 100 billion Euros to bail out the crocked Spanish banking system, however I see this as little more than delaying the inevitable. This bail out is very much related to the previous solar eclipse of the 20th May 2012.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The European Debt Crisis - Exploring the astrological link between Greece and the Euro

euro greece

Greece is on it’s knees again as an attempt to set up a far left coalition government in Greece failed and now an emergency administration is being put in place to give some direction to the ailing country. As I have indicated in previous posts Greece will be looking down the barrel of a gun for years to come and they still have to experience a very tough Pluto opposition to Saturn and the Ascendant in 2014. This post however takes a quick look at why Greece has been so intrinsically liked to the problems in with the Euro currency.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Spain – Facing a financial storm in the autumn.


I’ve been looking at the charts of several European nations trying to see if any other countries are due for a difficult time, and facing the upcoming Uranus Pluto with potential financial worries will be Spain. Spain has serious financial problems caused by the explosion of an over inflated housing market back in 2008. Spain also is blighted by 20% unemployment coupled with over 5 million immigrants, who put a great strain on a fragile economy.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tension and discontent rising once again in the United Kingdom

UK strike protests

Slowly, imperceptibly tension and discontent in the UK is rising once again. Looking at the UK horoscope confirms the fact that beneath the surface, all is not right and the people are getting rather exasperated with cuts, austerity and their standards of living dropping at an alarming rate. The budget held in March (yearly financial report and proposals by the chancellor of the exchequer) was widely panned and, on the surface imposed yet more restrictions on the majority including an unpopular freeze on the state pensions while approving a 5% tax cut for the most wealthy in society – bad public relations and timing if ever you wanted it. Even the current weather fits the current mood. So ironic that once a drought warning was issued for half the country, the heavens opened and it simply hasn’t stopped raining since. One thing all governments need to bear in mind is that the British people like to protest and to rebel – it is inherent in the UK psyche with Uranus in conjunction with the more easy going Libran ascendant. Those protests often stay under the surface until time is right (Uranus in 12th house), but when we decide to let loose those feelings, we let those in power really know about it.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Portugal – On the slow road to recovery


All of the recent focus has been on Greece as Europe lurches towards in inevitable crisis but there have been several other European countries who have been really suffering in the past two to three years, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal. I was asked a few days ago by one of my regular readers Rick to have a look at Portugal and today I am pleased to do so. The only problem with Portugal is to know which chart to use since the country has a long colourful history. Because we are looking at modern financial problems, I decided to look at the 1974 Carnation revolution chart, the one formed after the breakdown of Portugal’s overseas empire.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Greece – Second bail out precedes another Greek tragedy?


Is the world, or rather Europe going soft, or mad, or both? I know the Greek people are suffering right now, but they only have themselves to blame for frittering away cash like it was water pouring down a drain. The public sector in Greece before the economic crash in autumn 2008 was hugely over-manned, and the wages paid and especially the bonus culture that grew up within it wasted millions and millions of Euros. Now they are paying the price. Only thing is it the general public, the ordinary Joe on the street that is having to carry the can, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Stringent cuts and austerity measures have yet again caused rioting on the streets of Athens, and low and behold the European Union caved in for a second time and provided a second bail out fund in the region of 110 million dollars. The Greeks have even started to pay back the first bail out they got last year, so how on earth are they going to cover the second one? All this of course is related to the unstable future of the Euro currency. There seems to be no get out clause inbuilt into the system, so if one country fails the whole lot comes tumbling down. Clever eh? From my point of view here in the UK, thank our lucky stars that we didn’t join the Euro, otherwise we would be facing huge problems and riots on the streets of London too; the British do like the odd riot now and again ;)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

David Cameron & Nick Clegg – The honeymoon is over

cameron clegg
Sorry that I haven’t been blogging so much recently. I have had a few other priorities in my life other than writing, as sometimes happens. This is going to be a short but interesting piece, especially I suspect for followers of the British political scene. The recent perceived disagreements between Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and his Liberal Democratic coalition partner Nick Clegg took a turn for the worse this week as Clegg (pro-European) failed to appear at the House of Commons in support of the Prime Minister after he failed to come to any agreement with European colleagues in Brussels at a summit where the future of the Euro and the make-up of the European Union were at stake. By leaving the negotiations, Britain has been left “on the side-lines” as the other EU members discuss closer economic union as a way of solving the crisis engulfing the continent.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

China coming to Europe’s rescue, but at a price…

china-europe 1

Thirty years ago China was on it’s knees, a 3rd world country run by a communist dictatorship (in truth not much as changed there) battling population growth and world isolation. Now China is an economic superpower, driving the world economy and the one beacon of hope for the European Union which is on the brink of total collapse as the Greek Debt crisis grinds on to a inevitable conclusion. It prompted me to look at the relationship between the two, and I found some surprising planetary placements.