Astrology by Paul Saunders : Spain – Financial bail out a sticking plaster over a big gaping wound.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Spain – Financial bail out a sticking plaster over a big gaping wound.


I am returning to the issue of Spain again today as I noticed something that I think needs to be highlighted. Over the weekend the man above Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy pocketed a cool 100 billion Euros to bail out the crocked Spanish banking system, however I see this as little more than delaying the inevitable. This bail out is very much related to the previous solar eclipse of the 20th May 2012.

Spain-Modern transits 

The above chart shows the transits for today, however the last Solar Eclipse hit on the Spanish chart exactly where transiting Jupiter sits today on the cusp of Gemini within the 4th house and directly opposite to the Spanish Sun. A southern eclipse to a Sun either direct or in opposition can lead to a death of some sort which the subject needs to deal with. I have seen this effect on personal charts several times, indeed I predicted such happenings. Such a connection to a country’s Sun is a huge issue to deal with. The eclipse puts enormous pressure of the whole country and the leadership itself to reform, and encouraged the speculation that built up over Spain in the past fortnight. Jupiter has come along to bring some respite to the pressure in the form of international (Jupiter) financial (natal Jupiter in 2nd house) aid allowing Spain to get her house (4th house) back in order, however the after effects of the Solar eclipse will be felt in Spain for months to come until some hard decisions are made.

Jupiter does brings optimism, however this loan under Jupiter happened when the planet of fortune was conjunct fixed star Alcyone which Brady says is a time when “brave reform is suggested and big solutions are sought”. This is ok, but Jupiter is also currently square to Neptune in the heavens right now, which brings the idea of blind optimism, especially when Jupiter is conjunct a star nebula (nebulae in traditional astrology have always been associated with blindness). In my view, it is not a good strategy to lend huge amounts of money under such an influence, as Neptune has a nasty habit of bringing false hope before dashing them all and bringing suffering and loss of reputation.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I think that later this year Spain is going to financially implode and possibly in the long term take the whole European model down with it, and I still hold to this view. The loan this week is a dangerous one, it just delays the inevitable without sorting out the root causes of Spain’s problems, the employment crisis, the vast numbers of immigrants and the level of debt incurred after the folly of a tremendous housing boom. Spain has been living on credit for far too long, and the eclipse of the past two weeks will be a shock to the system that will reverberate and shake things up. It’s going to be a long, tough summer in Madrid. 

Link to Spain facing financial storm - Published 11th May 2012

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