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Sunday, 13 May 2012

The European Debt Crisis - Exploring the astrological link between Greece and the Euro

euro greece

Greece is on it’s knees again as an attempt to set up a far left coalition government in Greece failed and now an emergency administration is being put in place to give some direction to the ailing country. As I have indicated in previous posts Greece will be looking down the barrel of a gun for years to come and they still have to experience a very tough Pluto opposition to Saturn and the Ascendant in 2014. This post however takes a quick look at why Greece has been so intrinsically liked to the problems in with the Euro currency.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Greece – Second bail out precedes another Greek tragedy?


Is the world, or rather Europe going soft, or mad, or both? I know the Greek people are suffering right now, but they only have themselves to blame for frittering away cash like it was water pouring down a drain. The public sector in Greece before the economic crash in autumn 2008 was hugely over-manned, and the wages paid and especially the bonus culture that grew up within it wasted millions and millions of Euros. Now they are paying the price. Only thing is it the general public, the ordinary Joe on the street that is having to carry the can, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Stringent cuts and austerity measures have yet again caused rioting on the streets of Athens, and low and behold the European Union caved in for a second time and provided a second bail out fund in the region of 110 million dollars. The Greeks have even started to pay back the first bail out they got last year, so how on earth are they going to cover the second one? All this of course is related to the unstable future of the Euro currency. There seems to be no get out clause inbuilt into the system, so if one country fails the whole lot comes tumbling down. Clever eh? From my point of view here in the UK, thank our lucky stars that we didn’t join the Euro, otherwise we would be facing huge problems and riots on the streets of London too; the British do like the odd riot now and again ;)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Greek Debt Crisis – Papandreou throws a spanner in the works in asking for a referendum on aid package.


Oh dear. All the European ministers worked so hard last week to thrash out a new aid package for Greece, and just one week later, the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has decided to hold a referendum to ask the people of the embattled nation if they should adopt the package. On this news the European Markets have gone into a tailspin, losing 4-5% immediately on the news.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Eclipse Watch – An upcoming look at the next solar eclipse on 25th November 2011

exlipse 2

I have always been fascinated by eclipses, maybe because I am closely associated with the Sun being a Sun sign Leo by birth. The Solaris name I use came to me on the day of a solar eclipse, and the effects of them and the ramifications of the totality point is something I study with great interest. The last eclipse of 1st July caused havoc for many across the world and as I have mentioned on this blog, the effects of that cardinal cross eclipse are still being felt.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Greece – Financial woe, public unrest, a country in transformation

athens parthenon

Greece is a country in a deep crisis. For the second time in less than a year, the Hellenic nation is facing financial meltdown on a huge scale. Riots are now common place on the streets due to austerity measures in place, the government (or what is left of it) is trying to reform but the debt crisis estimated to be in the region of 350 Billion Euros not only is bringing down Greece herself, but also in time bring down the European currency and will shake the European Union to the very core.

The modern Greek horoscope was formed as the Third Hellenic Republic was initiated on 24th July 1974 in Athens at 04.00 hrs. Of course, Greece has a rich history going back many thousands of years and not one chart has ever been proven to be totally representative. The latest chart of the republic shows up very clearly the problems faced right now.

Greece natal

The 24th July chart is dominated by a turbulent square between an intense close Moon/Pluto conjunction in the 4th house and a triple planet Saturn Mercury and Venus conjunction in the hidden and sacrificial 12th. Moon Pluto drags up emotions from the depths of one’s psyche like a volcano if activated, in a country’s chart this represents transformation (Pluto) through actions of the public (Moon). The same intensity is there though, an intensity of emotion that is being shown on the streets by the general public right across the nation’s capital, Athens as the riots spread. The other end of the square on the natal chart, Saturn is the voice of government, restriction and austerity, affecting commerce (Mercury), social activities (Venus) and trine to Jupiter the wealth of the country. Jupiter sits in Pisces ruled by Neptune, not a good sign for Jupiter to be in a financial sense as Neptune and Pisces shows confusion, deception, underhand dealing and just blind optimism. Even though the national debt was probably a problem, the Greeks would have always believed that things would turn out ok in the end. Neptune is the sign of sacrifice and suffering and trine to the Sun, it shows that the country would have to suffer due to the mismanagement of the economy (Pisces is also on the Midheaven representing the government, those at the top). That mismanagement would cause a great public uprising, see the mini grand trine - Sun/Neptune sextile onto the volcanic Pluto/Moon conjunction at the point. With rebellious Uranus in the 4th house of opposition to the government square to the natal Sun (the leader of the country), there is potential for a revolutionary takeover in the future.

Looking at the current situation, the transits to the natal chart look grim indeed. Transiting Pluto, the planet of transformation opposes Venus and squares natal Moon and its own natal position. This is a sign of social (Venus)upheaval (Pluto) and fronted by the people themselves (Moon), a fight to the death. Revolutionary Uranus opposes the Moon/Pluto conjunction and squares Venus too. More fuel to the raging fire. Transiting Saturn squares natal Saturn and Mercury, showing the hard line being broadcasted by those in power. Transiting Neptune opposes Mars, spreading confusion to the police & military forces allowing uncontrolled mobs to take control.

Greece transits

Transiting Mars squares natal Mars showing that there are industrial disputes and conflicts and  despite not being sure how to control the instability (Neptune opposite Mars) , the armed forces and the police have been activated to quell the rebels. Transiting Jupiter squares the Sun as the second financial crisis hits, highlighting the tension over the inflated debts and problems with the money supply.

Looking at the picture overall, transiting Saturn will conjunct the natal Uranus at 23 Libra in Nov/Dec this year and my gut feeling is that Greece may officially go bankrupt as the 8th house signifies the financial relations with other countries. The big question is whether the European Union WILL finally pull the plug on Greece and all the ramifications and problems that go with such a move – Saturn does represent restriction after all?? Significantly looking at a composite chart for Greece and Germany, the composite Sun sits at 20 Libra, so hard decisions may have to be made between the two just before that natal Uranus is hit, and the Descendant on the composite Greece/France chart sits at 19 Libra, so at the same time France may be looking at the relationship as a whole with Greece & will be considering her options too, as Saturn opposes their composite Ascendant.

Transiting Pluto over the next 3-5 years will grind it’s way, towards opposing natal Saturn at 11 degrees Cancer in 2013/14 and finally opposing the ascendant at 13 Cancer in 2014/15. Pluto breaks down old structures allowing new ones to form and by that time, Greece as a country will be completely reformed, however it is going to be a very long haul before Pluto has completed it’s job. Until that time, Greece and the Greek people are going to have to endure a lot of pain and hardship.