Astrology by Paul Saunders : Peru – Public protests at controversial Presidential pardon.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Peru – Public protests at controversial Presidential pardon.

Peru Protests

Hi everyone, I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas. Astrology never stops and I like to think that on my page I cover things that other Astrologers don't because I think they are worthy of comment. This is one of those occasions where the event highlights an important link to the past in Astrology.

How many Astrologers would ever think of mentioning the country of Peru? Well I do. There's a lot of unrest there because the current president Pablo Kuczynski has pardoned a former one, disgraced Alberto Fujimori on compassionate health grounds. He has been serving a 25 jail sentence for corruption and other human rights abuses, however he has been suffering with health issues, and this unexpected pardon prompted rioting in the streets as protesters against the decision clashed with the police.


Peru was formed on 28th July 1821 gaining independence from Spanish rule (no time offially known) and it has a distinct Uranus Neptune conjunction trine to a Jupiter Saturn conjunction. It's interesting to note that all the Eastern European nations were formed out of a Uranus Neptune conjunction as they broke away from the iron curtain and the influence of Russia. Back in the early 1820's the exactly same conjunction precipitated exactly the same reaction in a different part of the world. Many of the South American countries we now know also have the same signature, a Uranus/Neptune conjunction. Ecuador (9/10/1820), Bolivia (8/8/1825), Chile (12/2/1818), Colombia (17/12/1819), Uruguay (25/8/1825) and Mexico (28/9/1821) all have a Uranus Neptune conjunction in their chart as they broke away from the dominant power of the day, Spain.

Back to the Peru situation, and the Uranus Neptune conjunction at that time occurred in the final degrees of Sagittarius and the opening degrees of Capricorn, just where Saturn, the Sun and Venus are making a close conjunction today. Saturn is now on Neptune, representing health, and it makes a trine to natal Saturn (a leader) and Jupiter (freedom and liberty). You can see the situation clear as day as one leader gives freedom to another former one.

peru transits

In the past couple of days, Mars in Scorpio has been square to the Peru Sun in Leo, bringing unrest and anger to the boil. Transiting Uranus is conjunct to the Peruvian natal Saturn, and that might just mean a groundswell of disruption against the current leader starts to build in the next few weeks as Uranus turns direct and start to make a conjunction by springtime. At the same time it will be forming a trine to that disruptive natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction - the urge for something different in Peru will be strong. I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised if the Pablo Kuczynski government comes under pressure, and that this decision is one that he will in the fullness of time very much regret.