Astrology by Paul Saunders : Iran Protests – Illustrating the effects of Uranus preparing to turn direct.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Iran Protests – Illustrating the effects of Uranus preparing to turn direct.

The city of Yadz in Iran

On my summary of the upcoming New Moon on 1st/2nd January I mentioned that the planet of disruption, protest and revolution Uranus was getting ready to turn direct on the same day that the Full Moon hit, and to expect changes in direction over value systems. Well, right on cue there are protests starting to gather in Iran and yes, Uranus is directly involved.

Iran transits

Iran as a modern was a nation was created as the monarchy was abolished in the nation and the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fled on 11th February 1979, leading to a nation run by Ayatollah Khomeini and his band  of clerics and religious leaders. Now the people are growing tired of a leadership that has dragged the nation down, with poverty and the lack of progress in an ever changing technological world a real problem for the leadership. Though the internet, the Iranian people see the rest of the world progressing, and they want their share of it too.

The chart (above) see the Midheaven representing the leadership of the nation at 25.12 degrees Sagittarius with Venus sitting on the same degree too, and right now Uranus is at 24.34 degrees, now almost stationary in the Iranian 1st house of the character of the nation and trine to both of them. Chiron is also at 24.36 degrees also in the 1st house in conjunction with the Ascendant and square to the Midheaven bringing a lot of hurt and pain and opening up old wounds about how the country is run.

Uranus turning in the 1st house in combination with Chiron is urging a fresh start, a make-over if you will of this Islamic nation, and when Uranus comes calling, things happen quickly!! The fact that Uranus is turning “direct” is a factor, as there will be a strong desire to see progress and a new direction, and if the current leaders can’t provide this, then the people will make it happen. Venus’ place in all this refers to Taurus (ruled by Venus) on the cusp of the 2nd house of the country’s values, and also the money that people earn and take home. Obviously it isn’t enough and poverty is a factor. Venus also ruled Libra, and this sign is intercepted within the country’s 7th house of relationships with other nations and also known enemies of the state. These seem to be coming out of the woodwork to fuel the dissent.

In the next few weeks, the transiting South Node will hit the Aquarian Iranian Sun at 9 degrees Aquarius, Mars at 9 Aquarius and Mercury at 9 Aquarius, and these hits will start to cause a problem for the leadership. The 6th house ruled by the Sun hints at a situation connected to the military, the police and the ordinary people, Mars rules the first house, so this hit will affect the state of the nation and how it is viewed by others, and Mercury rules the 3rd, 4th and 7th houses, therefore how the nation communicates, the press, transport, rules and regulations, the foundation of the nation, it’s security plus it’s population, again the relationships that Iran has and those who oppose the rulership. Saturn in the 10th house indicate to me that the clerics will take a very hard line against the people, so look for a very tense atmosphere in the coming days and weeks, as once protests rise in a nation, they either succeed or they are put down by force…