Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Facies – Sunday 31st December 2017

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Facies – Sunday 31st December 2017

Big Ben ringing in the New Year 

We come to the last day in the year 2017 and the Moon spends this day in Gemini. Quick witted and quicksilver, this a day of keeping busy. Like a hummingbird scooting about from one flower to the next, we will act the same in switching from one task to another, we will be always on the go, never stopping for a breath. The Moon makes no less than 7 aspects during these 24 hours.

To begin with the Moon forms a square to Neptune, and emotionally we are confused and willing to sacrifice our principles for the sake of someone else. We can also use this aspect to act the victim, so as to gain a favour instead. The Moon goes on very quickly to make an inconjunct to Mars, and the actions we take either may not pay off, or may be thwarted in some manner, leaving us to get somewhat irritated. The Moon also will be making an inconjunct to Jupiter too at the same time, and we may continue to try (maybe too hard) to get things right, or to make amends for mistakes we made, but the more we do so, the more we will be digging a deeper hole for ourselves. Stop! Think!
It'll be time to take a break before you cause a total mess of things.

The Moon now goes on to form an opposition to Mercury, and a verbal disagreement may break out. These two planets are in the houses of the mind (Gemini – the human mind and Sagittarius – the higher mind) and a philosophical division may be emerging. Following on from this the Moon makes another inconjunct aspect to Pluto, and subtle manipulation can change a position. I feel mind games going on in the middle of the day with the Moon linked in at one point to all three planets (Jupiter/Mercury and Pluto) being at the point of a yod, or finger of God formation. Our emotions will be taking the toll of these connections as we are questioned, picked apart and manipulated. Of course, you could be the one dishing out the interrogation.

At the end of the day, just before the clock strikes midnight, the Moon forms two last connections before we move into 2018. They are quite appropriate. The square to Chiron hints at past hurts that we will wish to put behind us, and to do that we have to learn lessons, and take a new course. That's possible, as the Moon also makes a sextile to Uranus, which as you will know is the planet of change and progress, and is standing almost still now ready to turn direct. When it does in 2 days time we can set a new course for the year to come, to wipe away the disappointments we had and to move on with fresh hope. Opportunities are here for us to do this.

There is a fixed star connection that frames this day as Venus the planet of relationships, love and values makes acquaintance with Facies in the constellation of Sagittarius the Archer. Facies is a notorious star, indeed it is actually a nebula which in days of yore was used to test the sight of prospective archers in the military. If the candidate could see this faint nebula, it was thought he had good enough sight to become one of the most feared of opponents in war. Now like the archer who is fixed on a target, this a star of ultra focus and determination. There is a deadly side to this star, is it helps us to eliminate anything in the way of our goals, even to the extent of cruelty. Here is ruthlessness, a very direct and yet rather blunt attitude whenever we are exposed to Facies. In our lives, we may be a little too frank to a partner, and hurtful attitudes can damage a partnership in the next couple of days. The same could be said of our handling of possessions and money, and we may be so focused on the material side of things, that we may forget about the emotional side instead. You may be vengeful at any injustice that faces you, and very cut and dried in your opinions about things. Subtlety will not be our best quality today, and we may be too heavy handed for our own good. Look around the world for social situations that also get out of hand, because of a less than subtle approach.

Finally I would like to wish you all the most amazing New Year's celebrations, and I hope that you'll be following me, and my work, into 2018. I am trying to set new ground in the way that Astrology is written and presented, and it you agree and support my approach. If you do, then please, please help me achieve my ambitions to make a positive impact on the world of Astrology and beyond, by encouraging anyone you know who is interested in this amazing subject to visit my work, and to find out how the planets and stars truly shape our lives.