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Monday, 12 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus square Saturn – Tuesday 13th March 2018

A rollercoaster of emotions today

The Moon is moving within the sign of the water barer, Aquarius during this Tuesday, and on an emotional level we will be quite cool and collected. The Moon in this sign allows us to pull back from stressful moments, and view the whole situation in a decidedly calculated and detached way. On a base level therefore, we won't be liable to experience moments of emotional outburst, and we won't react because we feel that we need to. Instead we have kindness and consideration in abundance, indeed the Moon in this sign is incredibly caring, but we will prefer to help out at arm's length. The Moon in this sign will not make us worry about tradition as this is a sign of constant progress, therefore we'll be motivated to keep moving forwards looking for modern solutions to old problems. We will also do our own thing and follow our own path, rather than adhere to what we are expected to do.

The first planetary connection is a difficult one as Venus, the planet of love and values forms a nasty square to restrictive and harsh Saturn. This aspect will put a serious dampener on all kinds of relationships, and we may be criticised by a partner, or we may be the one who upsets our loved ones. We may feel let down, or we may fear that we aren't being loved as much as we should be. There may be a sense of disappointment and emotional stress that pervades throughout the day or we may be worried about finances and how we are going to pay for everything, as Venus as well as being the planet of love rules our finances too.

The Moon soon joins the party making a sextile to Venus and this increases the sensitivity that we pick up on. Now the Moon is in Aquarius therefore we are working on logic and not so much on feelings, so we will use what we know to try and diffuse and soothe any love, relationship or financial difficulties rather than relying on intuition and what we sense is correct.

Now there is a contradiction in planetary terms today as the Sun now makes a positive trine to Jupiter. The optimism and confidence here as well as the Moon Venus sextile will try to counteract the less than happy Saturn square to Venus, and we may think that we can pull things around, but as soon as we get our hopes up, they may be dragged down again. We could be subject to very up and down moods today, bright and bubbly one minute then in despair the next. I sense a rollercoaster of joy and pain that we may have to put up with as the day progresses.

The Moon forms a late sextile to Mercury, and at least we can verbalise what we are experiencing, and talk over the finer points of what is upsetting us or lifting our hearts. The level of communication is raised now, and we will be articulate, and able to speak through our concerns with others we trust and love. We will also listen well and with the Moon in an air sign able to network, and Mercury in direct Aries, we will be able to canvass opinion, we won't mince our words, or leave anyone in doubt what we really think. Tonight is a time that we will be able to get what is on our minds in the open, and hopefully we can discover solutions to the problems we faced...

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Capricorn – Monday 12th March 2018

Cutting cloth
Moon in Capricorn - Cutting our cloth accordingly

This is another day with the Moon in Capricorn, well for majority of the day at least. Today we go into the working week with a practical and dutiful attitude, ready to work hard and fulfil our ambitions. We will be able to prioritise and work out what are the most important tasks to get on with first, and if we find that we are having trouble we will soldier on bravely without asking for help. There will be little to no extravagance in our needs and desires now, and we will concentrate just on what we require, rather then anything that seems a luxury or beyond our means. Today we cut our cloth according to our needs.

Now the Moon makes a conjunction to Pluto early on today, and we will feel a quiet intensity and a desire to react by expressing our control of any situation. We could come across as pushy, obsessive or jealous depending on the situation, and we may either inspire others who have confidence in our judgement or abilities or stir up hostility in those who see us as a rival. Luckily, at the same time we will have our emotions in sync with our actions as the Moon will be making a sextile to the Sun at the same time, thus we look as if we know exactly what we are doing. We will be able to carry out everything with a smile on our faces and with confidence in our hearts as the Moon also makes a vibrant sextile to Jupiter too. This morning we will be able to achieve pretty much whatever we desire through the use of charm of this aspect allied to the the authority of the Capricorn Moon.

Into the afternoon and the mood becomes less predictable, as the Moon makes a square to Uranus. We could suddenly react to situations without being prompted, and we may become bored more easily than we were in the morning. Be careful not to enact any changes into your life now, as they may be done in haste and without thinking things through properly. Remember that short term alterations may be exciting for the moment, but they rarely last or aid you in the longer term. The Moon follows on to make a sextile to Chiron, and we can alleviate any upset or find the right words, actions or emotional responses to settle ourselves and others around us.

As the day comes to a close, the Moon moves into Aquarius and we take on a more logical and sceptical mood. We will start to question all that we are challenged by, and follow the course of actions that we know to be right. This is a day to take the attitude that it's better to be safe than sorry, and whatever chances we take will be calculated to benefit us rather than taken on a whim of fancy...

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Mars trine Uranus – Sunday 11th March 2018

Mars trine Uranus - Do the unexpected

The Moon remains in Capricorn today, a rather staid, serious and business like sign where we carry on emotional baggage on our shoulders, and tend not to share our problems with others. We will not want to accept help from others, even if we actually need it, and we will hide our insecurities through looking strong and capable, and putting on an act if needs be.

The Moon starts this day in a very difficult set of square aspects. It is closing in on a conjunction with Saturn and at the same time is is making a square with Mercury and Venus. It's best if I pull all of these aspects together. The Moon and Saturn in Capricorn make us for a little while incredibly serious, unwilling to show any vulnerabilities, and we might reject any interference from others. It's also an indication that we may be be disappointed in some way with someone as they let us down, or this aspect may affect our emotional state and well being making us feel low and unworthy. Now the multiple squares to Mercury and Venus could cause difficult discussions, demands or requests on us that we may have to accede to, or we may have to take a whole load of criticism on the chin. The squares to Venus may affect a relationship, a love partnership or there may be emotional differences of opinion over someone's values, and what they think is right and correct.

I mentioned yesterday that Mars and Uranus were forming a trine, and in the middle of the day it finally comes together in an exact connection. This may see us taking off the cuff direct instant action and decisions that others won't see coming. We may suddenly lose our temper and throw a tantrum, or pull a rabbit out of a hat. We may surprise, infuriate, inflict pain or incite wild passion in someone else. This aspect is as accident prone as it allows us to race around at high speed with precision and daring, the trick is to keep our wits about us, and not to take one too many chances.

The Sun later on completes a sextile to Pluto, and this aspect highlight matters of power, control and change. We may find ourselves in a position where we will try to assert our authority over something or someone, or we may try to enact a change that may be needed. We will be steadfast and strong willed, and if this comes in the middle of a difficult emotional situation I can see a stand off between you and someone else. If we are being a bit more flexible however, then we can incorporate useful changes into our lives today to make our relationships more lasting and stronger.

The final aspect of the day is a sextile to Neptune, a gentle aspect to a rather stressful and hectic day. We can use our imaginations to drift off now, so why not put on some music, watch a film, socialise and have a drink or just find a quiet spot and meditate for an hour. Now we can get in tour with our spiritual side and find a little peace. After this weekend is complete, we might just need it...

Friday, 9 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon into Capricorn – Saturday 10th March 2018

Moon trine Uranus - Electric emotions

The Moon finishes its transit through Sagittarius but before it does there are still several aspects for it to make. For two thirds of this day we will be in a generally optimistic mood, eager to progress, make new friends and we will get irritated if we are hemmed in or prevented from having the space we require. We will be happiest and emotionally content if we can get out and about to do our own thing.

Early on today the Moon makes a conjunction with Mars still also in Sagittarius, and our emotions will be very on edge and impatient. This connection will will find us wanting to do something positive, the need to achieve within us will be most important. Anything that slows us down or gets in our way this morning will gain our displeasure, or worse still the wrath of our tongue. We will not wish to compromise our our principles, and with Mars starting to make an exciting trine to Uranus, we may act rather erratically and hastily, on the look out for an opportunity to take a chance, and to do something new or novel.

The Moon follows on to make a trine to Uranus a little while later and the need within us to experiment and follow our own path only increases. We could be very impulsive, especially because of the connection to Mars, and also potentially accident prone, although our reactions will be rapid, and the speed of them may save your skin at the last minute. Be careful of electric shocks and breakages this morning. These connections could bring us into contact with unusual or talented people today who interest us.

The next aspect sees the Moon in a square to Chiron, the wounded healer and our impulsive nature may not be fine for everyone within our sphere of influence, as there is the potential in the middle of the day for some upset. If we suddenly lose our cool, our temper or act selfishly because of the rather volatile energy, we may also hurt someone unintentionally, so try to be careful not to be too egotistical or self-indulgent.

The Moon ends its passage through Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn, and we will feel a little less confident and a touch more reserved, and we may pull back from what we are doing. This position allows us to be more controlled, more calculating and definitely better organised. As the Moon moves into the first few degrees of the sign, it will make a square to Mercury. This connection later in the day makes us more critical, opinionated and sharp minded, and there will be an emotional need to speak up or communicate. If we disagree about something we will let others know about it. There is a nostalgic side to this link though, and we may be fascinated by matters of the past, family connections and news or letting people know what we have been getting up to recently. We may end the day in deep discussion with those we find intellectually stimulating for us...

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Jupiter Retrograde – Friday 9th March 2018

Jupiter (2)
Jupiter turns Retrograde

The Moon in is Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules and today will be a very Jupiterian day. Now normally Sagittarius and Jupiter bring about a sense of adventure, excitement and expansion into our lives. Jupiter expands our horizons and wants us to travel not only in a physical sense but in a mental one too, and through it's influence we may be encouraged to study, philosophise and seek religious enlightenment. Today however the tide turns, and we will start to experience a different side to Jupiter as the day goes on.

This Friday starts with the Moon making a square to Neptune, and this as I have explained before could be a tricky aspect to handle. It could be that we are emotionally confused or let down in some way, or maybe someone will promise us the earth, and then deliver very little? We could be plunged into a chaotic situation, or have to deal with something that is less than clear and transparent. Another manifestation of this aspect may be a through a problem or difficulty that has been hiding away from some time, and today creeps out of the woodwork and hits us between the eyes.

The next event sees Jupiter turning retrograde at 04.45am UK time. This is the first planet to turn to retrograde motion this year, as from the start of 2018 all the planets have been moving directly ahead. Now Jupiter stops in the sign of Scorpio, and we will start to expand and travel from within, taking all the lessons of the last two months and applying them to our mental and inner conscious state. Rather than looking for outside stimulation, we will now look deep inside us for inner joy, and in this we will have to go through a psychological transformation. What makes us content and settles us internally will be the most important thing to us now. Learning lessons that heal the situations that we find ourselves in, and incorporating them into or lives will be a theme of this retrograde, as Jupiter turns on the star Agena, in the constellation of Centaurus. We will also benefit and grow from making our lives simpler, so get ready to have a bit of a clear out in the next 4 months!!

The Moon forms a square to the Sun just afterwards and this can bring to the surface upsets and emotional difficulties between us and loved ones. This is the closing square of this cycle and we could be quite defensive and emotionally tetchy over the revelations brought about through the full Moon a few days ago. We may have to back down or compromise in a situation to bring it under some control.

Now there is one other star connection that starts to form today, a rather difficult one that you should be aware of. Mars, the planet of action, haste, positivity and sometimes aggression starts to enter the sting of Scorpio, a collection of stars that have a rather difficult reputations. The first of these is Aculeus, a nebula (like Facies that I explained in a post a few days ago) that is known for attacks. The Scorpion defends itself through use of its sting, and the Mars connection could precipitate force being used against us, either in a physical manner or through sharp angry verbal attacks that hurt immensely. I have seen in the world around us when a difficult or malefic planet such as Mars enters the stars in the sting of Scorpio a preponderance for attacks that make the headlines. These may be military ones, terrorist ones, or ones through sharp debate and stinging criticism. With Jupiter stationary, the potential for big attacks, maybe linked to religion, faith, diversity, culture or things we believe in may be high in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Sagittarius - Thursday 8th March 2018

Honesty is the best policy

The Moon is in Sagittarius on a very quiet Astrological day. The Moon in Sagittarius is open and loves to be around friends enjoying itself, and there will be a need to socialise, not to be trapped in, and to enjoy life to the full. Our generosity knows no limits and we are in a mood for giving, not only in material terms but emotionally too. Even if we are tearing ourselves up inside, we won't want others to realise it, and the emotional optimism within us will always will always carry us through to the next opportunity. It is also rather direct too, very frank and tied to the truth, to the point of being as subtle as brick going through a plate glass window. How we react in telling things as they are may not be to the liking of everyone, but you won't worry about that so long as you are being honest about the situation.

The Moon through the day makes only two aspects, and both of these come in the early hours of the morning. These two aspects are two trines, the first to Venus and the second to Mercury. Through the trine to Venus we will be very aware of our relationship to other people, and we will also be very socially aware. Love will flow out of us now because of the easy way that our feelings will mesh with our emotions. This aspect will tend to make us just a little bit lazy, and we may have to motivate ourselves a little to get on with what we should. There is a great temptation to link up with and connect with those we love, our friends and close associates.

The trine to Mercury connected our emotions to our mind, how we thing, speak and communicate. There is a lovely sensitivity here that we will be able to tap into and express what we feel into words. There will also be one other thing we will be good at – being able to listen. We will be tuned in to the views and concerns of others, especially to women to female issues and to the family as well, and we will be able to make sense of what we hear and give suggestions that hopefully will be useful. This should be a day free of too many disruptions and upsets, and although we can never be totally sure, the ease of the connections today suggest that this may be a day where whatever we set in motion should move ahead without too many problems...

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Scorpio - Wednesday 7th March 2018

eye of the storm
Calm in the eye of the storm

The Moon is in Scorpio through most of the day, and the energy brings a need for us to know exactly what is going on. The Moon in this sign is reclusive, secretive, guarded with with what it allows us to reveal, and yet it asks us to find out as much as we can about the motivations, movements and plans of others. You see, the Moon here wants us to be informed, as forewarned is forearmed, and if we know what's coming, then we can them protect ourselves from what is coming. That's the ultimate goal here, the need to survive.

The intensity level is high anyway through the Moon being in Scorpio, but it will be raised a level as it forms a sextile the the ruler of the sign of Scorpio, Pluto. This sextile actually will keep us calm, and we will be able to work well in a pressurised situation, keeping our calm even if hell is breaking loose all around us. We will feel a need to be close to others and sense an intimate bond, be it physical or mental.

The Moon then moves forwards to form a conjunction to Jupiter. This connection will lift our spirits and bring a smile not only to our faces but to others too. Through it we will feel an emotional drive to do something expansive, ambitious or to improve our knowledge in some way. We will also be open to learn something new, and go somewhere different and fly away. Being generous in praise and in a more material way will be second nature to us now, and we will be willing to help out should our assistance be needed.

There is a little disruption that we may encounter later in the day as the Moon forms as rather irritating inconjunct aspect to Uranus, and something that we were not expecting may get in the way, cause a breakage or force us to do something that we were counting on doing. Someone's intransigence or stubborn behaviour might be getting on our nerves, and upsetting us emotionally. Luckily this is followed by a trine to Chiron, and either we may realise the error of our ways, or we may get an apology from someone who realised that their actions was causing us trouble. There is a chance to kiss and make up, and if offered we should be in a position to accept.

The Moon's last act today is to move into Sagittarius, and the freedom and progressive energy we felt through the Jupiter conjunction will revisit us for the next couple of days. The energy now will be expansive, optimistic, candid and fun and there will be a need to learn, to explore and to push ourselves to the very limit.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Mercury and Venus into Aries - Tuesday 6th March 2018

Mercury and Venus into Aries - Green for Go

The Moon is moving within the confines of the sign of Scorpio all day, and our needs are now will be more immediate but initially hidden. We will require full and complete answers to all our questions and queries, and there will be an intense desire to complete all of our tasks and plans in a full and absolute manner, with no half measures allowed. Today we will have greater will and desire to succeed than before, and we will achieve our objectives.

The Moon just to add to the authoritarian feel that I just explained makes a sextile to Saturn early on today, and this just strengthens our resolve to work hard, do our best and to achieve everything that we want to finish and/or complete. We won't get very emotional about situations, but see them in a hard and rather cold hearted way. It may be tough for those who are more sensitive than we are, but this connection linked to the Moon in all or nothing Scorpio will urge us to in a less than subtle manner to seek positive results.

This is a day of switching priorities and energies and the first of these vital changes occurs as Mercury moves out of Pisces, and into Aries. This is a brand new cycle for the planet of communication, and through this shift of signs there will be much less waiting around for things to happen, and we will take the bull but the horns and ask for exactly for what we want. There will be a directness to the way we communicate, think and act, and for the next few weeks Mercury will be in this sign making us much more decisive than we were.

Taking the edge of things during the middle of the day, and adding in some extra love, compassion and sensitivity, the Moon makes a double trine to both Neptune and the Sun. There will be much harmony and peace through these aspects and we will be able to combine our emotions, intuition and the higher love inside us to soothe and comfort anyone who needs some attention.

There is one last change happening today and late on Venus follows Mercury into the sign of Aries. As I mentioned earlier on, Aries brings an immediacy to all that it affects and now the planet of love and our values is being affected. This chance will make us much more amorous in a direct and visible way, so we will have less patience will our partner or lover, and we will want to feel their love now, not yesterday or in a few days time. Venus is will take on a more immediate and hasty feel, and through this change we will want to swept off our feet and know that we are the most important person in the world.

As Venus follows Mercury, she also connects with the star that Mercury connected with yesterday, Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus. As I mentioned if you read my post on Monday, this is a star of intellect, and now we will find the communication within our relationships much more important and emphasised than before. If we don't feel that “connection”, then the swirling emotions of this star could upset and even jeopardise a relationship situation for us, putting it under strain if a partner is unable to properly communicate with you. It may be that you need a bit of independence within a relationship situation, and room to do your own thing. Venus also represents art and beauty, and you may be in a position to push your own creations now, and let others know about your individual work and talents.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Mercury conjunct Scheat - Monday 5th March 2018

RMS Titanic

The Moon is in Libra at the start of today, and carried over from yesterday we will look for a peaceful and serene beginning to this new working week. We will be rather idealistic this morning, and we will do whatever we can to engender a harmonious atmosphere around us. If that means making sacrifices for others, or having to ignore and put up with the worst in other's behaviour to keep a settled atmosphere, then so be it.

The Moon makes a positive sextile aspect to Mars to start the day, and this will see us feeling emotionally alive and ready to take on the world. There is a slightly impatient feel around this aspect, and if anyone holds us up or gets in our way then we may feel mildly irritated. We can push forward this morning, and get on with our tasks with a will to succeed and do our best.

The Moon then makes an opposition to Uranus. A sense of breaking free will start to come over us or needing to take the bull by the horns, and do our own thing. We may not be take kindly to being told what to do, and we may be much happier to find or discover our own route this morning. This aspect will see our emotions more on edge than is normal, and we may react to the slightest provocation in the most unusual of ways.

There are three more aspect in very quick succession that occurs before the moon switches signs, These are all inconjunct aspects, firstly to Chiron, then to Venus and finally to Mercury, with like yesterday all three in a conjunction. This suggests a conversation or dialogue (Mercury) with a loved one or someone in a relationship (Venus) over something that is hurting us (Chiron), or having to change our position, or adapt ourselves or our values to something radically new or difficult that is facing us.

All this takes us up to Midday (UK time), and then the Moon moves into Scorpio. We have a much different vibe to contend with now, as from not being able to make a positive decision under the Moon in Libra, we suddenly find that we may be force to choose either way with no recourse for going back under the Moon in Scorpio. There is a heavier and more emotional feel about the second half of this Monday, and we will react with more intensity and passion to anything that faces us.

Mercury makes contact with the star Scheat in the constellation of Pegasus today, a star that is linked to the mind to intellect and to storms and sea disasters, according to the old star watchers of years gone by, and it is a fact that Mars was conjunct to this star at the launch of the Titanic. I think more to the point would be stormy emotions that test our mental endurance, and with the planet of the mind now on this star we may have to counter emotional situations that will test our resolve. This connection may also allow us to come up with new ideas or launch innovative solutions to situations that have been bugging us for a while. Remember if you are sending a new ship to sea, make sure you have back up plans or lifeboats ready, just in case a stray iceberg comes into view...

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Sun conjunct Neptune - Sunday 4th March 2018

Sun conjunct Neptune/Venus conjunct Mercury - Artistic inspiration

The Moon is in the sign of equality and diplomacy Libra for the whole of this day, and we may be focused on our partners and other people more than on ourselves. The Moon in this sign wants to avoiding emotional conflict at all times, and you may be constantly looking for ways of keeping everyone around you happy and content. This approach is lovely, but those who are more ruthless than you are may take advantage of your rather selfless nature.

Now the Moon early on today makes a double inconjunct aspect to the Sun and Neptune who themselves are forming a conjunction. Through these aspects you may feel slightly off colour or rather uncomfortable, and you may have to try and deal with a confusing or disintegrating situation, maybe as something that is going wrong and forcing you try and find a solution. Be careful too that you aren't being lead down the garden path by someone who wishes to take advantage of you.

The Sun as I mentioned soon after makes a conjunction with Neptune. This aspect will makes us all very impressionable. and it may weaken our resolve to achieve anything significant today. Today is more a day of dreams and imagination, and finding spiritual peace and solace, and we may be confounded and less than happy if we are caught up in hectic situations that need an organised attitude. Letting things flow and reacting to what is needed when it is needed, is how we will go about things best.

A little while later, Mercury and Venus make direct contact. This combines the planet of the mind with the planet of relationships, values and beauty. Now we may be in a mood to gossip about who is going out with who and find out what others are doing and getting on with. We may also be in a very creative mood, and you will be able to use the inspiration around in the energy of the day to your advantage in any projects or plans that require a level of artistry. Combined with the Sun Neptune conjunction, this will be a lovely day for performers, photographers, painters, musicians and any situation that requires an appreciation of colour, rhythm and form. It is very appropriate then that this aspect is one of the signatures of the Oscars that occur tonight (all these planets rule the world of performance, film, sound, design and imagination), as the movie world celebrates the best in their industry.

The Moon moves on to make an intense square to Pluto in mid afternoon, and those creative urges I mentioned can really come from deep in the soul, if you throw the considerable energy of this aspect into anything that you are doing. You may get obsessed by something or somebody now, so much that you lose all sense of proportion. Try to keep those intense emotions under control, and then you'll be able to make the best of the swirling emotions and feeling that are affecting us on this Sunday.

There is one other very important set of connections as both Venus and Mercury come together with Chiron making a conjunction. Through this triple conjunction is a message of wounds being healed this evening, hurts being tended and a message going out that such wounding behaviour will not be tolerated. In your life this is a tender-hearted link that can help to settle the difficulties of the past through talking with those that you love, and on a wider level, I suspect that this particular message of wounds being healed will emanate out from Los Angeles loud and very clearly.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon into Libra - Saturday 3rd March 2018

The Moon begins in the latter stages of Virgo and our quest to get things right continues, and even if we have some success we will tend to underplay it. We will show love and caring through doing things that of a service nature, such as little acts of kindness that through their thoughtful nature can actually make a big difference.

The Moon's first connections early today sees it making an inconjunct aspect to Uranus swiftly followed by an opposition to Chiron. Unexpected disruptions, unusual experiences or sudden accidents could make you think twice about how you are going about things and the opposition to Chiron may mean that you feel a little emotionally hurt or upset over what is going on now. In contrast your change of mood or ideas could make others uncomfortable and upset their plans.

The Moon then moves void of course through the rest of the night and as dawn breaks here in the UK she moves into the diplomatic sign of Libra. The Moon in this sign needs some harmony and everything to be in balance, and any shift of the scales one way or the other can get us acting to restore the situation back into equilibrium. The thing is that this Moon also does not want to get into a fight either because Libra is a sign of peace, therefore we refrain from doing what we should do, if we know we might get drawn into a conflict. We will naturally act as a mediator to calm down a situation if it starts to get out of hand to stop the emotional upset that it might cause us.

The Moon now in Libra makes just one aspect, and this is a square to Saturn. This is quite a tough end to the day and our emotions may be tested once again by something or someone who is critical of us, and what we are doing, We may be rather sensitive to anyone questioning us now, and it might be a good idea to find a little space for yourself, a place away from those who might hurt you. Some time to do your own thing this evening might be beneficial for you.

Now Mars makes contact with the main star in the constellation of Ophiuchus, Ras Alhague. This star is one linked to healing and also associated with sorting out social problems too, and this aspect indicates direct action could be taken to help those in trouble or those who require help in a difficult situation. It may be a good thing to be pro-active in giving assistance to those who need it now, and you may see the emergency services wherever you are such as the police, ambulance, fire and even the military called into action to solve a difficult situation.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Mercury trine Jupiter – Friday 2nd March 2018

Going away
Mercury trine Jupiter - Off on our travels
The Moon is in Virgo today, and we will be very much tied to the routines that we have to carry out, and in getting things precise and correct as we would want them to be. This is a rather modest connection, and in comparison to yesterday we will not want to be so demonstrative as we were. This is a connection where will will let our work and actions speak for themselves.

Just 51 minutes into this day (UK time) the Moon opposes the Sun and a Full Moon will be formed. I wrote extensively about this connection in my full Moon post yesterday, so if you are interested how it will affect us all, please refer to that article. There will be a link at the end of this post to refer to.

Following the lunation, the Moon progresses onwards to oppose Neptune. There is a sense of illusion and unreality that comes out of this opposition and our emotions or perceptions may either deceive us or maybe someone will instead. We may be gullible in this moment and open to suggestion, so try if you can to keep your wits about you.

The next aspect to perfect finds Mercury making a trine to Jupiter. This is an aspect of needing to communicate, a lot. Not much will shut us up now, the urge to speak about what is on our minds will be strong, and we will also want to get that message out as far and wide as we can. This is an aspect of knowledge, culture and faith too, and it may bring us the urge to travel of get away to far flung places, to take a trip or jump on a plane. We may wish to learn more about our chosen interest or eulogise to others about our faith or beliefs. We may be obsessed by the big idea, the overriding concept or the philosophical discussion.

The Moon makes a trine to Pluto in the middle of this day, and very soon afterwards it makes a square to Mars. There is intensity here in these connections, emotional irritability and we may over-react badly to anything or anyone that questions us. We may respond in a over quick or curt manner, and this could cause problems with others. To keep you from reacting this way, it would be good for you to keep active with something demanding to do. This will take your mind off other more troublesome situations, and give you some focus when you need it.

The Moon still has two opposition aspects to make before the day ends; ones to Mercury and then to Venus. We may be challenged now verbally or mentally in a relationship situation or over our values. Someone we love may question us, or ask something more of us. There could be tension in the air and we may have to apologise or make amends for a mistake we have made. One thing that the opposition to Mercury does allow us to do is to listen, and rather than us expressing our own position, it may be wiser for us to shut up and hear what someone else has to say.

The Virgo Full Moon of March 2nd 2018

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon into Virgo – Thursday 1st March 2018

Pegasus - The Winged Horse

The Moon is still in the sign of Leo for a little while today, and while it is we will continue to demand attention and love from those close to us. If we are in a good mood and things are going well for us, then we will be warm and generous, but if we are upset then we'll be more like a bear (or lion) with a sore head.

Now the first aspect to affect us today comes immediately, as Mercury makes a tense square to Mars. This aspect allows us to communicate clearly, concisely what we want and when we want it, but it may come out as a demand for action rather than more diplomatically put, and this may put other people's noses out of joint. There is a directness of thought that is perfect for those of us who wish to engage in some kind of debate, and we may be able to put across critical comments with the clarity of a barrister cross examining a witness, although this aspect makes us hasty with the result that we we may rush to judgement without thinking of the consequences. There is also potential for anger to rise now and for the red mist to descend if we are upset by something. This could well happen through something that emotional hurts us as the Moon follows up by making a difficult inconjunct aspect to Chiron, the wounded healer.

Mercury is an influential planet today, and it makes a second aspect very soon after the Mars one, by forming a sextile to Pluto. This is a great aspect for digging beneath the surface of an issue and finding out the real truth. In a way it very much complements the Mercury/Mars square operating as well. The manner of our communication will be powerful and penetrating, and our words and thoughts can make a discernible difference. If we want to psycho-analyse our own actions and desires, then we can successfully do so under this connection.

The Moon shifts into Virgo in mid morning, and we will become a little quieter and more diligent in the tasks that we have to carry out. This is a much more shy and retiring sign for the Moon to be moving in, and we will start to shun the attention that we wanted earlier on. Now we will put our heads down, and get on with the more practical side of life.

As we reach lunchtime, Venus in Pisces forms an exact trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, a watery connection that is generally fortunate in nature, especially in a financial or romantic sense. It's almost like despite the acerbic nature of the Mercury square Mars, this link can makes sure that we can charm our way out of difficult situations, and make love instead of war. This aspect soothes the tension that may be dredged up, and make us or others smile and laugh. This is normally a lazy connection and it could drag us into thinking that we can take it easy throughout the day, however the conscientiousness of the Virgo Moon will continue to make us aware of our responsibilities.

There is one last lunar connection today, and this sees the Moon forming a trine to Saturn. This aspect calms our emotions from earlier on, and makes us more organised, more authoritarian and less willing to rock the boat. This aspect allows us to deal with stress and anxiety in a cool and calm way, and even if we are pushed to react by others, then our demeanour will such that we will be able to respond constructively.

There is a star planet connection that occurs today, and this sees Venus the planet of love, values and diplomacy making a conjunction with Markab, one of the stars in the great constellation of Pegasus, the winged horse. Markab represents the saddle of the back of Pegasus, a place of stability as Pegasus speeds through the sky. That notion of safety, stability and a solid base allows us to hold our nerves while the storm rages around us. Through the love that we express to others and the way we can mediate and act diplomatically, we can find the middle ground while debate gets out of hand. Remember that you can find peace and gain respect if you hold your nerve today, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride...

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon into Leo – Wednesday 28th February 2018

stock car
Stock Car

The Moon remain in the enthusiastic sign of Leo today, and we may be brash, confident, proud and rather stubborn too. The Leo Moon wants to be noticed and also to be praised for whatever it does, and today we will crave not only attention but also love shown to us from others, be it for who we are or for what we have achieved during this day. The last thing any Leo influence wants or needs is to be rejected, and if this happens then you can expect a very visible reaction of disappointment and hurt.

The Moon starting this day makes a series of difficult inconjunct aspects, so this will a day of many adjustments, enforced changes or irritations. The first two of these occur as the Leo Moon makes two 150 degree inconjunct aspects firstly to Neptune, and then to Mercury so be aware of those telling you lies, being deceitful or not giving you the whole truth. Something about the level of communication that you are receiving may not be right, or you may encounter a confusing set of circumstances where you will not know where to turn. Please do not make important decisions this morning, as your judgement may be rather impaired.

Followed on from this vague and rather mystifying beginning to the day, the Moon makes a trine to Mars. This connection brings an emotional need to act on something and it may make you impatient too, however please heed the warning of the aspects preceding this one and try if you can to hold back. You may be like a stock car on the line waiting to set off at high speed, however it'll be best to keep the brakes firmly on, no matter how irritating this may be,

Directly after this trine, there are two more inconjunct aspects for the Moon to make. The first is to Pluto and the second is to Venus. This highlights the sextile between these two planets that I explained yesterday, and it suggests some discord in the relationships and values that you have. Maybe things aren't so fine with a partner or lover, maybe because you want them to change and yet they refuse to, or just can't? This may bring an intense emotional reaction that may upset you. You may also want someone to change their opinions over something that you see as unfair, but you may hit a brick wall stopping you from getting the equality or justice that you seek?

There are still a couple of aspects to go before we complete this day. The Moon makes a square to Jupiter, and matter of justice and getting a fair deal may still be on our mind by the evening. This aspect does start to make us a bit more philosophical though, and we may take the attitude that there are plenty other fish in the sea, and other opportunities may come along instead that are more agreeable to us. The second aspect is a trine to Uranus, and this encourages us to do our own thing, and not worry about the intransigent views of others. This aspect tell you to follow your own path, confide in only those who are on your own wavelength, and to hell with everyone else. By the end of today, you'll know who your friends are, who you can trust, and who you can't...

Monday, 26 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon into Leo – Tuesday 27th February 2018

Venus sextile Pluto - intense passion

The Moon starts off in the sign of Cancer, and for a short while we are emotional, moody and sometimes irrational as well. The Moon in this sign can make us to act in a most difficult way if we are upset, however the start of this day is accompanied by a soothing trine to Chiron, and this will help settle any irritability, and we can settle any differences, or help others to do the same.

Just a few hours into the day, the Moon moves into a very different sign, Leo. Leo is the sign of the king and the individual, and whereas the Moon in Cancer can be quite private, Leo likes to put on show. For the rest of the day, our emotions will be more dramatised than normal, our pride will be important to us, and we may be more confident too. The Leo Moon want to be loved and noticed, and being ignored will tend to mildly hurt us.

The first aspect after this shift of sign sees Venus still in Pisces making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This strengthens the intensity within any relationship in both a good and bad way. There will be more strength of feeling between you and a loved one, and there can be high passion triggered now, but if things turn sour, then the intensity of this connection can turn nasty and vitriolic. This connection can dredge up much strength of feeling about what we value and what we don't, and we will defend what we think is right in a most fanatical and demonstrative way. If you are in any kind of debate or meeting, expect everyone to stand their ground and not be as diplomatic as they normally would be.

The Moon later in the the day makes a double inconjunct aspect, initially to Saturn and then to the Sun. The inconjunct aspect here will make us feel rather emotionally uneasy, and a harsh situation, through something someone says or does could force to us take a course of action that we would rather not do. On the other hand, we may find that something we are doing goes wrong, so that we get upset or disappointed. Our pride may be hurt too, and this may make us sulk, or act in a rather childish and immature way. This is not the easiest end to our Tuesday, but remember that hope springs eternal, and tomorrow is always another day to look forward to.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Mercury conjunct Ankaa – Monday 26th February 2018

The Phoenix

The Moon is in the sign of Cancer today, and we need to feel safe and surrounded by home comforts and things we know. There will be a focus on our family and domestic situation, and we will want to look after anyone that we love by mothering and doting after them. This is a conscientious Moon, and we will be attentive to every need. The Moon in this sign can be changeable, and that may lead us to being rather moody, if something upsets us or makes us feel threatened or uncomfortable.

This is quite an active day and it starts with the Moon making a double trine aspect, firstly to Neptune and then to Mercury. This is a much more agreeable aspect than the square aspects at the start of the weekend that we had to endure, and will be able to utilise our imaginations and creative skills to make the best of the situations that we find ourselves in. There is a very compassionate feeling with the water trines here, and if anything or anyone catches our heartstrings, we will feel compelled to help them out.

The next aspect that the Moon makes is an inconjunct to Mars, and we may have to act in a different way, make sudden adjustments or go in a different direction. Something breaking or irritating us may prompt this sudden change of stance. Mars and Venus will still be in a close square from yesterday, and so a trine to Venus will be the next aspect for the Moon in the middle of the day. This trine is pleasant and welcoming, and we will feel warm and responsive to our partner or loved one. We will have an eye for a bargain now, and our sense of value will be keen.

The Moon goes on to make an opposition to Pluto and we may come to face a roadblock in the early afternoon. Pluto can represent a person of power or influence, or it can also indicate a control issue that we come up against. Our emotions will be intense and we may want to get our way, thus a battle of will may ensue. We will be calm in a crisis though and be able to call on our inner reserves to get through whatever faces us. There are still thee aspects this evening to get through before the day is out. Another trine, this time to Jupiter will life our spirits and optimism and we may be tempted to learn something new, or look for higher knowledge. Trust in our faith may help bolster our lives now. A square to Uranus follows and we will search for something different or unique tonight. Maybe a change of routine from the normal things that we do, or maybe you will crave a little excitement? Being forced to do the same old routine, will almost certainly make you tetchy, and maybe bad tempered.

Mercury through the day makes a double connection to two stars, Ankaa and Achernar, the same stars that Venus connected with on Thursday last week. Mercury to Ankaa, the main star in the constellation of the Phoenix. This suggest redoing or rethinking an idea, or ripping up a contract and making a new one. In some way some communication that we make or journey we take may have to be changed at the last minute because of sudden event. We can also come up with new solutions, maybe as a result of previous failures. Achernar as I mentioned last week is the main star in the constellation of the river, Eridanus, and this aspect ties into the other Mercury star connection quite well, and as a result we may have to make quick decisions because of a crisis situation. In the world around us, this relates to a fast moving news story, traffic snarl ups and problems with transportation, difficult situations in education, or maybe there could story about business and finances that the newspapers and websites latch onto.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus square Mars – Sunday 25th February 2018

Meet in the rain
Venus square Mars - Tension in relationships

The Moon for the first hour today is in the sign of Gemini, and then it switches over into its home sign of Cancer. From this time onwards the fun begins, as this is going to be a significant day. Our overriding need will be one linked to the protection of and deep caring for those we love, and we will do in our power to achieve this today. The Moon in Cancer is in a homely sign, and we will like the familiar sanctuary of our abode and our family.

Now the first major aspect today sees Venus in the disparate sign of Pisces making a square to Mars in Sagittarius. Now this is a mutable square between these planets of love and desire, and the tension that exists here is erratic and movable, as if you won't exactly know where you are standing within a relationship. There will be an amount of distrust that will be affecting it, especially with those we love, and you won't exactly know how to go about dealing with any upset and and anger that arises now, indeed a sense of bemusement may surround us in relation to others. There will be a sense of mistrust and confusion, and yet if positively used, this connection can bring a sense of adventure and fantasy into our love lives, so be prepared to live out your wildest dreams with your partner!!

Just after Mars and Venus make their square, Mercury and Neptune make an exact contact in Pisces. This is a dreamer's aspect and one of incredible imagination too, but it is also totally disorganised as well and it would be a good idea not to plan anything important today, as it won't get completed. Our minds will be drifting to far off vistas today, indeed we may be so engaged in our own thoughts and dreams that we may completely lose track of reality and what we should be doing. This is an aspect of escaping responsibility and lying to cover up mistakes, and this may exacerbate the tension between Venus and Mars and any potential problems we are having with our partners.

Later in the day, there will be some emotional tension, as after the Moon makes a trine to the Sun, as it also forms a difficult opposition to Saturn in Capricorn. Now we may be emotionally hurt or criticised in some regards by someone who wants to assert their authority over us. This aspect can also pull our emotions back inside us, and we will become more sensitive, wary and reserved, lest we show our vulnerabilities. We might find it easier if we can find a little space to ourselves this evening, so that we gather our thoughts and reflect on how to deal emotionally with the issues that have faced us today. The Sun and Saturn make a final sextile this evening, this calms down our energies and any irritation and it allows us to be a bit more patient and authoritative too. We will have time to settle ourselves, and after the the tension and the lack of direction of earlier in the day, this rest bite will be much needed by us...

Friday, 23 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Gemini – Saturday 24th February 2018

jekyll hyde
Moon in Gemini - Jekyll and Hyde

The Moon is again in the sign of Gemini for a second consecutive day, and we will feel the duality of this sign. Gemini keeps us slightly off balance and the fluctuating desires of this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde sign will keep our emotions constantly on edge. We will rarely be able to relax and we may feel more stressed out and anxious than normal. Geminis rarely can ever sit still for 5 minutes and this same restless feeling will affect us while the Moon is in this sign.

The Moon yesterday was making a series of stressful square aspects and this pattern continues first up as it forms a square to Venus in Pisces. This may cause tensions in our relationships as our emotions may not be linked in to the needs of our partner, and we may also be unsure of what we want out of them emotionally. This tension that I mentioned from the outset may reach a critical point by the morning as the Moon opposes Mars in Sagittarius. Something may irritate or annoy us, especially if somebody says that will carry out something and then they fail to do it, possibly because they have something else to do. This aspect can also inspire us to get up and get going in the morning, maybe through the encouragement of someone.

The Moon towards midday makes two consecutive inconjunct aspects, with the first being to Pluto followed by one to Jupiter. The Moon will briefly be at the point of a yod and through it we will be able to change our stance on something, or transform our attitudes to something that either stands in our way or controls our actions. It's time to be a be a bit wiser and more emotionally mature in our attitudes to situation. Being more flexible and seeing the other side of the story may aid in this.

The Moon then links up with first Uranus in a sextile and then Chiron in a square aspect. We will want to do our own thing this evening, but this may cause some upset or hurt to those who disagree with our suggestions and actions. The Moon in Gemini sextile to Uranus isn't the warmest connection either, it is almost clinical in nature, and the lack of romance and depth of feelings may make our partners think that we are being cold and uncaring, and this may trigger emotional worries in those that we profess to love and care about. Uranus can show incredible kindness though without being close, so try and use your thoughtful side to avoid causing too much upset.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Gemini – Friday 23rd February 2018

Confusion Portrait
Moon square Neptune and Mercury - Bemusement

The Moon starts off in the last degree of Taurus today but just a few minutes into the day it moves over into sign of Gemini. It will be here for the rest of the day through it we will be flexible, we will be able to multi-task, able to carry out several priorities at the same time without too many problems. The Moon in Gemini is much more logical than emotional, so we will be able to rationalise situations rather than feel them with the Moon in this sign, and you will need to keep your mind busy, as not doing so will make you fidget and irritable to others.

The Moon a few hours into the day makes a a square to the Sun now in Pisces. This opening square since the New Moon solar eclipse could cause a lot of irritation and upset, with our emotions on edge being frustrated and confounded or confused by the Piscean energy of the Sun. Some of the information we are relying on may be mixed up, or not as clear as we would wish, and this may cause frustration within us.

The Moon moves on to make a difficult looking inconjunct aspect to Saturn, and we may have to change direction or adjust what we were planning to do because someone important or senior to us is putting us under pressure, criticising our actions, or what we are saying. There seems to be an emphasis on communications, and the Moon goes on to make a square to Mercury. Mercury is the planet ruling what we say, write and read and there could be disagreement or emotional consternation over a message sent, words uttered, or things agreed. Mercury is Pisces sends out very unclear signals, and the decisions made today could be a fudge to satisfy everyone, or there could be a misleading information hiding the actual truth of a situation. Frustration could rise in the face of a less than satisfactory outcome to things.

This day of confusion and clouded signals will be capped off by a square between the Moon and Neptune. This is a difficult and sacrificial connection that could lead to emotional misdirection, lies and deceit. We may be fed a diet of “everything being fine” but the truth may conceal a multitude of sins that are being concocted behind the scenes. In truth you should take everything said or relayed to you through others with a very large pinch of salt, as what appears to be true may just be sent out to mislead you.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Achernar – Thursday 22nd February 2018

Eridanus - The turbulent river

The Moon spends its second full day in the sign of Taurus, and it promotes a calm, unchanging, and rather materialistic feeling. There is a love of the earth and nature in this placement, and you will appreciate the notion of building anything from the ground up. Anything strong and stable needs good foundations, and the Moon in Taurus brings enough determination and endurance to dig them deep and resilient. We will have a good work ethic and an unflinching calmness that will pervade throughout most emotional crises. Those foundations will have to be strong to survive the battering that some of the planetary energy that will be thrown at us today.

To begin with the Moon makes a trine to Pluto. This is an aspect of emotional control, and maybe it can steady us if we place ourselves in a difficult situation which could happen. Whatever our goals early on today, we will be able to carry them out in a brutally efficient manner, being calm, controlled and know exactly what we want to achieve. Our emotional involvement in any situation will be total and complete. We will also be able to dig beneath any emotional issue and get to the root of the problem too, and this allows us to help out others if the help is needed.

The Moon goes on in the middle of the day to oppose Jupiter. This aspect promotes a cheerful optimism that may be infectious to all around us. We will be in a good, generous, charitable and adventurous mood and we may be called upon to help others out, indeed this is a day of giving out of our best for or on behalf of other people. This theme continues with the Moon making a pleasant trine to Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing. This lovely little sextile allows us to find the right words or emotional responses to heal a situation or to comfort someone we care about.

There are two star planet links today with Venus connecting with the stars Ankaa and Achernar. Ankaa is the star in the Phoenix constellation and we all know how the fiery bird rises from the ashes, so here we see the same effect happening, a cycle of life and death, beginnings and endings, seeing a situation renewed, replenished or regenerated at the expense of something older and worn out. Achernar is the main star in Eridanus the constellation of "the river", and it highlights chaotic events, quick moving problems which can turn into a crisis. Venus is the planet of love, relationships and values, and I can see new relationships being formed on the back of old ones burning out and being destroyed. Love matters may be chaotic, exciting and unpredictable and I can also see our values and maybe the money markets and business in general being more turbulent than is normally the case. A prominent company could crash and burn today.