Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Jupiter Retrograde – Friday 9th March 2018

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Jupiter Retrograde – Friday 9th March 2018

Jupiter (2)
Jupiter turns Retrograde

The Moon in is Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules and today will be a very Jupiterian day. Now normally Sagittarius and Jupiter bring about a sense of adventure, excitement and expansion into our lives. Jupiter expands our horizons and wants us to travel not only in a physical sense but in a mental one too, and through it's influence we may be encouraged to study, philosophise and seek religious enlightenment. Today however the tide turns, and we will start to experience a different side to Jupiter as the day goes on.

This Friday starts with the Moon making a square to Neptune, and this as I have explained before could be a tricky aspect to handle. It could be that we are emotionally confused or let down in some way, or maybe someone will promise us the earth, and then deliver very little? We could be plunged into a chaotic situation, or have to deal with something that is less than clear and transparent. Another manifestation of this aspect may be a through a problem or difficulty that has been hiding away from some time, and today creeps out of the woodwork and hits us between the eyes.

The next event sees Jupiter turning retrograde at 04.45am UK time. This is the first planet to turn to retrograde motion this year, as from the start of 2018 all the planets have been moving directly ahead. Now Jupiter stops in the sign of Scorpio, and we will start to expand and travel from within, taking all the lessons of the last two months and applying them to our mental and inner conscious state. Rather than looking for outside stimulation, we will now look deep inside us for inner joy, and in this we will have to go through a psychological transformation. What makes us content and settles us internally will be the most important thing to us now. Learning lessons that heal the situations that we find ourselves in, and incorporating them into or lives will be a theme of this retrograde, as Jupiter turns on the star Agena, in the constellation of Centaurus. We will also benefit and grow from making our lives simpler, so get ready to have a bit of a clear out in the next 4 months!!

The Moon forms a square to the Sun just afterwards and this can bring to the surface upsets and emotional difficulties between us and loved ones. This is the closing square of this cycle and we could be quite defensive and emotionally tetchy over the revelations brought about through the full Moon a few days ago. We may have to back down or compromise in a situation to bring it under some control.

Now there is one other star connection that starts to form today, a rather difficult one that you should be aware of. Mars, the planet of action, haste, positivity and sometimes aggression starts to enter the sting of Scorpio, a collection of stars that have a rather difficult reputations. The first of these is Aculeus, a nebula (like Facies that I explained in a post a few days ago) that is known for attacks. The Scorpion defends itself through use of its sting, and the Mars connection could precipitate force being used against us, either in a physical manner or through sharp angry verbal attacks that hurt immensely. I have seen in the world around us when a difficult or malefic planet such as Mars enters the stars in the sting of Scorpio a preponderance for attacks that make the headlines. These may be military ones, terrorist ones, or ones through sharp debate and stinging criticism. With Jupiter stationary, the potential for big attacks, maybe linked to religion, faith, diversity, culture or things we believe in may be high in the next couple of days.