Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Moon in Sagittarius - Thursday 8th March 2018

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Sagittarius - Thursday 8th March 2018

Honesty is the best policy

The Moon is in Sagittarius on a very quiet Astrological day. The Moon in Sagittarius is open and loves to be around friends enjoying itself, and there will be a need to socialise, not to be trapped in, and to enjoy life to the full. Our generosity knows no limits and we are in a mood for giving, not only in material terms but emotionally too. Even if we are tearing ourselves up inside, we won't want others to realise it, and the emotional optimism within us will always will always carry us through to the next opportunity. It is also rather direct too, very frank and tied to the truth, to the point of being as subtle as brick going through a plate glass window. How we react in telling things as they are may not be to the liking of everyone, but you won't worry about that so long as you are being honest about the situation.

The Moon through the day makes only two aspects, and both of these come in the early hours of the morning. These two aspects are two trines, the first to Venus and the second to Mercury. Through the trine to Venus we will be very aware of our relationship to other people, and we will also be very socially aware. Love will flow out of us now because of the easy way that our feelings will mesh with our emotions. This aspect will tend to make us just a little bit lazy, and we may have to motivate ourselves a little to get on with what we should. There is a great temptation to link up with and connect with those we love, our friends and close associates.

The trine to Mercury connected our emotions to our mind, how we thing, speak and communicate. There is a lovely sensitivity here that we will be able to tap into and express what we feel into words. There will also be one other thing we will be good at – being able to listen. We will be tuned in to the views and concerns of others, especially to women to female issues and to the family as well, and we will be able to make sense of what we hear and give suggestions that hopefully will be useful. This should be a day free of too many disruptions and upsets, and although we can never be totally sure, the ease of the connections today suggest that this may be a day where whatever we set in motion should move ahead without too many problems...