Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Mercury conjunct Ankaa – Monday 26th February 2018

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Mercury conjunct Ankaa – Monday 26th February 2018

The Phoenix

The Moon is in the sign of Cancer today, and we need to feel safe and surrounded by home comforts and things we know. There will be a focus on our family and domestic situation, and we will want to look after anyone that we love by mothering and doting after them. This is a conscientious Moon, and we will be attentive to every need. The Moon in this sign can be changeable, and that may lead us to being rather moody, if something upsets us or makes us feel threatened or uncomfortable.

This is quite an active day and it starts with the Moon making a double trine aspect, firstly to Neptune and then to Mercury. This is a much more agreeable aspect than the square aspects at the start of the weekend that we had to endure, and will be able to utilise our imaginations and creative skills to make the best of the situations that we find ourselves in. There is a very compassionate feeling with the water trines here, and if anything or anyone catches our heartstrings, we will feel compelled to help them out.

The next aspect that the Moon makes is an inconjunct to Mars, and we may have to act in a different way, make sudden adjustments or go in a different direction. Something breaking or irritating us may prompt this sudden change of stance. Mars and Venus will still be in a close square from yesterday, and so a trine to Venus will be the next aspect for the Moon in the middle of the day. This trine is pleasant and welcoming, and we will feel warm and responsive to our partner or loved one. We will have an eye for a bargain now, and our sense of value will be keen.

The Moon goes on to make an opposition to Pluto and we may come to face a roadblock in the early afternoon. Pluto can represent a person of power or influence, or it can also indicate a control issue that we come up against. Our emotions will be intense and we may want to get our way, thus a battle of will may ensue. We will be calm in a crisis though and be able to call on our inner reserves to get through whatever faces us. There are still thee aspects this evening to get through before the day is out. Another trine, this time to Jupiter will life our spirits and optimism and we may be tempted to learn something new, or look for higher knowledge. Trust in our faith may help bolster our lives now. A square to Uranus follows and we will search for something different or unique tonight. Maybe a change of routine from the normal things that we do, or maybe you will crave a little excitement? Being forced to do the same old routine, will almost certainly make you tetchy, and maybe bad tempered.

Mercury through the day makes a double connection to two stars, Ankaa and Achernar, the same stars that Venus connected with on Thursday last week. Mercury to Ankaa, the main star in the constellation of the Phoenix. This suggest redoing or rethinking an idea, or ripping up a contract and making a new one. In some way some communication that we make or journey we take may have to be changed at the last minute because of sudden event. We can also come up with new solutions, maybe as a result of previous failures. Achernar as I mentioned last week is the main star in the constellation of the river, Eridanus, and this aspect ties into the other Mercury star connection quite well, and as a result we may have to make quick decisions because of a crisis situation. In the world around us, this relates to a fast moving news story, traffic snarl ups and problems with transportation, difficult situations in education, or maybe there could story about business and finances that the newspapers and websites latch onto.