Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Venus square Saturn – Tuesday 13th March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus square Saturn – Tuesday 13th March 2018

A rollercoaster of emotions today

The Moon is moving within the sign of the water barer, Aquarius during this Tuesday, and on an emotional level we will be quite cool and collected. The Moon in this sign allows us to pull back from stressful moments, and view the whole situation in a decidedly calculated and detached way. On a base level therefore, we won't be liable to experience moments of emotional outburst, and we won't react because we feel that we need to. Instead we have kindness and consideration in abundance, indeed the Moon in this sign is incredibly caring, but we will prefer to help out at arm's length. The Moon in this sign will not make us worry about tradition as this is a sign of constant progress, therefore we'll be motivated to keep moving forwards looking for modern solutions to old problems. We will also do our own thing and follow our own path, rather than adhere to what we are expected to do.

The first planetary connection is a difficult one as Venus, the planet of love and values forms a nasty square to restrictive and harsh Saturn. This aspect will put a serious dampener on all kinds of relationships, and we may be criticised by a partner, or we may be the one who upsets our loved ones. We may feel let down, or we may fear that we aren't being loved as much as we should be. There may be a sense of disappointment and emotional stress that pervades throughout the day or we may be worried about finances and how we are going to pay for everything, as Venus as well as being the planet of love rules our finances too.

The Moon soon joins the party making a sextile to Venus and this increases the sensitivity that we pick up on. Now the Moon is in Aquarius therefore we are working on logic and not so much on feelings, so we will use what we know to try and diffuse and soothe any love, relationship or financial difficulties rather than relying on intuition and what we sense is correct.

Now there is a contradiction in planetary terms today as the Sun now makes a positive trine to Jupiter. The optimism and confidence here as well as the Moon Venus sextile will try to counteract the less than happy Saturn square to Venus, and we may think that we can pull things around, but as soon as we get our hopes up, they may be dragged down again. We could be subject to very up and down moods today, bright and bubbly one minute then in despair the next. I sense a rollercoaster of joy and pain that we may have to put up with as the day progresses.

The Moon forms a late sextile to Mercury, and at least we can verbalise what we are experiencing, and talk over the finer points of what is upsetting us or lifting our hearts. The level of communication is raised now, and we will be articulate, and able to speak through our concerns with others we trust and love. We will also listen well and with the Moon in an air sign able to network, and Mercury in direct Aries, we will be able to canvass opinion, we won't mince our words, or leave anyone in doubt what we really think. Tonight is a time that we will be able to get what is on our minds in the open, and hopefully we can discover solutions to the problems we faced...

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