Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Moon in Gemini - Saturday 30th December 2017

Friday, 29 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Gemini - Saturday 30th December 2017

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Moon in Gemini - We need information

The Moon is still in the final degrees of Taurus for the first third of the day and it will move serenely onwards without making any aspects at until it changes signs. As the Moon is void of course, we may feel at the start of the day a little at a loss what exactly to do. We will appreciate the things that we know and love and there is a lovely sentimentality about the Taurean Moon. This Moon doesn't like change, it is a bit stuck in its ways, and we won't stray from the straight and narrow path, for the first part of the day at least.

The Moon then moves just after the Sun rises into the more versatile sign of Gemini. Now our brains click into action and we will be starting to find out what is going on in the world around us. The Gemini Moon craves information and needs to communicate with others, and we will be keen to find out the gossip from the night before. You may spend much more time messaging, calling up friends and finding out what really occurred.

The Moon soon picks up on the first of three inconjunct aspects that the Moon will make through the day. Initially the connection is to Saturn, the great teacher in our cosmos. Saturn tends to take a hard line on us, and we may feel a little emotionally reserved as we are taken to task over something we said, or did. We might have to come to an emotional climb down or assure someone that we will change our ways over an issue. We could find our way blocked or prevented in some regards, or our choices may be more limited than we hoped.

The second inconjunct of the day is to Venus, the planet of relationships. Something may be awry between yourself and a loved one, and one of you may upset the other, or make them less wanted than should be the case. There could be some emotional distance between you both, and the combination of the Moon connecting with both Saturn and Venus may make things less easy than they should be. Love is not so much in the air this afternoon. This could also be the case in a financial sense too, as you may instead be realising that you have less money to play with in the after Christmas sales, than you thought you actually had.

The final connection sees the Moon in an inconjunct aspect to the Sun and there is some unease that we end this day with, as our emotions seem not to gel with the actions that we would like to get on with. In truth, this is not the easiest day to get through and you may have to forego what you originally planned to do, and to adjust your plans according to how your partner's moods, or how the course of the day takes you. Be flexible, and that will make you life much easier...