Astrology by Paul Saunders : The Full Moon in Cancer on 2nd January 2018 – Flying high, but affected by the winds of change.

Friday, 29 December 2017

The Full Moon in Cancer on 2nd January 2018 – Flying high, but affected by the winds of change.


The first major astrological event of the New Year comes up soon as we encounter a Full Moon in Cancer. Anyone who has followed my work over the past few years will know that the Full Moon is a release point, the culmination of all our experiences as the Moon fully reflects the light of the opposing Sun. We have energy opposed to emotion, ying versus yang, light versus dark, man vs female. If you ever wonder why at a Full Moon our emotions are heightened, then you'll realise that in the main, all living organisms need male relationships with females of the species to survive, and when one is pitted against the other, tensions rise. More things happen over a Full Moon because there is a peak amount of opposed energy, causing division between the sexes who naturally see things on a completely different level. This is a Super Moon, the second of three in a row, and therefore potentially the most significant of them all. You'll remember the chaos that surrounded the 3rd December 2017 Super Moon in Gemini square to Neptune and the fall out in your lives from it in the following two weeks? Let me tell you, this Full Moon is no less dramatic.


This Full Moon works across the Cancer/Capricorn axis, therefore we can assume on a wider global level that we have the same tension between the qualities affecting the signs involved, namely home and family (Cancer) against our work and responsibilities (Capricorn), and on a wider level our national security (Cancer) against government and leadership (Capricorn). Cancer also represents the past and our roots, and Saturn represents the present and the status quo. These are the themes being activated as the Full Moon forms.

Now as I have mentioned on my Facebook page, you can never take one aspect in isolation, as there are a multitude of other ones also helping to shape the energy of this particular moment. The Moon and Sun are acting as the backbone of a kite structure, you can see this very clearly on the chart. The kite is made up a grand trine (Moon,Neptune, Mars/Jupiter) and a mini grand trine (Sun/Venus, Neptune, Mars/Jupiter) and the energy flowing around these structures is flowing well and easily, the effects of one planet can be merged and combined with the others to create different situations without much hindrance. Ok, so we've got easy energy flowing around most of this Full Moon with the tension being provided by the opposition between Moon and Sun/Venus/Pluto. How's it likely to pan out? Lets take a deeper look.

Let's begin with Venus and Pluto linked into the Sun which is opposing the Moon. This brings intense emotional tension into our relationships and and our personal values. Imagine a scenario with the Sun in practical and not very sympathetic Capricorn saying “everything is alright, we can sort this out by spending money and getting you a gift”, and the Moon in moody Cancer is biting back, “no it isn't, this is an emotional situation that material effects alone can't solve!!” Pluto is providing the subtle manipulation to make things go one way but also elicits a very deeply emotional response. You could see the Sun conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn as the powerful all domineering boss saying “come to work and I'll pay you more money (Venus)”, but the Moon doesn't want to graft and prefers to stay at home instead as there are family issues to attend to that are more pressing. The Sun in Capricorn conjunct to Pluto says “I'm going to restrict and limit what you can have and possess because I've got all the power and resources”, and the Moon replies “well I'm gonna protect my own interests against the sanctions that you are imposing on me”. You feel the power games going on here?

Surrounding these tensions are the other planets. Neptune in Pisces is flexible, illusive, creative and yet deceptive, and Mars conjunct to Jupiter in Scorpio is highly secretive, actively determined, willing to go to any lengths to win the prize, adventurous, in a hurry, impulsive, enthusiastic, aggressive and potentially brutal, all to excess. In combination with this moody emotional cardinal Moon we could find our emotions taken in all kinds of directions. It could allow us to act in a most inspirational manner, able to achieve almost limitless things through using our imagination and our natural talents, or it could bring us into chaotic emotional situations and with us acting a secretive yet quite ruthless and deceptive way. Remember this is a pro-active Full Moon that will go wherever the emotion takes it, it will not hold back, and when it lets go, there will be a flood of emotion of epic proportions through the trines from Neptune and Jupiter both in water signs to it.

The Sun, Venus Pluto conjunction is connected into the same three planets, and the same is true here too. We can reach new heights and gain new power through our actions, but there is always the possibility of going over the edge, as over confidence could slip over into arrogance, and thus we may ask either too much of ourselves, or of others; believing maybe foolishly that we will get the results we require, come what may. The kite can fly high, but if the wind suddenly drops it can crashing down to earth with a thud. That's the risk that we are prepared to take.

Now there are two other things that really stand out on this chart than bring me some concern. Firstly as I mentioned on my Facebook page a couple of days ago, Mars at this Full Moon will be at 15 degrees Scorpio squaring the Nodal Axis at 15 degrees Leo/Aquarius. These as I mentioned are the “avatar degrees” the places where extraordinary things can happen. Mars is emboldened by a conjunction to Jupiter and by sextiles to Sun/Venus and Pluto, so this is a very powerful Mars in the sign it used to rule, it is exalted here. Mars' will to win and need to be pre-eminent is very evident now. This is a intensely passionate, brave Mars, determined, ruthless, willing to use force to change things so that they can go in our direction. Mars is at the North Bendings point exactly square to the Nodes, or the place where we go over the top, we can push too hard, go too fast, brush all opposition out of the way as we go for glory, without seeing the ramifications of our actions. I see this as a potentially dangerous Mars. If we can't control the energy, and with Jupiter in tow, how do you stop this Mars racing out of control? Throw in the emotion of the Cancerian Full Moon opposition, and we have a cocktail of risky energy building.

Mars in conjunction with the Nodes has always been noted as a place where violence and excess force can come out. Now with Mars square to the Nodes in fixed Signs we may actively intervene to shape our destiny through using forceful actions. Mars at the crossroads here doesn't like to be second best, and if we see that things aren't going our way, we may lash out and act to try and get to change direction to follow our lead. I think this is a time when ill-advised actions may take place because of impatience, frustration or because we see power leaking away from our own position.

Mars is also in conjunction with one other factor, the Fixed Star Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Scale in Libra. This is the less fortunate of the two stars in Libra, (the other being Zuben Eschamali) and our actions may be in vain, as they may not go as planned. This star is connected on a wider plain to social issues, and for trying to assist others who are in trouble though not gaining from our actions, this is a combination that I see as representative of volunteering. Robson in his assessment did not see much fortune in this link up with him quoting that it brought about “bitter quarrels, entailing bloodshed or death!!”

What of the other planets? Saturn is going to be in the early degrees of Capricorn, and the process of simplification and organising our lives goes on. Mercury is in Sagittarius picking up speed after the retrograde period. It is still in the show of the retrograde, but slowly we are starting to build on the difficult adjustments that we encountered through most of December. We are more broad-minded and philosophical than we were, and I bet that you will have learnt some harsh lessons that will now be taking you onwards.

Finally I come to one of the most powerful signatures of the day, one that every single Astrologer writing about the Full Moon picture that I read before writing this piece overlooked. Maybe it's the majesty of the kite formation that distracted them, or maybe the Mars Neptune trine in action today as I write clouded their vision, however I'm mentioning something that the others I read did not comment on. On this day Uranus is stationary, before turning direct, it turns direct at 13.08 hrs GMT. Uranus at this Full Moon is at a standstill, acting at it's most powerful position. Remember Uranus is the planet of shocks, going against the grain, it is perverse, rebellious, disruptive, electric, progressive, stubborn and it forces us to go in a different direction against our will whether we like it or not. Adding this stationary Uranus to a moment when we have the emotion of the Full Moon, and the irritated and yet ambitious and go getting Mars, trying to go in a direction that is not suited to the one that we are all headed in (following the Leo North Node), then be prepared for actions and reactions that we did not factor in. Be prepared for unexpected events that set things back because we were only trying to protect our own position against the power or persuasion of others, off the cuff actions that maybe we see as reasonable or done out of frustration or haste, but ones that others of a more serious or conservative standpoint do not, and that in the fullness of time we will regret.

I think the overriding picture of this Full Moon is one where our intentions are good, but maybe we fail to see the other side of the picture. One where we create the most fantastic and clever ideas and concepts, but they are not practical, as the world around us is turning this day in a new direction. The energy of this Full Moon day is one of a sudden shift in our relationships and values, forced though a conflict of values and through rejecting something, or someone trying to control us. We are taking the initiative. It might not be the right thing to do, but what the hell, we'll deal with the consequences as they come to us. This Full Moon at 11.37 degrees Cancer makes a conjunction with the US natal Sun at 13 degrees Cancer, so this Super Full Moon will focus on how the most powerful nation on earth acts, and reacts. We wait with baited breath...

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