Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Moon in Taurus - Friday 29th December 2018

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Taurus - Friday 29th December 2018

The Moon is in “steady as she goes” Taurus today, and she is calm, unchanging, rather materialistic and tactile. There is a love of the earth and nature in this placement, and you will appreciate the notion of building things from the ground up. Anything strong and stable needs good foundations, and the Moon in Taurus gives us enough the determination and endurance to dig them deep and resilient. There are no flights of fancy here, just a good work ethic that surrounds us, and with the energy around us that unflinching calmness is exactly what we will need.
It's a quick start to this day with the Moon immediately forming a sextile and we may be able to sense an opportunity a mile off without it being mentioned to us. Our intuition is good and our senses are attuned. This is one of the creative sextiles around, especially in a musical sense (Taurus rules the voice), and we may want to relax with some of our favourite tracks, or maybe appreciate art, dance or anything linked to fantasy and fiction.
The Moon then makes three connections in quick succession, an opposition to Mars, an inconjunct to Mercury and another opposition, this time to Jupiter. Starting with the inconjunct to Mercury, a discussion, what you say or is said to you or a letter or message, may cause you some concern and you might have to change tack or retract pretty quickly. You may also have to adjust a journey now, as something gets in your way or blocks your onward path. The oppositions combined are feisty, and any emotional reaction to a situation may blow up into something major. There is the possibility of making a mountain out of a molehill, a drama out what might be a minor crisis, or taking any situation to extremes and dramatising it. The same may go for any task we have now. We may have to emotional need to spend too much, drive too fast, talk and never shut up. There is little or no control right now, and that's great, so long as we do things within our means. Not doing so may get us into hot water.
What we achieve now can effect so change though, as the Moon soon makes a trine to Pluto. This is an aspect of emotional control, and maybe it can steady us through the worst of excesses that we are liable to place on ourselves? I get the sense of living on the edge now, but in a brutally efficient manner, one step the wrong way and we can fall to our doom, and the whole scenario changes. Think of the circus and the tightrope walker, balancing pole in hand, taking a chance to achieve greatness; holding his nerve at all times lest he slips and falls. This the energy of most of today, as we do the walk and balance our way from one side to the other.
The Moon finally forms a pleasing sextile to Chiron as dusk falls, and we can relax and heal the worries and anxieties we had earlier on. We should have achieved our aims and not hurt ourselves in the process, but if we did, this connection provides the medicine or bandages to get us back on our feet again.
The balancing theme is also prevalent with today's star connection as Mercury reconnects with Ras Algethi in the constellation of Hercules, it was at these degrees on 18th December. This star in the kneeling one is linked to us submitting to a higher power, and yet we should never forget who we are, and the fact that we also have priorities too. The balance you must find with your dealings and discussions with others today who have some control over you, is not to let go of your own priorities, and to find yourself subservient to their needs. You must walk the tightrope of keeping them happy, and yet achieve the aim of also keeping yourself content too.