Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Mars conjunct Alphecca – Thursday 28th December 2018

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Mars conjunct Alphecca – Thursday 28th December 2018

hungry fish

The Moon begins its journey today still in Aries moving VOC or void of course, therefore we will want to be busy and active, but we may end up being at loose ends in what actually to do. This is, until we approach dawn, when the Moon enters the sign of the Bull, Taurus. This is a much more stable, composed place than Aries is, and the pace we move and work at will slow considerably. Less haste, more speed is our watchword now, get the job done thoroughly and carefully. The Moon in Taurus gives us determination and a need for physical touch and closeness. It now won't be enough to know what we want, we will actually want to sense it in the most physical way possible.

The Moon on entering Taurus makes a triple trine, first to Saturn, then to Venus and lastly the Sun, all still in Capricorn but slowly moving apart. This is a triple aspect of sensitivity, common sense and being at one with ourselves. This lovely triple earth trine builds trust and love between ourselves and others. They will want to believe in you and what you can achieve, and in turn you can make them realise that you aren't going to do a bad job. Relationships formed now if they are personal or professional stand a real chance of longevity, because Saturn conjunct to Venus is stable and loving, built on solid earthy values. There is harmony building today, and you should make best use of it if you can. There is a catch though and you should be a little wary in what you agree to. In Astrology as in real life, nothing is totally straight forward.

I refer to another trine that is perfecting today, this time between Mars and Neptune. Mars is the planet of action and Neptune rules imagination and intuition, and also illusion. Neptune is the planet of no limits and Mars can easily run amok while these two planets are on connection. The best side of Mars trine Neptune can be seen through strength, taking the initiative, a will to win and a healthy sexual appetite. We can use our imaginations to complete what we have to do in an imaginative and astute way. You will find solutions to problems by circumnavigating around any blockages in our path, this is a fast flowing water trine allowing us to ride the rapids in double quick time. However if you are not careful, Mars could make us go over the edge and we may hit the rocks instead. We may use aggressive tactics for nefarious purposes, you may be There could be attracted to achieving aims through breaking the rules, or you may be drawn into situations where something or someone needs saving. There may be weakness hiding behind a façade of something or someone that looks powerful or too good to be true, and once we are caught up having committed ourselves, it will be hard to escape. The bait may be impossible to avoid, and like a fish caught on the hook, and struggle as we might, we may eventually be reeled in by the patient angler.

This leads on to today's star and planet connection very nicely as Mars makes contact with the star Alphecca in the constellation of Corona Borealis, the Crown of Thorns. As I have mentioned before a few weeks ago, this star brings with it a promise of a gift, an opportunity that seems freely available for us to pick up. It may be given to us without conditions, however on acceptance we will later find out that we will have to pay a price after all. Now for the actions we do and make in the next couple of days, there will be ramifications that may come back to haunt us, so accept and act on the offers on your table with a sense of caution and respect, as you will know if you follow the Astrology that behind that juicy worm is a trap set to catch us out...