Astrology by Paul Saunders : China coming to Europe’s rescue, but at a price…

Thursday, 3 November 2011

China coming to Europe’s rescue, but at a price…

china-europe 1

Thirty years ago China was on it’s knees, a 3rd world country run by a communist dictatorship (in truth not much as changed there) battling population growth and world isolation. Now China is an economic superpower, driving the world economy and the one beacon of hope for the European Union which is on the brink of total collapse as the Greek Debt crisis grinds on to a inevitable conclusion. It prompted me to look at the relationship between the two, and I found some surprising planetary placements.

EuropeanUnion China

 China Europe

Above you will see two charts. The first is the relationship from the European perspective, the second is from the Chinese perspective. From looking at both sides of the coin, you can see the pressures and who helps who and where. You will notice from the charts that the European Venus, the finance planet sits in conjunction to the Chinese South Node. If this was a personal relationship, the Venus person would come to the South Node person offering favours and incentives so that a relationship (Venus) could start. That is exactly what is happening now. Also notice that the Chinese Jupiter, is conjunct the natal Neptune/Uranus conjunction in Capricorn. Neptune/Uranus is very unstable and has one’s head in the clouds, and in a business sense in Capricorn is disastrous. If you look at the house placements here, the European Uranus/Neptune sits in the Chinese house of suffering and serving. The relationship is simple, when Europe suffers (Neptune) through instability (Uranus), it looks to Chinese generosity (Jupiter) to bail them out. We also find the EU’s Jupiter and Venus (the Union’s wealth) sitting in the Chinese 8th house, the house of investment and major financial relations.

Even more interestingly look at the Chinese Mars and Pluto, (both these charts amazingly started at a conjunction between Mars & Pluto indication incredible power), clamped around the EU Leo Ascendant, there is no doubt where the control lies in this relationship, China holds all the cards. The EU Mars Pluto sits in the Chinese 9th house very close to the Chinese Midheaven, so a lot of Europe’s power is dependant on long distance trade with it’s Chinese partner and this of course boosts the Chinese profile. With the Chinese Saturn sitting in the European 2nd house, China’s ambition is dependant on providing Europe money. The European Saturn sits in China’s first house, showing that Europe’s ambition and growth will be dependant on China, as long as the European Union stays together.

This relationship looks very much one way. China’s North Node sits in the Euro 9th house, so her destiny is to extend her tentacles by supplying goods and tourists to the European Union. Europe’s North Node sits in the Chinese 10th house, subservient to the whims of the Chinese leadership and ambitions. As Europe comes cap in hand, the scary thought is that they will forever be in China’s debt.

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  1. A really interesting article; my concern is that it looks a bit one sided "'[China's] tentacles" "Europe... subservient to the shims of the Chinese" "there is NO DOUBT where the control lies in this relationship" etc.

    If an astrologer were to write like this about 2 individuals there would be no doubt his lack of objectivity would be called into question.

    I've enjoyed your site up until I perused this article. Perhaps I could have voiced my support sooner, but such is (sadly) how the internet works. A little more than a one-dimensional approach might make you appear less biased and emotionally-driven.

  2. Again, "Europe’s North Node sits in the Chinese 10th house, subservient to the whims of the Chinese leadership and ambitions"

    ... I'm appalled.

    1. I am objective, and I am European too, and when I wrote this article the Chinese back in November last year I distinctly remember that them bailing out the EU who were at the time in crisis over Greece was a real possibility, but the Chinese backed out at the time.

      China is an absolute powerhouse who have just put a space station and manned it last month with 3 astronauts. Who else on earth have the finances to do such things. Astrologically, the relationship between these two does lean one way. My wife has her Pluto on my ascendant like China has it's one on Europe's ascendant, and in my family there is not argument who is the boss. Exactly the same applies in this situation & I know from personal experience. Europe's destiny or North Node, should it wish to accept it, lies in the Chinese 10th house, the house of their ambitions. Astrology is simple and sometimes it shows a painful truth...