Astrology by Paul Saunders : Hillary Clinton – Blood clot drama predicted by November’s Solar Eclipse

Monday, 31 December 2012

Hillary Clinton – Blood clot drama predicted by November’s Solar Eclipse

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the current secretary of state has been struck down with a blood clot on her brain and is being monitored in hospital. As I understand it, early in December Hillary fell ill with a stomach bug in Europe on a trip to meet European Union leaders, after which a few days later she collapsed from exhaustion hitting her head later causing a concussion. Now a blood clot has formed and affected her a couple of weeks later. Looking at the astrology, there is a definite link between her natal chart, this incident and the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

ClintonHillaryRodham natal 

Hillary was born on 26th October 1947 in Chicago at 8:02hrs. This time according to Astro Databank is unverified but I think the veracity of it is very much confirmed by this particular incident in her life. She is a Sun and Ascendant Scorpio with a sensitive Pisces Moon. This very watery combination is hugely intuitive and powerful. With her Sun in the 12th house, Hillary wields her Scorpionic power and control behind the scenes. With no planets in earth signs, she is someone who uses her emotions, intuition and enthusiasm to drive her on. In this she is hugely determined shown by 6 planets in fixed signs. There is enough flexibility here with 3 planets in mutable signs to negate the Scorpio stubbornness which could hamper her, however she is not someone who initiates new ideas; she will be reactive rather than pro-active.

Hillary’s Sun sits hidden away in the 12th house, a position which tradition dictates that the individual works behind the scenes and to an extent this is true. You do find a lot of very public people with this position especially leaders of companies and countries, and I put this down to the fact that when it comes to dealings and politics behind the scenes, in the board room or cabinet office away from prying eyes, these people come to the fore and rise to the top. This Sun is trine to Uranus, so Hillary is very much her own woman, hugely independent and not willing to bow down to anyone, let alone her own husband.

Hillary’s Moon in Pisces is extremely compassionate and kind and sitting in her 4th house, making her very tied to her mother and her family. This position suggests suffering and when Bill was in the middle of the Lewinsky scandal, despite all the pressure and suffering that she would have had to endure, to her credit she stuck by him. Taurus on the cusp of her 7th house of married partners is very loyal and unchanging and she would not have deserted a partner unless there was a complete and utter breakdown in their relationship. Her Moon trine to Mercury is excellent for counselling, is articulate and great for dealing one on one with people and for teaching, and the trine to Venus is thoughtful and caring. The Moon makes a square to Uranus which highlights freedom within her relationship and with her and Bill globetrotting around the world, this is something she gets plenty of and it has probably helped to keep their relationship fresh.

We have 2 huge stelliums on this chart. One clumped around her Scorpio Ascendant with Mercury , Venus, South Node and Jupiter all sitting here and this is square to a formidable Mars Saturn Pluto conjunction in her 9th house of knowledge, law and foreign contacts. This square is the main driver on her chart. Jupiter in her first house in Sagittarius brings a jovial air and optimism to her character. Anyone with Jupiter in the first house is bound to be a little larger than life, and she will see things very much on a global scale. Mercury conjunct the Ascendant both in Scorpio shows great intelligence and deep, deep intellect, Hillary is one very clever lady. Venus in Scorpio in the 12th shows upheaval in relationships as well as suffering much and the nature of this position showed that at least one relationship would have transformed her life, and that it did. Venus in the 12th does not make relationships readily and is very secretive about what goes on within them. As much as we know about the troubles they faced, Hillary has always remained very tight lipped about the true nature of what events that went on behind the scenes when her marriage was on the rocks, very Scorpionic indeed.

The 9th house stellium explains her career, law and international links. The 9th house is the sector of the chart tied to higher knowledge, law and dealings with foreign people and Saturn here brings a career link to this. Pluto shows power and control in these areas of life, and Mars shows enthusiasm and drive. Hillary’s life was irrevocably changed (Pluto) as she met her future husband abroad (9th house) while studying at university (9th house) at Oxford in the UK studying law (9th house). The square from Saturn to Mercury shows an aptitude for writing and communication in her career, also shown through her Virgo Midheaven which focuses in on the details in work situations, a good counterbalance to her first house Jupiter seeing the wider picture.

Now this triple conjunction square to Venus and Mercury held more sinister meaning too. The square from Saturn Pluto and Mars to Mercury closely conjunct the ascendant shows the potential for an internal (12th house) brain (Mercury) injury (Mars) affecting the whole body (Ascendant). This incident could have a transformative (Pluto) effect on her career (Saturn) and any ambitions for the White House in the future. Venus rules the house of health through Taurus on the cusp of her 6th house and so her overall health would be compromised.

ClintonHillaryRodham eclipse

Now the eclipse on 13th November was a direct hit on her ascendant and on her natal Mercury. Not only did this herald a change of job, hits from solar eclipses to Mercury often see a change of profession, but also affecting the Ascendant the likelihood of something happening to her physically, in particular to her brain increased immensely. Look at this eclipse chart. The eclipse squared her Saturn so a difficult next 6 months were promised, Pluto made a trine to her Midheaven and Uranus made an inconjunct. The transformation in her role was coming anyway as Obama’s 1st term ended, but Uranus promised a more unusual and unpredictable incident to change her career path. Mars was opposite to her Uranus at this point, an accident would be the cause. There is so much you can glean from an eclipse chart and you should always take note of them. This particular eclipse of course goes a long way confirming her birth time as being very close to exact.

ClintonHillaryRodham transits

This is the transits chart for today. We have the transiting North Node now conjunct Hillary’s natal South Node and ascendant which always brings a fateful turning point in ones life, and transiting Chiron the wounded healer (which I have included on this chart) is on the cusp of her 4th house opposing her Midheaven, a wound is changing the face of her career. Transiting Saturn is now in her 12th house, a time of personal internal difficulties and a transit which is not easy to deal with. Saturn in the 12th often brings us into contact with institutions, hospitals and suffering and this is now the case with Hillary. In the next year or two I suspect her priorities will be changing in preparation for the transit of Saturn over her Ascendant in springtime 2014.

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  1. Nice analysis of her chart, sir. Just wanted to add for anyone surfing in: the progressed chart reflects this injury as well, with progressed Chiron (unhealable wound) conjuncting her afflicted (by square with Saturn) Mercury on the ascendant, which is naturally ruled by Aries/Mars, which rules the head, where the blood clot was. With Mercury ruling her 8th, I thought she'd be a goner. But perhaps since Mercury also rules her 10th, perhaps her career is the goner.

    She also has coming up: progressed MC aspecting natal Venus-Mars square. Venus in the 12th keeps its Lovr life private, but with the progressed MC conjuncting it, some secret part of her love life may come to light.

  2. thanks for share.