Astrology by Paul Saunders : Donald Trump – Rich, brash and considering running for President

Monday, 25 April 2011

Donald Trump – Rich, brash and considering running for President

Donald Trump

Is there a more self confident, attention seeking executive in the United States than Donald Trump? Rumours abound that he may soon throw his hat into the ring to be a contender for the Republican party ticket and thus a contender in the 2012 race to be President.

Donald was born in Queens, New York on 14th June 1946 at 10.54 hrs. He has a Gemini Sun with a optimistic Sagittarius Sun and an attention seeking Leo Ascendant. Geminis often have a lot to say and with Donald it is difficult to keep him ever out of the news. This Gemini Sun is in the the 10th house of work and business conjunct to independent Uranus, so it is no surprise that he is a free thinking and talking businessman with radical, controversial views. He has a Taurus Midheaven, the sign of the constructor or builder, he has built his own empire and his own skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan!!. The Sagittarius Moon continuously encourages him to expand his horizons and the Leo Ascendant makes him pompous, confident in the belief that his rightful position is at the top. The orientation of the chart is to the Eastern hemisphere so there is an element of selfishness about him and there is complete lack of planets in earth signs which can be a big problem. Donald will find it difficult to keep his feet on the ground and he will be a hard man to please, expecting perfection from all those around him. He is the type of person will believe anything is possible with five cardinal planets in his chart, and the kind who will provoke strong reactions in people, both good and bad.

DonaldTrump natal

The main feature on the chart is a wedge pattern based around the Sun/Uranus in the 10th opposite to the Moon in the 4th house.The wedge is completed with respective trines and Sextile to Jupiter in the 2nd house forming the point of the formation. As I intimated earlier, Sun/Uranus is in the business 10th house and the opposition to the Moon in the property and home orientated 4th house shows that the work he does is linked to real-estate. Jupiter at the point of the wedge gives him plenty of luck (Jupiter trine Uranus), optimism (Jupiter trine Sun) and financial gain as this is the house of money making. The Moon in Sagittarius sextile to Jupiter in Libra gives him an almost lazy self confidence and generosity, he will want to make his friends and associates comfortable and he may be “over generous” to them. The Sun/Uranus and Moon opposition sits on the maternal Node axis. Donald would have had a very close relationship with his parents, especially his mother and they were very influential in guiding his path in this life. Donald took over his father’s business in real estate. The Moon opposite Uranus indicates that Donald’s emotions will fluctuate wildly and that his emotional life would be punctuated by sudden change. More of that later…

Alongside Jupiter in the financial 2nd house is Neptune. Neptune here often indicated that money will be made by creative pursuits and and while at school Donald considered attending film school. That urge to perform has never left him and he has been able to fulfil this desire through “The Apprentice” TV show, making a reputed $3 million an episode. Not bad work if you can get it? Neptune, as you will be aware if you have read other articles on this blog rules TV and film. Neptune is sextile to Pluto in Leo so here is the link to him being the boss (Leo) in the show, having control in hiring and firing (Pluto). Neptune is square to Mercury in the 11th, the house of groups and associations. Here again is a media and TV link (Neptune/Mercury) and the group of young executives (11th) being whittled down to one. Mercury in Cancer in the 11th house shows an interest in and dealing with groups, associations and politics. This is something he will feel emotionally (Cancer) drawn to, but he will be quite a reluctant speaker, he will prefer to communicate with small more personal groups rather than on the grand scale. What he does say may well resonate with the American nation however, as the US Sun is also in Cancer and conjuncts with Trump’s natal Mercury.

Mars sits in the underground 12th house in Leo conjunct the ascendant. Again this shows a great amount of ambition and drive, a love of sport, being the boss and giving decisions. This Mars is at the point of another wedge with the Sun and Moon, pushing forward his work ideas, however there is also the ultimate urge of working on behalf of other people too. Pluto also sits in this house and you can feel the energy of controlling, being at the top but in the process helping everyone around him. This is the house of sacrifice, will Trump sacrifice his all his business empire and all his work ambitions in the ultimate pursuit of being the top man in the nation? The temptation must be huge.

Finally I focus on Saturn and Venus which sit conjunct in Cancer also with Mercury in the 11th house. Here is a very emotional social man, loving people and his circle of friends, sentimental, caring and constantly needing of attention, both emotional (Venus), authoritarian (Saturn) and through the media (Mercury). In essence, he desperately need to be shown love. Venus Saturn shows that in personal relationships he can be cold and somewhat unfeeling and he will have many emotional breakdowns and disappointments in his life. Trump is onto his third marriage already and this need to be loved and the constant breakdowns in his relationships will always blight his life. Saturn in the 11th shows the potential to administrate in government or to lead a party. Here is yet another sign that he may harbour higher office. The combination of the the three planets here is a potent one, and will focus his everyday desires.

Do the transits of the day suggest that Trump will run for office? Right now Trumps natal chart is receiving a plethora of annoying transits, transiting Pluto opposite Mercury and square Neptune as well as transiting Neptune opposite his Ascendant and transiting Uranus opposite Neptune, with controversial (Uranus) quotes (Mercury) at a Republican rally (Mercury in 11th), plenty of confusion (Neptune) about his personal (Ascendant) voting record (Mercury in 11th) affecting his potential quest for power (Pluto). However transiting Jupiter is sextile his Sun trine his natal moon and opposite it’s natal position, so Trump will have the optimism to shake off any setbacks. As Jupiter moves into Taurus which is the sign on his Midheaven, and in June and July makes a trine to Mercury and a square to transformational Pluto, do not be surprised if he does make an announcement to enter the race. When and if he announces, I will look further ahead to his possible chances of being successful…


  1. There's a typo in this article.  Unless Trump has 2 suns.  Then, by all means he should run.

  2. I would LOVE to read about his wife Melania. Maybe you could do her chart... She was an unknown model from Europe who became the wife of Manhattan mogul and according to reports it was HE who pursued her. How much of it is true? Is she who she is says she is or there's more to their story?