Astrology by Paul Saunders : The movements of the outer planets and how are they affecting you in 2018?

Sunday, 24 December 2017

The movements of the outer planets and how are they affecting you in 2018?

Ok, I've had a quick look at the movements of the outer planets and the degree zones that they are moving in during 2018, and these equates to birth dates in regards to your Sun. They might be helping you or hindering you and this will affect if you will have a positive year or one where it will be more challenging. I hope this quick handy list will help you prepare for 2018…

Pluto - 19 to 21 degrees Capricorn - The transformer

This equates to 2018 being a year of fundamental change for those with birthdays between 11-13 January, 9-11 April, 12-14 July and 12-14 October.

A year of adjustment and adaptation for those born with birthdays between 10 - 12th June and 12 to 14th August

Year of opportunities and possibilities for those born 12 – 14 November and 10 -12 March

Those with birthdays 10-12 May or 12-14 September will see positive transformations empowering them in 2018

Neptune - 13 to 16 degrees Pisces - The disintegrator

A disorientating year and one of potential struggle awaits those with birthdays  between 4-7th March, 4-7th June, 6-9th September and 5-8th December

A year of sacrifice and disillusionment for those with birthdays between 6 – 9th August and 6 - 9th October

A year of creative opportunities for those with birthdays between 5 – 8th January and 4 – 7th May

A year of imagination and fulfilling dreams awaits those with birthdays 5-8th July and 6-9th November

Uranus - Uranus the disruptor is active in 2018 moving between 24 Aries and 2 degrees Taurus.

A year of sudden change and upsets is the pipeline for those with birthdays between 16 – 23rd January, 14-22nd April, 17 – 25th July and 18-26th October

A year of unexpected adjustments and separations for those born between 16th and 25th September

A year of unforeseen opportunities for those born between 14th and 22nd February and 16th - 24th June

A year of positive unforeseen change and moving ahead quickly is waiting for those with birthdays between 17-25th Leo and 16-24th December

Saturn the great teacher is moving between 0 and 9 degrees Capricorn in 2018

A year of hardship and difficult lessons learned await those with birthdays  from 22 December to 1st January, 21st - 30th March, 21st June to 1st July and 23rd September to 2nd October

A year of difficult adjustments and learning the hard way for those born between 22 – 31th May and 23rd July and 1st August

A year of opportunities to make your life stronger and more stable for those born between 24th October and 2nd November

A year of constructive change and rising reputations is predicted for those with birthdays from 20th -30th April and for 23rd August to 2nd September.

Jupiter is helping all Sun sign Scorpios all year promising a year of growth, optimism and positivity.

If your birthday isn’t mentioned that’s potentially a good thing as you aren’t being impacted by the important outer planets and you can consolidate in 2018, although there are so many other factors that could be affecting you such as eclipses, transits and the like. If you would like to know more, go to my 100% totally free Ascendant horoscopes for 2018, follow the link below…

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