Astrology by Paul Saunders : Full Moon in Capricorn on 12th July begins a week of change for us all.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Full Moon in Capricorn on 12th July begins a week of change for us all.

Moon 4

This has been a very active year and the next week sees several shifts in direction and signs of the major planets.  These movements involve Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all in the next week and a half preceded by a Capricorn Full Moon so in Astrological terms is going to be a a very, very busy one.


It’s probably best if we take all these events in chronological order. The events as they come...

12th July – Full Moon in Capricorn.

Any full Moon shows a release of energy, everything is revealed as another cycle is completed and in our  lives the full Moon has the same effect. All that has been building up over the past few weeks is brought out into the open for us to experience. This full Moon in Capricorn is widely conjunct to Pluto and square to Uranus and Mars highlighting the division between work and family, and what we want to build for the future against what we want to protect from the past, in the light of the radically changing world we find ourselves in. There may be a lot of intense emotion, action and anger stored up here ready to be released. The way it will come out will be sudden and dramatic because of the Mars opposition to Uranus, especially as Uranus as I will explain soon is coming to a stop and thus it’s influence will be very concentrated. Again as in the past, this opposition is aimed at relationship issues, of your own views and freedom against the needs of the other people in your life. You may desire more freedom, but your partner will be fighting to keep things together. This will be complicated by the cardinal Full Moon throwing work and family issues as well as those from the past and the present into the mix as well.

Elsewhere, the Sun is closing in on a conjunction on with Jupiter which will mean that you may feel that you can get on with your own thing without learning lessons now. Pride in doing your own thing in your own way is intensified, but if someone tries to tell you otherwise, you might turn a deaf ear to their ideas and suggestions thinking that you know best. You may not. There is an air trine from Mars to Venus and Mercury so love and sweet words will flow easily, but also will hate and arguments too if things are not going well in your relationships. Maybe the only aspect here that holds things down from completely combusting is a trine from Saturn to the Sun, one which screams “hold on, lets have some common sense!!”. It is well needed to balance off all the expansion, intensity and passion that this full Moon chart brings forth. Trust me, it’s going to be a wild one.

In the world at large expect differences of opinion and disputes over land borders and the administration of them, issues of the past verses the present and high emotions pitted against common sense and the rule of law.

16th July - Jupiter moves out of Cancer and into Leo for a year long transit. Jupiter in Leo is very self confident and brash and rather egotistical. This is going to be a great time for expressing your individuality and your own creative talents too. There are problems though with this placement. When the planet of excess gets into this house the potential for taking risks and for carrying out actions that go out of all proportion is very real. There is a naive charm about Jupiter in Leo, and one that can get us into all kinds of trouble as idealism will rule and we think we are invincible, when in fact we are not. Jupiter rules knowledge, wisdom and faith and so learning, educational and religious matters will be much more prominent in the next year for us all.

One other note to add on to this day, the 16th July. Transiting Mars finally hits the Lunar Eclipse degree from 15th April earlier this year. That eclipse was a very traumatic one for many people as it featured a tense Mercury Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto cardinal cross. Mars now triggers this point as it gets to 25:15 degrees Libra. I would expect dramatic events to punctuate the three days around the 16th July, both in the world and in your own lives too. See where Mars sits in your natal chart, where it is moving in your chart now and the house that it rules, i,e. where Aries is on the cusp of a house. In these three areas of life you may see a lot of action, maybe much anger and heightened emotions as this connection along with the full Moon brings previous issues from that time back out into the front and centre of your lives.

20th July - Saturn stations direct. Saturn comes out of it's retrograde phase and starts to move forward and once again we can start to build once again on the ambitions we have. Saturn in retrograde has been in review and wherever it is moving in your chart you will have been learning some lessons in how to restructure an area of your life. Now is the time to use that knowledge to take us forward. In the world, those with power and people in charge will start to take the initiative; the prevarication will stop and the boss will be back in charge.

22nd July - Uranus stations retrograde. You will have noticed that while Saturn has been retrograde and Uranus direct a lot of changes and much instability will have coloured your life. You will have felt a lot of freedom to do what you wanted to do and you may have made radical changes to at least one area of your life (where Uranus is transiting). Now Uranus as it turns retrograde goes into review stage and if you want to make any more changes, they will be more internal ones in attitudes and ideas rather than in direct action.

This last double shift will start a period where governments and those already in positions of authority will start to gain the upper hand and the rebels will fade again into the background and the shadows, plotting their next moves for when the roles will once again be reversed. Jupiter newly in Leo will now want to make a wide and big statement, so expect to see those who were previously held back wanting to make up for lost time by showing their hand in a very visible way.

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