Astrology by Paul Saunders : Humbled Brazil facing a long road of recovery.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Humbled Brazil facing a long road of recovery.


What on earth happened to Brazil last night? In a competitive soccer match they had not lost at home since 1975 but everything changed in 90 minutes of heartbreak. Brazil were demolished 7-1 by Germany and yet I wasn't so surprised. This was a long time coming.

Brazil natal

The samba nation is know for it’s smiles and a natural exuberance and with Venus in Leo and the Sun in Virgo both in the 5th house of pleasure and sport, this seems to be very true. Last night however, those smiles quickly turned to tears. Brazil's natal chart has been under pressure for a while with transiting Pluto sitting close to the Capricorn Midheaven and square to the Aries Ascendant and Chiron just inside the 12th. The 5th house is ruled by the Sun, and transiting Chiron is now opposing the natal Sun sitting in this house bringing pain and deep wounds that need to be healed. You could see the pain and pressure on the team which proudly represents the nation. In each game the emotion and the passion was ramped up and up until the pressure of Chiron on the Sun proved too much, and they cracked.

Brazil transits

Transiting Saturn is now square to Venus in Leo and the nodal axis also in this 5th house from the 8th of change, death, power and transformation, thus pain and loss and fate was due to affect their sporting teams. The fact that Saturn was in Scorpio made the capitulation all the more dramatic as this sign is one of all or nothing. Saturn rules the Midheaven on the natal chart and so this was a public dressing down of the national soccer team in the full view of the watching world. As a football fan, it was truly painful to watch.

Finally, Brazil's footballers had come up against a superior power in Germany, they were truly humbled. Is this the death of Brazilian soccer as we know it? Certainly with Uranus in the 1st house and these outer planets making such significant aspects, certainly a rebirth and a lot of lessons need to be heeded in Brazil. New attitudes need to be taken on, not only in Brazil's national sport but in the whole of their society too, and through the protests on the streets that have punctuated this tournament you can see the effect of Uranus and Pluto on the Brazilian nation. Years of protest and change will come as Uranus makes it’s way through the first house. Brazil will be back, but the legendary myth of their soccer team has now been cruelly dispelled, and it may be a long hard journey before they are...

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