Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Wednesday 6th December 2017

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Wednesday 6th December 2017


The Moon stays in the sign of Cancer for most of this day and our need is for security and safety as it was yesterday. That may be financial security, emotional security indeed anything that help us not to worry, and worry we will if anything unsettles us. The fluctuating emotions of the Moon keeps us off balance though this very busy day.

The Moon starts off opposed to Pluto and our emotions are repressed inside yet bubbling away like a potion in a steaming cauldron. As I said yesterday,we want answers now and need control of any situation we find ourselves in. Like a detective we will seize on the smallest piece of evidence to prove our case. From the intensity of Pluto, the Moon now moves on to make a square to Uranus and a trine to Chiron. The trine to Chiron is a very harmonious aspect and allows us to be imaginative and creative using our emotions to feel what to do. Uranus and Chiron have a similar reputation for bring talent and a maverick spirit and here the Moon connects with both at the same time. Uranus has more rebellious shock value and an independent spirit too, and this is a time when we can call on the special abilities inside us to achieve any task. Anything artistic, scientific, technical or inventive may be within our reach now.

As Uranus and Chiron sit on the same degree, so do Mars, Mercury on Saturn and the Moon makes simultaneous aspect to all three later on in the day. The Moon forms a square to Mars and now we can get very irritated and stressed. Our emotions are not in sync with our actions, and this may cause frustration. To make matters more tricky to handle, Mercury and Saturn are in an inconjunct to the Moon. Decisions made or words uttered may upset us and go against what we need and require, indeed they may threaten the very security that we want now.

So how do we stop ourselves going off the rails? Funnily enough, the same planets that are stressing our emotions are giving us the answer. Mars is making a sextile to Mercury and Saturn and this connection tells us that we should be working alone, taking the emotion as much as we can out of what we are doing, and make our own logical and rational decisions. We should not worry about what others may think of us, as on our own we can ally our thoughts to our actions and organisational abilities to make steady progress. That ties in nicely with the independent feel of the Moon's aspects to maverick Chiron and unemotional Uranus earlier in the day. So what do we take out of things? It says that we should forge our own path, and take little notice of those who try to put us off course, as ultimately we will know best how to cope. At the end of the day, the Moon shifts into Leo and we want the spotlight on us and our achievements, we will want to be the centre of attention in the coming days.