Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Moon in Cancer – Tuesday 5th December 2017

Monday, 4 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Moon in Cancer – Tuesday 5th December 2017

rose on balck

The Moon is in the sign of Cancer today, the sign of the family and security. We need to feel safe and surrounded by those who we love, home comforts and things we know. We will tend to mother anyone in our presence, look after them, dote after them. This is a clingy Moon, attentive to every need, sometimes moody, always welcoming.

The Moon initially makes an inconjunct to Venus in Sagittarius and there is an imbalance here to adjust to, The Moon loves to be curled up in a safe place, whereas Venus is in a very outgoing mood and doesn't want to be held back, protected or looked after, she can look after herself thanks very much. Venus needs space and doesn't want to be hemmed in. Herein lies the problem, being too attentive to a partner who ideally wants to be left alone.

The Moon goes on in mid morning to be one of the corners of a grand water trine, simultaneously linked into to Jupiter in Scorpion and Neptune in Pisces. There is such an easy flow of emotion here it is impossible not to get swept up in a tidal flow of feelings. The Moon in Cancer is caring and progressive, Jupiter in Scorpio is intense and craves the most crazy and full on experiences and Neptune in Pisces is elusive, imaginative and dreamy. We can believe that anything, yes anything is possible. We can get swept up in the moment, taken to the stars and back, turn stone into gold and precious metals. You name it, we'll believe it – and YET all we are doing is getting taken for a ride. Why? Because the Sun is still square to deceptive Neptune and Mercury is retrograde turning the information we hear read and see on it's head. We are being sold a story, not given the real facts. Fake news? Hey this is a demonstration of real fake news. Twisted and turned, and given a dash of Neptunian glamour. Neptune isn't the planet of illusion for nothing you know?

I will also explain that Jupiter is at this point on connected to the fixed star Alphecca (otherwise known as Gemma) in the constellation of Corona Borealis, the crown of thorns. This is a lucky and fortunate connection, and we could be offered something that seems too good to be true without us even asking for it. Like a garland of roses, it may look beautiful and it may brighten our lives and for a while and you'll feel on top of the world, however this crown doesn't have thorns for nothing, and despite your gains, there will an equally difficult price to pay back in the future. As you may know, nothing in this life comes totally for free. What we are being offered again isn't the full story, something is held back, and only once we have seen the benefits will the debit side come to light. In the world around us, this connection will be fooling us into thinking that things are much better, safer, agreed and settled than they actually are.

We may sense something is slightly wrong when the Moon makes an inconjunct to the Sun after the Moon leaves the comfort of the grand trine. The Sun is also in Sagittarius like Venus and there are doubts cast, as what we feel and sense through the Cancer Moon isn't being reciprocated by the outgoing Sun. As the the day ends, the Moon starts to oppose Pluto, the truth bringer and planet of the underworld. We will find the answers to what is going on in due course tomorrow, as we dig deep way under the surface of story that we have been spun. Yes, hiding in the depths supposedly buried for no-one to find, the truth will come out.