Astrology by Paul Saunders : Three missing Israeli youngsters are found dead as Mercury stations to go direct.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Three missing Israeli youngsters are found dead as Mercury stations to go direct.


Today at 13.50 UK time (GMT +1) Mercury stations to go direct and most of you out there with Mercury direct in your own charts will breathe a collective sigh of relief. Actually I have a friend of mine who has Mercury retrograde in her natal chart and the last three weeks have been fabulous for her, so just helps to prove the theory that those who were born with Mercury Rx can really benefit from it.

Israel natal

Israel in it's natal chart has Mercury direct sitting in the 8th house of death, power and control and shared assets, so it stands to reason that Israel will suffer in some regard when Mercury reverses, especially with the Palestinians with whom it shares it's land. Mercury among the things it rules looks after the issues of young people and the Israeli Mercury sits trine to Neptune the planet of mystery, suffering and sacrifice placed strongly in the 12th house. This trine forms a mini grand trine focusing onto Pluto, the planet of brutality and transformation in a conjunction with Saturn, the planet of loss. It is a grand trine that depicts the exact feelings and the anguish of the nation as three young students went missing on the 12th June.

The turning point for Mercury at the end of this retrograde period is 24 degrees Gemini and on the Israeli chart here sits natal Uranus at the same degree, with Uranus trine to the Ascendant and opposite to Jupiter ruling the 5th house of children, sons and daughters. As Mercury stopped on Uranus, news (Mercury) came out of the discovery of three bodies, who did turn out to be the missing teenagers. This was a shock (Uranus) to the system in Israel and the news reverberated around the world.

Israel transits 300614

Mercury in it's retrograde period always seems to have more strength and impact around the two station points at the beginning and end of the the retrograde and if ever notable events happen, these seem to be the most vulnerable times for things to go wrong or unfortunate events to be revealed. So it has turned out again.
I saw this coming and in the Cancer ingress chart for Tel Aviv, I mentioned that anger in that part of the world especially in Israel and on the West Bank was going to rise exponentially. Already without knowing the circumstances of the death of these teenagers, the blame has already been laid at the door of Hamas who have been accused of kidnapping and killing the boys, it's always Israel's default argument. Hamas denies the allegations.

From small acorns large oak trees grow and with Mars in the 12th house of suffering conjunct to and heading for the Israeli Ascendant, the irritation of Israel is going to be huge and she may take offensive action immediately. I said a day or two ago about the Mars Chiron inconjunct aspect that is active in the skies right now. Remember what I wrote. I said that "This aspect may see quite spiteful actions taken that are intentionally intended to wound, but actually end up hurting yourself instead. In a way this is quite an accident prone and a more self-destructive aspect than some others that we encounter".

Israel does not know the full truth about the killings and she should heed my warning that actions taken now may see repercussions against her way beyond the ones that were originally meant. I know that passions are high and revenge is sought, however it should be a time for reflection and mourning and finding out what really happened and not time for more retribution and death...

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