Astrology by Paul Saunders : Mark Cavendish crashes out of "Le Tour"

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Mark Cavendish crashes out of "Le Tour"


The "Manx Missile" Mark Cavendish has been ruled out of the rest of the "Tour De France" after severely dislocating his shoulder in a high speed crash in the sprint for the line in stage one of the three week race. This is very disappointing for British cycling fans in Yorkshire where the race started who were hoping to see Mark win and thus take the lead and pick up the famed yellow jersey for the first time. Unfortunately he now has to retire from the race before it's even begun.

MarkCavendish natal

Mark (21/5/1985 - Douglas, Isle of Man – no birth time known) has a truly dynamic chart the most successful sprinter in cycling history. He has Mars in Gemini opposed by Uranus trine to Jupiter just the acceleration, speed and quick reactions that this opposition gives him is aided by a risk taking attitude and Jupiter in Uranus accentuates all this and heightens it to excess. Notice that Uranus and Jupiter are in sextile aspect and also in mutual reception (each other’s signs) so they are working at their optimum to aid that sporting Mars in the sign of Gemini (ruling bicycles). Venus in Aries loves a chase and is very emotionally direct and when in the sprint for the line to win a race, you don’t need emotions getting in the way, do you?

Mark’s Taurean Mercury trine to Jupiter gives him determination and generally a careful and concentrated attitude to risk verses reward, mental strength to keep on going and going when the chips are down as well as an optimistic state of mind. If he loses one day, he’ll pick himself up and go again the next, not that he’ll like losing though. The Sun in Gemini opposite Saturn in Scorpio is very ambitious to achieve things and it gives his huge discipline and a hard work ethic too. Without this kind of aspect, you could never have the fortitude to compete in the toughest sporting challenge that there is, and be successful too.

MarkCavendish 05072014

He would have been in an aggressive and reckless mood yesterday with Mars currently trine his natal Mars and Uranus sextile to it. The only thing was that transiting Chiron, the wounded healer was also making a square aspect to Mark's own natal Uranus/Mars opposition, the one that gives him so much natural speed and acceleration. Transiting Mercury was also making an inconjunct aspect to his natal Saturn, and being a Gemini this would have caused him to adjust and it brought him a sense of loss and failure. Also transiting Jupiter the planet of risk was making a trine to Saturn. This tends to slow you down a touch or teach you a lesson, the risks you do take are sometimes held to task. For Mark, these aspects have put paid to his dreams for 2014. I hope he recovers quickly.

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