Astrology by Paul Saunders : Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Fomalhaut – Tuesday 13th February 2018

Monday, 12 February 2018

Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Fomalhaut – Tuesday 13th February 2018

Following Fashion - Venus conjunct Sadalmelek

The Moon continues its journey through the sign of Capricorn during Tuesday with the result being that through the first part of the day we will place a lot of emphasis on being organised, disciplined and working to better ourselves. We may be rather bossy and dogmatic in the way we will want things to go our way, done to our standards and we will get rather irritated if someone goes against our wishes. We may think initially rather conservatively, but this will soon change.

The Moon leaves behind a rather optimistic sextile to Jupiter formed late yesterday, and goes on to form a more enterprising square to Uranus. The square will make us emotionally on edge, excited and craving for something new and different. There is also the desire to network with those far and wide (combining this aspect with the previous Jupiter sextile) and to shake up establishment ideas and thinking. We will require some emotional freedom today too, and we will rebel against anyone and anything that ties us down. Soon after this aspect completes, the Moon will go on to form a sextile to Chiron, an easy connection that in the same way nudges us to find ingenious solutions to intractable problems and difficulties.

The Moon then shifts into Aquarius and the same vibe will affect us for the rest of the day. The Moon in Aquarius is logical in the extreme and not influenced by sentiment or displays of emotion, as everything can be explained through the simple facts of any situation. We will take on a cool and slightly impersonal feel, and this evening will be motivated by all that is new and what we can achieve, rather than what we already have, what has been and what the past taught us.

The main star planet connections of the day also tie into the Aquarian energy as Venus connects with two stars, Sadalmelek in the constellation of Aquarius and Fomalhaut, one of the great stars of the sky in the constellation of Piscis Australis, the southern fish. Sadalmelek is a lucky and fortunate star in the urn held by the water barer, and it represents the flow coming out the urn, the life bringing waters that we all rely on. With this star we create our own luck, and therefore the decisions we make in love and connected to our values may turn out to be fortunate ones. Venus is also the planet of beauty and this connection allows us to innovate with colour and design, and to appreciate the latest art and fashion.

At the same time, Venus links up with the star Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Persian stars. This is a star of some charisma, magic and mystical star quality and anyone with it connected to their chart may have a special aura about them, but they may consider themselves almost too high minded and they may suffer because of an inflated ego or hubris. Venus with this star brings a poetic charm to the energy today and we can find beauty in romance, in creation and in the values that we express. There is an artistic feel today, so let all your inhibitions go, embrace all that is modern and new, and don't look back and instead look forward into the future...